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First round of bidding for Hulu ends this week, four bids rumored

05/24, 4:20am

DirecTV, Time Warner Cable interested in streaming TV service

Four parties have allegedly placed bids to purchase streaming service Hulu, with the first round of bidding apparently due to end this week. Guggenheim Digital Media, DirecTV, and Time Warner Cable are said to be interested in the company, following a bid from former News Corp president Peter Chernin for a reported $500 million.


Email reveals e-book talk between Steve Jobs, James Murdoch

05/15, 10:08pm

Indicates Apple was pushing for prices higher than Amazon

US Department of Justice filings in the e-book price-fixing case against Apple reveal an exchange between former Apple CEO Steve Jobs and News Corporation/HarperCollins' James Murdoch, notes AllThingsD. In the course of a Jobs-penned email, which dates back to January 2010, the CEO explains why Apple is proposing to tie e-book prices to hardcover ones. "We simply donít think the e-book market can be successful with pricing higher than $12.99 or $14.99," Jobs writes.


Briefly: Vodafone 4G in Australia, Fox threat over Aereo

04/08, 2:32pm

Vodafone Australia to roll out 4G coverage in June

Vodafone is to launch its 4G services to Australian customers in June. The initial rollout will see Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Wollongong, Newcastle, and the Gold Coast covered with 4G service, according to ZDNet. Tests on the 4G signal shows it as having a download speed of 80Mbps and an upload of 20Mbps, with a claimed maximum of 150Mbps possible for some customers. Like its competitors, national carriers Telstra and Optus, Vodafone will be keeping its 4G service charges the same as its 3G access, and hopes to have 1,000 4G sites operational by the end of 2013.


Report: Former News Corp exec Peter Chernin offers $500M for Hulu

04/05, 8:47pm

Status of talks remains unclear

Former News Corp president Peter Chernin has reportedly submitted a $500 million bid to buy Hulu, several unnamed sources have told Reuters. Aside from noting the value of the alleged offer, the report does not shed light on the seriousness of the buyout talks. The company has been wooing potential buyers for several years, aiming in 2011 to fetch $2 billion for the streaming TV service.


Rumor: Hulu contemplates possible sale, takeover bids

03/26, 8:02am

Streaming service yet to receive formal offer for sale

Hulu could come under new ownership, if rumors about its potential sale is true. News Corp and Disney are said to be considering selling the streaming service to one of a number of potential suitors, though they are also considering the option of buying each other out in order to take full control of the company.


News Corp. reveals Amplify Android tablet for schools

03/06, 5:47am

News Corp. looking to tap into $3 billion educational market

News Corp. has used the SXSWedu conference in Austin, Texas to reveal the Amplify 10-inch Android tablet for students in K-12, reports The New York Times. The device is a product of News Corpís new education division, which is using the tablet to gain a physical foothold in educational curriculum market. The Amplify tablets will ship with News Corp curriculum materials preinstalled, and will be supplemented by servers to help manage and store studentís data to further sweeten the deal.


News Corp to close digital newspaper 'The Daily' on Dec 15

12/03, 10:15am

Low readership numbers blamed for 'The Daily' closure

News Corporation is shuttering its digital-only newspaper, The Daily, as part of the company's organizational changes. The date of its last publication, December 15th, will be just two months before the second anniversary of the iPad-only publication's creation. The primary motivation behind the closure has been revealed to be its unprofitability, caused through consistently low readership numbers.


Chief Digital Officer Jon Miller departs News Corp

08/23, 5:55pm

Stays with company in advisory role until September 2013

News Corp's Chief Digital Officer Jon Miller has announced his intention to depart News Corp. Miller will remain as adviser to CEO Rupert Murdoch, COO Chase Carey, and deputy COO James Murdoch until September 2013. The departure precedes a set of business transactions that will split the company into an entertainment company, and a publishing arm that includes the Wall Street Journal in both print and digital form, a very different scenario than when Miller was hired to drive its technology and online initiatives.


News Corp.'s The Daily to lay off almost one-third of staff

07/31, 4:49pm

Marks failure of iPad-focused publication to catch on

News Corporation publication The Daily is laying off almost a full third of its workers, according to sources for AllThingsD, which is owned by the same parent company. That translates into about 50 people, who are expected to get their job loss notices today. The editorial and sports departments are said to be taking the biggest hits, although "skeletal" coverage in those areas will remain. Other affected departments are said to include the design and production teams.


Roku gains $45M investent from BSkyB, News Corp, others

07/26, 4:09pm

Funds earmarked for increased production, Roku marketing

Roku has secured funding from BSkyB and News Corp. A third partner that declined to be named, along with previous investors Menlo Ventures and Globespan Capital Partners, join the funding round and bring the strategic investment total to $45 million. Roku has already earmarked most of the new capital for specific purposes, with generous portions going toward advertising, expanding into new international markets, and increasing manufacturing for existing product lines.


News Corp. considering cutting The Daily, source says

07/12, 12:00pm

Tablet-based news app said to be losing millions

News Corporation may be on the verge of shutting down The Daily, according to a source in contact with the New York Observer. The publication has allegedly been put "on watch" because of ongoing financial losses totaling about $30 million per year. Its fate is expected to be reevaluated after the US Presidential elections on November 6th.


ITV blames News Corp company for leaking smartcard codes

03/26, 11:40pm

NDS hiring hackers to kill Sky TV competitor?

Former ITV executives have blames the company's demise on corporate hacking that was allegedly commissioned by News Corp subsidiary NDS Group. ITV was reportedly plagued by hacking attempts, which successfully gained access to the company's smartcard codes and leaked the information online.


Aereo countersues Fox, PBS to keep TV streaming alive

03/20, 4:10pm

Aereo expands countering lawsuits

Aereo on Tuesday grew its countersuits against TV networks to include several more networks. Fox, PBS, Univision, WPIX, and WNET were all targeted under a complaint that wanted the judge to rule that Aereo wasn't violating the networks' copyrights. It had already sued ABC, CBS, and NBCUniversal a week ago.


Hulu CEO elusive on Hulu Plus for Apple TV, selloff talks

01/31, 12:50pm

Hulu CEO careful not to commit to or deny Apple TV

Hulu chief Jason Kilar used careful language in an interview at the D: Dive Into Media conference when discussing major content deals. He wouldn't confirm or deny any talks to bring Hulu Plus to the Apple TV. The executive was aware it was a potentially loaded question and denied it twice when pressed.


Hulu gets more original TV to reduce dependence on networks

01/15, 6:05pm

Hulu starts up own online-only TV series

Hulu followed in Netflix's footsteps Sunday by launching its first fictional, original TV series. Battleground covers a fictional political campaign in Wisconsin and is produced by JD Walsh, 500 Days of Summer's Marc Webb, and Hagai Shaham. It should be followed up by more documentaries, including a second season of Morgan Spurlock's A Day in the Life and Richard Linklater's new Up to Speed.


Saudi Prince Alwaleed buys $300m stake in Twitter

12/19, 12:10pm

Snaps up 4 percent of social networking service

Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal has bought a just under four percent interest in social networking pioneer Twitter. Prince Alwaleed, 26th on Forbes' list of billionaires, is the nephew of Saudi King Abdullah. The Prince paid out $300 million for his investment.


CBS: we turned down Apple streaming TV deal over ad split

11/03, 9:55pm

CBS says Apple planned stream TV with shared cash

CBS chief Les Moonves may have inadvertently confirmed Apple's negotiations for a streaming TV service during the company's fiscal results call. He claimed that CBS had turned down a deal for a service because it would have split ad revenues. The executive didn't give details of what the service would have involved.


YouTube TV channels may appear next week

10/27, 10:50am

YouTube may have cable TV rival up in days

YouTube's professional video channels may be active within a week, anonymous tips maintained on Thursday. The details obtained by the WSJ suggest a broader strategy than thought before and would involve a redesign of the site itself, focusing on channels whether they're live or traditional YouTube subscriptions. Some of the live producers would be takes with filling in specific categories, such as comedy, food, or news.


Jobs identified Fox News as 'incredibly destructive force'

10/26, 2:55pm

More info emerges from Jobs biography

Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs was extremely critical of Fox News, and Rupert Murdoch, the CEO of the network's parent company News Corp., Reuters notes. The information comes from the Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson, which shipped on Monday. In June 2010 Jobs agreed to speak at News Corp.'s annual management retreat, breaking a personal policy against such speaking engagements. Why he agreed is unclear, although Apple and News Corp. would later launch The Daily for the iPad.


Saturday Night Live parodies industry take on Steve Jobs

10/24, 3:05pm

Netflix, Facebook, News Corp. take flak

A Saturday Night Live dress rehearsal sketch, now online, satirizes industry reactions to the death of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Executives from many companies were quick to praise Jobs in the days immediately after Apple's formal announcement. The SNL sketch jokes, though, that many corporate heads claim to admire Jobs without actually understanding what makes Apple products work.


Google rumored still trying to buy Hulu

10/14, 6:30pm

Hulu still talking to Google on sale?

With yesterday's report that Hulu is no longer for sale, a new report from SAI sources suggests it's still considering a sale to Google. Google did make the largest bid for the streaming service, though it also wanted concessions that Hulu wasn't willing to make. Google's bid, at about $4 billion, was more than twice as big as Dish Network's $2 billion.


Hulu decides against selling itself off

10/13, 8:15pm

Hulu says studios see it as too valuable

Hulu in a brief note said it had decided to stop its attempted selloff. The statement, which had the support of Disney, investor Providence Equity Partners, and Fox's parent company News Corp., claimed that each of the owners though there was too much of a "unique and compelling strategic value" for each of them to sell. It would instead center on existing plans.


The Daily musters just 120,000 weekly readers half a year on

09/28, 6:05pm

The Daily iPad newspaper gets little reach

The Daily's readership figures are less than a quarter of what they need to be to break even, Publicis Groupe executive VP John Nitti revealed in a discussion Wednesday. Relaying what it had heard directly from News Corp., the advertiser told Bloomberg that about 120,000 unique readers, which could include those on two-week trials, were being tracked every week. News Corp. chief Rupert Murdoch had said during the launch event that about 500,000 were needed to break even.


Fox slows down Hulu with 8-day delay on free viewers

07/26, 7:45pm

Fox demands 8-day delay on Hulu shows

Fox on Tuesday night set out to shelter traditional TV with a long hinted-at plan to delay TV shows on Hulu for non-subscribers. Free viewers will face an eight-day delay for access to Fox TV shows unless they either pay for Hulu Plus or can prove they subscribe to a conventional TV service. Only satellite provider Dish Network is so far cleared to give users same-day access in the strategy, which starts up August 15.


Apple among those considering buying Hulu

07/21, 8:00pm

Apple included in early Hulu bidding rounds

Apple is one of those considering making a bid for Hulu, a pair of sources claimed Thursday. The company is supposedly in "early talks" that could lead to a buyout if all went well. It wasn't clear from Bloomberg tips what stage of the bidding process Apple had reached or how serious Apple's intentions were.


Yahoo rumored willing to buy Hulu for four-year exclusive

07/19, 5:25pm

May offer up to $2 billion

Yahoo's interest in purchasing Hulu may be reigniting. SAI reports that if Hulu's current owners are willing to guarantee four or five years of exclusive access to content, then Yahoo might be interested in paying up to $2 billion for the streaming content provider. Neither Hulu, its owners, or Yahoo have commented.


LulzSec returns, starts hacking News Corp sites [U]

07/18, 5:45pm

LulzSec revives with attack on Sun and Murdoch

Update: more hacks) LulzSec returned from its self-imposed exit to launch a new attack against The Sun. The hacker group changed key articles on the British newspaper's page in a retaliation campaign for News Corp's phone hacking scandal. Among the examples were an article claiming that News Corp founder Rupert Murdoch had killed himself through palladium poisoning.


Spotify goes live in the US with invite-only service

07/14, 8:50am

Spotify finally active in US

Spotify as promised has at last started up service in US. The music streaming provider is currently active in an invite-only beta but has 15 million tracks and the full feature set of its European counterpart. It includes an expanded free service with ads, a $5 Unlimited monthly plan that gives full streaming on the web, and a $10 Premium plan that gives full access on Android, iOS, and other devices like Sonos and Logitech Squeezebox systems.


Netflix taking a pass on buying Hulu

07/10, 8:55pm

Netflix and Hulu mutually uninterested in deal

New tips Sunday ruled out Netflix as one of the candidates to buy Hulu. The movie streaming service hasn't been actively involved, sources for the WSJ said. Hulu also reportedly hasn't been actively interested, in part since it would create overlap and reduce the number of suppliers, not increase them.


Disney chief says Hulu committed to selling itself

07/06, 3:35pm

No time frame given for sale

For the past few weeks, rumors have swirled around the possible sale of Hulu. Today, Disney CEO Bob Igor confirmed that Disney, NBCUniversal and News Corp., the TV streaming service's owners are indeed looking to sell off. Igor declined to provide a timeframe for a deal or to hint who might be the acquirer.


Amazon, AT&T, Verizon also exploring buyout of Hulu

07/05, 5:25pm

Hulu talks to Amazon, ATT, Verizon, more

Hulu's shopping itself around also includes Amazon, AT&T, and Verizon, insiders revealed Tuesday. The companies are part of a "short list" that included Microsoft as its first stop last week and will include Yahoo and Google next. AllThingsD's sources didn't learn how Microsoft had reacted but also heard Hulu will bring up the idea to Facebook, Liberty Media, Netflix, and Samsung.


MySpace to sell to Specific Media for $35 million [U]

06/29, 3:20pm

MySpace now settling on 35m sale to Specific

(Update: Justin Timberlake is involved) MySpace's imminent sale has now been finalized as a new leak confirmed a deal has been struck. Ad producer Specific Media has agreed to buy the social network for $35 million. Under the terms seen by AllThingsD, current owner News Corp would have a "less than five percent" stake but cut the 400-person staff count in half.


MySpace rumored slashing 75% of its staff

06/28, 10:05am

Sale also expected this week

Myspace is rumored to be cutting up to 300 employees from its workforce over the next few weeks. TechCrunch reports that 150 employees will receive pink slips tomorrow and probably another 150 will be shown the door over the next few weeks. This comes as the struggling company could have a new owner as soon as tomorrow.


New York Post blocks iPads on web to force app subscriptions

06/18, 10:45pm

New York Post tries to push iPad owners to app

The New York Post took a risky move to try and push iPad readers to its native iPad app. Those who try to visit the home page from mobile Safari, even from an alternate link, are redirected to a page linking to the app. Desktop users and even other mobile platforms, like Android, don't face the same limit.


MySpace favoring partnerships over being taken over

06/06, 6:45am

MySpace said to be nearing partnership deal

News Corp, the owner of MySpace is getting closer to signing a deal for MySpace since formally opening a bidding process in April. However, it appears that instead of an outright takeover, any deal will be in the form of a major partnership. News Corp, which paid $580 million for MySpace in 2005 had been hoping for offers at around $100 million for the struggling website, but has not received any credible offers in that vicinity.


France to have G8-like tech summit with Amazon, Google

05/13, 3:30pm

France to hold tech summit on May 24-25

The French government said Friday that it will hold a summit where big presences on the Internet such as Amazon, Facebook and Google will debate how countries can bring innovation to the web. The forum will be held on May 24 and 25 in Paris and is a part of French President Nicolas Sarkozy's plans. In attendance will be Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt and Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos.


MySpace may take selloff bids of $100m-plus this week

04/26, 5:45pm

MySpace takes bids from six companies in selloff

News Corp's plans to sell off MySpace will come to a head this week, insiders said Tuesday night. About six companies, possibly including Vevo and Bebo's recent acquirer Criterion Capital Partners, were all expected to make bids by the end of the week. A Wall Street Journal source named an unnamed Chinese company as having talked about a deal, but it wasn't said whether this company would make the bid.


The Daily interest on decline, Twitter trends hint

04/06, 5:00pm

Long-term prospects yet to be seen

News Corp.'s iPad-only news magazine The Daily is losing traction, says the Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard University. It's currently impossible to gauge the exact performance of the publication, as neither Apple nor News Corp. have released detailed figures. Because of Twitter integration, though, it becomes possible to gauge relative activity.


New York Times starts subscriptions for web, iPads [U]

03/17, 11:15am

New York Times makes subscription plans official

(Updated with iTunes app changes) The New York Times on Thursday outlined its long referenced plans to put up a paywall and start offering subscriptions. Everyone will get their first 20 articles per month for free, but further reading will need a monthly subscription. A $15 per month plan offers full web access as well as a smartphone app; $20 per month swaps out the phone for the iPad, and an unusually steep hike to $35 is required to get both phone and iPad use.


Web overtakes paper for news, 47% of it mobile

03/14, 12:15pm

Pew says web more popular than newspapers

Pew and the Knight Foundation in a new study has said the web has finally overtaken newspapers as the primary source of news. Internet sources are now only less popular than TV for news, and the gap between the two was "closing," Pew said. About 47 percent of those were getting news from a smartphone or another mobile device, usually for quick info such as traffic and weather.


Hulu may shrink its board to move faster

03/10, 10:30pm

Bob Iger and Chase Carey may give up seats

Hulu is reportedly set to downsize its board of directors, as part of a leadership reorganization designed to enable quicker decision making, unnamed sources have told the Wall Street Journal (sub. required). Several of the media executives on the current 12-seat board are said to hold conflicting views on the strategic direction the company should take.


News Corp surpasses 200k paid subscribers on tablets

03/10, 7:20pm

Company said to be surprised by performance

Wall Street Journal publisher Les Hinton has highlighted the strong performance of paid subscriptions for News Corp's tablet editions. The number of paid subscribers is said to have quadrupled from last year, reaching a current level of 200,000, according to Hinton's comments today at a speech in Boston.


News Corp ramps up efforts to sell MySpace

02/24, 8:35pm

Media giant to meet with prospective buyers

News Corp. has reportedly ramped up efforts to divest its MySpace assets, unnamed sources have told the Wall Street Journal. Investment bank Allen & Company is said to be scheduling meetings with prospective buyers on behalf of the company, while providing the first in-depth looks at MySpace's financial information.


The Daily trials to extend for 'several more weeks'

02/23, 9:20pm

News Corp confirms extending The Daily trials

News Corp in a talk on Wednesday confirmed some expectations that it would extend trial periods for The Daily. Publisher Greg Clayman said that users would get extensions for 'several more weeks' to help accommodate the problems with the iPad app, including "stability issues" and other unusual behavior. He argued to paidContent that some of the problems would have been difficult to address without a wide-scale test.


The Daily gets $3m Super Bowl ad, vows improvements

02/06, 9:30pm

News Corp runs The Daily Super Bowl ad

(Update: iPad-friendly video) News Corp during the Super Bowl made a first for a tablet magazine with both the first real TV ad (below) for The Daily as well as one the most expensive iPad app marketing efforts to date. The ad is relatively low-key and pushes both the range of content for the iPad magazine as well as its interactivity. Although it uses an iPad throughout its 30 seconds, the commercial notably doesn't make any mention of Apple's hardware by name and just refers to it as a "tablet" magazine.


Hulu chief Kilar may be ousted for challenging TV masters

02/03, 9:15pm

Hulu exec could be forced out for defiant speech

Hulu's chief executive Jason Kilar might be removed from the top spot for a post that challenged traditional TV from studios. A News Corp executive said on Thursday that the Internet video maven would very likely be forced out as Comcast-NBC, Disney and News Corp's Fox are upset that he would criticize their TV business. The SAI tipster suggested Kilar was aware of it and was risking a 'poison pill' gesture that would lead to retaliation.


Prototype iPad 2 said spotted at The Daily launch event

02/02, 6:55pm

Design confirms front-facing camera

While News Corp was focusing everyone's attention on its latest iPad app, The Daily, at least one observant attendee reportedly happened to catch a glimpse of a prototype iPad. The device, which was spotted by a Reuters employee, is said to integrate a front-facing camera at the top edge of the glass bezel surrounding the LCD.


News Corp ready to sell MySpace

02/02, 6:40pm

News Corp says MySpace best sold off

News Corp while talking about its latest results confirmed that it was effectively ready to sell MySpace. Chief Operating Officer Chase Carey thought that the major redesign and music focus showed "very encouraging metrics" but weren't enough by themselves. Real growth "may be best achieved under a new owner," he said.


Murdoch: The Daily will come to 'all major tablets' in time

02/02, 12:10pm

Murdoch vows The Daily for more than iPad soon

Rupert Murdoch during his introduction event for The Daily promised that the publication wouldn't be exclusive to the iPad in the long run. News Corp was "quite honest with Apple" and stressed that the daily publication would come to "all major tablets" at a certain point. He didn't confirm that it was an exclusive, but he characterized Apple as virtually controlling the tablet market for the near future.


Live coverage of News Corp's The Daily iPad app event [end]

02/02, 11:50am

We cover News Corp's The Daily iPad event app

News Corp held the introduction of its The Daily iPad publication, which brings with it both daily news for the tablet and iTunes in-app subscriptions. Apple's Internet Services VP Eddy Cue guest hosted along with News Corp's Rupert Murdoch. Check after the story break for updates as they happened in reverse chronological order.



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