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Study claims iPad helps rise in literacy for kindergarteners

02/17, 3:05pm

Results may demand concerted effort

A study conducted in Auburn, Maine suggests that the iPad may be able to improve literacy rates among kindergarten students, notes The Loop. The Auburn School Department recently assigned iPads to half of the district's 16 kindergarten classes for a period of nine weeks. This translated into 129 students being taught with iPads, and 137 without; to gauge results, all of the students were tested before and after the trial.


Maine approves plan for high school MacBooks

06/30, 4:30pm

MacBook in Maine schools

Plans are now in place to distribute MacBooks amongst Maine high school students, according to officials from the state's Department of Education. Known to have been in the works since at least March, a deal with Apple will see over 64,000 MacBooks reach students and teachers between grades 7 and 12. Another 7,000 notebooks should be ordered within the next few weeks, officials say.


Apple gaining MacBook deal with Maine schools

03/16, 10:30am

Apple, Maine school deal

Apple stands to benefit from a new deal being negotiated with the government of Maine, writes the Associated Press. Members of the state's Education Department are said to be negotiating a four-year lease, which would see 100,000 MacBooks handed out to students in grades 7 to 12. By this fall the state hopes to provide all students in these grades with a notebook, expanding on efforts first begun in 2002.


Maine set to receive first Apple Store on Sept 13th

09/09, 11:50am

Maine Mall Apple Store

A new Apple retail store has been confirmed to be opening its doors on September 13th in Maine, alongside the openings of stores in Ohio and Australia. This will be the first official Apple Store to be opened in Maine, which will be located at the Maine Mall in South Portland. The shop should feature all of Apple's normal retail services, such as a Genius Bar, Business Services, Workshops, Personal Shoppers, One-to-One training and Youth Programs.


Apple begins work on first Maine retail store

08/27, 9:45am

First Maine Apple Store

Construction has begun on Apple's first retail store in the state of Maine, separate facts reveal. Confirming rumors from April, the Maine Mall in South Portland now lists Apple in its store directory, with an opening timeframe set for "Fall '08." The store may easily finish construction before October however, as a MacNN reader has taken photos of a facade already in place within the mall. Apple Stores tend to be completed within weeks of such facades being erected.


Apple looks towards Maine, new NYC stores

04/17, 10:45am

First Maine Apple Store

Apple is planning to open its first retail store in Maine this year, the Portland Press Herald reports. The newspaper observes that Apple's official job listings mention a location in the Maine Mall, and listings on refer to openings for artists, store managers, sales representatives and inventory specialists. An Apple spokeswoman has refused to confirm either half of the equation, but has not denied any claims either.


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