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The Big Deal: Parallels Desktop 11 in the Premium Mac App Bundle

11/25, 8:18am

Upgrade or buy Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac and get extra apps

Every so often, MacNN finds a deal that is too big or important to go into our usual deal lists, and is deserving enough to be highlighted in its own Big Deals post. Today's highlight is the Premium Mac App Bundle from Parallels, which offers seven apps or premium services for free when customers buy or upgrade to Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac.


Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac ships with Windows 10 support

08/19, 6:59am

Cortana accessible from Mac desktop in latest Parallels release

Parallels has launched a new version of its virtualization software with support for Windows 10. Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac brings a number of speed improvements to the software among other features, including the previously-rumored ability to verbally access Cortana, Microsoft's own digital assistant included within Windows 10, from anywhere on the Mac desktop if Parallels is still running in the background.


Hands On: Parallels Access 3.0.0 (OS X, iOS)

08/12, 10:39am

Smooth, convenient and clever remote access app

There are several ways to remotely control the Mac back in your office or home but they all come down to whether they're easy enough and reliable enough to actually use. When they are then from your iPhone or iPad you can grab files you forgot to bring, you can run desktop apps and you can just switch the thing off from afar. Of all the ways to do it, Parallels Access 3.0 is the latest, it's currently our favorite and it's now the one with an Apple Watch app.


Parallels Access upgraded to version 3, with Apple Watch support

08/11, 3:48pm

New version allows for file manipulation, computer control remotely

Parallels, today introduced an update to its Parallels Access app for remote access to PCs and Macs. Launched on both iOS and Android platforms, Parallels has added large file sharing for both, with the ability to manage everything from the desktop agent. As part of this launch, Parallels is introducing a companion app for Apple Watch, providing users with the ability to see remote computers and initiate a connection from the wearable device.


Leak claims Parallels 11 will allow OS X users access to Cortana

07/27, 8:21pm

Feature will allegedly allow Cortana voice commands to be always on in Parallels

Users of Windows 10 on OS X may be able to use Microsoft's digital assistant, if they are using Parallels' Desktop for Mac. A leaked product page for version 11 of the virtualization software allegedly suggests that Cortana's voice commands will continue to be usable by Mac users running the Microsoft operating system on their desktop, even if Windows 10 is not the foremost application at that time.


Parallels brings OS X support to Microsoft SCCM PC mass-admin tool

07/14, 11:43am

Thousands of Macs can be managed from central software server

Parallels today unveiled Parallels Mac Management 4.0 for Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), which extends Microsoft SCCM functionality to manage and control Mac computers. The new version of Parallels Mac Management adds the capability for IT administrators to create OS X images which can be customized via Microsoft SCCM, or deploy a single OS X image to all users universally.


Parallels Desktop 10 launches with Yosemite support, speed boosts

08/20, 8:22am

Virtualization solution uses less RAM, speeds application launch

Parallels today launched Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac and Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac Enterprise Edition, its virtualization solution for Windows applications on Macs. New built-in intelligence and support for Apple's latest operating systems, including OS X Yosemite, is said by the company to improve ease-of-use for both business users and consumers. It also brings many of the announced features of Mac OS X Yosemite to Windows and Windows applications, supporting iCloud Drive, iMessages and SMS text sharing from Windows, and control of virtual machines from Spotlight preview and Finder QuickLook.


Parallels Desktop 9 failing to load under latest Yosemite preview

08/19, 10:50am

Workaround involves manually launching dispatcher service

Yesterday's Developer Preview 6 release of OS X Yosemite is breaking Parallels Desktop 9, users report. After DP6 is installed, Desktop 9 is simply refusing to run, exactly the type of issue beta testers routinely encounter. The problem appears to involve the dispatcher service failing to load, as a temporary solution involves forcing the service to start via a Terminal command. This again has been seen in various other apps not yet updated for the forthcoming Yosemite.


Briefly: Parallels' service alert, Keeper Secure File Storage for iOS

08/05, 2:50pm

Parallels notifies Desktop 8 for Mac users that software will not run on Yosemite public beta

Parallels has released a service notification for users of Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac. Users considering installing the OS X Yosemite public beta 10.10 will not be able to launch Windows applications, or directly use files through Parallels Desktop 8. Parallels Desktop allows for Windows applications to run on OS X without rebooting in systems up to and including 10.9 Mavericks. In order to avoid service disruption, Parallels encourages users to upgrade to version 9 of its software. Upgrading is available for $50, with Parallels Desktop 9 for new users priced at $80.


Parallels adds iPhone, Android support to Access, lowers cost

06/17, 8:29am

Remote access solution adds features, devices; reduces costs to entry

Virtualization solution company Parallels today introduced a major update to its Parallels Access app for remote access to PCs and Macs. Originally available only on iPad, this release adds support for Android phones and tablets and for the iPhone. It also delivers new features for an improved remote experience, and introduces Parallels Access for Business. Additionally, the company has lowered costs for the service for all users.


Parallels Access 1.1 gets full support for Mavericks, Windows 8.1

01/28, 8:54am

Switches to new per-user subscription model

Parallels has released a new version of Access, its remote access app for the iPad. The v1.1 update has been redesigned to match the look of iOS 7, but has also gained a variety of features, including full support for OS X Mavericks and Windows 7, 8, and 8.1. The update also includes easier access for people on restricted networks, since the app now just needs a single connection on port 443.


Parallels increases enterprise range with Parallels Business Solutions

11/05, 7:18am

Collection of Parallels tools to help manage virtual machines in enterprise

Virtualization solutions provider Parallels has introduced a new suite of tools and updates for mixed Mac and Windows environments, aimed at enterprise. Parallels Business Solutions rolls together the Parallels Management Suite, Parallels Desktop for Mac Enterprise Edition, and the Parallels Access iPad app, with the entire collection meant to help IT managers use the existing Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) infrastructure to manage both Macs and virtual machines.


Parallels sets Sept. 5th release date for Desktop 9 for Mac

08/29, 11:32am

Will support Mavericks, Windows 8.1

Following up on an earlier announcement, Parallels has revealed more details of Desktop 9 for the Mac. The virtualization software will ship September 5th, and support not only OS X Mavericks but Windows 8.1. Parallels is promising substantial performance boosts, including a 40 percent jump in disk performance, and a 25 percent increase in virtual machine startup and shutdown speeds. VM suspension times should be 20 percent shorter; web browsing and 3D graphics, meanwhile, should each run 15 percent faster.


Parallels launches Parallels Access remote desktop for iPad

08/27, 10:05pm

Solution bypasses normal desktop metaphor with app launcher

Virtualization solutions provider Parallels today introduced Parallels Access for iPad, a product that the company claims "applifies" Windows and Mac applications on the iPad, letting customers remotely access and experience them as if they were made for the iPad. The remote access solution tailors the user experience based on available bandwidth, and brings iOS conventions to desktop applications on the iPad.


Parallels Desktop 9 due in September, featuring Mavericks support

08/19, 10:35am

Will also improve Coherence View, add copy/paste for OS X machines

Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac will ship the first week of September, Parallels has announced. One of the primary features will be optimization for OS X Mavericks, which has yet to be released, but has been in beta for some time and may be launched as soon as next month. At the moment, Desktop 9 is itself in beta testing.


Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac updates with early OS X Mavericks support

06/19, 2:58pm

Compatibility described as 'experimental'

Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac has been updated with support for the OS X Mavericks beta. The new Desktop build, 8.0.18494, lets users run Mavericks virtualized within another copy of OS X. Parallels classifies its Mavericks support as "experimental" however, and notes that since the OS is still unreleased, people must be registered Apple developers to make use of the feature.


Microsoft gives out Windows 8, Parallels Desktop to developers [u]

04/02, 12:49pm

Effort meant to bolster Internet Explorer 10 support

(Updated with sell-out status) Microsoft is offering Mac developers a special QuickStart kit that includes copies of Windows 8 Pro and Parallels Desktop 8, according to an official blog post by Sandeep Singhal, the company's group program manager for Internet Explorer. The kit comes on a USB stick, and is heavily discounted, requiring only a $25 donation to a charity of the developer's choice. Singhal says that a "limited supply" of the kit is available.


Parallels 8 gains Windows 8 gestures, better USB 3.0

11/08, 2:35pm

Virtual machine limits loosened

Parallels has released an important update for Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac, its virtualization software. The code notably supports tablet gestures in Windows 8, and adds a tile to the Windows 8 interface, letting people access shared Mac apps. It also provides full and faster USB 3.0 support, and easier settings for Retina displays.


Parallels: don't upgrade virtual machines to Windows 8

10/24, 11:05pm

Clean installs of the new Microsoft OS should work fine

Virtualization solutions provider Parallels has issued a "critical and urgent Windows 8 service advisory" recommending that users not perform an upgrade to Windows 8 form an existing Windows install. Potential side effects of a botched upgrade include damage to the virtual machine and data loss.


Review: Parallels Desktop 8 virtualization for Mac

09/08, 12:48am

Best of Mountain Lion, Windows 8

Parallels has quickly updated its popular Desktop virtualization software for Mac, bringing support for the latest software and hardware: OS X Mountain Lion, Windows 8 and Retina display-equipped MacBook Pros. In our full review, we take a closer look at Parallels' latest attempt to provide a common experience across the competing platforms.


Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac now shipping

08/30, 7:38am

Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac brings speed boosts, better integration

Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac has had its launch pushed forward and is available now. A virtual Windows machine for Apple’s Macintosh range of computers, the latest iteration of the software has been upgraded to support Mountain Lion as well as Windows 8. In addition to performance boosts, it also supports Macs equipped with Retina displays and will reproduce Windows apps at a Retina resolution.


Former Apple VP Bertrand Serlet joins Parallels board

07/17, 3:25am

PARC, NeXT veteran helped create OS X

Apple's former Senior VP of Mac OS Software Bertrand Serlet has joined the board of directors at Parallels, the virtualization software company in a non-executive role. Serlet, who did stints involving both science and programming at Xerox PARC as well as Steve Jobs' former company NeXT, left Apple last year to focus "less on products and more on science." His role at Parallels will be to help supply additional vision and direction for both its flagship product and its server-management tools.


Parallels Desktop, Parallels Mobile update for Retina tech

07/11, 3:06pm

Should allow full resolutions in remote clients

Virtualization specialist Parallels has released two new software updates, covering Desktop 7 for the Mac, and Parallels Mobile for iOS. Both patches add support for Retina displays; the MacBook Pro in the case of the Mac, and the third-generation iPad with iOS. Parallels comments that the upgrades should help with viewing higher-resolution Windows software.


MacUpdate summer bundle offers $456 in software for $50

06/12, 2:41am

Includes Parallels Desktop 7, Civ V, ScreenFlow 3, and more

The latest MacUpdate bundle is underway. Until June 20, Macintosh users can purchase the regular retail versions of 11 applications and games worth $456.80 for the regular bundle price of $50. The bundle includes two applications normally priced higher than the bundle itself -- virtualization solution Parallels Desktop 7 with a normal retail price of $80, and screen recording tool ScreenFlow 3 normally priced at $99.


Parallels Mobile gets iOS 5, third-gen iPad support

05/02, 1:45pm

Also adds improved logins, international keyboard support

Parallels has released a new version of Parallels Mobile, the iOS companion app to Parallels Desktop. The v3.1.530 update makes several important changes, first of all making the app "fully compatible" with iOS 5, and also optimized for the Retina display on the third-generation iPad. The full effect requires a Mac and/or virtual machine to be running at a resolution over 1024x768.


Parallels Desktop 7 updates with Linux, 3D, control tweaks

04/09, 4:25pm

Supports latest Ubuntu beta

Parallels has released a minor update of Desktop 7 for Mac, its flagship virtualization software. The patch introduces "experimental" support for the final beta of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, a Linux variant due to be launched on April 26th. Another new Linux-related feature is the ability to download and install Fedora 16 without leaving the Parallels Wizard.


Briefly: Parallels Desktop 7, Trine 2 promotions

03/30, 2:05pm

Trine 2 update adds new mode

Parallels is currently running a special promotion for its Parallels Desktop 7 software for the Mac. The virtualization software will be offered at the discounted price of $60 until March 31, providing customers with a total savings of 25 percent. Parallels Desktop 7 allows users to run Windows applications within a virtual environment on a Mac, and a recent update added experimental support for the Windows 8 Consumer Preview and OS X Mountain Lion Developer Preview. In addition, anyone who shares the deal with friends on Twitter will instantly be entered into an iPad 2 giveaway.


Cyber Monday software deals

11/28, 3:25am

Discounts on software for Cyber Monday

Great discounts on software titles are currently available for Cyber Monday from a range of online retailers. has slashed prices on software titles like Adobe CS5.5 production premium for Mac - student and teacher edition, which has been cut from $1699 down to $416.99, a $50 mail-in-rebate drops the price further to $366.99 with FREE shipping. Save 67% on Kaspersky PURE total security good for use on up to 3 PCs, now $28.99.


Parallels Desktop 7 updates with early Windows 8 support

10/05, 4:30pm

Compatibility described as 'experimental'

Parallel has released a new version of Desktop 7 for Mac, v7.0.14924. The update's main addition is "experimental" support for the Windows 8 Developer Preview, giving people a chance to test the platform inside a virtual machine. Windows 8 is scheduled to ship sometime in 2012.


New Parallels updates implement Lion compatibility

07/20, 2:05pm

Desktop 4, 5 left behind

New releases of Parallels Desktop and Server have been made compatible with OS X Lion, the company says. The virtualization software lets users run Windows programs on a Mac, whether for personal use or in a corporate or other institutional environment. To run Parallels tools on Lion, people must be using new builds of Desktop 6 for Mac or Server for Mac 4.0. The latter includes the special Mac mini Edition.


Parallels Enterprise Edition launches with corporate tools

07/12, 1:00am

Service supports compliance, mass deployment, more

Parallels Desktop 6 is being released in an Enterprise Edition for businesses to better manage Windows applications on client Macs. The new annual subscription license supports corporate policy compliance and simplified mass deployments. The Enterprise Edition has a business GUI that manages compliance, corporate change management policies, and software update policies and offers a local update server. It eliminates the need for individual user registrations and adds a Request Support menu item, directing users to internal help desk personnel.


Parallels rolls out iOS app to complement Desktop 6

09/14, 4:30pm

Supports iPad, iPhone, iPod touch

In tandem with today's launch of Desktop 6 for Mac, Parellels has released an updated Parallels Mobile app. Compatible with the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, the title lets users tap into Windows programs running on a remote Mac equipped with Desktop 6. Wi-Fi and 3G connections are supported, and users can start, stop and reset virtual machines.


Parallels confirms Desktop 6 for Mac on Sept. 14th

09/09, 1:30pm

App goes 64-bit, improves graphics performance

Parallels has validated earlier leaks and formally announced Desktop 6 for Mac, which will officially go on sale September 14th. The developer claims over 80 new features and enhancements in the virtualization software. The focus is on improved speed however, mainly by way of a switch to a completely 64-bit engine. Windows apps should on average run about 41 percent faster, Parallels says.


Parallels Desktop 6 shows up on shelves

09/06, 9:30am

Media asked to pull early details

The next version Parallels' Mac virtualization software, Desktop 6, is already appearing on store shelves, a report notes. A photo is claimed to show two editions at a Fry's Electronics in Roseville, California. One is a standard version, while the other is a special "Switch to Mac" edition designed to make it easier to migrate from a Windows PC.


Fourth Mac OS X 10.6.5 beta adds Parallels to known issues

09/02, 4:20pm

Apple stays on weekly release track

Apple is seeding a fourth developer build of Mac OS X 10.6.5, 10H535. Developers are being asked to concentrate testing on the same areas as before, including Mail, iCal, QuickTime, Time Machine, 3D rendering and USB devices. The known issue from the last build is still present, and has in fact been expanded to include Parallels as a culprit, alongside VMware. Having either of the virtualization platforms installed may prevent USB devices from working when a Mac comes out of sleep.


VMware releases Fusion 3.1 with 5X graphics boost

05/25, 8:00pm

Update supports OpenGL 2.1, 2TB virtual drives

VMware is set to release Fusion 3.1 following several months of availability as a public beta. The virtualization software is claimed to offer speed improvements, averaging 35 percent, across a range of different operations including application launching, scrolling, resuming after suspension, and disk reading or writing.


MacUpdate Bundle: Parallels 5, Bee Docs Timeline 3D, more

03/17, 2:15pm

Software bundle offers$400 in software for $50

MacUpdate has launched its Spring Software Bundle, headlined by Parallels Desktop 5. The $50 bundle would normally sell for almost $400. It includes 10 applications, with an eleventh available for the first 10,000 purchasers -- they are currently approaching 3800 bundles in day one of the sale. Parallels Desktop 5 ($80) runs virtualizations of Windows and Linux on the Mac.


Parallels Desktop adds Chrome OS support

03/10, 4:05pm

Also boosts Mac OS X Server performance

Parallels has released a new version of Parallels Desktop 5 for the Mac, build 9344. The program is able to run several operating systems virtualized within Mac OS X. The latest build is the first support Google's Chrome OS, which is primarily based on web technologies.


Parallels adds "bare metal" edition to Xserve virtualization

02/24, 11:15pm

Parallels Server for Mac brings new features

Parallels on Wednesday introduced Server for Mac Bare Metal Edition, a new virtualization utility for Apple's Xserve. The software builds upon Parallels Server for Mac, initially launched in 2008, but with a new architecture that is claimed to provide the first "bare metal" hypervisor for Intel-based servers. The updated utility is said to offer improved performance, while allowing systems to be migrated without going completely offline.


Adobe, Intuit, Parallels, VMware apps in Black Friday deals

11/27, 11:55am

CS4 sees major student cuts

Major programs from Adobe, Intuit and Parallels have also become a part of special Black Friday software deals. Amazon is selling Adobe's CS4 Design Standard Student Edition for $296, the CS4 Web Premium Student Edition for $350, and the CS4 Design Premium Student Edition for $404. The discounts are extremely high, between 78 and 79 percent lower than list price.


Parallels 5: Faster, more Mac-like

11/04, 3:00am

Crystal mode makes Windows disappear, 300 percent

The Parallels 5 launch marks the latest salvo in the ongoing battle for those who run Windows on their Macs. The virtualization software has been updated with significant interface and speed improvements aimed at keeping the company's market share lead over the recently updated VMware Fusion. The new software adds substantial interface improvements, allowing users to choose how much, or how little, they want to see of the Windows interface. Parallels 5 is faster, while graphics performance has been substantially increased.


Kerio brings MailServer to Parallels

06/17, 4:30pm

MailServer for Parallels

Kerio says it is bringing MailServer to hardware running Parallels' Mac virtualization software. With MailServer Virtual Appliance, Kerio uses a preconfigured version of CentOS 5.3 Linux as the core operating system, packaged specifically for Parallels. The software can run on any Intel-powered Apple system, including the Xserve and Mac Pro, as long as they are also utilizing Mac OS X Leopard Server.


Briefly: Caleido, LaCie merge; Parallels Summit, more

03/19, 7:30pm

Troubleshooting Mac OS X

In brief: LaCie has formed a strategic partnership with an online storage provider, while The X Lab has announced a new troubleshooting book and Parallels has opened preregistration to next year's summit. Caleido AG, creators of the online storage solution Wuala have announced that it has merged with LaCie, a manufacturer of external storage devices. Dominik Grolimund, co-founder and CEO of Caledio AG is excited about the new partnership and believes that together the two companies will be able to "build a reliable and secure cloud storage by integrating millions of devices around the world." LaCie believes the collaboration will allow the company to transform into a comprehensive digital storage provider. Philippe Spruch, LaCie's CEO, is looking forward to providing customers with new storage methods.


Benchmark tests compare VMware Fusion, Parallels

03/05, 12:20pm

VMware Fusion vs Parallels

MacTech has released a benchmark study of virtual machines on the Mac, comparing Parallels Desktop with VMware Fusion 2.0.1. The tests were run on four different systems including the white MacBook, unibody MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac Pro. The white MacBook was equipped with 2GB of RAM with a 2.1GHz Core 2 Duo processor, while the unibody Pro contained 4GB of RAM and a 2.53GHz chip. The iMac ran at 2.66GHz with 2GB of RAM, while the Mac Pro utilized 4GB of RAM and an eight-core 2.8GHz CPU. Over 2,500 tests were completed with Windows XP and Vista virtualizations, gauging factors like file and network IQ, footprint, application launch and 3D and HD graphics.


Parallels ships update, refuses price war w/VMWare

01/08, 6:20am

Parallels raises the bar

The way Serguei Beloussov sees it, a lower price isn't the key to winning over Mac users with its Parallels Desktop virtual machine software. In an interview with MacNN, the CEO said he's now taking a cue from Apple, positioning Parallels as a premium product with improved quality and service. What he says he won't do, is get in a price war with close competitor VMWare Fusion.


Parallels Desktop 4.0 boosts speed, graphics support

11/11, 12:25pm

Parallels Desktop 4.0 out

Parallels has officially released Parallels Desktop 4.0, the latest edition of its virtualization software for the Mac. The program lets users run operating systems such as Windows and Linux within Mac OS X, eliminating the need to dual-boot. The fourth edition is said to improve integration with operating systems, in particular Windows, as it now supports graphics technologies such as DirectX 9, Pixel Shader 2.0 and OpenGL 2.0; these are de facto in many modern Windows games.


DisplayLink goes final, enables USB monitors

10/17, 12:10pm

DisplayLink Mac driver

DisplayLink says it has released the completed Mac OS X driver for its display technology. Monitors and projectors that support DisplayLink are able to receive input from a computer's wired or wireless USB ports; up to four displays are supported simultaneously, and some manufacturers of compatible products include LG, Samsung and ASUS. The technology is also present in various docks and adapters.


Apple enterprise share nearly quadruples

08/26, 4:30pm

Apple enterprise share

Apple has managed to almost quadruple its share of the corporate OS market within a short space of time, says Ben Gray of Forrester Research. The analyst notes that while in January 2007, just 1.2 percent of operating systems recorded in an online client survey were Mac OS X, current figures suggest an adoption rate of 4.5 percent. The figure is more remarkable, says Gray, because Apple does not generally market to the enterprise world and offers little software for it.


DealNN: MacBook, iPod touch, Apple TV

08/19, 5:55pm

DealNN deals MacBook

DealNN roundup: Currently DealNN is featuring a wide selection of great deals on Apple products. Get $75 off a MacBook plus get FREE Parallels Desktop 3.0, and a FREE Epson Stylus printer all for $1,018.99 at Apple lanyard headphones for the first generation iPod nano have been reduced to $25 from $54 at


DealNN: iPod video, MoGo, Parallels

08/12, 3:10pm

DealNN iPod video

DealNN deals for today include the 5th generation refurbished 30GB iPod video for $149 from and the MoGo Bluetooth USB adapter for $10. TechOnWeb is offering the Mac compatible Kingston 2GB DDR2 SDRAM memory module for $54.99. Parallels Desktop 3.0 is only $66 at and the HP Photosmart all-in-one printer is available at for $70.



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