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UK government intervenes in Nvidia takeover of Arm, cites 'national security'

04/19/2021, 09:04 am

The UK's Competition and Markets Authority has been ordered to investigate Nvidia's proposed takeover of British company Arm, the company whose technology is used by Apple Silicon.


Qualcomm opposed to Nvidia's $40B takeover of Arm

02/12/2021, 12:02 pm

U.S. chipmaker Qualcomm has told regulators across the globe that it opposes Nvidia's $40 billion acquisition of chip design company ARM.


Nvidia GeForce Now client adds native Apple Silicon support

01/31/2021, 06:01 pm

Nvidia's GeForce Now has been updated to work with Apple Silicon Macs, allowing gamers on both Intel and M1-based models to use the game-streaming service.


Qualcomm acquires Nuvia chip design firm for $1.4 billion

01/13/2021, 09:01 am

Chip designer Nuvia, that was controversially founded by ex-Apple staff, is being bought by Qualcomm to help design custom processors for smartphones and laptops.


Nvidia game streaming service GeForce Now coming to iOS Safari

11/05/2020, 10:11 am

GeForce Now could be coming to iOS via browser support which will enable games like the stricken "Fortnite" to return to the iPhone.


Nvidia buying ARM for record-breaking $40 billion

09/13/2020, 08:09 pm

After weeks of speculation, Nvidia has announced that it has agreed to buy SoftBank's ARM for $40 billion dollars, making it the largest chip manufacturer deal in history.


ARM deal nears closure with Nvidia mulling $40B purchase from SoftBank

09/12/2020, 05:09 pm

Softbank and Nvidia are reportedly close to making a deal over the sale of ARM Holdings, one that could be finalized in the next week and could see the British chip design firm handed over for more than $40 billion.


Nvidia is reportedly in 'advanced talks' to acquire Arm Holdings

07/31/2020, 01:07 pm

Graphics chipmaker Nvidia is reportedly in "advanced talks" to acquire Arm Holdings, which if completed, could be the largest deal to date in the semiconductor industry.


Apple not interested in takeover of Arm Holdings, report claims [u]

07/22/2020, 04:07 pm

Apple was approached to discuss a potential takeover of semiconductor designer Arm Holdings, but does not plan to pursue a bid for the company, according to a new report.


GeForce Now lets you play new Windows games on your new or old Mac

02/06/2020, 11:02 am

Nvidia's GeForce Now gaming service opens a huge library of previously Windows-only titles to the Mac. Here's how you can, for free, play popular games like "Destiny 2" and "Witcher III", on a recent Mac.


A7: How Apple's custom 64-bit silicon embarrassed the industry

12/02/2019, 09:12 am

After delivering just the first three generations of its custom ARM Application Processors between 2010 and 2012, Apple had already reached parity with market-leading mobile chip designers, even while breaking from the Cortex-A15 road map established by ARM to launch its own new Swift core. Apple's next moves embarrassed the industry even further while setting the stage for initiatives that are playing out today.


Editorial: Mac Pro puts the pedal to Metal in Apple's race with Nvidia

10/18/2019, 10:10 am

The new Mac Pro is a long-anticipated development for Apple's high end pro users, but it sure looks as if the company also created the machine for its own strategic benefit -- specifically to help make its Metal API become a dominant standard for GPU-intensive software. That could have big implications for Macs, iOS devices, and Apple GPUs going forward, with history providing some insight into why this matters.


Qualcomm may face second EU antitrust fine over price fight with Icera

07/17/2019, 05:07 pm

Already coping with a $1.1 billion ruling from 2018, Apple modem supplier Qualcomm is reportedly facing a second fine from the European Commission -- this time over its price war with Icera, later absorbed into Nvidia.


Video: Nvidia support was abandoned in macOS Mojave, and here's why

02/14/2019, 11:02 am

Apple's macOS Mojave is a great software update for most users. But, it isn't for those who are using an Nvidia graphics card in their Mac Pro or inside of an external GPU enclosure, so let's talk about why.


Apple's management doesn't want Nvidia support in macOS, and that's a bad sign for the Mac Pro

01/18/2019, 08:01 am

Apple just doesn't allow modern Nvidia GPUs on macOS Mojave, and this is a dramatic change from only six months ago. Given that a new Mac Pro is coming that could support Nvidia cards, and there are already eGPUs that should, it's time that Apple did.


Nvidia's Turing GPU architecture includes ray-tracing cores, 8K video playback support

08/15/2018, 09:08 am

Nvidia has revealed its new Turing architecture for use in GPUs, one which boasts dedicated cores for use in ray tracing, and while consumer cards are yet to be announced, Quadro RTX Turing GPUs are already being touted for their ability to support real-time 8K video playback.


Apple details eGPU support in macOS 10.13.4 High Sierra, notes no Nvidia support

03/30/2018, 10:03 am

The release of macOS 10.13.4 brings with it official external GPU support by Apple, but the company is recommending specific enclosures/chassis and cards, excluding ones some people might hope to use.


Nvidia GeForce Now beta goes live, delivers high-end gaming to Mac

10/13/2017, 05:10 pm

Announced at CES in January, Nvidia's GeForce Now cloud-based gaming service went live in beta form on Friday, promising users the ability to play graphically intensive games on their Mac, including PC-only titles.


First look: Nvidia GeForce Now brings premium gaming to Mac

06/26/2017, 07:06 pm

AppleInsider goes hands on with the latest beta version of Nvidia GeForce Now, a cloud gaming service that promises to deliver high-end gaming experiences to Mac.


Nvidia 1080ti with new drivers in external enclosure quadruples MacBook Pro native performance

04/17/2017, 11:04 am

Enthusiasts have wasted no time in testing the new Nvidia Pascal video card drivers, and have found external GPU performance nearly four times that of the Radeon Pro 450 in the 15-inch MacBook Pro.