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Millennial: iOS took share back from Android in November

12/20, 10:00am

Millennial shows Android losing share first time

The iPhone 4S launch saw Android lose share for the first time in awhile, if not ever, Millennial Media found in a study on Tuesday. In November, a combination of Apple's new phone and even BlackBerry devices pushed Android's app traffic down from its October high of 56 percent down to exactly 50 percent. iOS as a whole was up to 30 percent, while even BlackBerry 7 devices helped RIM grow once again to 17 percent.


Apple lightens on iAd rules to compete with Google's AdMob

12/12, 11:35pm

Apple drops prices, adjusts rules on iAd

Apple is reportedly easing some of its policies around iAd to spark interest and counter Google's mobile ad control. Sources divulged Monday night to the Wall Street Journal that the minimum ad buy was dropping beyond earlier cuts to $400,000, less than half the million-dollar original baseline. Apple was also veering from the original plan, which charged a substantial amount for every ad click, to a believed $10 for every 1,000 views and what's implied is a lower $2 for every click.


Millennial: Android down to 54% ad share when all iOS counts

09/23, 8:10am

Millennial August 2011 finds iOS more level

New Millennial Media data has shown that Android's actual share of mobile ad traffic is considerably lower when considering every iOS device. While it had 61 percent among phones in July, Android dropped to 54 percent this past August when both sides could count non-phone devices, such as the iPad, iPod touch, and Android tablets. Apple gained a third more ad share and jumped back to 28 percent as a consequence.


Millennial: Android spikes to 61% of mobile ad traffic

08/24, 1:45pm

Android sees odd surge in Millennial ad data

Android has bounced back from a dip in mobile ad share to reach its highest point yet, Millennial Media said in its monthly report on Wednesday. This past July, Android's ad traffic shot up 15 percent just over the past month to hit 61 percent. Google's rise pushed the iPhone down to 21 percent.


Millennial: iOS regaining edge over Android in traffic, apps

07/15, 8:45am

Millennial July data shows iOS revival in share

iOS bounced back in June as new data from Millennial Media showed faster growing use and app support. Android still grew slightly from the month before in smartphone OS traffic to 54 percent versus Apple's 26 percent, but the iPhone was growing faster. Impressions from iOS devices had grown 18 percent in the spring compared to Android's 11 percent.


Millennial: Android, iPhone static as BlackBerry, WP7 bounce

06/15, 8:20am

Millennial June ad share leans to BBerry and WP7

Millennial Media on Wednesday showed a surprising spike in mobile ad share from companies that have mostly been pushed down until now. Android and iOS were largely static versus April at 53 percent and 27 percent, but the BlackBerry and Windows Phone platforms both increased in May. A rise in BlackBerry Curve use put RIM up one point to 17 percent of ad traffic, and Microsoft surged an unusual 92 percent.


Android gets 53% of mobile ad traffic, iOS 50% of ad revenue

05/19, 11:55am

Millennial has iOS dwarf Android in mobile ad cash

Millennial Media in its mobile ad study for this past April highlighted the mounting problem of getting Android users to pay for apps. Although Google recovered from a dip in March and now represented 53 percent of ad hits on Millennial's network, iOS devices stood for 50 percent of the actual revenue where Android was at 39 percent. iOS ad impressions were growing at a much faster rate as well, at 47 percent since the start of the year where Android grew by 19 percent.


iOS claws back mobile ad share from Android in March

04/14, 9:05am

Millennial shows iOS regaining ground on Android

Millennial Media in its report for March mobile ad share showed Apple bouncing back in mobile ad share. The Verizon iPhone was credited with an 11 percent spike in iOS ad hits just over the past month. While Android still had the leading share specific to smartphones at 48 percent to the iPhone's 31 percent, Apple's ad impressions were now growing faster as well, at 29 percent month-to-month versus 23 percent.



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