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Apple said to have clinched buyout of Anobit for $400-500m

12/20, 9:00am

Apple deal for Anobit said sealed

Apple's rumored deal to buy Anobit appeared to have been confirmed on Tuesday. Along with a new claim from Israeli news outlet Calcalist, the country's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed Apple to the country following the apparent acquisition. Terms of the deal weren't made public, but were said to be the equivalent of $400 to $500 million.


Steve Jobs once wanted Intel for iPad, picked size carefully

10/25, 3:15pm

Jobs had to be pushed to use ARM in iPad

The hot-selling biography of Steve Jobs has revealed that the Apple CEO at one point wanted to use Intel's Atom chip for the iPad. He had contended that Intel was reliable for mobile chips, even when the iPhone was already shipping with ARM. Then-key executive and later Nest Labs founder Tony Fadell was not only adamant that ARM would be better but even threatened to resign on the spot at a board meeting where Jobs was making the case for the Atom.


Apple job listing hints at deeper CPU design

12/31, 3:35pm

Apple hiring CPU architect for future iOS hardware

Apple in a low-profile move has posted a job listing for a CPU Microarchitect. The hire would work out of the company's Cupertino headquarters to shape the microarchitecture of a processor. Like most positions, it didn't give a clue as to the product but stressed the mobile side, as the team member would focus on designing around "power, [clock speed] timing, and [chip] area."


ARM: Apple has no reason to buy us

04/22, 1:45pm

ARM chief says licensing enough for Apple

ARM CEO Warren East quickly moved to defuse rumors of a possible Apple takeover with a response to the suspicions. He noted that ARM's inherent nature, where it licenses architecture rather than make the chips themselves, means there would be little incentive to actually buy the company. Apple is already free to modify the design.


Google's Agnilux buy for Android/Chrome on more devices

04/21, 5:10pm

Leak hints Agnilux to help with Google TV, tablets

Google's buyout of Agnilux was motivated by a desire to port Android and Chrome to other devices, a source said Wednesday. The former PA Semi workers reportedly made the swap not to make hardware but to help Google's OS platforms run on hardware they don't normally use. This could include the Android-based Google TV set-top box and more efficient tablets.


Google acquires startup formed by PA Semi defectors

04/20, 10:45pm

Agnilux remains quiet regarding its operations

Google has reportedly acquired Agnilux, a startup that was formed by former executives and workers from PA Semi, according to peHUB. A recent report suggests PA Semi founder and CEO Dan Dobberpuhl was the most recent defector from the group that had subsequently worked for Apple after its purchase of the chip company in 2008 for $278 million.


Apple may have snapped up ARM specialist Intrinsity

04/02, 4:15pm

Intrinisty staff join Apple en masse

Several clues have surfaced that suggest processor design house Intrinsity may have been acquired by Apple. At least 13 engineers at the company, such as Mark Nodine, have either changed their LinkedIn profiles to reflect work at Apple as of April or have said they were starting work as of Thursday. Jim Blomgren is known to have posted the status only to retract it later as a possible hint that Apple may not approve of some of the early status changes.


Apple loses PA Semi founder to startup

03/15, 8:55am

Team leader heads to Agnilux

PA Semi founder and CEO Dan Dobberpuhl has reportedly resigned his position with Apple. The timing of Dobberpuhl's departure remains unclear, according to CNET sources, although he is now believed to be working at the Silicon Valley startup Agnilux.


Apple A4 processor really stripped-down Cortex A8?

03/01, 11:10am

Chip limited to iPad needs

The custom A4 processor in the iPad is in reality a castrated Cortex A8 ARM design, say several sources. Despite speculation that the chip might be based on the more advanced Cortex A9 platform, the A4 is instead said to use a single, 1GHz A8 core, paired with PowerVR SGX graphics technology. The A9 could have allowed Apple to build its first dual-core handheld.


PA Semi not responsible for Apple A4 chip?

02/08, 11:00am

Earlier Apple team claimed to be involved

Despite popular belief, the A4 processor in the iPad was not designed by people from PA Semi, a "very trusted" VentureBeat source claims. Apple bought the chip design firm in April of last year, and in June it was acknowledged by Steve Jobs that the aim was to produce chips for iPhone and iPod devices. The iPad has been described in the media and by analysts as an oversized iPod touch.


Analysts name tablet suppliers, call for Verizon iPhone

01/20, 11:45am

New iPhone could be world-ready model

Two analysts have issued new memos on upcoming Apple technology. UBS' Maynard Um addresses the tablet, saying that a January 27th press event will likely signal the product's announcement. Checks are said to indicate probable manufacturers and suppliers, namely Hon Hai (a.k.a. Foxconn), who may be assembling the device. The display may come from LG Display, with AUO being a possible secondary supplier.


Apple said talking to Qualcomm, Verizon

01/20, 10:25am

Apple tablet, iPhone may get CDMA and EVDO

Apple has been talking to Qualcomm and Verizon for its devices, new rumors assert today. In discussing NorthEast Securities analyst Ashok Kumar's beliefs about what the tablet will include, GigaOM's founder Om Malik understands that Apple has been collaborating with Qualcomm and Verizon for future devices. To what aim isn't known, though Kumar believes Qualcomm is supplying the 3G chipset for the rumored Apple tablet.


No Intel hardware in Apple tablet, says analyst

01/06, 5:40pm

Device may use PA Semi processor

Apple is not using Intel hardware in its forthcoming tablet, says an analyst with Northeast Securities. Ashok Kumar claims to have learned the information from Apple's design manufacturing partners, who have discounted notions that the tablet might run an Intel Atom processor. Atom chips are frequently used in sub-notebook devices such as netbooks.


Freescale preempts Apple with smartbook tablet demo

01/04, 10:40am

Freescale tablet concept dips below $200

Freescale today staked its ground by unveiling a reference tablet design ahead of Apple. The touchscreen-only smartbook would have a 7-inch display and use either Android or an optimized Linux build for its interface. It would reportedly be fast and use the company's i.MX515, which would not only give it all the speed of ARM Cortex-A8 processors like those in the iPhone 3GS but also HD video decoding.


Qualcomm outs hybrid HSPA+/EVDO chipset

11/12, 12:25pm

Possible Verizon iPhone candidates?

Qualcomm today updated its MDM family of cellular chipsets with some of the first anywhere to support dual, advanced 3G and 4G formats. The MSM7630 supports GSM, HSPA and HSPA+ standards but will also work on CDMA phone networks and support up to EVDO Revision B for 3G on those services. The addition would let a phone work on a CDMA carrier like Sprint or Verizon but still work with AT&T or T-Mobile and roam at speeds of up to 21Mbps on networks from Rogers, other international carriers, and eventually T-Mobile USA.


ARM provides early details of Eagle architecture

11/06, 1:45pm

ARM Eagle to be multi-core, 28nm

ARM president Tudor Brown at a presentation on Friday provided early details of his company's next-generation architecture for smartphones and other handhelds. Nicknamed Eagle, the processor design will focus on speed and come with a multi-core main processor, "high-end" graphics and better security against hardware-related attacks. Power use will be kept down by using GlobalFoundries' new 28 nanometer process and should get more efficient still when the assembly process shrinks to 22 nanometers.


Sources: Apple rejected Intel Moorestown platform

10/28, 11:30am

Apple may see future Atom as too hungry

Apple has flatly rejected Intel's Moorestown Atom platform for being too power-hungry, a rumor claims today. Unnamed industry contacts say Intel reportedly approached Apple on its own to suggest the ultra-mobile platform but that the Mac creator rejected it outright due to power concerns. According to the Fudzilla source, Apple needed idle power consumption about ten times lower than what Moorestown can manage.


Dual-core iPhone processor likely next year

06/16, 8:55am

Dual Core A9 and iPhone

ARM has teased the future of the iPhone and other smartphones with added early details for its first dual-core mobile processor design. The Cortex A9 will shrink the manufacturing process from the 65 nanometers used on the single-core Cortex A8 used in the iPhone 3G S to 45 nanometers, letting it add the extra core without significantly affecting the power draw. Although it consumes more energy at peak, the smaller process and multiprocessing should ultimately lead to longer battery life.


Apple recruiting for ARM Cortex-based iPhones

05/21, 10:10am

Apple ARM Cortex Job

Apple has posted a job listing that hints at the company's future hardware direction for the iPhone, iPod touch and possible other devices. The position for a High Perform/Low Level Programmer asks for someone familiar not only for programming assembly-level code for ARM processors, which Apple already uses in its handhelds, but for the NEON vector math units used in the newer Cortex architecture for the mobile chips. Apple is especially concerned about experience with vector math and particularly values anyone with additional knowledge of vector units through general CPUs, such as Intel's SSE or the AltiVec units found on PowerPC G4 and G5 cores.


Internal chip design in slow progress at Apple

04/30, 10:50am

Chip design at Apple

Not only is Apple is the middle of designing its own chips, it is experiencing some initial difficulties, claims the Wall Street Journal. The company acquired chip designers PA Semi approximately a year ago, and is acknowledged by people including CEO Steve Jobs to be using the expertise to help prepare for future multi-touch devices, namely iPods and iPhones. Such devices are expected to produce better graphics and battery consumption, while supporting special features.


Apple hires former ATI graphics chip designer

04/27, 2:05pm

Apple Hires ATI CTO

Apple has quietly signaled a new emphasis on graphics by hiring an influential graphics chipset designer from AMD. The former CTO for the company's ATI graphics product group, Bob Drebin, has indicated on his LinkedIn profile that he is now a Senior Director for an unnamed group within Apple. What products he covers are unknown, though in addition to leading GPU engineering at ATI since 2000, he also spent significant time developing products at Silicon Graphics and, during a 2-year span at ArtX, helped create the "Flipper" GPU that formed the heart of the Nintendo GameCube.


Freescale intros ARM chip for netbooks

01/05, 9:40am

Freescale Netbook ARM CPU

Freescale began its year today by introducing a new i.MX chip it hopes will gain a foothold in netbooks. The i.MX515 is based on the same ARM architecture shared by many smartphones and set-top boxes but is tuned for the higher performance of the mini notebooks, with clock speeds ranging between 600MHz and 1GHz. It also touts rare support for DDR2 memory and an integrated OpenGL graphics core capable of both 3D as well as accelerated 2D, such as video in Adobe's Flash Lite.


Apple buys into PowerVR chip maker

12/18, 11:10am

Apple buys into IMG

Apple has made a heavy investment into another chip manufacturer, according to an announcement. The company has bought 8.2 million shares in the Imagination Technologies Group, giving it a ownership stake of 3.6 percent. IMG is perhaps best known for producing the PowerVR series of chips, used to accelerate graphics in mobile devices; as a result, Apple may now be in a position to use the chips in future iPods and iPhones, or else some unknown device.


Papermaster denies breaking NCA in joining Apple

11/07, 5:00pm

Papermaster vs. IBM

Mark's Papermaster's new role at Apple in no way represents a threat to IBM, according to new filings. Papermaster is to replace Tony Fadell at the head of Apple's iPod group, but has been accused of violating a non-compete agreement signed when he was employed by IBM, where he helped oversee chip design. In his formal response to IBM, Papermaster claims that Apple and IBM do not compete with each other, and that his hiring was not primarily based on his work with the latter company.


Apple hires ex-IBM chip designer/blade guru, IBM sues

10/31, 3:00am

Apple hires IBM chip exec

An ex-IBM chip design expert is expected join Apple next month, but is facing a lawsuit from his former employer that could block his employment with the Cupertino-based company. According to the complaint, former IBM executive Mark Papermaster will join in Apple as a senior executive in what could be an attempt to make new inroads into the server market and/or bolster the company's Xserve line up. Papermaster, expected to work closely with Apple CEO Steve Jobs, is being sued by IBM to block his employment at Apple and prevent him from divulging trade secrets related to IBM's Power chips and server products.


ARM, Samsung, more plan 28nm mobile chips

09/29, 3:00pm

ARM Common Platform

ARM, Chartered Semiconductor, IBM and Samsung today helped establish plans for the Common Platform, an alliance between the four companies determined to advance ARM-based processors. The group plans to use a combination of design work from all four companies as well as manufacturing from Chartered, IBM and Samsung to develop new ARM chips built on 32 nanometer and 28 nanometer manufacturing processes by using a high-k metal gate process.


PA Semi team working on next-gen iPhone CPU

09/15, 10:25am

PA Semi Preps iPhone ARM

The staff of Apple's recently acquired PA Semiconductor are working on a new, internally developed ARM processor for the iPhone, the LinkedIn profile former PA Semi senior manager Wei-han Lien has revealed. Although now changed to abstract his work, the entry at the job connection website has slipped that he is now managing an ARM architecture team at Apple working specifically on the iPhone. The news not only suggests that a self-made design will replace the Samsung chip but that Apple has no immediate plans to use Intel's Atom processor in its smallest handhelds.


ARM gives license to mystery phone maker

07/30, 1:45pm

ARM License May Be Apples

Mobile chipmaker ARM has handed out a mystery architecture license for its processors, the company revealed Wednesday while discussing its latest quarterly results. The company unusually declines to say which manufacturer it may be but notes that the particular licensee is a "leading handset OEM [original equipment manufacturer]" and that the deal would give the unnamed firm much more direct control over building and using chips -- a deal the new partner wants, ARM explains.


Jobs: PA Semi buy was for iPhone, iPod chips

06/11, 10:45am

PA Semi & iPod, iPhone

The purpose of acquiring PA Semi was the creation of chips for iPhones and iPods, Apple CEO Steve Jobs has admitted. "PA Semi is going to do system-on-chips for iPhones and iPods," Jobs tells the New York Times. Although Apple has dismissed rumors that it is unhappy with Intel, or that it is planning to resurrect some PowerPC technology, it has been unclear what PA Semi was needed for other than designing chips for portable electronics.


Military investigates PA Semi acquisition

05/21, 7:20pm

DoD investigates PA Semi

Apple’s recent acquisition of PA Semiconductor is being reviewed by the US Department of Defense, since the latter company’s processor chipsets power many of the military’s portable devices. According to the EETimes, the acquisition left PA Semi’s future lines of processors in an uncertain state, while Apple has said it would provide legacy support for the military. The Department of Defense said the component is an important and unique part of its integrated electronics systems.


Jobs: Apple, Intel still in good relationship

04/25, 3:50pm

Jobs on Intel, PA Semi

Intel has nothing to fear from Apple's acquisition this week of chip designer PA Semi, says Steve Jobs. The Apple CEO has dismissed rumors that the company is looking to distance itself from Intel, a view based primarily on the fact that Intel is also involved in the kind of mobile processor technology PA specializes in. Apple depends heavily on Intel technology for its desktop and notebook computers.


Apple wants PA Semi's technology, minds

04/23, 10:55pm

Apple wants PAs technology

Apple's recent acquisition of PA Semiconductor appears to revolve around the latter company's intellectual properties and expertise, not its current products as was initially believed. AppleInsider reveals that Apple is more concerned with PA's technologies and engineers, since the semiconductor manufacturer has in the past created a dual-core 64-bit chip which only uses 15 watts of power to operate. This could allow for integration of low-consumption processors like the Intel Atom.


Apple buys chipmaker PA Semi

04/23, 9:40am

Apple buys PA Semi

In an unusual deal, Apple has announced a decision to buy PA Semi, a microprocessor design company. An Apple spokesman, Steve Dowling, has declined to elaborate on the reasons or terms of the deal, except to say that Apple "buys smaller technology companies from time to time," and it does not comment on "purposes and plans." It is atypical however for the company to buy hardware firms, particularly as it has come to rely on ready-made components from a variety of manufacturers such as Intel, Samsung and Infineon. A source cited by Forbes claims the deal cost $278 million in cash.



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