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LG rumored to be developing 8.3-inch,1920x1200-resolution G Pad tablet

08/14, 8:10am

Possible LG tablet launch could occur at IFA next month

LG could be developing a new Android tablet, according to a new rumor. The electronics producer is said to be working on the LG G Pad, a tablet with an 8.3-inch, 1920x1200-resolution display, and would in theory be the latest tablet-format device from the company since it introduced the 8.9-inch Optimus Pad in 2011.


LG puts tablets on back burner, says Surface not a factor

06/19, 7:54pm

LG to focus more on smartphones

LG, the world's fourth-largest mobile phone maker, announced today that it will be turning its focus away from tablets and looking to improve its standing in the smartphone market. Responding to inquiries from Bloomberg, spokespersons for the phone maker denied that the decision had anything to do with Microsoft's unveiling of its new Surface tablets yesterday.


iPad seen hitting 1m in Korea as Galaxy Tab stays a minority

02/12, 7:25pm

Samsung tablets outsold by Apple in home turf

Industry insider estimates have claimed that the iPad 2 has reached the million-unit sales mark in South Korea. The milestone came after a late November 2010 launch and 700,000 iPads shipped just in 2011, leaving the remaining 300,000 to have been sold in two and a half months' time, the Korea Herald said. That number could be higher, Korean media thought, since many had bought iPads even before official approval.


LG loses $98m, ekes rare profit from smartphone group

02/01, 12:25am

LG smartphone team gets 10m in fall 2011

LG had mixed news on Wednesday that showed a possible turnaround of its long-suffering mobile group. Although the company as a whole posted a loss equivalent to $97.7 million, its mobile division turned a slight $10 million profit. Most of the recovery came on the back of the Optimus LTE and its US variant the Nitro HD.


LG returns to tablets with 1.5GHz Optimus Pad LTE

01/17, 10:30pm

LG Optimus Pad LTE ramps clock speed, 4G

LG took its second shot at tablets in an unusual post-CES launch with the Optimus Pad LTE. A direct sequel to the original we reviewed, it keeps the 8.9-inch, 1280x768 IPS screen and jumps to its namesake 4G for Internet access. Added speed comes through a platform switch, with LG moving from the dual-core 1GHz Tegra 2 to a similarly dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon.


LG quietly slips out Optimus Pad LTE with 1.5GHz Snapdragon

12/07, 1:35pm

LG Optimus Pad LTE shows up in South Korea

An LTE version of LG's Optimus Pad tablet has shown up in South Korea. It runs on the country's U+ 4G network and gets a faster, 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor rather than the 1GHz Tegra 2 of the original. Its dual five-megapixel cameras for 3D also look to have been replaced with eight-megapixel units.


8.9-inch Kindle Fire narrowed down to late spring in rumor

11/21, 12:35am

Kindle Fire 8.9 may be made to avoid iPad sizing

Amazon's rumored 8.9-inch Kindle Fire has been given a narrower release window and possible deliberate attempt to compete outside of Apple's space through a new claim early Monday. Although a 10.1-inch version of the Android tablet is still considered an option, only an 8.9-inch model has been picked and would ship near the end of the spring, Digitimes heard. LG Display and Samsung were pitching 8.9-inch panels to start, but the real goal was evade competition with "9.7-10.1-inch products," or the iPad and Android tablets from HTC, Samsung, and other majors.


LG cuts spending by 25% as iPad, smartphones lower TV demand

08/29, 10:10am

LG cuts capital TV costs in switch to mobile

LG Display explained Monday that it would cut its capital spending by exactly a quarter. The company explained the move as necessary with smartphones and tablets cutting into demand for TVs. It planned to spend a comparatively modest $2.8 billion and had dropped plans for an extra factory, since existing plants would have to take over.


LG P930 tablet or phone surfaces in web code

05/18, 2:45pm

Android-powered LG P930 shows up in web code

Other than the T-Mobile G-Slate, LG is apparently working on a second Android-powered tablet, called the P930. This may not be a tablet after all, as an XML file makes mention of an Android device with a 1280x720 display and both GPRS/EDGE and HSDPA/HSUPA 3G. Historically, LG devices prefixed with a 'P' are smartphones rather than tablets, while the G-Slate is called the Optimus Pad V900 in markets other than the US.


NVIDIA: Android tablets struggling because of retail, apps

05/15, 10:40am

NVIDIA CEO explains slow uptake of Android tablets

Android 3.0 tablets aren't selling well because their creators don't understand retail, NVIDIA chief Jen-Hsun Huang said in a talk conducted on Thursday. He believed that early manufacturers, so far including Acer, ASUS, Dell, LG, and Motorola, didn't understand how to sell their tablets at retail. Although not mentioning Apple by name, he implied to CNET that the iPad's lower pricing, clearer marketing, and better buying experience at retail were all impacting the chances of tablets like the Motorola Xoom, which he singled out as an example of what went wrong.


NTT DoCoMo beats T-Mobile to LG Optimus Pad, ships March 31

03/28, 3:20pm

NTT DoCoMo begins shipping Optimus Pad March 31

NTT DoCoMo announced on Monday it will begin shipping the Optimus Pad L-06C tablet in Japan beginning on Thursday, March 31. NTT will be the first to offer the tablet, as T-Mobile hasn't officially confirmed its own launch date. It was expected to arrive in the US as the G-Slate on March 23 but missed that date and is more likely to ship April 20.


LG Optimus Pad priced at $700 at MobileCity

03/01, 2:05pm

Retailer MobileCity prices Optimus Pad at $700

Retailer MobileCity has just listed the 8.9-inch LG G-Slate tablet up for pre-order for $700. While no ship date is revealed, the device will be tied to T-Mobile and promises to cost $100 less than a retail price for the device. The tablet will sport Android 3.0 and dual rear five-megapixel cameras that can record 3D movies.


LG Optimus Pad may reach Japan first, pre-orders March 15

02/24, 8:25am

LG Optimus Pad comes first to Japan' NTT DoCoMo

Japan had the distinction today of being one of the first countries to get the Optimus Pad. LG's 8.9-inch Android 3.0 tablet will come to the country as the L-06C on NTT DoCoMo. Its version will be customized with a BeeTV app for Internet video as well as a 2DFacto app to read Japanese comics and e-books.


LG Optimus Pad to bring G-Slate to world, pack huge battery

02/04, 8:55am

LG Optimus Pad locked for MWC event

LG on Friday confirmed that it would bring the G-Slate outside of the US at Mobile World Congress. It confirmed that the hardware would be badged as the Optimus Pad for other countries and would be very similar outside of the native 3G frequencies. In a surprise, it confirmed that the 8.9-inch tablet would have an even larger battery than the iPad with a 6,400mAh pack.


Motorola Tegra 2 tablet to come out in February or March?

11/17, 1:00pm

Motorola Tegra 2 tablet due as soon as February?

NVIDIA's Tegra 2 processor will be a common sight throughout the CES show at the start of 2011, insiders said today. Chief among the vendors with tablets based on Tegra 2 will be Motorola, which is also now said to release such a tablet in February or March. Whether it will be the smaller seven-inch Motopad or the larger 10-inch Stingray model wasn't mentioned by Digitimes, however.



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