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Sony registers PSVita, Playstation Vita with EU

06/06, 10:40am

May be official name for next-gen PSP

More evidence has emerged that indicates Sony may have settled on an official name for its next-generation handheld console. The company has filed for trademark protection for the PSVita logo as well as the names PSVita and Playstation Vita with the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market, the agency that oversees trademarks for the European Union. Sony had promised that the new handheld would be available before the end of the year.


Sony NGP (PSP2) official: 5-inch OLED and 3G rival the iPod

01/27, 3:30am

Sony unveils NGP to take on iPod touch

Sony at its special event on Thursday leapt back into mobile gaming with the Next Generation Portable. The soon-to-come PSP2 promises a PS3-level experience with a much faster, quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor and a multi-core PowerVR SGX543MP4 graphics chip four times faster than seen before. It centers on a massive five-inch, 960x544 OLED screen that promises a much larger experience than on a smartphone.


Real-time: Sony's PSP2 event [ended]

01/27, 2:05am

We cover Sony's PlayStation Meeting 2011 event

Sony held a PlayStation Meeting 2011 event at 1AM Eastern that brought details of the NGP, commonly known as the PSP2. It represents a leap in performance and brings in touchscreen and 3G technology to challenge the iPod touch for mobile gaming. Please visit our live coverage page where we provided updates from the Tokyo event as it happened.


PSP2 may pack 3G connection, AMOLED screen

01/23, 4:20pm

Sony PSP2 may have always-on 3G and AMOLED screen

Rumors of a claimed to have details. The Nikkei believed from sources that Sony's new handheld would have a data-only 3G connection and thus an always-on way to play multiplayer games or access the PlayStation Store. The connection would be supplied by NTT DoCoMo in Japan and presumably other carriers in key areas.


Leak backs PSP2 showing January 27 to take on Apple

01/19, 9:35am

PSP2 January 27, Xperia Play February events OKed

Swirling rumors of a PSP2 unveil on January 27 were supported on Tuesday with a corroborating story. Sony's console should be revealed that day and will be quickly followed by the Xperia Play in February, likely at Mobile World Congress. The Bloomberg source hinted that the two might be linked through a platform that would not only share music and movies through services like Qriocity but also games, although it wasn't stated that the PSP2 and Xperia Play would have the same game support.


Rumor reiterates claim PSP2 as fast as PS3

01/13, 10:20am

PSP2 to be as fast as a PS3 console, says Sony

A new report from MCVUK maintains Sony has told licensees the upcoming PSP2 is "as powerful as the PlayStation3." The statement is significant, as the home gaming consoles sports seven SPE processors running at 3.2GHz and 256MB of main RAM and 256MB of VRAM. It does line up with an earlier report, however, that pegged the hardware of the portable console at 1GB of RAM and claimed performance would match that of the Xbox 360 from Microsoft.


Hirai: PSP2 to mix touch and buttons, benefit from Apple

12/23, 12:05am

Sony's Kaz Hirai hints at PSP2 touch features

Sony Computer Entertainment head Kaz Hirai in a discussion posted Wednesday evening confirmed that the PSP2 would have a touchscreen. The future gaming system, which had been in development virtually since the original was launched in 2004, would have a mixture of both buttons and touch. He wouldn't be drawn into specifics by the New York Times but portrayed it as a best-of-both-worlds scenario where games could follow either an iPhone-style model, a conventional PSP game, or elements of the two.


Early PSP2 prototype allegedly surfaces with front camera

11/17, 4:05pm

PSP2 first-run prototype appears

A purported leak today has shown what's described as an early prototype of the PSP2. The design, which is believed to have since changed, superficially resembles the PSP Go but with many extra features. Among the details spotted by the VG247 source are front and back cameras, dual analog sticks and a rumored backside trackpad.


Sony allegedly shows off PSP2 to limited few

10/25, 10:40am

Sony PSP2 to get larger screen, due next fall?

Sony had a private meeting at its Tokyo office close to the Tokyo Game Show where it showed off the upcoming PSP2portable gaming console. Also, sources say that the rear touch controls like those on the Motorola Backflip are present, backing earlier rumors. Sony did not describe how the trackpad will work, with developers in charge of implementing it in their games.



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