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BlackBerry's BIS 3 to pack Gmail, OpenOffice support

02/06, 12:30pm

BIS 3 getting significant updates soon

The next version of BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) should provide much more advanced support for Gmail, a leak shows. Internal documents note that it will not only let BlackBerry owners create and use labels with a plugin but that it will sync the read/unread status so that changes made on the BlackBerry are reflected properly elsewhere. More advanced syncing has normally been limited to services like Microsoft Exchange.


Microsoft evades Office ban with update for OEMs

12/23, 10:45am

MS requires new Office fix to obey ruling

Microsoft has acted quickly on its promise to keep Office on shelves by pushing an Office update to computer builders. The supplement, intended for an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) version of Office 2007 from October, removes the support for reading custom-generated XML within DOCX, DOCM and pure XML files. It should continue to open files with the code inside but will no longer show the code to comply with patent infringement claims.


Microsoft to try free, ad-based Office

10/09, 5:35pm

Microsoft unveils free Office Starter 2010

Microsoft this week said that it would venture into free productivity apps with a Starter Edition of Office 2010 for Windows. The special version will be free to use but will have feature-reduced versions of Excel and Word as well as ads that run in a sidebar with the app window. It will only come with a new PC rather than come as a download, but it will have an option to download a more complete version such as Home & Student Edition.


Microsoft granted stay on Word sales ban

09/03, 11:10pm

Court says MS can sell Word until appeal is done

The US federal Court of Appeals today granted Microsoft a temporary stay on an injunction that would have banned sales of Word until the conclusion of an appeal against the successful lawsuit filed by Canadian firm i4i. Originally, the developer would have had to stop sales on October 10th and would have forced Microsoft to shut down sales of virtually all copies of Office unless it could plead its case.


Nisus Writer Pro 1.2 improves import, export options

11/06, 1:35pm

Nisus Writer Pro 1.2 patch

Nisus has released a v1.2 update to Writer Pro, its flagship word processing software. Pro differentiates itself from Express with features such as comments, mail merges, and the ability to create indexes and tables of contents. New to v1.2 is an upgraded import component, said to improve the accuracy of file translations, particularly in terms of Microsoft Word documents.


First Look: OpenOffice 3.0, office suite

10/14, 12:00am

OpenOffice 3.0

If you need an office suite for the Mac, your choices used to be limited to Microsoft Office 2008 or Apple’s iWork. Unfortunately, neither option offered a complete solution. Office 2008 can share the latest file formats with Office 2007 for Windows, but the Mac and Windows versions of Office neither look nor work exactly alike. If you’re already familiar with Office 2007 on Windows, Office 2008 for the Mac will seem different enough to frustrate and confuse you. Apple’s iWork is the only other office suite solution, but it lacks a Windows version. For a true cross-platform office suite, you can now rely on the open source OpenOffice 3.0.


OpenOffice 3.0 for Mac goes final

10/13, 11:05am

OpenOffice 3.0 goes final

Following extensive beta testing, the developers of OpenOffice have released the completed version of its v3.0 productivity suite. The software covers a variety of tasks, including spreadsheets, word processing and presentation work; editions are also available for a variety of different operating systems. The v3.0 update is said to be particularly important for the Mac, as users can now install a native client that does not require X11.


OpenOffice 3.0b2 adds international formatting, more

07/16, 4:15pm

OpenOffice 3 beta 2

Sun Microsystems recently unveiled OpenOffice 3.0b2, a new beta preview release of the next major version of its business productivity suite, adding a number of optimizations, features, and fixes. The new version introduces new regional grammar and numeric standards for Indian customers, as well as refined behaviour of editing filtered rows. Sun also introduced 'y axis' error bars, allowing users to define a range of error for estimated figures.


EU closely watching MS open format move

05/22, 12:10pm

EU Watching MS Open Move

European Union officials will be watching Microsoft's open format support to ensure the developer's move remains honest, the European Commission said on Thursday. The regulatory body says it will specifically monitor the newly added support for the universal Open Document Format (ODF) to determine if it delivers on Microsoft's promises of interoperability with other programs, many of which already support ODF but until now have been unable to send those files to users of Microsoft's software, forcing them to choose a more restrictive format such as Microsoft's DOC format for Word files.


MS Office to support outside open formats

05/21, 4:00pm

MS Office Supports ODF

Microsoft today broke from its tradition of primarily endorsing in-house formats by revealing that it will add support to Office for a number of universal standards outside of its own. Office 2007 Service Pack 2 will support the Open Document Format (ODF) touted by OpenOffice, Sun's StarOffice, and other third-party tools as well as similarly universal document types such as PDF 1.5 and PDF/A. The upgrade will let users both open and create files in the formats without requiring either a plugin or an outside utility to convert the formats.


First Look: OpenOffice 3 Beta

05/14, 3:45pm

F. Look: OpenOffice 3 Beta

Microsoft Office may be the most popular office suite in the world, but not everyone needs or wants to use it. Some people object to its cost, while others feel that it doesn't offer the features they need. If you don't want to use Office on Windows, you can choose from plenty of alternatives, including the free OpenOffice suite. Until recently though, Mac users have had far fewer options, limited to either Microsoft Office 2008 or Apple's iWork. While OpenOffice has been available in some form on the Mac for years, it used to rely on the X11 interface, which made the program look different from other Mac OS X applications. With the latest beta, you can now run OpenOffice as native code on Intel Macs.


Native version of OpenOffice in the works?

03/22, 1:50pm

Native Aqua OpenOffice

The OpenOffice Mac porting team is reportedly working on a native Aqua version of its business productivity software suite, rather than simply porting the platform-independent Java version. The software is listed as being the third development snapshot, announcing a number of bug fixes and interface optimizations. OpenOffice says the newest version now uses a Mac OS X native print dialogue, and that extensions are installable through the improved GUI.



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