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HP and Palm recruiting actors for Broadway, Manta and Topaz

12/29, 12:20pm

HP actor call hints Palm Broadway, Manta and Topaz

HP and Palm confirmed in a newly found casting call that at least three previously leaked webOS devices are getting close to launch. Actors who sign up for the role are told they would be starring in web videos for the Broadway and Manta smartphones as well as the Topaz tablet. The Pre Central-intercepted recruiting attempt didn't say what would happen in the ad other than that it would involve under-35 "hip" and "stylish" people.


Rumor: HP to put out Topaz tablets at CES, one with WiMAX

12/21, 3:00pm

HP claimed unveilng three PalmPad tablets at CES

A new rumor Tuesday afternoon has claimed that HP will bring its Topaz webOS tablet out in large fashion at CES 2011. Referring to it as the PalmPad, Fox claimed three models will be on show, each of which will have minor differences. One would focus on the home and would have both a mini HDMI output for video as well as built-in WiMAX for using Sprint's 4G network.


Palm tablet nicknamed Topaz, Bluetooth keyboard leaks

12/17, 4:15pm

Palm Topaz tablet leaks out through keyboard

HP's and Palm's webOS tablet was given some of its first more tangible details through a leak of an accessory. Internally, the slate is now codenamed the Topaz and will have a companion Bluetooth keyboard. Details unearthed by Engadget suggested it would take cues from Apple's Wireless Keyboard with a numberpad-free, chiclet layout but also with special function keys that work both for a mobile OS and the desktop, in this case webOS and Windows.


TI's dual-core 1.5GHz OMAP 4440 promises 1080p 3D for phones

12/08, 11:25am

TI unveils dual-core OMAP 4440 for phones, tablets

TI teased a major performance boost for smartphones and tablets today by unveiling the OMAP 4440. The design uses a dual-core, up to 1.5GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor at its heart, already representing a leap, but also adding two Cortex-M3 cores to shoulder tasks that need to be handled in real-time. It marks a 50 percent overall speed boost over current chips and is fast to enable 3D video, even in 1080p, and 3D photos from two 12-megapixel cameras.


Hack exposes webOS 2's on-screen keyboard, gets video demo

12/06, 4:15pm

WebOS 2 trick shows Palm's on-screen keyboard

The touchscreen keyboard hidden in webOS 2.0 has been successfully exposed through a relatively easy hack late Sunday. A flag change in the HP and Palm code makes the input an option and brings up the keyboard with the same upward gesture that would previously have brought up the "wave" of app shortcuts. A webOS Internals check found that the release is still buggy and, among other flaws, tends to crash when in landscape mode.


Forecast expects 1m Nook Colors in 2010, 7m PalmPads in 2011

12/02, 11:05pm

Industry sources place bets on Inventec orders

Taiwan-based electronics maker Inventec is expected to be tasked with building one million Nook Color e-book readers for Barnes & Noble before the end of the year, industry sources have told DigiTimes. The manufacturer is also said to be preparing for an order of 6-7 million webOS-based tablets from HP.


Rumor has Palm Mansion carrying five-inch screen in winter

11/19, 3:25pm

Palm Mansion may have five-inch screen

Palm's rumored Mansion may be a smartphone and tablet hybrid much like the Dell Streak if a rumor is accurate. An unnamed tip puts a webOS device with a slightly over five-inch screen launching three months from now, or February and possibly March. The connection to the Mansion made by GoRumors isn't definite but is backed by the screen size, which would be too large for a phone with a hardware keyboard.


Palm CEO says its smartphone lead a wasted 'birthright'

11/16, 6:20pm

Palm's Rubinstein explains loss of phone edge

Palm leader and now HP executive Jon Rubinstein today told those at the Web 2.0 Summit that his company should have led the smartphone market. The company was one of the very earliest in the category, having established PDAs with the Palm Pilot and getting into smartphones early with the Treo, but squandered its lead and let others catch up. He likened his position from 2007 to the situation Steve Jobs faced at Apple in 1996 and 1997, when the goal was primarily to fix years of mistakes.


Apple iPad has 95.5 percent of tablet market

11/02, 8:45am

Strategy Analytics gives iPad 95pc of tablet share

The iPad has almost all of the entire world market share for tablets, according to a new study from Strategy Analytics. Apple accounted for 95.5 percent of the 4.4 million tablets sold in the summer. Android in spite of high publicity marked just 2.3 percent, while Windows and other platforms made up the rest.


New D mobile event gets Palm's Rubinstein, omits Apple

11/01, 12:10pm

D Mobile conference has all but Apple execs

D Conference creators AllThingsD today unveiled a new conference specifically tailored to mobile with both conspicuous additions and omissions, including Apple. The D: Dive Into Mobile event will be held in San Francisco on December 6 and 7 and will include a relatively rare appearance by Palm chief Jon Rubinstein, who has been mostly silent since a takeover by HP. Other highlights should include RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis, Microsoft Windows Phone lead Joe Belfiore. Both Google's Android and ad VPs, Andy Rubin and Susan Wojcicki, should be present.


Microsoft: not seeing a shift to tablets despite iPad

10/28, 6:10pm

Microsoft denies iPad effect in results call

Microsoft during the call discussing its latest fiscal results claimed that the iPad wasn't having an effect on computer sales. Investor relations GM Bill Koefoed dodged around mentioning Apple by name but said Microsoft had "not seen a shift" from notebooks towards tablets. He didn't say how Microsoft could prove this but saw overall PC sales up between nine and 11 percent in the summer, with work PCs up about 15 percent.


HP executive references "PalmPad" webOS tablet

09/28, 10:45pm

Tablet still set for 2011 introduction

HP executive Todd Bradley has made the first official reference to a name for the upcoming webOS tablet. The Personal Systems Group executive VP, speaking during an analyst meeting, claimed HP will push its product range beyond smartphones, with the introduction of a "webOS-powered PalmPad" set for release early in 2011.


HP webOS tablet moved to early 2011

08/10, 3:15pm

HP puts PalmPad tablet in queue for next year

HP has narrowed down the timeframe for its PalmPad tablet, multiple tips claimed today. Personal Systems Group VP Todd Bradley reportedly held an all-staff meeting on Monday that put the webOS slate in the first quarter of 2011, or no later than March. The "trusted" contacts for Engadget also corroborated reports that its internal codename is Hurricane, though it's likely to change to PalmPad or another name by launch.


iPad would put Apple into top five PC builders worldwide

07/28, 8:00am

Analysts say iPad helps Apple's real PC share

Apple is effectively already in the top five computer builders worldwide through the iPad, analysts argued today. Making the contentious claim that the tablet is equivalent to a netbook, Canalys said Apple's 3.27 million iPads were enough to give it six percent of the portable computer market by itself. Adding Macs would put Apple in the same company as ASUS, Lenovo and Toshiba for market share.



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