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Living With: Griffin PowerMate Bluetooth

11/02, 7:30am

The difference between a date and a marriage

About two months and one day ago, we met the Griffin PowerMate Bluetooth -- and with umpteen years of technology experience, cut straight to the key questions: what in the world is this thing, and why would anyone want it? About two months, 23 hours and 50 minutes ago, we found both answers, and become smitten. Infatuated. This is a remote control for your Mac: at its very least, it is a giant volume knob, but you can also set it to scroll or scrub through applications. In the unashamedly gushing initial Hands On we had exactly no criticisms, and just one concern.


Hands On: Griffin Powermate Bluetooth

09/02, 3:07pm

Gorgeous and unexpectedly useful control for Macs

Look away. Look away. You don't need this, you really do not -- but you're going to want it. Here's how smitten we are with the Griffin Powermate Bluetooth: it's on our desk, it's connected to our Mac and we're using it constantly yet we still lust after it as if it were something Apple had just announced. That's a bit of a turnaround given that when we picked it up we expected it to be spectacularly pointless. It's only a knob, a round aluminium control that sits on your desk and does things like turn the volume up or down.


Griffin updates PowerMate with wireless Bluetooth model

01/05, 7:26pm

Wire removal from PowerMate part of dial redesign

Griffin has revealed an updated version of its PowerMate controller at CES, one that disposes of wires. The PowerMate Bluetooth is able to perform the same duties as the original accessory, except that there is now no longer a USB cable strung between the dial and the computer or notebook, and it has also received a striking remodeling from Griffin's design team.


Griffin's PowerMate software adds new triggering actions

07/05, 10:50pm

Update brings 60 triggering actions, scriptability

Griffin Technology has released an update to its PowerMate management software. The PowerMate is a USB-attached knob, allowing users to control actions such as scrolling, volume, jog/shuttle, or a variety of other configurable tasks. It arrives preset to work with iMovie, FinalCut Pro and GarageBand, and can be assigned to interact with many other programs.



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