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Notion Ink launches Adam II tablet with thin ticker display on side

12/16, 12:30pm

Initial launch of Adam II in India, other regions expected in future

Notion Ink has finally launched its follow-up to the Adam tablet, one which offers an unusual secondary display. Accompanying the 10.1-inch, 1280x800 IPS LCD screen on the Adam II is a 100x5-resolution ticker-style display mounted on the side, offering up notifications and contextual data in a way that resembles the spine of a book or magazine.


Notion Ink Adam II photos leak out ahead launch

07/19, 8:35am

Notion Ink Adam II press shots leaked, shows stylus support

The sequel to the first Android tablet to feature a low-power Pixel Qi display has had its images leaked out ahead of its launch. The new Notion Ink Adam II has previously been detailed in terms of its specifications only, but had not been pictured. A (since pulled) page on Behance has revealed a whole range of promotional photos for the device including its accessories including a dock and custom covers for the new tablet.


Notion Ink Adam 2 skips HD display to prolong battery life

04/10, 5:55pm

Adam 2 battery concerns stop display upgrade

The Adam 2 will not have a HD display due to various battery requirements. Notion Ink CEO Rohan Shraven explained on the company blog that it is a combination of preserving the battery life of the device and potentially crippling charging times.


Notion Ink Adam gets beta Android 4.0 upgrade

02/18, 11:45am

Notion Ink Adam gets a new OS early

Notion Ink's Android 4.0 upgrade for the Adam drew closer to completion after the company posted a beta release Saturday. The new version brings the expected performance updates from 4.0 while keeping the Adam's custom multi-pane interface. Compared to the alpha, it improves 3G, graphics speed, sound, Wi-Fi, and YouTube HD playback, while also addressing a sleep issue and getting USB back in order.


Notion Ink explains picking TI over NVIDIA for Adam II

01/30, 5:15am

Notion Ink CEO Rohan Shraven offers SoC insight

Notion Ink CEO Rohan Shraven has taken the unusual step of explaining why his Android-based tablet company opted to follow its NVIDIA Tegra 2-powered Adam tablet with a TI OMAP 4 processor for its Adam II . Rather than plumping for the quad-core Tegra 3, Shraven argues that the TI OMAP platform offers Notion Ink certain advantages. As a small vendor, with its limited software and hardware engineering resources, it believed that it could not leverage the NVIDIA Tegra 3 as well as it can the TI OMAP 4, leading to a better implementation for end users.


Notion Ink Adam II to use TI OMAP processor, modular apps

01/20, 9:10pm

Notion Ink confirms its next tablet CPU choice

Notion Ink in a update early Saturday Bangalore time uncovered one of the first details of next-generation tablet. Referring to the slate as the Adam II, it plans to use a TI OMAP 4400-series multi-core processor mated with Android 4.0. What clock speed and which exact graphics core weren't mentioned, apart from the video coming through a PowerVR SGX500-series core.


Notion Ink posts early Android 4.0 update, teases new device

01/16, 7:50pm

ICS bugs still being worked out

Notion Ink has posted an early Android 4.0 update for its Adam tablet, though the development team is still working out a number of bugs. The company already offered a beta download, however the alpha build fixes a wide range of problems related to audio, sensors, Bluetooth, HDMI video output and graphics acceleration, among other bugs.


Notion Ink hopes for Adam 2 by December, praises Apple

07/20, 12:00pm

Notion Ink CEO hopes for Adam 2 this December

Adam tablet maker Notion Ink plans to release a successor, the Adam 2, by December, CEO Rohan Shravan revealed in an interview with LightReading. The device should be seen in January at the annual CES show, as Shravan admits to being a big fan of the expo. The Indian company currently has 110 employees, including about 15 interns and consultants, but the company needs to expand, as it has operations in 87 countries.


Notion Ink updates Eden, opens up for new Adam sales

06/01, 7:35pm

Claims Eden 1.5 includes over 150 improvements

Notion Ink today announced that it is rolling out Eden 1.5, a UI update for its Adam tablet. The company is also prepping to accept a new round of customer orders for the tablet as well as unveiling new customer service and support capabilities. The Indian-based company had begun shipping its tablet in January, but had been faced with quality and performance issues.


Notion Ink Adam second round orders open

02/09, 5:55am

Will be skipping Gingerbread for Honeycomb

Notion Ink has begun taking its second round of orders for its Adam tablet. At this stage, orders are open to customers who pre-registered for the second batch of tablets after the first allotment sold out. According to Notion Ink, the number of emails that it is sending out inviting customers to place their order is “huge”, although it did not take the opportunity to specify what that translated to in numbers. CEO Rohan Shravan also added that Notion Ink will skip Gingerbread for the tablet optimized Honeycomb OS when the Adam gets its next major software upgrade.


ViewSonic's gTablet hacked to run Notion Ink Eden firmware

02/02, 12:15pm

Notion Ink apps ported over to ViewSonic gTablet

XDA-Developers member gojimi has created a hack for the ViewSonic gTablet that will let them run some of the Eden firmware from the Notion Ink Adam. Eight of the Eden's apps have been ported over, including Notion Ink Canvas, Calculator, Browser, Calendar, Keyboard, Sniffer, Mail, and tablet version of QuickOffice. All are Android-based and should work on any ROM.


Notion Ink delays some Adam shipments by two weeks

01/31, 5:55pm

Startup cites damaged shipment of displays

Only days after Notion Ink faced criticism for the build quality of its Android-based Adam tablets, the company has sent out e-mail notifications notifying recent customers of shipping delays. The startup claims the holdup is due to a damaged shipment of touchscreens, which happened to occur right before the Chinese New Year holiday, according to a company blog.


Notion Ink Adam users complain of early glitches

01/28, 5:45am

Customer support also apparently lacking

Several Notion Ink Adam tablet early adopters are venting their frustration about issues with their tablets and Notion Ink customer support on the Notionaddicts forum. @Rambler358 has complained about the build quality of his device, as well as the screen quality of the vaunted Pixel Qi display and the apparent lack of support received from Notion Ink.


Developer says Notion Ink Adam swiping e-mail code

01/25, 4:10pm

Notion Ink used open-source code for Adam e-mail

Notion Ink, maker of the Adam Tablet, is being accused of unethically borrowing the open-source K-9 Mail code as the basis for the e-mail system in the tablet. The author of the code in question, Jesse Vincent, spotted this omission, and is complaining only because there is no credit for his efforts in the app's About box.


Notion Ink update causes bricking issues for Adam users

01/25, 6:35am

Some early adopters forced to reflash device

Notion Ink has pulled an update for its Adam tablet after some users began reporting that the new firmware has been bricking their device. Early adopters of the just shipped NVIDIA Tegra 2-powered slate have reportedly been in touch with Notion Ink customer support who have advised on how to reflash their device to get it running again. According to Notion Ink Fan, the cause of the glitch is the result of the update file failing to be completely downloaded.


Unofficial count has 100 iPad clones shown at CES, more soon

01/24, 12:55pm

About 76 tablets and e-readers shipped at CES

An unofficial tracker from Shawn Dubrovac has revealed the sheer extent to which companies leapt on the tablet market following the early success of the iPad. The list shows at least 100 tablets and crossover e-readers having shipped, including not just major entries such as the BlackBerry PlayBook and Motorola Xoom but also relative newcomers such as Enspert's Identity Tab line and Notion Ink Adam. The list factors in 24 generic tablets at Freescale's booth.


Notion Ink's Adam tablet reaches first buyers

01/24, 12:10pm

Notion Ink Adam unboxed in the UK

UK resident Shane Trafford was one of the first buyers of the Notion Ink Adam tablet who has received the device and has shared his unboxing experience with the world thanks to NotionInkFan. He purchased the model equipped with Wi-Fi and the the Pixel Qi display, as he uses his Android phone's data connection to connect to mobile networks. Trafford also revealed it took him 20 minutes to download the first required update when first powering up the device.


Notion Ink Adam CEO posts official unboxing photos

01/21, 6:25am

CEO also provides details on shipping process

The Notion Ink Adam, which shipped as promised on January 19, has received its first unboxing pictures courtesy of a proud Notion Ink CEO Rohan Shravan. The 10-inch Android tablet, which runs a heavily customized version of the Android 2.2 OS, has been eagerly awaited by all those who contributed to the device’s first allocation sellout. Shravan posted some remarks along with the photos explaining details of shipping roll-out for users who might be somewhat impatiently awaiting the arrival of their shiny new slate.


Notion Ink starts shipping Adam tablets on time

01/19, 3:20pm

Notion Ink Adam tablet ships as promised

Despite Notion Ink chief's cruel joke about a delay, the Adam tablet is indeed shipping today, as promised earlier. Rohan Shravan said the FCC and CE pre-orders will leave the factory tomorrow, and delivery statuses on the website will be updated soon. He also addressed an issue that saw arrival dates listed as February, which should now be changed to the last week of February.


Notion Ink Adam: display does not meet product description

01/17, 5:35am

Shipping display matte screen, yes, but stuck on

Notion Ink is in damage control mode as it fends off claims that is shipping a product that does not match some of the marketing on its website. According to a report, the Notion Ink Adam display does not include a “pure matte glass” display as noted in its product description. Instead, it comes fitted with a matte screen protector. The news has emerged in a number of company emails to disappointed customers who have placed pre-orders for the currently sold-out device.


Notion Ink Adam tablet ships January 19, Android 3.0 coming

01/15, 12:20pm

Notion Ink Adam tablet to finally ship to US

Notion Ink chief Rohan Shravan told early fans that the Adam tablet has finally landed the FCC approval needed to go on sale in the US. The Android tablet should now start shipping for the first pre-orders on Wednesday, January 19. Prices for the 10-inch slate range from as little as $375 for a Wi-Fi version with a standard screen to $550 for a 3G edition with an outdoor-friendly Pixel Qi screen.


Notion Ink Adam's Eden VII demo shows multitasking leaves

12/31, 1:00pm

Eden VII interface gets Leaves for multitasking

Notion Ink, the maker of the 10.1-inch Adam tablet, has just shown off the latest version of its Eden custom interface for the tablet. Eden VII was shown on an external display thanks to an HDMI connection. There is an added focus on multitasking, with Leaves turning compatible apps into big widgets.


Notion Ink Adam's file system gets video demo

12/22, 2:00pm

Notion Ink posts video demo of Adam Sniffer app

Notion Ink has released another video demonstrating the software of its 10-inch Adam tablet. The silent video, embedded below, showcases the Sniffer file browser app. It's clear from the video that the app brings a much more in-depth level of capability to the tablet than any other, letting users view, copy and paste files to and from various folders.


Notion Ink Adam will ship with a broken ‘feature’

12/21, 6:05am

Will ship with disabled sensor

Notion Ink will ship its Adam tablet with an unusable feature. Notion Ink Hacks, in a Q & A with Notion Ink CEO Rohan Shravan asked whether Notion Ink will update the Adam so that the ‘mystery feature’ noted on its product specs page, a trackpad, will be enabled. In response, Shravan said that he did know if it would be enabled and that it was going to take more time that Notion Ink had anticipated to a get the function working in the way it was intended.


Notion Ink Adam gets working demo, proves fast

12/19, 2:10am

Hints running Android 2.3 Gingerbread

Notion Ink has released a demo video of its Adam tablet in response to a request from Android Police who were keen to see the interface working live, rather than just in rendered demos. The video (included below) shows Notion Ink CEO Rohan Shravan putting the Eden UI and its multitasking panel engine through its paces. Up until now, it has also been thought that the Adam tablet will be running Android 2.2 (Froyo), although the clip hints at the possibility of the device shipping with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) as it refers to the utilization of the Android 2.3 framework.


Samsung ordering batch of NVIDIA Tegra 2 for phones, tablets

12/14, 2:15pm

Analyst says Samsung buying up Tegra 2 chips

Plans for Samsung devices with Tegra 2 chips gained support today with claims by Citigroup analyst Glen Yeung that Samsung had made a "sizeable order" for NVIDIA's hardware. A request estimated to be worth $250 million to $350 million will see the dual-core processors ship sometime in the first half of 2011. The designs would go across the range and would be "geared for both tablets and smartphones," Yeung said.


Notion Ink Adam tablet pre-ordering today, priced below iPad

12/09, 11:25am

Notion Ink Adam pre-orders, prices revealed

Notion Ink as hinted has outlined a pre-order program starting today. Existing commenters and the wider public will have the options of pre-ordering at 1:30PM and 7:30PM Eastern respectively. Company CEO Rohan Shravan hasn't said when it ships, but it may slip to early 2011 as it's still in FCC testing.


Notion Ink Adam preorders should start December 9

12/08, 11:40am

Notion Ink Adam tablet pre-orders start tomorrow?

Notion Ink will begin offering pre-orders of its Adam tablet starting tomorrow, December 9 and therefore may indeed begin shipping in time for its promised Christmas release, a source said today. All six versions of the Adam for different markets will be offered and a firmware update to Android 2.3 is said to be coming just weeks after the Adam's launch. The pre-orders will first be limited to users who have registered and made comments on the company's blog, SlashGear heard, and then open up to a wider audience.


Notion Ink hints at Android 2.3 on December 6

12/05, 8:10pm

Notion Ink hints Android 2.3 unveil at D Mobile

Notion Ink's weekend update has strongly hinted that Google could launch Android 2.3 as soon as tomorrow. CEO Rohan Shravan said December 6 would be "another big day for Android" and that his company could be ready with an adaptation of its custom Eden tablet interface for the Adam in short order. "You will find out how fast Notion Ink can work," he said.


[U] Notion Ink launches new Adam website ahead of release

11/23, 5:20am

Hints at mystery new hardware feature

Notion Ink has launched the new website for its hotly anticipated 10.1-inch Adam tablet. The tablet offers a raft of hardware and software features that no other tablet on the market is currently capable of equaling in its entirety. In addition to the option for a Pixel Qi color display, its most striking capability is that it can simultaneously display up to three applications on screen at once. Also teased on the new website under the tech specs page is a “bonus mystery feature”.


Notion Ink says Adam tablet likely to arrive by Christmas

11/04, 3:50pm

Notion InK Adam on track for Christmas in US

Notion Ink founder Rohan Shravan updated again today with word that the Adam tablet could ship to buyers before Christmas. FCC testing was still on track and already had basics like the power charger approved. If it didn't make December, the Adam would still likely arrive within the first few days of January, either just after New Year's or by CES.


Notion Ink says Adam tablet gets minimum 15-hour life

10/25, 1:50pm

More Notion Ink Adam tablet tech specs revealed

Notion Ink CEO Rohan Shravan shared more technical details on the company's Adam tablet over the weekend. Chief among the revelations was that the Android tablet does indeed offer longer battery life than Apple's iPad, as previously promised. Shravan says power draw is low during OpenGL-powered gaming sessions and that he got between 15 hours and two days of battery life on a full charge.


Notion Ink shows working Adam production samples

10/12, 2:45pm

Notion Ink Adam tablet samples shown off

The first production Notion Ink Adam tablets that shipped to the company just yesterday are now being shown off. The company founder, Rohan Shravan, cautions that the models are still early production examples, and as such the texture of the exposed plastic will be smoother once color choices are finalized. Also, Notion Ink confirmed that the tablet will ship with 1GB of RAM.


Notion Ink previews Adam tablet's Eden interface

10/11, 2:00pm

Notion Ink Adam gets Eden UI reveal

Notion Ink this weekend explained some of the first details behind the custom interface for its Adam tablet. The 10-inch Android tablet will build on Google's formula with Eden, a multitasking system based around panels: each app will run in a panel with a home area to pick which panels are running. A multitasking mode will allow three apps to show at once, making it possible to run non-optimized apps without wasting space.


Notion Ink gets LongBox for tablet comic books, iOS coming

10/08, 3:55pm

LongBox comic book software to come on all Adams

Notion Ink, maker of the upcoming Adam tablet, has just announced a partnership with LongBox Digital that will see the latter's digital comic book library and system come preloaded onto the Adam. Like other front ends, it will support a direct download store. Under the deal, LongBox will provide its comic book interface on the four announced Notion Ink tablets and others that come out in the next two years that use Notion Ink's Genesis system.


Notion Ink Adam to reach FCC early

09/14, 5:20pm

Notion Ink Adam ahead of schedule, to get comics

Notion Ink had good news for itsAdam tablet today as company founder Rohan Shravan explained that the hardware is ahead of schedule. It should reach FCC certification in the US a week earlier than first thought and should be ready to sell to the US and elsewhere shortly after early November. The firm had still thought it would have the Adam out by the end of 2010 but now is more likely to arrive on time.


Notion Ink Adam tablet's pricing, year's-end launch detailed

08/12, 11:55am

Notion Ink Adam to cost less than iPad

Notion Ink's Adam tablet has been largely fleshed out in an unofficial outline of company plans. The 10-inch Android slate will be sold in four distinct versions, SlashGear heard, all of which use NVIDIA's dual-core Tegra 250. A traditional LCD design with Wi-Fi alone will cost $399, or about $100 less than the iPad; a 3G version of the same will cost $449, while versions with an outdoor-friendly Pixel Qi display will cost an extra $50 each.


Notion Ink tablets to get SIM card slot

08/02, 1:40pm

Notion Ink's Adam tablet to get SIM card slot

Notion Ink has released a spec sheet for its long overdue 10-inch Adam tablet, which reveals it will support GSM networks, not just data over EDGE or HSPA. The addition raises the possibility that it will also have voice calling capabilities, like the Dell Streak tablet. The sheet also reinforces beliefs that the Adam will be available with either a Pixel Qi and a more traditional LCD screen.


Notion Ink Adam to ship with Android 2.2

07/31, 12:20pm

Notion Ink says no Android 3.0 out of box

Notion Ink chief Rohan Shravan said later on Friday that the Adam tablet is likely to ship with no later than Android 2.2. He acknowledged that the "window is really small" for releasing a device with the current Google OS but that 3.0 was off the cards for the finished slate. The company wants the tablet to be upgradable to 3.0, but it can't design for the new OS without fixed hardware requirements from Google, Shravan said.


Android 3.0 already in testing, may hit 10in Motorola tablet

07/26, 3:55pm

Google, Motorola get close to Android 3 devices

Android 3 is now believed to be in field testing as a check of online analytics has shown examples in the field. Some phones running the Linpack online benchmark have been caught running 3.0, 3.0.1 and 3.2. While the releases could use faked version numbers, they're believed to be examples of concurrent development which will branch out once 3.0 is finished.


Tablets may overtake netbooks by 2012, desktops by 2013

06/17, 11:20am

iPad could push past netbooks in two years

Apple's iPad should help push tablet sales past netbooks in as little as two years, Forrester analyst Sarah Rotman Epps estimated today. She believes that, even with a conservative estimate of 3.5 million tablets sold this year, the category could grow to 20.4 million by 2012 and make up 18 percent of the market while netbooks would peak at 17 percent. A year later, tablets would overtake declining desktop sales, reaching 21 percent versus 20 percent.


Notion Ink plans cheaper and non-Tegra tablets

06/09, 11:40am

Notion Ink hints at non-Tegra, LCD tabletsN

Notion Ink's CEO Rohan Shravan today sent word that the company may have cheaper tablets in store beyond the still-to-come Adam. The company will have at least a version with a single LCD rather than the dual, outdoor-readable Pixel Qi design. The company has also been testing "another platform" beyond NVIDIA's Tegra that would be very power-efficient and significantly less costly to use.


Notion Ink tablet delayed until November in some areas

06/08, 4:20pm

Notion Ink Adam sees further backlog

Notion Ink has let slip that its Adam tablet may not reach some countries until November. The startup's CEO Rohan Shravan has explained that the Android tablet would ideally ship by the end of July but that he has to "fight every day" with investors that want to launch in some areas closer to American Thanksgiving. A launch date is due soon, Shravan said, but whether it will meet the target wasn't indicated.


Notion Ink tablet still in works, won't ship without Flash

04/07, 9:40am

Notion Ink at Universities first, have Flash

Notion Ink, the makers of the upcoming Adam tablet, has released an update recently, saying it is working with multiple partners to bring a wide range of content to its device. On the company's official blog, Notion Ink founder and CEO Rohan Shravan promises the device will have access to educational content and a competitive price. Shravan also reveals an iPad is on order in order to compare the devices and see if Notion Ink missed anything in its development and feature set.


Tegra 2 faults may delay Android tablets

04/01, 9:10am

ICD, Notion Ink, more hurt by Tegra flaws

The ICD Ultra, Notion Ink Adam and other Android-based tablets have been pushed back due to flaws in the NVIDIA Tegra processor they use, a rumor claimed today. The dual-core Tegra 250 at the heart of these and a Compal 7-inch tablet allegedly has "serious issues" of reliability and has pushed back launches until August at the earliest. A SlashGear tipster claimed Compal wouldn't ship its reference design until mid-September, while ICD and Notion Ink wouldn't ship until the fall; ICD's Ultra and Vega wouldn't arrive until October.


Marvell shows 10-inch Android tablet prototype

03/16, 11:40am

Marvell tailors 10in ARM tablet for e-readers

Marvell at the Future of Publishing Summit on Tuesday showed a prototype of a 10-inch tablet running Android. The example device uses a non-production shell but is expected to be fast, using an ARM-based Armada processor that could give it 1080p video playback without hurting battery life. The version on display appears to be using Android 1.6 rather than 2.0 or 2.1, but this would be more likely to change in a finished product.


ARM expects over 50 ARM tablets in 2010 alone

03/10, 8:00am

ARM exec sees tablet use exploding

The number of touchscreen tablets running on ARM chips is set to explode even in 2010, the company's global mobile device ODM manager Roy Chen said today. While the iPad is the most conspicuous of these, Chen anticipates over 50 shipping in 2010. The first are due in the spring and will largely be attached to cellular carriers. There will be "a lot more" in the summer, the manager said.


Pixel Qi vows do-it-yourself display kits

03/08, 4:10pm

Pixel Qi to sell DIY screens beofre spring's end

Pixel Qi said over the weekend that its unique 3qi displays will be available as stand-alones, for users to install on their own into any devices they see fit, by the end of spring. An official announcement will be made before the displays actually ship, and no prices or sizes of the screens have been announced.


Pixel Qi has "several more" customers for display

02/26, 8:40am

Pixel Qi 3qi to go beyond Notion Ink tablet

Pixel Qi chief Mary-Lou Jepsen in a brief session has revealed that the company's 3qi displays will find their way into other devices soon. While officially lined up only for the Notion Ink Adam tablet so far, the unique three-in-one display now has "several more" customers since January. These can't be named as the partners have to decide when to go public/


Notion Ink Adam tablet to get Flash, outlast iPad battery

02/09, 5:05pm

Adam tablet prototype to outlast iPad, get Flash

Initial impressions of a prototype Adam tablet from Notion Ink, first announced late last year, show that the device has some significant advantages over competitors such as the iPad. Powered by the new NVIDIA Tegra chipset and using a low-power display from Pixel Qi, the pre-production Adam is said to last at least two to three times longer than the 10-hour battery life for the iPad when browsing the web using Wi-Fi or watching video, according to Notion Ink CEO Rohan Shravan.



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