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McAfee CTO calls global cybercrime figures 'flawed,' distracting

08/19, 5:37pm

Real threat called the wide spread breaches across Fortune 500 firms

The global chief technology officer of security company McAfee is questioning his own company's estimate on worldwide cybercrime pegged in 2009 at more than $1 trillion annually. He has even said that lower, more recent estimates put out by the company are also "hard for me to swallow." Calling both figures "flawed," the executive believes that quantifying the figure is distracting from the omnipresent real issue: security breaches in companies large and small.


Researcher: Private data recoverable from Android after wipe

03/29, 9:40pm

BlackBerry, iOS receive praise

Android devices may not completely remove personal data from a device after a user activates the built-in wipe option, according to McAfee identity theft researcher Robert Siciliano. To test the security of various platforms, Siciliano purchased 30 devices, including smartphones and notebook computers, from the popular classifieds site Craigslist.


Sony Ericsson Xperia pro ships eight months later

10/17, 7:10pm

Sony Ericsson Xperia pro ready for market at last

Sony Ericsson signalled Monday it was at last getting close to a launch for the Xperia pro. The work-grade Android phone is now due to ship this month, about eight months after we tried it in Barcelona. Exact carriers and prices haven't been identified.


McAfee: Android malware surges 76%, iPhone untouched

08/23, 12:15pm

McAfee shows Android facing huge spike in malware

Malware on Android is growing rapidly enough that it's now by far the most targeted platform, McAfee said in a new study (below). The number of viruses, trojans, and other rogue pieces of code aimed at Google's platform shot up 76 percent this past spring to reach 44. While small compared to Windows, it was three times the volume of the one-time leader, Java ME, which was at 14.


Operation Shady RAT hacking campaign stealing data worldwide

08/03, 9:10am

McAfee uncovers serious global security threat

Hacking attacks around the globe have reached a new level with news that an unknown group has silently waged a hacking campaign over the past five-years. Dmitri Alperovitch, vice president of threat research at McAfee, has dubbed the high-level hacking campaign Operation Shady RAT. Alperovitch says around 70 public and private sector organizations around the globe have been victims of data theft resulting from the ongoing campaign.


Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet leaks with Android 3.0, pro apps

04/24, 7:40pm

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet to use Honeycomb and pens

Lenovo's plans for Android tablets beyond the Le Pad should take it into professional models based on a leaked presentation from Sunday. Called the ThinkPad Tablet, it would be the first known Lenovo slate with Android 3.0 and would make software customizations beyond just including the PC builder's already known Family UI interface. This is my next's copy of the slides showed "seamless integration" with corporate environments that would load up Cisco remote security tools, Computrace to find stolen tablets, as well as local security tools from McAfee and Symantec.


Intel finalizes McAfee buyout

02/28, 7:20pm

Deal cleared all regulatory hurdles

Intel has announced that it has completed its acquisition of computer security company McAfee, which has been added as a subsidiary that reports to Intel's Software and Services Group. The deal was worth $7.68 billion and required Intel to convince the European Commission that McAfee's products will maintain compatibility with hardware produced by competitors.


Intel finds hard flaw in Sandy Bridge chipset, delays PCs

01/31, 11:00am

Intel Cougar Point desktop chipset has SATA bug

Intel this morning warned of a serious bug with the Cougar Point chipset that would force it to delay desktop PCs using its Sandy Bridge processors. Those using the 6 series have a flaw that gradually degrades the performance of the SATA ports over time, eventually affecting the speed of hard drives and optical drives. The issue was in hardware and needed a reworking at the factory for a fix.


European Commission clears Intel's buyout of McAfee

01/26, 1:50pm

Intel buyout of McAfee gets nod from Europe

The European Commission has now approved the $7.68 million buyout of McAfee by Intel. The approval required Intel's promise to ensure the interoperability of the new McAfee products with those of Intel's competitors in order to eliminate antitrust concerns. The commission praised Intel's cooperation in contrast to its resisting antitrust fines in 2009.


McAfee: Apple iPad, iPhone targets for cybercrime in 2011

12/29, 5:40am

Google TV and social media also prime targets

The McAfee Threat Predictions report has stated that Apple’s platforms, particularly its mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad will be increasingly targeted by cybercrime in 2011. The report noted a marked change in the threat landscape over the past year as mobile platforms have become more widely adopted in enterprise. It claims that where Apple has been relatively free of botnets and Trojans in the past, that these will become an increasingly common occurrence on its platforms next year.


FTC greenlights Intel's buyout of McAfee

12/21, 4:40pm

FTC approves Intel purchase of McAfee

The near $8 billion buy of McAfee by Intel this past summer was finally approved by the Federal Trade Commission this week. The approval paves the way for the $7.68 billion deal to be completed sometime next year. The European Commission is continuing to examine the purchase, however, and Intel is continuing to cooperate with the governing body on the review.


Patent firm Intellectual Ventures sues tech companies

12/08, 7:35pm

Company dismisses "patent troll" label

Patent holder Intellectual Ventures has initiated lawsuits against a long list of tech companies that failed to establish licensing agreements. One of the suits targets security software makers Symantec, McAfee, Trend Micro and Check Point. A second suit is aimed at memory manufacturers Elpida Memory and Hynix Semiconductor, while a third suit has been filed against component makers Altera, Lattice and Microsemi.


Intel to buy McAfee for on-chip security

08/19, 9:10am

Intel acquires McAfee for nearly 8 billion

Intel today surprised the tech community by acquiring antivirus developer McAfee for the equivalent of $7.68 billion in stock. The deal will open the door to tougher hardware security in processors themselves as well as tighter integration between chips and software in stopping security threats. Intel is most interested in security for mobile and embedded hardware, which often aren't as secure as full-size computers.


McAfee update wreaks havoc on enterprise XP systems

04/21, 8:35pm

Bug said to affect hundreds of thousands of PCs

A McAfee update has reportedly wreaked havoc on businesses using Windows XP machines. The bug potentially affects hundreds of thousands of systems, causing many computers to disconnect from networks and fall into uncontrolled restarts, according to Gizmodo. The glitch appears to be limited to enterprise systems, rather than consumer-level devices.


McAfee releases Endpoint for Mac

10/13, 10:40am

Anti-virus, anti-spyware for enterprise

Noting the rise of Macs in the workplace, McAfee has released Endpoint for Mac, allowing centralized anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall control, as well as application protection. The software allows IT administrators to use the same basic security console that works with Windows machines for their Mac users.


Dell puts out Nickelodeon Inspiron Mini 10

08/11, 5:40pm

Dell Mini 10 Nickelodeon

Dell in an unusual evening launch revealed its first non-education PC aimed at kids. A Nickelodeon Edition of the Inspiron Mini 10v will have a "slime" color scheme both on the lid and palm rest as well as a custom, Stardock-designed Windows XP skin with colors and icons themed around the TV network's shows. It also gets multiple links to special web portals on Nickelodeon's website and an updating desktop widget.


Microsoft's own antivirus to launch soon

06/11, 9:35am

MS Antivirus Launches Soon

Microsoft late Wednesday said it's nearing the release of its first self-made antivirus software. Although mentioned in the past under its Morro codename, the new software is now known to compete directly with software from Kaspersky, McAfee, Symantec and other relatively low-cost apps. It will only focus on removing spyware, trojans and viruses as the company already has a built-in firewall for Windows.


McAfee, Symantec exploring iPhone software

05/18, 11:50am

McAfee, Symantec on iPhone

Both McAfee and Symantec have confirmed work on iPhone-related software, according to Reuters. McAfee says it is specifically working on new security programs, described as part of a "comprehensive suite for the Apple family," including its usual Mac focus. Though the company has declined to provide specific details, including even a release timeframe, it is best-known for anti-virus software, and was last year spotted working on an iPhone app called iVirusScan.


Seagate, McAfee intro self-encrypting notebook HDDs

11/10, 4:00pm

Seagate, McAfee intro HDDs

Seagate on Monday announced it has teamed up with virus-protection software developer McAfee to develop its self-encrypting notebook PC hard drives from its Momentus Full Disk Encryption (FDE) line, in both 7200RPM and 5400RPM versions. Both are now available in 320GB capacities, or the highest of any FDE drive on the market, and Seagate promises to introduce even larger, 500GB versions soon.


SanDisk, McAfee intro secure USB drives

10/21, 4:30pm

SanDisk McAfee USB drives

Flash memory maker SanDisk and software security developer McAfee have teamed up on a new USB drive, the SanDisk Cruzer Enterprise, that automatically scans for, detects and keeps harmful malicious software, or malware, out. The secure USB drive is being demonstrated this week at the Foucs 08 security conference and promises to prevent file transfers to the drive when it detects the PC it is connected to is infected, even without a firewall. Malware includes viruses, worms, Trojan horses and other malicious software, for which the Cruzer Enterprise scans and keeps from being copied onto the drive.


MS tests sub-based Office, anti-malware

07/02, 4:00pm

Microsoft Equipt

Microsoft today has announced it would launch Equipt, a new software package that will let it experiment with subscription services. The suite gives users both a copy of Office Home and Student 2007 as well as the company's OneCare anti-malware and backup service; in exchange for an immediate discount on both services, customers will pay $70 per year to keep the full service active. Office is believed to remain active regardless of when the subscription ends.


VirusScan, FileDefense protect Leopard

11/29, 10:35am

VirusScan, FileDefense

Security specialist McAfee has released a new update for VirusScan for Mac, v8.6. Crucial to the latest edition is official support for Mac OS X Leopard, guaranteeing maximum compatibility; also included, however, is improved performance in file caching, using on-access and on-demand techniques. This will cache previously scanned files, sometimes reducing total scanning time from minutes to seconds. ePolicy Orchestrator 4.0 allows VirusScan management via the web, and signature file updates can now be incremental, so that downloads are often in kilobytes rather than megabytes. The program costs a minimum of $37 for a single license.



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