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New iPad Australian page changes for 4G ruling, Norway joins

03/30, 4:05pm

iPad 4G model gets more accurate claims

Apple's Australian iPad pages have changed to preemptively comply with rulings on 4G marketing. It now makes more generic claims to support "very fast cellular networks" and makes clear that the iPad doesn't support the frequencies or technologies for what's considered 4G in Australia. The hardware is "not compatible with current Australian 4G LTE networks and WiMAX networks," Apple said.


Australian, European carriers irked over iPad 4G badging

03/17, 2:05pm

iPad may have 4G downplayed in other countries

Apple's emphasis on LTE support for the new iPad is sparking a conflict with carriers outside of North America, according to statements given out later on Friday. In the wake of a "backlash" from European carriers, The Australian understood that local carriers Telstra and Optus would both avoid making any mention of 4G. European providers had been calling on Apple to stop marketing 4G that their networks can't use.


Dell drops Streak 7, backs out of Android tablets in US

12/05, 8:40am

Dell quits Android tablet arena in short term

Dell on Monday confirmed that it had stopped selling the Streak 7. The tablet is no longer available online and is withdrawing just months after Dell axed the Streak 5. In a statement, it said it would still be involved in the mobile space but conspicuously referred to the Streak 7 in the past tense, suggesting it was being phased out.


iPhone 4S goes on sale in Australia to hundreds in line

10/13, 5:40pm

iPhone 4S now on sale in first countries

Australia as is often case has had the distinction of being the first for an Apple launch in carrying the iPhone 4S. Apple's flagship Sydney store showed that demand hadn't tapered for the new model, with hundreds of buyers queued up in line. Both official and unofficial reports have pointed to "tens of thousands" of pre-orders at Optus and Telstra each, selling out of 64GB pre-orders.


Australia adds 2.5 years to deadline for national network

03/25, 10:50am

Australia extends deadline for 100Mbps network

The government of Australia has extended the deadline to complete the 100Mbps national broadband network in order to boost coverage to 93 percent of the homes on the continent, up from 90. This translates to an extra million homes, and the new deadline is December 2020 instead of June 2018, Yahoo reported. The project is headed up by NBN Co and will cost $36 billion.


Samsung Galaxy Tab seen in the wild [video]

08/23, 9:35am

Exclusive: Samsung Galaxy Tab in live testing

Electronista today had the opportunity to spy a Samsung Galaxy Tab in live testing in Sydney, Australia. The device, spotted in the hands of an anonymous telco worker at a train station, matches up with the official description of a seven-inch, 3G-capable Android tablet. When asked, the employee couldn't provide details, though the very responsive UI supported notions the device is running the same 1GHz ARM processor as the Galaxy S.


Optus leaks new iPhone 3G, 3GS plans

06/16, 11:25am

Optus iPhone 3GS plans

Australian carrier Optus has let slip the details of new iPhone subscription options, meant to coincide with the release of the 3GS, a leak claims. The carrier's "yes" cap plans should now range from $19 to $79 a month, and by default provide between 100MB and 1GB of data; missing is a $29 option, which will come sometime after launch if at all. Varying payments may be necessary based on the choice of iPhone model, and the length of a contract, spanning one to two years.


Australia gov't Internet censorship plan stalls

02/26, 1:10pm

Aussie web censorship plan

A mandatory Internet censorship plan in Australia proposed by the government is facing stiff opposition, with an independent senator's decision to block legislation that would start the blockage of certain websites with morally questionable content, the Thursday edition of the Sydney Morning Herald reports. The Green and Opposition parties have blocked the measure and have been joined by independent Senator Nick Xenophon, who changed his position on the mandatory ban. All now believe a filter would not be effective at blocking unsafe content and would slow Internet access while carrying a risk of blocking legitimate websites.


Vodafone, Hutchison merge Australian ops

02/09, 10:20am

Vodafone Hutchison in AUS

Vodafone and cellular provider 3's parent label Hutchison today said they would combine their operations in Australia, creating a much larger carrier. The move gives the entity about 6 million cellular customers on the island nation and is being made to compete against incumbents Optus and Telstra, both of which have outpaced Vodafone's Australian wing. A combined Vodafone and Hutchison will have about $4 billion Australian dollars in revenue per year and match Optus in size.


Android-based HTC Dream reaches Australia, Singapore

02/05, 3:45am

SingTel intros HTC Dream

HTC will begin shipping the Android-powered HTC Dream handset to wireless provider SingTel which will offer it to subscribers in Singapore. In Australia, the phone will be sold by Optus, a carrier owned by SingTel. The first Android handset in either region, the Dream is identical to the T-Mobile G1 currently available in North America and therefore represents the G1's first official launch in a market other than the US and UK.


BlackBerry Bold ships in Germany for 40 Euros

08/06, 3:15pm

BBerry Bold in Germany

Research in Motion today officially began shipping the BlackBerry Bold to Austria and Germany, putting the device in competition with the iPhone 3G and other devices for the first time. The devices are available through T-Mobile in each country and are the first true 3G Blackberries to be available in Europe; both follow the reference design closely with GPS, Wi-Fi, and a two-megapixel camera but support T-Mobile's NaviGate mapping service in addition to BlackBerry Maps


Optus reveals iPhone 3G price plans

07/03, 8:50am

Optus price plans

Australian mobile carrier Optus on Thursday announced an extensive range of price plans for the iPhone 3G, in preparation for its July 11th launch. Pre-pay deals see the 8GB iPhone 3G marked at $729, and the 16GB model at $849; unlike most countries, there is also an option to fully unlock the device for use on other networks, for an additional $80.


'3 Australia' customers petition for iPhone

06/27, 10:10am

3 Australia iPhone poll

Wireless carrier 3 Australia has received a strong surge of interest in carrying the iPhone 3G, a corporate blog claims. On Thursday the carrier posted a message explaining that it has contacted Apple about carrying the 3G, but that it is seeking public response on the issue as a means of getting Apple's attention. Hundreds of mostly positive comments have since been posted on the site, and visitors can currently sign up for e-mail notifications about the iPhone.


Telstra to be 3rd Australian iPhone carrier

05/12, 10:10am

Telstra 3rd iPhone carrier

Telstra on Thursday announced it would be the third Australian iPhone carrier, and that the company's expected June launch date could indicate that it will carry the 3G iPhone. CNET reports that the carrier joins Optus and Vodafone, and will allegedly offer a multi-frequency HSDPA-compatible device, allowing it to work on both competitors' networks and its own Next G network. Telstra declined to comment on the arrangement, but it would potentially be announced before the end of the month.


iPhone coming to SingTel, Optus, more

05/12, 7:20am

iPhone With SingTel

International carrier SingTel today revealed itself as the next iPhone provider. The carrier will offer the device in the company's native Singapore and will also supply the phone through three of its international providers, including Bharti Airtel for India, Globe in the Philippines, and Optus in Australia. As with other recent announcements, SingTel declines to provide details and says only that it will sell the iPhone "later this year."


Vodafone to carry iPhone in ten countries

05/06, 6:45am

Vodafone iPhone 10 Nations

Vodafone today made the revelation that it will be an official carrier for the iPhone in ten countries around the world. The telecoms firm will offer the handset to Europeans in the Czech Republic, Italy, and Portugal; Greece, India, and Turkey will be covered by Vodafone in Asia, while Australia, Egypt, New Zealand, and South Africa will also be served by the company. Vodafone doesn't say when it will offer the iPhone other than later this year and avoids other details, including pricing.


Australian iPhone confirmed as non-exclusive?

05/01, 9:55am

Aussie iPhone confirmed?

The iPhone is indeed coming to Australia, an anonymous source is said to be confirming. CNET is citing an "industry insider," who claims that an Australian iPhone launch is expected in the last week of June, and with the regional carrier Optus. The company is expected to make the announcement in mid-May, just a few weeks before Apple's WWDC conference on June 9th, where a 3G version of the iPhone is expected to be publicly revealed. The source says he cannot confirm that Australia will get the 3G phone, but that Optus is expecting it regardless.



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