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Demographic shift shrinks Firefox, iOS and Mac web share

03/01, 11:50am

Net Applications shift lowers Firefox and Apple

Net Applications said it was forced to rework its Internet market share figures on Tuesday after the CIA updated its Internet usage to better reflect worldwide computer use. The surge in Chinese users relative to the US meant that alternatives to Microsoft lost share in February. Firefox had not only been "over-reported" and dropped a full point to 21.74 percent, but Internet Explorer made an artificial jump from exactly 56 percent to 56.77 percent, its first market share gain in half a year.


iOS now two percent of web traffic, Chrome cracks 10 percent

02/01, 9:25am

Net Applications puts iOS over 2pc web share

Mobile Apple hardware reached a milestone today as new findings showed iOS cracking two percent share of the web for the first time. The iPad, iPhone and iPod reached 2.06 percent of Net Applications' traffic study worldwide and were in even higher use in certain areas. In English-native and other more mobile-driven countries, the share was disproportionately higher, ranging from 3.4 percent in the US to almost 10 percent in Singapore.


iPhone affecting Mac's web share more than Windows

11/01, 7:50am

Net Applications has Mac below 5pc, iOS up

iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad are having more of an effect on the Mac's share of the web than Windows, Net Applications found in its report for October. The Mac has dipped below five percent share for the first time in about a year, but it came mostly as iOS grew to a new high of 1.25 percent of all web traffic. Windows made a significantly smaller gain and was also still near its lowest ever point, at 91.12 percent.


iOS hits new high, Internet Explorer new low in web share

10/01, 5:25pm

iOS ahead of Android on web, IE sinking further

Apple and Microsoft had opposing results in web share today as iOS reached an all-time best in Net Applications' charts while Internet Explorer on the desktop reached its lowest. The iPad, iPhone and iPod touch combined climbed to reach 1.18 percent of the entire web in September. The gain was enough to keep it growing faster than Android, which was still a fifth as influential at 0.24 percent.


iPhone saw highest ever gain in web use in July

08/01, 5:20pm

iPhone 4 sparks 19pc boost in web share

The launch of the iPhone 4 triggered the single largest increase in the iPhone's web share since it launched, Net Applications said today. Use of iPhones jumped from 0.59 percent in June to 0.7 percent in July, or an 18.6 increase in the number of owners in just one month. The growth rate also debunked some beliefs about Android as Google's OS grew at just half the pace.


Android grabs web share from iPhone in May

06/14, 12:40am

Quantcast sees Android still stealing iPhone share

Android is still taking Internet use share away from the iPhone, Quantcast found today. Google's OS has seen over 12 percent more North American web traffic in the first five months of 2010 where iPhone OS-based devices have dropped over eight percent. The rise comes even in spite of Apple's figures including iPad and iPod touch devices where Android is still almost exclusively limited to smartphones.


Internet Explorer drops below 60% web share

05/03, 12:15pm

IE toppled by gains from Chrome, Safari in April

Internet Explorer has dropped below a 60 percent share of web traffic for the first time, Net Applications found in its latest study. Microsoft's browser dropped to 59.95 percent of web use in April after Google Chrome leapt half a point ahead to 6.73 percent in the same timeframe. Firefox and Safari also ate into Internet Explorer's share with small gains that put them at 24.59 percent and 4.72 percent each.


Mac reaches new high of 5.33% web share

04/01, 6:15pm

Mac makes only significant gain in March share

The Mac reached a new all-time high for market share in March, Net Applications found today. It saw the largest gain of any OS in the month and jumped to 5.33 percent of all traffic online. Windows erased all its brief gains and, while still dominant, fell to 91.58 percent.



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