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Apple deals: Mac Pros as low as $2,549

09/30, 3:28pm

Mac Pros as low as $2,549

Apple has added even more current-generation Mac Pro models to the refurbished shelf at Apple's Online Store. Starting at $2,549, after a $450 discount, is the refurbished Mac Pro with a 3.7GHz Intel quad-core Xeon E5 processor, 12GB of RAM, 256GB of PCIe-based flash storage and dual AMD FirePro D300 graphics. Priced at $3,219 is the refurbished Mac Pro with a 3.5GHz Intel 6-core Xeon E5 processor, 12GB of RAM, 512GB of PCIe-based flash storage and dual AMD FirePro D300 graphics.


DealNN: New Mac Pro with 64GB of RAM for $4,461

01/17, 2:20pm

New Mac Pro with 64GB of RAM for $4,461

Expercom is currently offering a great deal on the new Mac Pro. This configuration is normally priced on the site at $4,597, but has been reduced to $4,461 with about $17 for shipping, making it about $738 less than the price Apple charges for this same configuration. That makes this the lowest price with these specs that we have seen anywhere. It features a 3.5GHz 6-core Intel Xeon E5 processor, 64GB of RAM and 256GB of PCIe-based flash storage with dual AMD FirePro D300 graphics cards. A one-year warranty on parts and labor is included from Apple.


Apple: New Mac Pro uses 68 percent less power than previous model

01/02, 6:56pm

Environmental report highlights vastly-reduced resources, carbon footprint

Apple has updated its Environmental Responsibility page -- a section of its website most rivals do not even attempt to match -- with data on the new Mac Pro, revealing that the unit uses 68 percent less power at idle than the previous model, despite being far more powerful. The new design uses 74 percent less aluminium than the previous design, and features an even stronger mix of recyclable materials than before. The package takes up 82 percent less volume as well.


In-depth analysis on new Mac Pro finds it's a bargain

12/31, 10:18pm

HP, Lenovo unable to match Apple on price, performance

A lengthy analysis of the new Mac Pro by hardware enthusiast site Anandtech has found that Apple's latest desktop not only offers a design that is unmatched in the industry, but that its mix of custom features (like Thunderbolt 2 support on the motherboard and special dual FirePro graphics cards) and low price (for a workstation of this caliber) make it a compelling option for creative professionals, and cheaper than other manufacturers' options.


New Mac Pro teardown reveals CPU, RAM upgradable

12/27, 10:18pm

Custom graphics card not upgradable, PCIe storage still in doubt

A teardown of the new Mac Pro by upgrade experts Other World Computing will give cause for much celebration among DIY technophiles (who are, ironically, unlikely to be customers of the new workstation) -- the retailer says both the RAM and, more surprisingly, the central CPU unit of the Mac Pro are removable, paving the way to future upgrades. Its also possible that the proprietary connector used for the PCIe-based storage may be upgradable as well.


DIY PC site tries, fails to match new Mac Pro

12/24, 7:51pm

Does better in some areas, but can't compete on cost or specs

For many consumers, a quad-core i7 "Haswell" computer with SSD storage -- whether it is a Mac or PC -- is by far the fastest computer they've ever used, and meets everyday needs handily. Some, however -- creative professionals, scientists and others -- need all the power they can get and then some. The rapid sellout of the new Mac Pro -- surprising even Apple -- may revolve around the fact that its new design is a tough combination to beat, even for DIY PC builders.


New Mac Pro benchmarks appear, add eight-core option

09/27, 9:53pm

Scores compare to previous dual-six-core Mac Pro benchmarks

On Friday, Geekbench published new processor scores for what appears to be a legitimate new Mac Pro model that utilizes eight cores on a single processor. A previous score from the unreleased 12-core Mac Pro appeared back in June -- suggesting that Apple is planning on releasing more than one model when the redesigned workstation is finally premiered. Though the scores of the two models can't be directly compared due to technical differences, the eight-core Mac Pro solidly beats current eight-core Mac Pros.


Forums: OS X Mavericks debates, SD card woes and more

06/14, 2:15pm

OS X Mavericks debates, SD card woes and more

Today in the MacNN forums, members continue to talk about, as well as debate the usefulness of, the new features in OS X Mavericks. Yesterday Senior User "And.reg" was looking for a way to sync the play position of a podcast on iTunes with their iPod.



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