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App Update: ScreenFlow, Runaway, Mailplane, more

06/19, 3:29pm

App Update for June 19

App development has taken off in the last few years, making it increasingly difficult to stay on top of all the latest versions. To help all of you out, we here at MacNN are dedicated to sorting through new update releases, and highlighting some of the important ones here, in the relaunch of our App Update column. Today, we look at revisions to ScreenFlow, Runaway, Mailplane, Typeeto, PDF Checkpoint, and Dark Sky.


Pointers: Sign your PDFs in Preview

05/25, 8:25am

The last reason you need to print anything out just ended

It is wrong, just wrong that someone can send you a PDF and expect you to print it out, sign it, take it to your local post office and physically send them the piece of paper back. It's wrong, and it's also easy for them: one button and their job is done. Shock them by sending that PDF right back with your signature on.


Hands On: PDF Max 4 Pro v4.1.2 (iOS)

04/09, 11:14am

Sign, annotate, read PDFs with this streamlined app

PDFs are wonderfully convenient ways to read eBooks, fill out forms, or just provide users with a high-resolution, easy-to-read format. Apple's iBooks allows users to read PDFs on their iPhone and iPads, but sometimes we feel like it's missing a few key features, like the ability to annotate the PDF you're reading. That's where apps like PDF Max 4 Pro come in, which allow you to do more with all those PDFs you've been stockpiling.


Hands On: Adobe Acrobat DC (OS X, iOS)

04/08, 7:28am

The behemoth of PDF applications becomes more behomothy

Adobe Acrobat has long been the official PDF reader for Mac and it's just about as long since you ever needed it because you're on a Mac. You have Preview. If you want to do more than Preview offers then you have excellent tools like PDFpen. Nonetheless, Acrobat was the app made by Adode, the creator of PDF, and it was powerful. Now it's more powerful: it isn't just a single app anymore, Adobe Acrobat DC is more like a front door to an entire service that sees you using PDFs across Macs, iOS and more via a new service called Adobe Document Cloud.


Pointers: Edit PDFs with PDFpen (OS X, iOS)

03/20, 7:46am

One feature worth buying the whole app for

It remains true that the Preview app you get in OS X is an excellent PDF reader and that you can do a lot with it. However, to do more, you need tools and we keep recommending PDFpen from Smile Software. Maybe this tells you a lot about the things we like doing with PDFs but if there were one feature that sold PDFpen to us, it was this: the ability to change text. If you know you can do this then you know it's useful but if you don't then you may not have quite got this yet: when someone sends you a document in PDF specifically so that you can only read it, you can edit it anyway. Use your new powers only for good.


Pointers: Combine PDFs in Preview (OS X)

03/16, 9:08am

Get more from Apple's underrated Preview app

Preview is one of the reasons that life is better on a Mac than on a PC. There are many reasons but Preview is right up there as is the way that OS X works with PDFs. It does this so smoothly that you don't appreciate it until you go to a PC and cannot believe for the life of you that it can be this tough or that you have to install extra software just to save a PDF. Yet, even as we hurry back to our Macs, we still don't appreciate OS X quite enough. For as well as creating and viewing PDFs, OS X lets you manipulate them – and it does so all in Preview. Here's how to combine two PDFs into one. That's a useful thing all by itself, but along the way you'll see how to add and remove pages, you'll see how to rearrange them too.


Hands On: Air PDF (iOS)

03/12, 11:06am

Easily convert webpages to PDF to read later with this PDF converter tool

PDF creation apps have been exploding onto the App Store for quite some time, so we're pretty used to them by now. We've had some that we've loved, and some that we've loved a little less, than others. We've found that we tend to think higher of the ones that offer more features that are closely related to their desktop counterparts, though we've been pleasantly surprised by many of these pared-down programs. Today, we sat down with Air PDF, by the same creators of Power DOS, to check out how this one stacks up to the others.


Hands On: TurboScan (iOS)

02/16, 1:52pm

TurboScan turns your iPhone into a high quality portable scanner

Not every household these days has a scanner, and you're quite a bit less likely to run into a person who keeps a scanner with them at all times. This is the main motivation for the recent surge in "scanning" apps in the App Store, or photography-based apps that convert images into PDFs or high-resolution JPGs. We sat down with TurboScan by Piksoft, to see how it stacks up against other similar apps.


Hands On: PDFpen and PDFpenPro 7 (OS X, iOS)

01/27, 11:15pm

You'll want to use PDFs more when you've got one of these

Right, here's the thing: by the time we're done here, you really must own PDFpen for Mac. It's just a question of which version -- and it's a more complicated question than it might be. For while there's now a new version 7 and it introduces some excellent features, it introduces them in two editions -- PDFpen and PDFpen Pro -- yet its very best abilities are already right there in version 6. Plus, there is the iPad version which we've already said we rate very highly.


Hands On: PDF to ePub Converter (OS X)

01/04, 2:46pm

Prepare Kindle and iBooks versions of your PDF documents

Lets just cut through it -- if you need to convert PDF documents into the ePub format that iBooks or the Kindle app for iPad and Mac use, then the eponymously-named PDF to ePub Converter does the job. It's quick, and it's easy to use, plus it has options for setting different colors for the text and page background. It's biggest problem is that there aren't many situations when most people would need to use any converter at all: iBooks and Kindle both open and display PDF files natively.


Hands On: PDFpen 2 for iPad (iOS)

12/23, 11:00am

Edit PDFs as well as read them in this updated essential

Here's a true story about what PDFpen 2 does. A Windows-based firm produced a year-end report that was about 80 pages and most importantly took many, many hours to create. It was all highly complex, auto-generated figures -- and one huge spelling mistake. They didn't see the mistake until the final PDF was about to be sent out to clients. Fixing it meant re-running the whole process, re-calculating everything: it meant not sending the report until tomorrow. Luckily, one guy in the firm had PDFpen on his iPad. He opened that PDF, typed in the correct spelling, sent the PDF on its way. Total time: five minutes -- and three of those had been spent on panicking.


Mozilla Firefox 19 includes built-in PDF support, bug fixes

02/19, 4:46am

Downloads made available earlier than official launch

Mozilla has made Firefox 19 available for download, ahead of a launch scheduled for later today. The new version of the browser, available through Mozilla's FTP server, introduces built-in PDF support through its own PDF.js JavaScript engine, instead of relying on a plug-in from Adobe, as well as other performance and bug fixes.


Adobe updates Android, iOS Reader, adds cloud storage

10/16, 1:36am

Version for iOS adds comment, form printing, more

Adobe is just waiting on Apple's review process before releasing a new version of its Adobe (Acrobat) Reader app for iOS, and while waiting has also updated its Android version to add features that will match the iOS version. Reader, which was last updated for iOS in July, allows users to view and work with PDF documents, including adding text and filling out forms. Among the improvements in the new version are cloud storage, improved forms interactivity, support for FormsCentral PDFs and more.


Adobe adds cloud services, Office exporting to Acrobat XI

10/02, 10:01am

Connects to FormsCentral, EchoSign services

Adobe has announced Acrobat XI, a cloud service-enabled version of its PDF creating and editing software. Acrobat XI can now merge content from multiple documents into one PDF file while retaining source file integrity, and adds the ability to export documents to Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, and Excel among other features.


Smile brings PDFpen to iPad, Mac version gets iCloud support

01/25, 6:00pm

Available as $1 companion for direct upgraders

Mac app developer Smile has introduced a version of its business-oriented PDF editor PDFpen to the iPad, allowing users to add text, images and signatures to PDFs, fill out forms and perform many other editing, annotation and management functions with PDF documents, will full iCloud support to allow seamless transfer between iOS and Mac OS X machines. The company also release a new version of PDFpen for Mac for both Mac App Store and direct-update customers.


Apple updates Safari to v5.1.2 for Mac, Windows

11/29, 7:30pm

Allows PDFs to be displayed within web content

Apple has released Safari 5.1.2, a bugfix release that contains several improvements, including addressing issues that can cause some webpages to flash white and other issues that would cause hangs and memory leaks. The new version improves stability and allows PDFs to be displayed within web content. The update is available for Lion (10.7.2), Snow Leopard (10.6.8) and Windows XP SP2 or later.


Briefly: PDFpen update released, Free OS X Lion webcast

10/25, 10:15am

Mac OS X Lion: Pogue's Take

Smile Software has released an updated version of its PDF editing tool, PDFpen. Version 5.6 allows users to set the name used with notes and comments, and adds support for anonymous notes and comments. The update also features a new preference that allows documents to be displayed at their physical size. Additionally, numerous bugs and crashes have been resolved. PDFpen 5.6 and PDFpen Pro 5.6 can be purchased online for $60 and $100 respectively.


Mendeley Desktop research collaboration tool reaches 1.0

07/28, 9:45pm

Research network and library coordination app

Mendeley, a collaborative social network for researchers combined with a cloud-based document management and storage application, has hit several milestones lately: over 1 million individual users, over 100 million research papers in its database, and the release of Mendeley Desktop 1.0 for all three major platforms. The app works as a PDF document management tool and offers levels of public and private collaborative sharing.


Wolfram starts up CDF format for 'live' documents

07/21, 2:45pm

New format could challenge PDF format

Wolfram has launched Computable Document Format (CDF), a new document format that the company hopes will become a standard for embedding interactive content within a document. The company hopes to line up publishers and other organizations seeking to "bring documents to life." Wolfram still has not ironed out the business model behind CDF.


Qoppa updates PDF Studio to 6.6, adds tool chest

03/08, 2:15am

Custom stamps, group annotations also improved

Qoppa Software's Java-based PDF annotation editor PDF Studio has been upgraded to version 6.6, offering a new tool chest pane, more custom stamps, support for group annotations, a simpler method of importing files into PDF pages in the current PDF document, and the ability to edit nonLatin Unicode text in document properties and annotation content.


CommandPDF debuts, creates PDF impositions

11/30, 6:45pm

Can also overlay/underlay pages, proof marks

SintraWorks -- known for its PDFClerk management software -- today unveiled its new PDF imposition tool, CommandPDF. The package consists of two command-line tools that handle the imposition and automation aspects, and a GUI manager to design and test imposition templates. The program can also overlay or underlay pages of documents -- useful for multi-language editions or letterhead -- and overlay proof marks as well.


Enfocus updates Pitstop suite of products to v10

10/22, 6:40pm

Adds new Workgroup Manager product to the mix

Enfocus have updated their entire family of PDF preflight and editing software to version 10, and introduced a new tool to enable management of Pitstop Pro among multiple users. The new application, PitStop Workgroup Manager, works with floating licenses of Pitstop Pro to share preflight profiles, action lists, workspaces and more from a single point.


PDF annotations in PDF Expert debut, added to GoodReader

10/04, 7:50pm

Annotations include text, drawing, highlighting

PDFs come into focus on the new update to GoodReader and the new Readdle App, PDF Expert for iPad. Good.iWare's GoodReader, available for both iPad and also iPhone -- as a separate app -- offers reading capabilities for PDFs, text files and Office and iWork files. It also focuses on reading extremely large PDF or text files, including those over 1GB in size.


PDF Studio update adds measurement calibration

09/28, 10:30pm

Callout annotation added, security improved

PDF Studio, a full-featured PDF editor positioned as an alternative to the more expensive Adobe Acrobat, has upgraded to v6.5 -- a significant update that adds several new features and offers improvements in every area. The most significant changes include a new batch dialog to manage, open and view several documents at once on startup, a new callout annotation tool, a calibration tool to supplement the existing measuring tool which will allow users to set scale directly from a drawing, and dragging and dropping pages across documents, among others.


PDF2Office 5.1 adds Office for Mac 2011 compatibility

09/16, 3:00pm

Version 5.1 adds full Snow Leopard support, more

Recosoft has launched PDF2Office 5.1, updating it PDF translation software which focuses on Microsoft Office compatibility. PDF2Office recovers the data stored in PDF documents for use in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It recovers page breaks, graphics, annotations and formatting. PDF2Office Services also support Pages, Keynote and TextEdit.


Solid PDF to Word for Mac converts PDFs to multiple formats

04/29, 7:45pm

PDF converter recognizes forms, formatting, tables

Solid Documents has launched Solid PDF to Word for Mac. The PDF converter arrives on the Mac platform with the ability to export to formats compatible with Word, Excel, Pages, HTML and text, giving a user numerous choices when editing a PDF document is necessary. The converter recognizes headers and footers, retains formatting, recovers tables and recognizes hyperlinks. It can also recover rotated text and recognize and reconstruct PDF forms.


Monkeybread adds quartz filters to Combine PDFs 5.0

03/16, 6:00pm

Version 5.0 improves drag and drop performance

Monkeybread has announced Combine PDFs 5.0, updating its PDF merge/split software for the Mac. Combine PDFs allows users to merge PDF files and images into a single PDF file. Using drag and drop, several PDF files can be dropped on the program icon. A window appears allowing the user to change the order in which the files are joined. Users can split a PDF file or create a new PDF file with interleaved pages from two different PDF files. Combine PDFs uses simple, 40-bit encrypted passwords for their PDF files. With the password applied, users can choose whether anyone can view the PDF directly or even print or copy content. Combine PDFs also features stronger, 128-bit encryption as an option.


PDF2Office Personal 5.0 converts PDFs for Word '07/'08

02/24, 1:20pm

Also adds full Snow Leopard compliance

Recosoft has released PDF2Office Personal 5.0 for the Mac platform. The program rebuilds the layout of PDF documents for Microsoft Word. It automatically reforms paragraphs, preserves styles and regroups independent graphic elements. It also creates tables, and processes headers and footers, endnotes and footnotes, and columns and sections. The software operates as a plug-in.


Bookeen Orizon reader gets multi-touch, May release date

02/16, 9:35pm

Device offers 6-inch 800x600 display

Booken has announced that its upcoming e-book reader, the Orizon, will support multi-touch input. The device integrates a 6-inch SiPix display with 800x600 resolution, along with 1GB of integrated memory and a microSD slot for further expansion. Other known specs include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and an accelerometer, while supported formats include ePub and PDF.


Coherent Graphics releases Proview 1.0 PDF editor

02/16, 7:45pm

Utility supports document creation and editing

Coherent Graphics has introduced Proview 1.0, a new utility for creating and editing PDF documents. Users can manage PDF bookmarks, add or remove attachments, or add information such as text and dates. The utility allows multiple documents to be merged into one, while single files can be split into sections or at bookmark boundaries.


Zevrix launches PDF Checkpoint 1.2, adds transparency export

02/09, 4:45pm

New version preserves transparency on TIFF, PNG

Zevrix has launched PDF Checkpoint 1.2, updating its PDF preflight and conversion software. The app exports PDFs as images, and splits and reduces the size of PDF files. Hundreds of files can be handled at a time via drag-and-drop batch processing.


OCRKit converts images into searchable PDFs

01/19, 2:30pm

Utility supports drag-and-drop conversion

ExactCODE has released OCRKit, a utility that converts images into searchable PDF files. The software uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to extract text from graphics files in formats such as PDF, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, and PNM, among others. Users can convert items by dragging files directly onto the OCRKit application icon.


PDF2Office Pro 5.0 adds workbook, new Office formats

01/15, 12:45pm

Software now supports Snow Leopard

Recosoft has updated its Mac-based PDF conversion tool for Microsoft Office, PDF2Office Professional. The software converts PDF documents into formats such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint and HTML. It automatically recreates the original layout of a document, detecting styles, forming paragraphs and regrouping graphics. It can also extract images, and supports tables, headers and footers, column formatting and endnotes and footnotes.


PDF2Office for iWork 1.0 converts PDFs for Pages, Keynote

11/12, 2:55pm

Converter keeps layouts, graphics intact

Recosoft has launched a new PDF converter for Apple's iWork suite, PDF2Office for iWork v1.0. The software attempts to restore layouts in its conversion process, recreating paragraphs and tables. It can also regroup independent graphic elements. Users have access to preset conversion options and font mappings, but can also make fine adjustments as necessary.


Sente 6 adds file management enhancements, PDF Markup

10/22, 6:20pm

Sente 6 improves syncing multiple libraries

Third Street Software has released an update to its software for academic-reference management and file organization, Sente 6. The application delivers tools for creating and maintaining libraries containing PDF files, with options to search and sync content. With the latest version, maintaining multiple copies of a reference library and assigning tags have both been simplified. A new PDF Markup command has been added, while the program now supports hundreds of additional Bibliography formats.


Review: SmileOnMyMac's PDFpen 4.5

10/15, 9:05am

PDF editor put to scrutiny

MacNN has reviewed the latest edition of PDFpen, an editor that serves as an alternative to more expensive tools from the likes of Adobe. The software provides mostly basic functions, such as text insertion, notes and signatures, and various forms of image manipulation including line illustrations. Pages can also be reorganized as needed before printing.


Scanner Pro turns iPhones into scanners

10/12, 12:10pm

Uploads PDFs to multiple locations

Readdle has begun selling Scanner Pro, a new iPhone application. Users can scan in paper documents via an iPhone's built-in camera; the images are then converted into multi-page PDF documents, which can be uploaded to several different destinations. These include e-mail addresses, Wi-Fi-connected computers or any WebDAV server, such as a MobileMe iDisk folder.


Zevrix releases PDF Checkpoint app for Mac

09/25, 2:25am

PDF Checkpoint app with batch processing

Zevrix Soltuions has released the PDF Checkpoint, a new PDF workflow automation tool with batch processing capabilities. The app allows users to preflight multiple PDF files and retrieve detailed information on documents fonts, color paces, attributes and images. PDF Checkpoint delivers drag-and-drop capabilities for files, and provides automatic moving or copying of files to specific folders after preflighting. Additionally, the software includes functions for exporting PDF pages as images, or splitting files into single page PDF documents.


PDFGarden 3.0 adds real-time previews, QuickTime support

09/09, 4:25pm

Several new features

SQLabs has updated its Mac PDF management software, PDFGarden, to v3.0. The utility combines, transforms, arranges and reorders multiple PDF documents via drag-and-drop adjustments. Thousands of PDF files can be managed at a time, and documents themselves can contain thousands of pages. It utilizes Apple's Preview app and Quartz rendering technology.


FlightCheck Pro updates for CS4, QuarkXPress 8

08/28, 12:30pm

FlightCheck Pro 6.5 update

Markzware has released a v6.5 update for FlightCheck Professional, its specialized preflighting tool. The software scrutinizes output documents for problems that could potentially affect the print process, such as trapping, overprinting and mismatched color spaces. The app then flags source issues, which can be corrected through a separate publishing suite.


PDFClerk Pro 3.9 adds printing options, bug fixes

08/26, 4:00pm

PDFClerk Pro 3.9 released

SintraWorks has released v3.9 of PDFClerk Pro, used to create and edit PDF documents to meet the specifications of print-shops. The latest version allows users to optionally print individual pages and features both French and German localization. The update also fixes various bugs from the previous version.


Apps: Warranty Hero, PDFpen, MacTimer

08/12, 12:45pm

Finder Rename, AudioRefurb

  • Warranty Hero 1.3.2 ($15) allows users to keep track of a products life-span and its accompanying warranty. The application can track a products name, vendor, purchase date and a warranty expiry date. Optional information for serial number, price, and a product image can be entered as necessary. Version 1.3.2 includes several new interface enhancements and removes an error dialog window from the demo version. Multiple bugs were also fixed with the update. [Download - 5.3MB]


  • MadeToPrint upgrade exports fully imposed PDFs

    07/31, 3:40pm

    MadeToPrint upgraded

    axaio has released new versions of its MadeToPrint line of products, used to standardize output from InDesign and QuarkXPress. The line consists of MadeToPrint Standard, MadeToPrint Auto, and MadeToPrint Server. The Auto and Server versions integrate into various publishing systems, including vjoon's K4 and WoodWing's Smart Connection Enterprise. The update exports fully imposed PDFs.


    Recover PDF Password supports 256-bit encrypted files

    07/29, 6:30pm

    Recover PDF Password ships

    Eltima has introduced Recover PDF Password, an application used to retrieve misplaced PDF file passwords. If only the owner or user password is known, the application can duplicate the document with all printing, editing and copying restrictions removed. Files are dragged and dropping into the application, which then prompts users with a "Decrypt" button. The application supports Unicode passwords, Acrobat 9.x files and 256-bit encrypted files.


    Apps: Combine PDFs, iSubtitle, GarageBuy

    07/20, 6:55pm

    Little Disk, Coloristic

  • Combine PDFs 4.4 ($30) is a utility that allows users to merge PDF files and images into one PDF file. Users can also split a PDF file or create a new PDF file with interleaved pages from two different PDF files. Version 4.4 includes a new preferences window which allows users to set PDF files to open in either Acrobat Reader or Preview. The applications main window has been modified to fit better on smaller screen and several bugs have been fixed in this release. [Download - 5.4MB]


  • pdfToolbox 4.3 expands layer support

    06/29, 4:55pm

    pdfToolbox 4.3 update

    callas has posted an update to pdfToolbox, its signature publishing suite. The software is claimed to handle every stage of PDF workflow, from initial creation through to font and color management, as well as preflight. Layers allow users to selective combine or separate elements. Version 4 lets users generate a PDF directly from layers or layer views; the feature primarily aids in creating alternate versions of a document, such as foreign translations.


    Apps: PDFClerk Pro, Apimac Slideshow, Label Wizard

    06/24, 2:50pm

    iBank Widget, iStat Pro

  • PDFClerk Pro 3.8 ($45) provides tools for performing a larger number of manipulations to existing PDF documents, as well as allowing the creating of PDF documents from non PDF files. In version 3.8 the annotation reordering feature now works for all supported annotation types and positioning, sizing and rotating objects now works on all selected objects. The update also features a new fullscreen option with an optional Kiosk mode. [Download - 7.9MB]


  • Apps: FTP Maker, Slices, Invoices

    06/23, 3:00pm

    PDF Merge, Countdown

  • FTP Maker 1.4 ($30) is a tool that helps users create a custom FTP Uploader package to be distributed to employees/customers/co-workers for simplifying the process of sending files to an FTP server. The generated package contains all of the connection parameters meaning the user does not have to manually set them up. Version 1.5 has added a new log feature along with a new parametric prefix for creating a single zip file with custom prefix. The new version also allows users to hide settings in the generated FTP Maker Uploader. [Download - 2.5MB]


  • Apps: Combine PDFs, ZenTask, iWeb Backup Pro

    06/16, 11:45am

    eMail Bounce, Photo Print

  • Combine PDFs 4.3 ($30) is a utility that allows users to merge PDF files and images into one PDF file. Users can also split a PDF file or create a new PDF file with interleaved pages from two different PDF files. Version 4.3 includes two new menu commands, one for reordering pages for duplex 2 on 1 page book printing, and the other for removing blank pages. The update also includes German and French localizations and improves the softwares memory usage. [Download - 5MB]


  • PDF Enhancer 3.5 boasts better color conversions

    06/10, 6:55pm

    PDF Enhancer 3.5 announced

    Apago has announced V3.5 of its PDF Enhancer software. The program is used to produce various types of PDF files, eliminating unnecessary information to decrease file size and speed up the use of each PDF. The upgrade supports more device link profiles and color patterns, improving font handling and color management. These new features help ensure more accurate color conversions, lending to device-specific colors. V3.5 also includes an ICC-based color conversion engine, a page box added to the interface, and stamping managers.



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