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Briefly: Starbucks makes NYT deal, BT tests 500Mbps broadband

07/22, 6:45am

Starbucks mobile app to offer more NYT articles early next year

Starbucks is expanding its rewards program to allow patrons increased access to the New York Times, on top of the 15 free pages already provided through the Starbucks Digital Network. Starting in the first half of 2016, My Starbucks Rewards members will be able to view the top news of the day from the publication, as well as a selection of other articles, via the Starbucks mobile app.


Hands On: NYT Now 2.0.1 (iOS)

05/17, 8:59am

Headline news app now free

If you're confused by The New York Time's range of online and mobile apps, the short answer is that this is the one you want, this is the one that ought to be on Apple Watch -- and this one is now free. It used to be a subscription-only app, but this week that changed, and you can the get the good one, the NYT Now 2.0.1 app, for nothing.


Hands On: BBC News 2.1.4 & NY Times Breaking News 5.0 (iOS, Watch)

05/11, 7:10am

Two of the world's best news services on your Apple Watch

It's not as if either BBC or the New York Times is flawless in terms of news coverage but they are behemoths that are mostly trusted and what they write sets the news agenda across the world. Now both are among the burgeoning news apps available for Apple Watch and they have separately found similar yet sometimes distinctly different ways to do some nice touches. One has done it via a standalone app and one via its existing Newsstand version and this would be a news app smackdown except we're recommending you get both.


NYT: Uber reportedly bids $3B for Nokia Here maps

05/08, 7:18am

Uber allegedly joins fight to acquire Nokia mapping arm

Uber has apparently placed a bid to acquire the Here mapping arm of Nokia, according to a report. The New York Times claims the company has placed a bid in the region of $3 billion for the mapping technology, though it still has competition from other sources, including a collection of German car manufacturers working with Baidu, as well as another offer from an unnamed private equity firm.


New York Times: Facebook working on anonymity-related mobile app

10/08, 11:11am

App allegedly offers multiple pseudonyms for discussions about sensitive topics

Facebook is working on a mobile app for anonymous interaction between users, a report claims. The app will allegedly let users to talk to each other under multiple pseudonyms rather than real names, in a similar way to Secret, allowing for identities to be protected when people are discussing subjects which are taboo or could be damaging to a person's reputation.


NYT: Samsung Unpacked to include Galaxy S5, updated Galaxy Gear

02/05, 3:19pm

Unpacked event to be restrained launch compared to Galaxy S4

Samsung's "Unpacked 2014 Episode 1" event at Mobile World Congress will not only host the launch of the Galaxy S5 smartphone, but also a new Galaxy Gear, claims a report. Sources of the New York Times claim that the event will be a "relatively low-key" affair when compared to the singing and dancing used for the launch of the Galaxy S4 at New York's Radio City Music Hall last March.


NY Times, Twitter, HuffPo fall victim to Syrian Electronic Army hack

08/27, 7:08pm

Attack on the New York Times second in two weeks

The Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) tonight has claimed responsibility for a trio of hacks -- one directed at The New York Times, the second at the Huffington Post UK branch, and the third at microblogging service Twitter. All three appear to be attacks on the DNS records, as well as some sort of intrusion on Twitter's image hosting and URL shortening service.


New York Times reveals gesture-based app as Leap Motion ships

07/19, 12:26pm

Newspaper app for motion controller initially free to users

The New York Times is releasing an app that will allow users of the Leap Motion Controller to read articles with gestures. Details of the app come at the same time as reports that the controller manufacturer is starting to ship the device to customers that pre-ordered, ahead of its expected delayed ship date of July 22nd.


Google demonstrates NYT, Evernote, Path at SXSW event

03/12, 6:48am

Applications to follow four Glass principles

Google has demonstrated some potential uses for its head-mounted display project at SXSW Interactive. Software, including versions of Gmail, Evernote, Path, and the New York Times, were shown off, explaining how Google Glass would interact and display the content using Google's Mirror API for the headwear.


New York Times to sell to for $270M

08/08, 11:10am

Deal near closing

The New York Times is reportedly attempting to part ways with its division. The website, which offers organized information on a broad range of topics, is said to have failed to rekindle interest among readers, despite a restructuring effort and attempts to engage China.


Luxembourg official responds to Apple tax strategies

05/08, 3:16pm

Apple taxes correctly in EU says Luxembourg official

A Luxembourg official has spoken out against a recent investigation into Apple's tax avoidance strategies. In a letter to the editor of the New York Times, an executive director at the Luxembourg Trade and Investment Office defended Apple and the country, saying they are applying EU tax law correctly.


NY Times gets 454K digital subs, cuts free access in half

03/20, 2:30pm

One year of paid digital subscriptions celebrated

The New York Times Media Group revealed some changes on Tuesday regarding its digital subscription packages and offers. Although spun by the company, a shift in April will see it reduce free access from 20 articles to 10 on the New York Times website. The success of the service is likely what drove the change, with the outfit also developing exclusive mobile and digital products for subscribers.


RightNow hits Lodsys back with attempt to invalidate patents

08/05, 12:20pm

RightNow wants new declaratory judgment vs Lodsys

Customer experience developer RightNow took Lodsys to task on Thursday after it quietly moved for a new declaratory judgment (below) to invalidate the company's patents. The motion would have the Eastern District of Wisconsin-based court rule that RightNow's chat support system, as well as customers like Bass Pro, not only aren't violating four of Lodsys' key patents but that the patents themselves are untenable. Lodsys has been 'threatening' all of RightNow's customers with boilerplate infringement claims, RightNow said.


New York Times begins offering in-app iOS subcriptions

07/01, 3:35pm

Paper long-time resister of Apple terms

The New York Times has updated its iPad and iPhone apps to support in-app subscriptions, reports note. Three options are available: the first is $15 a month, and grants full access to the Times website and iPhone app. $20 covers the website and iPad app, while $35 opens up all digital content.


New York Times, OpinionLab sue Lodsys in preemptive strikes

06/14, 8:45am

NYT and OpinionLab want Lodsys patents invalidated

Lodsys faced the consequences of its actions again Monday after the New York Times Company and OpinionLab both sued Lodsys (below) to invalidate its patents. Similar to the lawsuit from ForeSee, both of the plaintiffs are seeking a declaratory judgment that would at least absolve them of guilt and also nullify the patents themselves. OpinionLab's complaint alleged that Lodsys was violating Illinois fair competition laws and was committing tortious interference by scaring investors away.


Nook owners with New York Times subs get free web access

04/05, 10:05am

Nook joins Kindle in free NYT web access for subs

Barnes & Noble joined Amazon today by giving bonus web access to New York Times subscribers in light of the newspaper's new paywall. Anyone who subscribes to the paper on a Nook device will get unfettered access to the web version. On the Nook Color, this means color images and an overall experience much more like that of a tablet.


Amazon Kindle subs get New York Times website for 'free'

03/28, 4:55pm

Amazon Kindle to get NYT web at no extra price

Amazon on Monday landed a deal to give Kindle readers a route around the newly active New York Times paywall. Those who already subscribe to the Kindle Edition of the newspaper will get free access to all of the website at no extra charge. The timing wasn't outlined in the update.


New York Times starts subscriptions for web, iPads [U]

03/17, 11:15am

New York Times makes subscription plans official

(Updated with iTunes app changes) The New York Times on Thursday outlined its long referenced plans to put up a paywall and start offering subscriptions. Everyone will get their first 20 articles per month for free, but further reading will need a monthly subscription. A $15 per month plan offers full web access as well as a smartphone app; $20 per month swaps out the phone for the iPad, and an unusually steep hike to $35 is required to get both phone and iPad use.


New York Times continues holding off on paid iPad app

03/02, 10:35am paywall coming 'shortly'

The New York Times iPad app will eventually switch to the planned pay model, says the newspaper's chairman, Arthur Sulzberger. When a revised app was released last October, the Times initially promised that a paywall would be put up early this year. Content continues to be freely accessible however, and Sulzberger did not get into timing or other specifics in a talk at the Financial Times Digital Media Conference on Wednesday.


New York Times previews its social-aware The Daily rival

02/01, 9:20pm

New York Times to take on iPad Daily

The New York Times today gave an early look at its rough parallel to News Corp.'s imminent The Daily iPad app., co-developed by betaworks, would take more of its cues from Flipboard and curate content from Twitter. Along with formatting articles from the reader's own feed, the iPad reader alternative would see recommendations for those being followed and show what they might like, not necessarily what they're already reading.


Google launches Chrome Web Store, shows full Kindle for Web

12/07, 2:50pm

Google Chrome Web Store goes live

Google today formally launched the Chrome Web Store, its portal for web apps on both the Chrome browser and Chrome OS. The section lets users buy apps that they can access from a central launcher and which behave more like traditional apps, in some cases working offline. Many work with Flash but can use strict web standards and work for all platforms.


New York Times starts up e-book bestseller lists

11/11, 11:20am

NYT to have bestsellers just for digital books

The New York Times today planned to run a bestseller list just for e-books. The list will be separate from the paper list but will appear in the Book Review both online and in print versions of the newspaper. An independent tracker, RoyaltyShare, will monitor sales from a collection of digital bookstores and will help validate the data to ensure that it's accurate, an issue which the Times said was currently a problem in the e-book field.


Boxee to carry Hulu Plus and Netflix, gets new UI

11/10, 8:45pm

Boxee gets Hulu Plus and new interface

Boxee at its Brooklyn launch event revealed that the Boxee Box and the software platform would be getting a handful of key launch partners. Hulu Plus is the highlight and will see Boxee offer the $10 monthly streaming service on its media hub. The company didn't say if the free web version will be blocked outright, but it said free wouldn't be an option and promised a "real" Hulu designed for TV rather than just the browser.


Papers focusing on Samsung Galaxy Tab in move from iPad-only

10/08, 11:45am

Galaxy Tab serving as Android news template

Samsung's Galaxy Tab is expected to be the reference point for news on Android tablets as companies reduce their dependence on the iPad, sources said Friday. The New York Times and Wall Street Journal are both said to be developing apps for the seven-inch device with the hope of launching the same app elsewhere. One WSJ tip had the NYT app coming preloaded on some devices and available for free until the site's paywall goes up in January 2011, while the WSJ app itself would follow a typical subscription model.


Oracle CEO: HP fiasco worst decision since Apple fired Jobs

08/09, 7:50pm

HP accused of making a foolish decision

Oracle CEO Lawrence Ellison has criticized HP for ousting its chief executive, Mark Hurd, over allegations of sexual harassment. Ellison, a friend of Hurd's, sent an e-mail to the New York Times suggesting HP's board did not act in the best interest of shareholders and employees.


B&N outs Nook for Android, NY Times iPad subscriptions

07/22, 9:55am

Barnes and Noble adds Android reader and iPad subs

Barnes and Noble pushed hard in the mobile arena on Thursday, starting with the launch of Nook for Android. Apart from a name change to drive home the importance of the Nook badge, the app provides all of the widely available features of the existing iOS app, including LendMe book borrowing and syncing of purchases and page counts across devices. Highlights, notes and library searching should come with a summer update.


Pulse returns to App Store after extremely brief hiatus

06/08, 4:55pm

NYT claimed app commercialized its feed

Having only been absent since late Monday, Pulse is already back on sale at the App Store. The iPad app displays RSS feeds in a graphical grid, and had been a popular download prior to its disappearing. It was temporarily pulled following a complaint by the New York Times, alleging that the app infringed on the newspaper's rights.


Pulse gets kicked from App Store despite Jobs' support

06/08, 10:25am

New York Times alleges vague violations

A popular news reader for the iPad, Pulse, has been pulled from the App Store despite being featured in yesterday's WWDC keynote, reports note. Pulse displays a graphic grid of stories, making for a sometimes easier and more visually appealing presentation of RSS feeds. Since its release, the app has been downloaded over 35,000 times, and occasionally topped the list of paid titles at the App Store.


Apple taunts Adobe with "iPad ready" HTML5 sites

04/01, 1:45pm

Apple notes NYT, Flickr onboard with HTML5

Apple fired a shot at Adobe on Thursday by posting a list of iPad ready sites. All of the pages support HTML5 for video when seen on the iPad and either show a special site without Adobe Flash or have already dropped Flash in favor of the plugin-free option. In addition to known sites like Vimeo and Virgin America, it also confirms that CNN, Flickr, the New York Times and several other major sites have made the switch.


Apple agreeing to give subscriber info for iPad magazines?

03/01, 9:30am

Jobs said bowing to pressure to get mags onboard

Apple may be agreeing to give out subscriber info to get magazines in the iBookstore and on the iPad, a rumor on the latest episode of TWiT suggests. Controversial Mahalo head Jason Calacanis heard from a "major publisher" that Apple CEO Steve Jobs has acquiesced to giving out an unspecified amount of customer data after the publisher refused to offer subscription content without circulation info. It's not known if any other publishers put down a similar ultimatum.


Samsung Go drops $100 in NY Times Reader deal

11/25, 8:45am

Samsung Go in first online newspaper subsidy

The New York Times today launched a unique Times Reader deal to drive its online subscriptions. Those who subscribe to a $179 one-year subscription to Times Reader get $100 removed from the price of a Samsung Go netbook bought at the same time, lowering it to $280. The Times Reader app itself will also come preloaded on the portable and will push news whenever the PC is online.



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