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Report: domestic Mac sales up nearly 30 percent year-over-year

12/16, 7:30pm

Recently-refreshed MacBooks, wide iMac availability credited

According to new data from retail analyst NPD, revealed in a note to investors from Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, US Mac sales are up 29 percent from the year-ago quarter. In part, the figures come from the fact that the just-redesigned iMac was severely constrained in the year-ago quarter, with extremely limited supplies largely missing the holiday buying season entirely. In addition, the company has recently refreshed most of its Mac lineup to Intel's latest "Haswell" chip.


Piper Jaffray: Mac sales expected to be down 5-7 percent for the year

10/21, 10:41pm

Worldwide softening of PC sales also hurting Macs; iPods down 36 percent

Based on data from NPD (but with a caveat), investment analysts Piper Jaffray has maintained its "overweight" rating on AAPL and reports in a note to investors that it is "comfortable" with its original estimate of a decline in Mac sales year-over-year of around five percent, though it acknowledges that NPD is estimating seven percent. Apple's fiscal year ended on September 30, and it will report the results of that quarter on October 28.


Another study claims iOS US web traffic dominant, growing

04/03, 1:30pm

Survey credits iPad dominance, US iPhone sales for engagement

Another survey, this time from Piper Jaffray tech sector analyst Gene Munster, adds to a number of other surveys of the US mobile web traffic landscape and finds that the iOS platform both dominates and is growing its share of user engagement in Internet-related mobile use. As with the other studies, Munster's analysis of a hand-picked list of 10 of the top 100 mobile websites found that iOS traffic accounts for around 65 percent of mobile visits during the past two months, while Android made up only 30 percent of mobile traffic.


Analysts: Qualcomm 28nm crunch hurting/helping new iPhone

04/19, 3:35pm

Qualcomm 28nm LTE chip hit may touch Apple

Analysts at Citigroup and Piper Jaffray helped trigger stock market jitters on Thursday over the implications of LTE chip supply as it relates to Apple. Following Qualcomm statements after its quarterly results that there was a supply shortage of its 28 nanometer chips made at TSMC, Citi's Glen Yeung and Piper's Gene Munster both suggested that was a direct sign of Apple choosing a 28nm MSM9615 cellular chipset for its next iPhone. To Yeung, a ramp down in existing 45nm parts combined with the shortage was a sign Apple was switching production and lowering orders of older hardware as it got ready to produce the new.


Launch day polls: iPhone 4S luring more BlackBerry converts

10/14, 8:45pm

Three studies show iPhone 4S gets more new users

Three separate iPhone 4S launch day studies have shown noticeably more buyers being switchers from the BlackBerry and other platforms. The most detailed, a 195-person study by UBS analyst Maynard Um in New York City, had 75 percent coming from an existing iPhone versus 80 percent a year ago. Of the remaining group, about 10 percent were jumping from a BlackBerry, while five percent each were coming from LG and Samsung phones; four percent were coming from Motorola.


NPD: Mac sales up 15% so far in spring, likely on target

06/13, 4:35pm

Piper, NPD say Mac sales ticking up

NPD data gleaned by Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster Monday showed a more optimistic view of Mac sales in the spring than initial April results. They now showed year-over-year sales up 15 percent in April and May, higher than the nine percent seen earlier. Munster noted that Apple was likely to near the 2011 street target of 22 percent since last June saw it grow just 11 percent, making a higher year-to-year gain relatively easy.


NPD: MacBook Pro goosed Apple sales 47% while PC rivals sank

04/18, 3:45pm

NPD says Mac sales up 47pc while PCs on way down

New NPD data in a research note later on Monday from Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster suggested that the new MacBook Pro may have pushed Apple well ahead in growth in the computer market. March sales in the US were estimated to be up 47 percent compared to a year earlier following the much faster line's introduction in late February. The growth came after more modest but still healthy 20 percent and 12 percent year-to-year increases in January and February.


Analysts: iPad 2 completely sold out, 70% to newcomers

03/14, 7:50am

Piper and Deutsche say iPad 2 sold out immediately

Checks by Deutsche Bank Chris Whitmore and Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster this weekend suggested that Apple had sold out of iPad 2s in record time. Both checked across retailers and found that no stores had stock left by Saturday. Whitmore had the most diverse look and found the sellouts true both across 50 Apple stores, 20 Best Buy and Walmart stores, and a blend of AT&T and Verizon carrier stores.


Extra-long iPad 2 lineups lead to estimates of 500,000 sales

03/11, 10:15pm

Piper Jaffray estimates 500K iPad 2s sold 1st day

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster saw headcounts from long iPad 2 lineups as a sign that Apple may have had breakthrough launch day sales. He believed 400,000 to 500,000 iPads had sold based on increases at multiple Apple stores, especially flagships. The lineup at the 5th Avenue store in New York City had 1,109 in line on opening versus 730 for the original iPad; Minneapolis' Mall of America store more than tripled its lineup, from 105 to 334.


Analyst expects FaceTime for iPod touch, new MacBook Air

08/25, 6:20pm

Air refresh still seen as "wild card"

Analysts have quickly placed bets on the products likely to be launched at Apple's September media event. Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster echos ongoing rumors that the company will introduce a new iPod touch with two cameras, enabling FaceTime calls.


Checks: BlackBerry sales wither in face of Android, iPhone

05/12, 12:00pm

Droid Incredible and iPhone price parity hurt RIM

BlackBerry sales are dropping in the US in the face of better performance by Android phones and even a resurgence for the iPhone, Piper Jaffray analyst Michael Walkley said in a research note today. He claimed that the Droid Incredible and original Motorola Droid have been eating into BlackBerry sales at Verizon during April and May. Also, the end to a sale on the Bold 9700 at AT&T has given the iPhone an even wider lead as the BlackBerry no longer has a price advantage.


Apple planning Apple TV update at Sept. event?

09/01, 8:55pm

Apple TV at Sept event?

Piper Jaffray senior research analyst Gene Munster believes Apple may have more to announce than just iPods at its upcoming media event scheduled for September 9th. He believes the company may also include a surprise announcement for an updated Apple TV device.


Analyst: 1.6m activations equates to 3.7m iPhones

04/22, 11:25am

Q1 iPhone sales past 3.7m?

Following AT&T's disclosure of its Q1 financial results, indicating more than 1.6 million iPhone activations, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster has calculated that Apple may have reached sales of over 3.7 million iPhones overall for the quarter. Apple Store purchases and international shipments were combined with the AT&T number to estimate the total global sales.


Apple increases iPhone TAM by 78%, 4.1m est. sales

08/22, 11:35am

Apple adds iPhone TAM

With the second big release push underway, Apple's total addressable market will increase by 78-percent from 370 million to 660 million, as it launches in 43 total countries by Friday. Analyst firm Piper Jaffray released a note on Friday claiming the above figures, with research providing a conservative estimate of 4.1 million iPhone units sold during the September quarter. Gene Munster, analyst for Piper Jaffray, maintains a buy rating on Apple stock, showing medium volatility.


Apple earnings preview

07/21, 2:00pm

Apple earnings

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster has put forth a set of expectations for Apple's Q3 earnings, due today after the US markets close. Munster believes that upside to Mac and iPod units may drive upside to the June quarter and is reiterating his Buy rating. While the street is expecting Apple to have shipped 2.2 million Macs in the quarter, Munster cites a buyside bias of 2.35 million units. He is also expecting shipemtn of about 10.5 million iPods, vs. the street consensus of 10.3 million.


Apple quadruples iPhone TAM, stock set to take off

05/16, 2:20pm

Munster on iPhone TAM

Analyst firm Piper Jaffray on Friday offered analysis of the recent additions of many new carriers and countries to the iPhone fold, pointing out that Apple could quadruple its total addressable market share from 153 million potential subscribers to 575 million in 42 countries. In a note to investors, senior analyst Gene Munster says the recent agreements with Orange, Vodafone, SingTel, American Movil, and Swisscom put Apple's international rollout of the iPhone eight months ahead of schedule.


Piper Jaffray expects 3G iPhone mid-June

05/12, 11:05am

Piper Jaffray on 3G iPhone

Investment firm Piper Jaffray on Monday released a note saying it expects a 3G iPhone by mid-June, based on an almost complete drought of current generation iPhone stock. The note mentions that out of 11 US stores, only six had stock of the iPhone, five of which had more than five units. The lack of stock is also reflected in the UK, with O2 saying the device is unavailable, while the US Apple Store changed availability to "Currently Unavailable".


Analyst: 10M iPods sold in Apple Q2

04/21, 4:20pm

Munster iPod

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster estimates that Apple sold 10 to 10.5 million iPods in its fiscal second quater (January, February and March). Munster views this data point as a "slight positive, given recent Street chatter of a very weak iPod number for the quarter." The Piper Jaffray analysis looks at the percentage contribution in NPD data from each month of the quarter in past March quarters. The analyst says that the cheaper iPod shuffle drove sales in February and March. Munster previously said that the iPod will be a slower growing segment than the Mac or iPhone, and expects iPod unit growth to be flat in the calendar year 2008, but also thinks that Apple can maintain iPod unit growth and slightly exceed street expectations. Munster believes that the iPhone will replace the iPod as a driver of significant growth for the company.


Apple leads player, music market with teens

04/08, 5:20pm

Apple popular with teens

Investment research firm Piper Jaffray today held a conference call regarding teenage spending habits and statistics, which brought to light several figures about Apple devices and services. Of the students surveyed, the report found that 87-percent owned an MP3 player, and of those, 86-percent are iPod owners. This also reflected in the students' choice of music store, with iTunes sitting at 79-percent. The advent of other iPod-compatible music stores eroded iTunes' share slightly from 89-percent.


Analyst: iPhone price cut portends 3G model

04/04, 1:40pm

iPhone price cut

Piper Jaffray Senior Analyst Gene Munster is reiterating his theory that Apple will soon introduce new iPhones capable of operating on 3G networks, using T-Mobile's recent price cut on 8GB phones as his latest evidence. First confirming that T-Mobile cut the price of the 8GB iPhone to EUR99 from EUR399 ($156 from $624) while the price of the 16GB model remains at EUR499, Munster notes that the promotion runs through June 30, and requires a two-year contract and the high end data plan. Munster says this is "a sign T-Mobile is draining its channel ahead of a new iPhone launch."


iPod sales should exceed estimates in '08

04/02, 3:10pm

iPod sales '08

As part of his "3 Cylinder Engine" report on Apple's three core product lines, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster recently looked at Apple's iPod, discussing the business unit's growth trajectory, upcoming iPods and more. Saying that the iPod will be a slower growing segment than the Mac or iPhone, Munster expects iPod unit growth to be flat in the calendar year 2008, but also thinks that Apple can maintain iPod unit growth and slightly exceed street expectations. Munster believes that the iPhone will replace the iPod as a driver of significant growth for the company.


Analyst: new low-cost iPhones, 45m in 2009

03/31, 11:25am

Munster on Low Cost iPhone

Apple will kick off 2009 with at least one new iPhone model aimed at the budget realm, according to new predictions by Piper Jaffray senior researcher Gene Munster. The analyst expects Apple to have between two to three distinct iPhone models no later than January 2009 and also expects Apple to make its first efforts to branch out past the $400 mark. At least one model will ship at between $200 and $300, Munster claims. One of the three models is likely to be the now presumed 3G iPhone, which Piper Jaffray anticipates arriving between June and September with new features.



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