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Review: Orb Audio home theater speaker system [U]

11/19, 3:45am

Tiny speakers claim to rival larger competitors

(Update: fixed link) Home theater enthusiasts for many years have drawn a close association between speaker size and sound quality, however many companies, such as Orb Audio, have worked to prove that big does not always mean better. Electronista took the opportunity to try out Orb's modular speaker system, which features an eight-inch standalone subwoofer and an array of seemingly tiny drivers contained in four-inch spheres. In our full review, we will determine if the Orb system is worthy of its premium price tag.


Orb launches first streaming TV service for smartphones

07/18, 9:10am

Orb launches premium TV service for smartphones

Orb Networks has launched what it says is the first service to provide free streaming of premium online TV content to smartphones. To get access to the service, users need only make a one-off purchase of the OrbLive app, which costs $10. When launched, users can then stream ad-supported content from Hulu, ABC, CBS, Fox and ESPN directly to their smartphone.


Orb TV hub brings Hulu, CBS to TV through workaround

11/18, 9:35am

Orb TV media hub ships with free Hulu

Orb today put out its first dedicated hardware capable of video with a unique workaround for online sites. Orb TV connects to a Mac or Windows PC and uses an intelligent filtering system to provide access to web video without needing a full browser. It can search for, find and play free Hulu, Comedy Central and other sites that block Google TV or aren't available without paying on an Apple TV.


Orb MP-1 promises cheap wireless audio with iPhone as remote

09/24, 5:05pm

Orb intros MP-1 wireless audio streamer

Orb made its first venture into hardware today through its MP-1 wireless audio streaming hub. The small puck depends entirely on software on a computer and device to work and only has audio and power connectors. Any Mac or Windows PC running the Orb Caster app can share music from iTunes, Pandora or Sirius XM's Internet service over the Wi-Fi network with an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch using a special remote app.


Netgear intros network storage with TiVo, iPad hooks

07/08, 10:55pm

Netgear ReadyNAS Ultra uses Orb, TiVo sharing

Netgear upgraded its ReadyNAS network-attached storage in a major form tonight with its first Ultra devices. The four-bay Ultra 4 and six-bay Ultra 6 are built for home users who want to move as much data to a network share as possible and adds an extended amount of media sharing as a result. Both boxes can serve as remote recording space for TiVos on the network, and the spaces can be shared through Orb to be played on iPads and other iOS devices as well as Android and BlackBerry smartphones.


Orb Bluetooth headset turns into a ring

07/23, 5:30pm

Orb BT headset is a ring

A solution to the problem of storing a Bluetooth headset when not in use has been put forth by a team effort between Hybra Advance Technology and AbsolutelyNew in the form of the Orb. The headset will twist into a ring a user can wear on his or her finger when not using the device for making calls or listening to music. It uses NXT technology to deliver bone conduction audio to a user's ear without requiring the user to jam it into their ear.



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