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Peek explains progress of device giveaways, development

02/06, 6:10pm

Will start shipping remaining inventory today

Earlier this month, Peek stopped supporting its US email and Twitter service. The company then began giving away its remaining inventory of handheld devices. The company's founder, Amol Sarva has now provided an update of the status of the liquidation as well as some warnings as how difficult it would be for anyone receiving a unit to hack it and write code for it.


Peek quietly stops 'lifetime' service for messager gear

02/02, 12:05pm

Peek stops supporting lifetime device service

Despite at one time offering a $300 lifetime subscription deal for its Peek Twitter and text messaging handhelds, users reported that their service was cut abruptly on January 30. Some did receive e-mails warning them of the stoppage, and Peek CEO Amol Sarva confirmed service for the devices has ended. The products, such as the Peek 9 that added e-mail to its list of capabilities, used T-Mobile's 2G network for their connection to the web.


Peek dips into cellphones in India with Genius Cloud

07/21, 2:15pm

Brings smartphone features to basic handset

Peek, a provider of SaaS services that give internet-only wireless devices smartphone-like capabilities, is expanding to the cellphone market. Peek has partnered with Micromax, India's largest domestic mobile handset manufacturer, to offer cloud-based apps on that company's Q80 phone. Peek's "Genius Cloud" software will give the Q80 instant messaging, video chat, social networking, web browsing, and push e-mail.


Peek plans to partner for cheap phones, more new devices

12/20, 4:30am

Plans to leverage software and backend

Peek plans to partner with manufacturers in Asia to develop low-cost smartphones for emerging markets, according to a report. The move is designed to turn Peek into a profitable company for the long term. Currently, it has sold a modest 50,000 handsets although it is close to turning a profit. Its future plans center on leveraging its Peek software for use on cheap smartphones that could be sold profitably for as low as $50.


Older Peeks forced offline, free Peek 9 given as replacement

10/17, 5:20am

Network migration causes outage for older Peeks

Users of older Peek devices including the Pronto and Classic have been offered a free upgrade to the new Peek 9ine. Peek CEO Amol Sarva made the gesture in response to a network migration that resulted what Peek’s blog refers to as the ‘whigging out’ of the older devices. Existing customers affected by the outage have been advised to check their email for further advice or contact for further details.


Peek 9 brings maps, speed, Facebook and Twitter

09/20, 7:50am

Peek 9 adds app platform and maps

Peek after a brief teaser today launched the Peek 9, the latest generation of its always-on e-mail reader. The new version earns its name by running about nine times faster than the Pronto as well as through better reception for its T-Mobile 2G connection. It also becomes a multi-app device for the first time as it can check Google Maps, Facebook and Twitter.


Peek promising "big stuff," tight on cash

03/25, 12:45pm

Peek admits it needs Hail Mary play

Peek today hinted that it's planning a major new product for the near future. The company didn't say what might be in store but was confident it would "blow away folks" beyond what it has already done with lifetime e-mail on the original Peek and its milder performance with the TwitterPeek. More news is expected soon.


Fon launches PeekFon with free European roaming

12/10, 12:05pm

PeekFon offers free European roaming for e-mail

UK-based Wi-Fi provider Fon has recently teamed up with US-based e-mail and text messaging device maker Peek to create the PeekFon brand in Europe. Under the partnership, PeekFon will offer users no roaming charges in any European country, letting users send and receive e-mails and texts over GPRS data networks. Fon works on the principle of sharing Wi-Fi access, with subscribers to a home service that open it to other Fon users receiving access in return wherever they are in their travels across Europe. The PeekFon will get rid of the need to find one of the claimed 800,000 hotspots throughout Europe.


Peek intros one-day-only $10 per month deal

12/02, 10:10am

Peek offers half-price subscription deal

Maker of text and e-mail only handsets Peek is offering a one-day sale that will see buyers paying just $10 per month for the life of their device. This is half of what the usual monthly subscription fee costs for either the Pronto or Classic hardware devices. The deal is only valid on Wednesday, December 2nd.


TwitterPeek official, promises lifetime tweets

11/03, 9:15am

TwitterPeek goes on sale

Following rumors last week, Peek on Tuesday launched its expected TwitterPeek. It embraces the same single-purpose philosophy of the earlier device and here is dedicated solely to Twitter: users can check their feed and write posts or replies. Its always active use of T-Mobile's EDGE network lets it provide updates most anywhere inside the US without having to manually refresh or look for an access point.


Twitter Peek to offer dedicated tweeting

10/28, 3:35pm

Peek to out device with Twitter support?

Peek will soon offer a new product that will add Twitter support to the existing e-mail and text messaging functionality of the existing devices. While nothing official is known, a leaked image of the box for the Twitter Peek indicates this is indeed true. Like other Peek devices, the new Peek product will allow unlimited updates over T-Mobile's EDGE network in the US.


Peek dropping prices to grow sales

07/17, 4:10pm

Peek dropping prices

In light of handset makers and wireless providers entering its space in the market, Peek is forced to lower prices of its portable e-mail fetching devices in order to turn a profit and grow its sales. According to a Friday WSJ report (sub required), Peek is not planning on releasing devices with voice capabilities, despite smartphone prices dropping rapidly and taking away from the company's target market.


Peek Pronto brings push e-mail, texting

03/24, 8:05am

Peek Pronto

Peek on Tuesday followed up its teasers with the launch of the Peek Pronto, its second-generation messaging-only device. The hardware earns its name through an emphasis on speed and adds support for push e-mail that arrives almost as quickly as it's sent; this includes new Microsoft Exchange support for business users. The interface is also roughly 50 percent faster and now supports SMS text messaging, letting users talk directly to other cellphone users for the first time.


Peek offering five-packs for $150

03/17, 12:55pm

Peek bundle deal for $150

The latest limited-time offer to come from Peek is a bundle deal for business clients that includes five of the e-mail and texting devices for one lump sum of $150. The regular price for each device is nearly $50, so those who need five devices will save 40 percent on each. The same $20 monthly subscription fee applies to each of the five devices, however, and there is no contract that needs to be maintained for a set amount of time. The offer expires on April 3rd.


Peek offering 44-hour Inauguration Day special

01/20, 4:30pm

Peek Inauguration Day deal

After Friday's one-day deal, Peek is now offering a different limited-time offer on account of Barack Obama's swearing in as President of the United States. The Peek Inauguration Day Special has the device selling for $44.44 for 44 hours, obviously meant to reflect that President Obama is the 44th President. As another incentive, buyers whose addresses have 1600 in them are eligible to receive the Peek device free of charge.


Peek deal gives device, lifetime email for $300

01/16, 4:50pm

Peek $300 one-day deal

For one day only, Friday, January 16th, the maker of Peek device is offering the hardware along with a lifetime subscription that allows sending and receiving e-mails as well as text messages for nearly $300. Before this limited-time offer, the Peek cost just shy of $100 and a monthly subscription to the mobile data service that would allow users to receive and send e-mails that cost $20.


Peek email device now available for purchase

09/11, 4:45pm

Peek email device launches

The previously introduced Peek device has now officially gone on sale on Peek‘s web store. The device will not feature phone functionality, instead acting only as a device capable of receiving and sending unlimited emails via select services, including Gmail, Yahoo mail and AOL, among others via the GPRS data network. Onboard storage is 8MB, and there is no expansion options via memory card slots, which may restrict users who want to keep attachment-heavy emails.


Peek set to offer affordable email-only device

08/21, 4:25pm

Peek to offer email device

New York-based Peek will launch a mobile device that will act as a sort of modern-day pager with the ability to send and receive emails exclusively. Peek will partner with T-Mobile to provide the data service to deliver and send emails via Gmail, Yahoo mail, AOL and other popular email services. The email device will sport a full QWERTY keyboard, but not bring with it any other features users have come to expect from cell and smart phones, such as a web browser, digital camera, text messaging or music support.



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