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Canon unveils EOS M10, PowerShot G9 X, G5 X cameras

10/13, 7:38am

Trio of new Canon cameras headed up by mirrorless shooter

Canon has launched a trio of cameras, following after yesterday's quiet surfacing of the imaging devices on company websites. The EOS M10 is an entry-level mirrorless camera with self portrait modes and a lens that can shorten to make it easier to carry around, while the PowerShot G5 X includes a high-resolution electronic viewfinder, and the PowerShot G9 X is billed as a lightweight camera that can be and easily carried anywhere due to its size.


Canon PowerShot G3 X has 20.2MP sensor, 25x optical zoom

06/18, 10:55am

PowerShot G3 X borrows menus from Canon EOS DSLRs

Canon has unveiled a new PowerShot compact camera with a large zoom and resolution. The PowerShot G3 X packs a one-inch, 20.2-megapixel CMOS sensor with a DIGIC 6 image processor into a dust and water-resistant case, while on the front is an f/2.8-5.6, 25x optical power zoom lens, the equivalent of 24-600mm lens, which also benefits from an improved five-axis Intelligent Image Stabilization system for clearer images.


Briefly: Canon plans PowerShot with large sensor, Ikea pushes solar

09/22, 9:40am

Canon plans PowerShot camera with large sensor, extended zoom

Canon is working on a new addition to the PowerShot compact camera range, one which may end up with a similar one-inch sensor to its recently-launched G7 X. A press release spotted by Ubergizmo mentions a camera which "combines the merits of both a large image sensor and a high-magnification optical zoom lens," packed into a "compact body." The release does not hint at when Canon will unveil the device.


New SX60 HS, N2 PowerShot digital cameras added to Canon lineup

09/15, 5:35pm

SX60 brings 64x optical zoom, small-format N2 appeals to creative photo sharing

Canon continues its release wave of new digital cameras at Photokina, bringing two additional cameras to the PowerShot SX and N series. The PowerShot SX60 HS brings a large built-in zoom lens featuring some of Canon's advanced technology. The pocket-sized PowerShot N2 looks to give consumers a camera an easy to use camera with creative features, photo sharing and a "selfie" mode.


Canon PowerShot G7 X crams DSLR features into point-and-shoot body

09/15, 4:27pm

Camera with one-inch sensor grants creative functions with modern comforts

Canon is now creating cameras that straddle the line between DSLR and consumer point-and-click cameras with today's announcement of the PowerShot G7 X. The new PowerShot contains a number of features found in the company's more expensive digital counterparts, but keeps the cost lower by including everything in a single user friendly package. The new G7 X is Canon's first camera to sport a one-inch sensor.


Canon unveils PowerShot SX520 HS, SX400 IS bridge cameras

07/29, 5:57am

New PowerShot digital bridge cameras include up to 42x optical zoom

Canon has increased its range of versatile PowerShot digital cameras with two new additions. The new PowerShot SX520 HS and the PowerShot SX400 IS are both bridge cameras with DSLR physical styling, with the two touting extended-range zoom lenses capable of providing wide focal ranges, and though they have similar image processors and sensors, they do offer different photographic experiences.


Canon adds three to PowerShot camera range, includes dual-sensor model

01/07, 6:43am

PowerShot N100 captures shot of photographer, subject at same time

Canon has unveiled three new point-and-shoot cameras at CES, with all offered under its PowerShot range. The PowerShot SX600 HS and PowerShot ELPH 340 HS are relatively conventional cameras from the producer with added Wi-Fi and NFC, while the PowerShot N100 has a Dual Capture mode, which can take a secondary photograph from another camera sensor on the back.


Canon prepares PowerShot N Facebook camera for September sale

08/22, 7:57am

Dedicated Facebook button included for quick uploading

Shortly after launching a quartet of PowerShot digital cameras, Canon has revealed another for release next month, with a focus on social sharing directly through Facebook. The PowerShot N, shown to Electronista at CES earlier this year, now includes a dedicated Facebook Connect button for instant sharing of photographs to the social network over a Wi-Fi connection.


Canon debuts four new PowerShot digital point and shoot cameras

08/22, 12:50am

G16, S120, SX510HS, and SX170IS join the venerable digital PowerShot line

Digital imaging solutions provider Canon today announced the release of four new PowerShot digital cameras: the PowerShot G16, PowerShot S120, PowerShot SX510 HS and PowerShot SX170 IS. All four cameras feature DIGIC imaging technology to deliver the best possible image quality in compact digital camera bodies. In addition, all models have the ability to achieve faster autofocusing speeds than was possible with previous PowerShot models. The PowerShot G16 and S120 also feature the new Star mode to help users capture a starry night sky, while the new Background Defocus mode allows users to soften the background of their images for a portraiture look.


Canon debuts three new PowerShot cameras

01/29, 3:26pm

ELPH 330 HS, ELPH 115 IS, A2500 added to consumer camera line

Canon has announced the addition of three stylish, feature-packed PowerShot digital cameras to its line of imaging products. Newly added are the PowerShot ELPH 330 HS, ELPH 115 IS, and A2500. The PowerShot ELPH 330 HS digital camera provides advanced wireless connectivity for easy sharing, and includes the company’s HS System that delivers clear images with minimal noise and maximum detail even when shooting in low light. Canon's Smart Auto feature allows the new cameras to detect up to 58 scene types for the PowerShot ELPH 330 HS digital camera, and up to 32 scene settings for the PowerShot ELPH 115 IS digital camera and PowerShot A2500 digital camera. All three models also feature "eco-mode," a new power consumption management technique that extends battery life by approximately 30 percent.


Canon reveals new PowerShot G15, S110, SX50 HS cameras

09/17, 6:36pm

New features added include Wi-Fi, 50x optical zoom

In addition to the EOS 6D announcement from earlier, Canon has boosted the PowerShot line with three new models. The G15 provides some of the most advanced features in the PowerShot lineup. Built-in Wi-Fi allows the PowerShot S110 to share images and video to social networking. A high-powered 50x optical zoom lens and optical image stabilization give the SX50 HS clear, steady images even at full telephoto magnification.


Sony rumored prepping fixed-lens, APS-C sized compact camera

02/21, 3:30pm

Sony may have DSLR-grade rival to Canon G1 X

Sony may be hoping to one-up Canon's PowerShot G1 X with a more ambitious camera of its own. A rumor originating from multiple "trusted sources" of Sony Alpha Rumors has a future camera using a DSLR-grade sensor at APS-C size but with a non-removable lens like its Canon alternative. The lens itself is described as a pancake-sized compact zoom that would keep the camera relatively small.


Canon APS-C lens patent surfaces, mirrorless cam to follow?

02/20, 3:40pm

Canon lens patent confirms mirrorless camera due

A new patent application found online on Monday has lent strong support to the belief Canon is working on a mirrorless, interchangeable lens camera. The patent is for an 18-45mm f3.5-5.6 kit lens explicitly meant for APS-C mirrorless cameras. Allowing for the crop factor, the lens is equivalent to 29-70mm if it were full-frame.


Canon Elph 530 HS, 320 HS add Wi-Fi, iOS app link

02/07, 1:05am

Canon adopts Wi-Fi in compact cameras

Canon brought Wi-Fi to more of its point-and-shoot cameras on Tuesday. Both the Elph 530 HS and Elph 320 HS can both send media directly to Image Gateway, an in-between album that in turn lets users share to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. An iOS app, CameraWindow is coming in March that promises to keep compact cameras relevant: it will let owners send photos and videos directly to the Apple devices both for safekeeping and to upload to the same social sites.


Canon SX260 HS stuffs 20X zoom into compact body

02/07, 12:45am

Canon PowerShot SX260 HS joins lineup

The most performance-minded camera in Canon's lineup for the CP+ show Tuesday was unveiled as the SX260 HS. While the model name is slightly off from leaks, it confirms talk of a leap from 14X to 20X zoom in the body. The design comes outfitted with both a 12.1-megapixel CMOS sensor that helps in low light as well as a DIGIC 5 chip that improves image quality and allows for 1080p video.


Canon intros six PowerShot A cameras with smart IS, more

02/07, 12:30am

Canon PowerShot A810 through A4000 IS arrives

Canon picked Tuesday to bring out no less than six new PowerShot A-series cameras to boost its entry level. At the top, the A4000 IS and A3400 IS each have firsts: the A4000 IS has a long 8X zoom, while the similar-resolution A3400 has a 5X zoom but is the first A-series with a touchscreen that can be used to focus or take the shot. These and the other new cameras in the line all have 16-megapixel sensors and 720p video support.


Canon unveils much slimmer PowerShot D20 rugged camera

02/07, 12:10am

Canon SX240 HS carries 20X zoom in small body

Canon's turn at launches for the CP+ camera show were headlined by a major rethink of its rugged camera. The PowerShot D20 is dramatically smaller and thinner than the D10 while keeping the durability. It can take water up to 33 feet deep, survive temperatures as cold as 14F or as warm as 104F, and survive drops of up to five feet. Its button layout is designed to be used with gloves on and has presets for underwater (including macros) and snow.


Canon PowerShot SX240 HS leaks early with 20X zoom

02/03, 11:30am

Canon PowerShot SX240 HS leaks ahead of debut

An upcoming portable digital camera from Canon has been spotted online. The PowerShot SX240 HS will get a 20X zoom rather than the 14X zoom of its SX230 HS predecessor. Also likely is the addition of the company's new DIGIC 5 processor and a slightly higher megapixel count, though these haven't been confirmed as the image is the only thing to go by thus far.


Nikon adds Coolpix P510 with 42X zoom, P310 with f1.8 lens

01/31, 11:30pm

Nikon P510 and P310 push long zooms

Nikon led a slew of Coolpix camera launches Tuesday night with two models straddling the line between pro and amateur shooting. The P510 has one of the longest zooms ever on a non-removable lens camera and can shoot at 42X (24-1,000mm equivalent) with a purportedly more aggressive image stabilization engine. A 16.1-megapixel, backside-illuminated CMOS sensor helps combat shake along with helping in low light and improving autofocus speed.


Hands-on: Canon G1 X, Elph 520 HS and Elph 110 HS

01/13, 1:30pm

We try the Canon G1 X and more at CES

Canon used the dovetailing of the PMA expo with CES to give us a chance to test the PowerShot G1 X as well as its pocket siblings, the Elph 520 HS and 110 HS. All three promise quality boosts as well as some fresher designs, but how well do they fare? Our early look is after the break.


Canon confirms G1 X pro compact, Elph 520 HS and 110 HS

01/09, 10:20am

Canon G1 X and Elph 110, 520 HS arrive for CES

Canon confirmed that earlier wire leaks were real after it unveiled a trio of new cameras on Monday. The PowerShot G1 X is Canon's long-awaited if indirect response to mirrorless rivals and carries a large, 1.5-inch, 14.3-megapixel CMOS sensor to let it take in more light and detail than most compacts. Although the 4X, 28-112mm equivalent lens is still non-removable, it now has a wider maximum aperture of f2.5 (better than f2.8) to improve low light and soften backgrounds.


Wire leak spoils Canon G1X mirrorless rival, Elph 110/520 HS

01/05, 8:50am

Canon G1X to carry large sensor and wide aperture

Wells Fargo has leaked virtually every camera designer's plans for CES and PMA next week but has provided unusually large amounts of detail for major Canon releases. The PowerShot G1X is Canon's long-awaited if indirect response to mirrorless rivals and carries a large, 1.5-inch, 14.3-megapixel CMOS sensor to let it take in more light and detail than most compacts. Although the 4X, 28-112mm equivalent lens is still non-removable, it now has a wider maximum aperture of f2.5 (better than f2.8) to improve low light and soften backgrounds.


iPhone camera side-by-side shows iPhone 4S' leap in quality

10/24, 7:50pm

iPhone 4S compared against its ancestors

A side-by-side comparison of iPhone camera quality by the co-developer of Camera+ (99 cents, App Store), Lisa Bettany, has shown the sheer improvement in the iPhone 4S camera quality compared to earlier models, dating back to 2007. The shots also show just how closely they compare against two frequent benchmarks for compact and DSLR cameras, the Canon S95 and EOS-5D Mark II.


Canon reveals PowerShot S100, SX40 HS with Digic 5 chips

09/15, 8:45am

Canon S100 and SX40 HS bring faster processing

Canon followed up its earlier camera intros with two more targeted at its highest-end users. The PowerShot S100 is a sequel to the by now well-known S90 and S95 and is the first camera with the Digic 5 chip. Making the upgrade improves the overall color accuracy, noise reduction, and performance but allows high-speed shooting very rare on a camera: the S100 can get up to 9.6 frames per second, albeit up to eight frames, in a new High-speed Burst HQ mode.


Canon unwraps long-zoom Elph 510 HS and 310 HS, SX150 IS

08/23, 8:35am

Canon makes Elph 510 HS thinnest 12X camera

Canon as rumored brought out a trio of PowerShots and made their optical zoom the focus. The Elph 510 HS headlines the pack as the thinnest camera in the young series but still managing to zoom out to 12X and carry a 28mm equivalent minimum zoom that can produce wide angles. The 510 HS also brings in a new image stabilization system known as Intelligent IS: it chooses depending on the context, such as in the very sensitive conditions of a macro shot, the consistent movement of a panning shot or the low demands when sitting on a tripod.


iPhone 4 to topple Nikon D90 as Flickr's most-used camera

04/18, 11:15am

iPhone 4 near becoming most popular Flickr camera

The iPhone 4 should soon carry the distinction of being the most popular camera on Flickr. The Yahoo-owned site's Camera Finder shows Apple's phone on the verge of overtaking the Nikon D90 and having already passed Canon's EOS 5D Mark II, Rebel T1i, and Rebel XSi. Without timestamps, it's unclear exactly when the shift began, but it followed after a surge a significant amount of time after the iPhone 4 was on sale.


Nikon intros Coolpix P300 and P500 to take on Canon

02/08, 8:55pm

Nikon Coolpix P300 and P500 official

Nikon on Tuesday evening rolled out a pair of high-end Coolpix cameras to challenge once-safe Canon territory. The P300 is its direct challenger to the Canon S95 or S4500 IS and packs a 4.2X (24-100mm) lens with a very wide f1.8 aperture. Mated to a 12.2-megapixel CMOS sensor, it's both much more suitable in low light than a usual compact and much faster; the shallow depth of field also helps with macros.


Canon kicks off PowerShot HS line with low-light shooting

02/07, 8:25am

Canon SX230 HS, 500 HS, 300 HS, 100 HS official

Canon preceded the CP+ camera show with a major reworking of its point-and-shoot cameras to focus on quality over sheer resolution. The PowerShot Elph HS series uses the same basic CMOS sensor technology as behind the G12 and S95 to better catch images in low light, clean up noise and widen the dynamic range. All of them actually drop in resolution to 12.1 megapixels but, Canon hopes, should produce objectively better images.


Canon PowerShot A-series cameras get 720p video

01/05, 12:30pm

Intros budget model and three with HD video

Canon announced three additions to its compact Powershot A-series cameras capable of shooting 720p HD video: the A3300 IS, A2200, and A1200 digital cameras. The new cameras offer 32 presets for different lighting and shooting situations and a blur reduction feature. A new Discreet mode turns off the auto-focus assist beam, sound, and flash, for taking pictures when those features would be a distraction. For those consumers new to digital photography, the cameras come with an easy-to-use interface for adjusting brightness, vividness and color tone.


Black Friday deal roundup: 11.6-inch MacBook Air, $1,110

11/26, 12:55pm

Black Friday deals

Today is Black Friday, and great deals can be found at most online retailers.'s Black Friday deals today include a price cut on the new 11-inch MacBook Air which has seen a $50 price cut to $1,150, an instant rebate drops the price further to $1,110. Other deals at include the Fantom G-Force 1TB hard drive for $50, and the Kingston 8GB microSDHC card for $13.


Canon brings out SX30 IS with unprecedented 35X zoom

09/14, 7:00am

Canon SX30 IS packs 35X lens and 14 megapixels

Canon claimed ownership of the longest-ranged point-and-shoot camera tonight through the debut of the PowerShot SX30 IS. The camera thrives on a new 35X, 24-840mm equivalent lens and has extra hardware to compensate for the exaggerated shake. Its image stabilization can compensate to the equivalent of four to five stop, and it includes both a regular ultra-low dispersion lens element as well as a second with a high refractive index to minimize chromatic aberration at the far end of the zoom range.


Canon unveils G12 pro point-and-shoot with Hybrid IS, HDR

09/14, 6:55am

Canon PowerShot G12 made official

After an accidental reveal last month, Canon tonight stepped up to take on Nikon by revealing the PowerShot G12. It uses the same upgrades that came to the smaller S95 in August and shares its Hybrid IS advanced stabilization as well as the multi-shot high dynamic range mode. For the first time, a G series camera shoots HD and here records in the S95's 720p with HDMI output.


Canon G12 details briefly go live, show modest update

08/19, 5:25pm

Canon G12 to mostly add HD video and HDR

Although missing in Canon's PowerShot updates this morning, the G12 was inadvertently confirmed today by an article (since pulled) on CNET Asia. The pro point-and-shoot is a direct parallel to the S95 and primarily expands the G11 with 720p video recording as well as the high dynamic range (HDR) mode that composites shots together. The 5X, 28-140mm equivalent f2.8 lens will be upgraded to Hybrid IS to counteract blur triggered by angle or shift shaking.


Canon intros PowerShot S95, SD4500 IS and SX130 IS

08/19, 12:45am

Canon S95 and SD4500 IS intro as low light champs

Canon tonight launched a trio of higher-end compact cameras today highlighted by a refresh of its cult favorite low-light camera. The PowerShot S95 still thrives on a 10-megapixel high sensitivity CCD but improves its image quality further: it now builds in Hybrid IS from pro lenses that can compensate for angular and shifting shaking, theoretically producing more stable shots. Like Fujifilm, it now has a multi-shot high dynamic range mode and finally adds 720p video with HDMI out to a high-end Canon PowerShot.


Canon G12 possibly spotted with pop-up flash, no viewfinder

08/16, 11:55am

Canon G12 may trade viewfinder for size

Canon's rumored PowerShot G12 may have been spotted today carrying a major redesign. The shot submitted to Canon Rumors shows the camera going without an optical viewfinder in return for a smaller body that makes the lens appear larger. Its size would be small enough to require a pop-up flash where it's been built-in before.


Canon sends invites for August 26 event

08/13, 8:15pm

Canon confirms August 26 camera intros

Canon validated a flurry of rumors surrounding an August 26 event today by sending out invitations for media events the same day. Invites in Belgium and elsewhere asked the media to attend a "Take Stories Press Event." No clues were given in examples handed to Canon Rumors as to the nature of what would arrive.


More Canon details: 60D body, G12 coming, LaForet teaser

08/12, 12:40pm

Canon 60D and camera plans detailed in full

Canon's pre-Photokina camera launches may have been elaborated almost in full today through a string of leaks. One tip focusing on the often rumored EOS 60D suggested to Canon Rumors that it will use a plastic body slightly smaller than the 50D. While not as durable as magnesium, the shell would keep the price to just $200 or $300 above the price of a Rebel T2i and would have a better grip.


Canon SD4000 IS brings S90 features to regular users

05/11, 10:40am

Canon SD4000 IS has CMOS sensor, wide aperture

Canon today had a rare out-of-expo introduction for a new point-and-shoot, the PowerShot SD4000 IS. The 10-megapixel camera is relatively upscale and uses a back-illuminated CMOS sensor much like the well-known S90. It gets a slightly longer-ranged 3.8X lens but has a wide f2.0 aperture for capturing a large amount of light.


Nikon developing rival to Canon G11?

03/03, 9:40am

Nikon Coolpix would have DSLR tech

Nikon is developing a rival to Canon's PowerShot G11, the company's UK senior product manager Kevin Egan said in a recent interview. He told Amateur Photographer that the G11 is considered a "benchmark" for high-end prosumer compacts and that a model should come out soon with similar performance. While short on what this entails, Egan did say it would likely borrow technology from Nikon's DSLRs and have the build of a high-end Coolpix point-and-shoot.


Samsung TL series adds RAW, 1,000FPS slow motion

02/20, 7:55pm

Samsung TL500 and TL350 bow at PMA

Wrapping up Samsung's PMA news are two new TL series cameras that serve the more demanding photographers that still need point-and-shoots. At the front, the TL500 is targeted at the same pro audience that would opt for Canon's PowerShot S90 and uses a larger 1/1.7-inch, 10-megapixel CCD that focuses on low light over sheer size. Samsung promises that it will produce even more detail in shots through an option for RAW and a 3X (24-72mm equivalent) lens with a very wide f1.8 aperture that can produce SLR-like shallow depth of field.


Apple updates RAW support, fixes Aperture SlideShow bug

02/09, 5:50pm

SlideShow update recommended for Aperture 3

Following on the heels of the Aperture 3 introduction, Apple on Tuesday also released maintenance updates for RAW compatibility and a SlideShow bug. Digital Camera Raw Compatibility Update 3.0 extends RAW support for Aperture 3 and iPhoto 09 to include several additional cameras and formats such as Canon's PowerShot S90, sRAW, and mRAW; Leica's D-LUX 4; and Panasonic's Lumix DMC-G1, DMC-GH1 and DMC-LX3.


New Canon PowerShots include 14MP, 14X SX210 IS

02/08, 10:25am

Canon PMA 2010 gets four PowerShots

As part of its PMA 2010 introductions today, Canon has brought out four new PowerShots that include two particularly advanced models. The SX210 IS is tailored to advanced users and carries an extremely long-range 14X (28-392mm equivalent) lens and a 14-megapixel sensor. It similarly touts a pop-up flash, records 720p video and supports the newer SDXC card format.


Canon exposes new A-Series PowerShots

01/05, 4:15pm

Pushes ISO to 3200, adds SDXC support

Continuing its CES-related announcements, Canon has revealed four new A-Series PowerShot cameras: the A490, A495, A3000 IS and the A3100 IS. The group has been enhanced in several ways, most notably with increased light sensitivity ranging up to ISO 3200. The cameras have also been made compatible with SDXC cards, which will store up to 2TB when the format launches ahead of March.


Canon patenting touchscreen DSLR

12/03, 4:00pm

Patent would simplify Canon pro cameras

Future Canon DSLRs could be some of the first to switch to touchscreens for much of their input, a newly unearthed patent filing shows. The application shows an interchangeable lens camera that would use both a touchscreen and an optical viewfinder but which would implement a unique system to avoid accidental input on the touch display immediately below. By setting a determining which eye would use the viewfinder, the system could partly disable the touchscreen to prevent accidental input while still maintaining some level of control.


Kindle, iPods top Amazon's Thanksgiving sales

11/30, 8:45am

Amazon touts Kindle as top seller

Amazon today claimed a "record" month of sales for the Kindle and has provided some details of its bestselling devices. Without giving numbers, the online retailer said the e-book reader had its "best sales month ever" even before Cyber Monday, the online follow-up to Black Friday. It remains the bestselling individual product of any category at Amazon as well as the most gifted and requested item on the store.


Canon launches touchscreen PowerShot, more

08/19, 3:00pm

Canon SD980 IS SD940 IS

Wrapping up Canon's camera launches today are two high-end PowerShots that include its first touchscreen camera. The SD980 IS puts most of the control on a 3-inch touch display that both simplifies changing settings as well as more precise shooting: like some newer touch cameras and cameraphones, photographers can tap to autofocus on a particular point rather than trust the camera. In playback mode, users can flick through photos with a finger.


Canon adds SX20 IS, SX120 IS ultrazooms

08/19, 10:10am

Canon SX20 IS and SX120 IS

As part of its camera launches, Canon today released two cameras in its PowerShot SX series of very long-range compact cameras. Leading these, the SX20 IS replaces the SX10 IS and steps up the resolution to 12.1 megapixels while adding a 720p movie capture mode. Appropriately, it has HDMI output to preview raw clips at full resolution. A 20X stabilized lens and a swivel-out LCD are carried over from the earlier design. It takes AA batteries for power and will be ready in September for $400.


Canon unveils G11, S90 semi-pro compacts

08/19, 9:35am

Canon G11 and S90

Canon this morning brought out its higher end compact cameras for the fall and topped these with two semi-professional PowerShots. The G11 is the latest yearly update to its camera for experienced shooters but makes the unusual move of lowering the resolution from 14.7 to 10 megapixels; while not as large, the new sensor is said to be much better in low light and thus reduces both the amount of noise and blur. Also new is the G series' first swivel LCD in recent memory, which lets users compose shots at unusual angles.


Canon outs PowerShot A2100 IS, A1100 IS, A480

02/18, 1:00am

Canon PowerShot A 2009

Wrapping up Canon's PowerShot rollout for the bulk of the year are a trio of its AA battery-powered A series cameras. Fronting the group, the A2100 IS replaces the A2000 IS with a smaller, nearly all-black body but with a sharper 12-megapixel image (up from 10) and a switch to the DIGIC 4 chip powering most of Canon's point-and-shoots this year. The swap gives it full scene recognition and face detection with support for moving people and self-timers. Like its predecessor, the A2100 IS continues to carry a 6X stabilized lens and a 3-inch preview LCD.


Canon readies D10 as first rugged PowerShot

02/18, 12:35am

Canon PowerShot D10

In an uncharacteristic step for the company, Canon this evening has broken ground with its first ruggedized PowerShot. As the first in its series, the D10's housing has been rounded, sealed off and internally hardened to resist extremes: the camera can operate underwater at depths up to 33 feet, take drops from as much as 4 feet up, and resists freezing with temperatures as low as 14F. Some controls and the flash are also oversized to ensure good control and shot quality while swimming or wearing gloves.



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