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PowerbookMedic launches new DualDrives for MacBooks

09/30, 3:20pm

Allow capacities up to 1.5TB

PowerbookMedic has launched a new line of DualDrive options, said to double the internal storage capacities of Mac notebooks. A DualDrive is user-installed in place of a Mac's optical drive, allowing a second hard drive to be connected. As a tradeoff, owners lose internal CD/DVD functions.


Disc drive issue interferes with Snow Leopard installations

09/04, 11:50am

Discs ejected before they can run

A continuing problem with the optical drives in Mac notebooks is now preventing people from installing Snow Leopard, according to discussions on Apple's support forums. Affected systems may initially accept a disc, only to eject it without mounting. Within the problem group machines may reject all discs, only DVDs, or only some particular DVDs. The Snow Leopard upgrade is sold only on DVDs.


Verizon picks up PC770 hybrid 3G modem

07/17, 2:40pm

Novatel PC770 at Verizon

Verizon this afternoon added a rare two-in-one modem to its 3G adapters. Novatel's PC770 has a nested design that can either work as an ExpressCard/34 adapter for some modern notebooks or, with an adapter, fits into older systems with PC Card slots. It supports up to EVDO Revision A speeds and uses technology from Novatel that reportedly helps maintain speed during simultaneous two-way traffic.


Apple to end support for older G4s, Xserves

02/06, 9:30am

G4, Xserve support dies

Apple is ending most or all of its support for a host of older Macs, according to a memo issued to Apple Authorized Service Providers this week. Headlining the bulletin is a range of "obsolete" products, which Apple classifies as hardware that was discontinued over seven years ago; these include the PowerBook G4, and digital audio or Quicksilver models of the PowerMac G4 and Macintosh Server G4. As of March 17th, no support of any kind will be available for the obsolete systems, including replacement parts.


Apple's best, worst Macs in 25-yr history

01/23, 5:00pm

25 years of Mac

January 24th will mark the 25th anniversary of the Macintosh, Apple's flagship product. The computer was the first commercially successful system to include a mouse and a graphical interface, and is widely seen as having made personal computers accessible to the general public, rather than just people with technical expertise. Apple would continue to expand the technology over the coming years, and adopt a number of different names, such as Performa, PowerBook, iMac and Mac Pro.


Suit targets Apple over faulty PowerBook slots

11/03, 4:20pm

PowerBook memory lawsuit

Apple artificially limited the scope of a repair program for defective PowerBooks, a new class-action lawsuit alleges. Filed by Giorgio Gometsky via northern California, the suit makes reference to a problem with the PowerBook G4, in which memory added to the computer went unrecognized, thereby depriving people of performance or generating additional problems. "Unfortunately for consumers," the suit notes, "because both memory slots are hardwired to the PowerBook's motherboard, consumers who choose to repair the defect can incur costs of more than $500 in parts and labor."


Apple class-action settlement expands payouts

10/02, 10:35am

Power adapter settlement

The list of eligible claimants in the settlement of a lawsuit against Apple has expanded, according to an administrative firm. Rosenthal & Co. has issued notices in the wake of Gordon v. Apple, which alleged that power adapters shipped with iBooks and PowerBooks could fray and spark, or simply fail to work. Although Apple has denied any fault in the matter, it is said to have agreed to a settlement in order to avoid expenses.


Newertech unveils hicap iBook batteries, lower prices

08/21, 4:05pm

Newertech new accessories

Newertech today announced new additions to its line of computer accessories, and lower prices on some of its established products. New items include NuPower iBook batteries; a 4400mAh battery for PowerBooks, said to boost capacity by 37 percent over its OEM counterpart; and a 4400mAh version for the 14-inch iBook G3, which boosts lifespan by 18 percent.


FastMac intros universal charger for Mac notebooks

05/16, 3:20pm

FastMac U-Charge

Accessory and peripheral maker FastMac has announced a new external battery charger for Mac notebooks, the U-Charge. The unit is a 45W adapter that bridges from an AC outlet directly to a battery's terminals, eliminating the need to have the notebook itself present. As a result the U-Charge also consumes less energy than some adapters, having no need to power the computer at the same time. Indicator LEDs mimic those of Apple's, and safeguards are installed against overcharging, overheating and power surges.


Apple pays out for replacement power adapters

05/09, 3:30pm

Apple pays for replacement

Apple on Friday announced it would refund between $25 and $80 to as many as 2.3 million iBook and PowerBook owners, after a significant number of adapters went defective, fraying and sparking. The Los Angeles Times reports that US District Court Judge James Ware granted preliminary approval on March 24th on the 2006 class action filing. The agreement makes Apple responsible for paying for a portion of replacement power adapters for the portables.


MacBook, Pro to get major redesigns?

04/07, 3:50pm

MacBook Redesigns 2008

Both the consumer MacBook and the performance-minded MacBook Pro will receive a major overhaul with their next updates, say sources speaking with AppleInsider. Either design has remained largely unchanged but will now allegedly receive visual cues from the aluminum iMac and MacBook Air, including an all-aluminum design, traces of black, and more tapered edges. The trackpad is also likely to switch to the extra-large design found in the Air, though whether the 13-inch MacBook will gain multi-touch is unknown.



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