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Official Plex media streaming client now available for new Apple TV

11/03, 11:20am

Streamer allows for playback of served media from computer or NAS

Late yesterday, and as promised, the Plex media streaming app was made available for the new Apple TV. The combination server and Apple TV app were developed by the same team that created the Apple TV hack for a jailbroken device, and utilizes both the iOS app codebase as well as implementation of new technologies.


Plex app for new Apple TV in development, co-founder confirms

09/14, 7:10am

Local media streaming app Plex being ported to tvOS

Users of the local network streaming movie and music service Plex will have more incentive to purchase an Apple TV, with an app for the latest model said to be in development. Days after the revelation that the latest generation of Apple TV will be able to run third-party apps, Plex co-founder Scott Olechowski confirmed developers are working on a version of its app that will be downloadable to the set-top box in the future.


Plex for iOS upgraded with graphical refresh, sync improvements

08/10, 8:44pm

New version requires iOS 8.1 or greater, newer devices

The iOS version of media streaming tool Plex has been refreshed, bringing with it a graphical overhaul, as well as support for premium music, Plex Home, secure connections, and more. The new version of the app drops support for older devices, and requires iOS 8.1 or greater, and a recent version of Plex Media Server for operation.


Plex forums breached, user data held to ransom by hacker

07/03, 7:55am

Forums, blogs attacked in Plex breach, ransom deadline looms

Plex is under threat from a hacker, attempting to blackmail the service by holding some of its customer data up for ransom. The streaming media software developer's forums have been breached, with the hacker demanding bitcoin from the company, otherwise the attacker will release all the acquired customer data, as well as other software and files picked up in the intrusion for all to see.


Briefly: WD My Cloud NAS Plex app, Devon apps updated

05/19, 9:35am

WD My Cloud NAS models given Plex server app as free update

WD is expanding its apps offerings by introducing Plex Media Server, an entertainment app that can now be downloaded to and deployed on the My Cloud NAS series. The software update allows users to stream-supported video and audio file formats directly from a personal My Cloud to any Plex app. The app download for the My Cloud is free. Compatible models are the My Cloud Mirror, My Cloud EX2/EX4, My Cloud EX2100/EX4100, and My Cloud DL2100/4100.


Briefly: Plex for Xbox One, Sony releases unlocked Xperia Z1

04/06, 11:15pm

Media client Plex to develop for use on Xbox One

Microsoft has given permission to Plex developers to create a version of the media client for Xbox One, in light of the recent announcement to support universal applications. Plex offers users the ability to organize movies, TV, music and photos for consumption on one's TV, and other devices. The developers have been granted membership into ID@Xbox.


Redbox, Vimeo, HBO to support Chromecast, phone streaming app created

07/31, 8:26am

Developer able to stream video, photographs directly from phone to Chromecast

The Google Chromecast will be receiving more support in the future, with reports of Redbox, Vimeo, and HBO preparing to take advantage of the device. The possible new additions come at the same time as a developer shows off a way for smartphones to directly share images and video with the streaming dongle.


PlexConnect lets non-jailbroken Apple TVs run Plex media server

06/05, 11:01am

Enables use with third-gen Apple TV

A new hack dubbed PlexConnect allows the third-party Plex media server to run on second- and third-generation Apple TVs without jailbreaking, the creators of Plex say. The technique involves running a program on a computer which disguises itself as the Trailer app; changing a setting on the Apple TV is then all that's needed to put everything into motion. The Plex team notes that PlexConnect uses the latest transcoder, supports iTunes DRM, and can also handle AC3 5.1 sound when using the current preview release of Plex.


Plex media server updated, PlexPass subscription announced

08/30, 11:40pm

PlexPass subscribers gain access to beta software versions

Media streamer Plex received some significant changes on Thursday. Beyond a litany of bug fixes in today's server update, Plex has announced PlexPass, an optional subscription service giving users early access to features in-test and premium additions. The first of the new features available for PlexPass users is the new web client, which tests nearly as fast as the native OS X media manager, but also offers full media playback in-browser.


Plex reaches Roku media boxes in channel form

03/27, 10:55pm

Plex branches out to Roku for first time

Plex on Tuesday said its custom media interface had reached Roku's Internet Players for the first time. The new version shows as a Roku Channel Store option and brings a new, streamlined version of the interface within its self-contained section. All subscribed channels are available, as well as access to audio, photo, and video from a local Plex Media Server.


Plex details upcoming native Google TV app

11/03, 11:40am

Plex talks about native Google TV app

Plex, makers of a media sharing app for the home, has brought out details of its upcoming native app for Google TV. The app now falls under the entertainment app category and, on a basic level, lets owners playback local media onto HDTVs connected to a Google TV device over Wi-Fi or Ethernet. The app will tap into the myPlex cloud service to sync with the Android app, resuming playback where users left off on their smartphones.


More Lion: Front Row, PowerPC axed

02/26, 6:25pm

Mac OS X Lion drops Front Row and PowerPC

More discoveries in Mac OS X Lion have shown Apple is cutting out two of its older implementations. The developer preview no longer has Front Row, Apple's early answer to Windows Media Center. It had originally launched in sync with the last Power PC iMac, the iSight-equipped G5 model, and was a staple feature of early Intel-based Macs.


OWC adds Plex, Blu-ray, RAID storage to 2010 Mac Mini

01/27, 5:10pm

Set up allows iOS device mobile access, control

Other World Computing has launched a home theater package centering on Apple's Mac Mini, the OWC Media Center Solution for the 2010 Mac mini. The new service, which was previewed at the Macworld Expo, will preconfigure a 2010 Mac mini with Plex's digital media front-end app, add 4GB of RAM to the machine and bundle a portable Blu-ray burner and an OWC Mercury Pro Qx2 RAID 5 external drive, with either four, eight or 12TB of storage space. Combined with either an Elgato EyeTV Hybrid or HD DVR, the package can record and store Live TV, seek out streaming video via Plex apps, like Netflix, Joost, Hulu, Vimeo and YouTube, and back up DVD and Blu-ray movies for later streaming.


Fanhattan aggregates free, paid web video in TV-sized UI

12/16, 11:30am

Vuze unveils Fanhattan video portal

BitTorrent app creator Vuze today gave a quick preview of Fanhattan, a new company and home theater portal in the vein of Boxee or Plex. The project is based on the Open Movie Database and aggregates not just regular, free web video but also paid content. With services such as Amazon VOD and Netflix, it will not only get and let users search through metadata but allow a purchase or a rental without having to exit the interface.


Plex to integrate with LG TVs as "free" Apple TV alternative

09/03, 9:00am

Plex to build into LG TVs and Blu-ray players

Plex at IFA has revealed that its media front end is being integrated into new LG TVs and Blu-ray players. Any Internet-capable devices made in 2011 will access an online version of Plex. Although they won't have the usual local storage, they will recognize any Plex Media Servers on the local network and share their content much like the Mac and iOS clients.


Plex/Nine, Plex for iOS near release

08/30, 1:00pm

Plex/Nine due at midnight Eastern time

New versions of the Plex media player are en route for Mac and iOS devices, the developers have revealed. The updated Mac app is being dubbed Plex/Nine, and should be launched at midnight Eastern time. The major addition is a separate Media Manager for Snow Leopard, which should make it easier to populate Plex with content. It scans selected folders, and automatically assigns names, art and metadata to files using online databases.



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