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Hands On: Microsoft Outlook 2.0.0 (iOS)

10/28, 6:26pm

Spot the difference if you can

Microsoft made no secret of how it had bought the companies behind calendar app Sunrise and email app Accompli. Now it's making a big deal of how it will be taking the best features from those and putting them right into its own Outlook. Microsoft Outlook 2.0.0 for iOS is the start of this process and for all the promise of what's coming next, it is just a start. If nobody told you, you might not spot for quite a while that anything is different at all -- unless you used the old Sunrise app.


Feature: Five reasons to update to El Capitan

10/02, 11:03am

You're busy, it takes time, but you'll be glad

There's is no doubt that you have at least a little interest in your Mac and OS X, or you wouldn't have read to the end of this sentence. Yet, it's equally sure that you're busy, it's certainly sure that updating will take longer than you think, and for once it is less obviously sure that you should do it. Trust us on this one, though: the upgrade is worth your time.


Hands On: Dispatch 3.1.2 (iOS)

09/29, 10:22am

A portable email surgeon

Email is not dead, email is not dying, email is still brilliant. True, we get a lot of it, and that is a problem. The volume is a problem that services and apps try to fix by being like Apple Mail, but better somehow. Dispatch 3.1.2, though, is like an adjunct to Mail that makes handing your emails faster and more efficient -- under certain circumstances.


Pointers: how and why to use VIP contacts on iOS

08/17, 9:41am

Choose who can disturb you at work

You need to shut the world out so that you can get this urgent thing done, and maybe that's really what Airplane Mode was invented for. However, even or especially in your busiest times, you cannot afford to miss an email from your partner or your boss. So now the answer is the VIP feature in iOS 8: quickly nominate people whose emails get through to you, and choose how much they disturb you. Well, that's how much as in whether you get a bleep, a dropdown notification, a banner or a full middle-of-the-screen alert. It's not as in whether they're sending you disturbing news or not.


Pointers: Fix Emails that won't load on iOS

08/07, 8:03am

Read those stubbornly unreadable messages

It happens when you're in a poor signal area: your iPhone tells you there's a new email message but it won't show it to you. You can see who it's from, you can see the subject heading but when you go into it Mail gets stuck on the word "Loading". It's annoying but not unreasonable when you remain in that poor signal area but then you leave there for some Wi-Fi oasis and still that message will not get beyond Loading. Now what?


Hands On: iAddressX 3.6.0 (OS X)

07/10, 7:57am

All your contacts right there in your menubar

Perhaps you know a lot of people, perhaps you don't. Yet you can be pretty sure that most of the ones you do know have at least one email address, a cell phone, a work line, maybe even a fax if you remember those, plus a website and a Twitter address. Lots of people times lots of contact details means it can take ages to get to the person you want. The newly updated iAddressX 3.6.0 aims to fix all that by putting every detail into one icon on your OS X menubar.


Hands On: Airmail 2.1 (OS X)

05/07, 10:27am

Alternative to Apple's mail app gets new look and features

As with any software where Apple already provides something as part of OS X, you have to have good reasons to spend money on alternatives. The makers of Airmail 2.1 have plenty of reasons for you, and they are good and they are useful, yet somehow they're not completely compelling.


Pointers: BusyContacts group emailing

05/01, 7:11am

One email, many people, job done

We've said that we think BusyContacts is the best address book software on the Mac, so here's some proof. One feature that we've found we keep coming back to is the ability to email a group of people. You can select a group in Apple's own Contacts, and you can choose that group in Mail, but we never did. It was a chore. Yet with BusyContacts, we do it a lot.


Pointers: don't forward your OS X Mail, redirect it

04/13, 7:46am

This little known feature is sometimes better than forwarding

You know all about forwarding emails. If you get an email, and it's better answered by Burt down the hall or Susan in Australia, you forward it to them -- and actually, that's what you should do. For not only are you sending them the original email, you're probably also writing them a note about why you're lumbering them with this extra work. However, there are times when it's better to redirect than to forward: it's much the same, but the small difference is huge, and for some reason most people do not know this feature exists.


Pointers: Search Mail on iOS (iOS)

04/03, 9:20am

Find that email even if it's not still on your iPhone

Searching for old emails on your iPhone used to be enough of a pain that you just didn't bother. Worse, it was also regularly pointless, as the search would take forever and often fail to find something you knew was there. It was bad enough that not only did you get into the habit of waiting until you were back at your Mac or occasionally re-forwarding mails so they'd be at the top of your inbox, you also forgot that things change. Things have changed. Since iOS 7, search is immensely improved. It's still not perfect, but there are ways to work around its remaining issues. This Pointers tutorial is specifically about using Apple Mail with an iCloud account.


Pointers: Better Links in Mail (OS X)

03/30, 8:37am

Hide ugly URL addresses when emailing

URLs are ugly – and they are also very daunting if you're new to the web. So long as they're up there in the browser and you just got to the site by clicking a heading in Google, nobody cares. Yet when you send them to someone, that's when you can put them off or you can make their life easier. It's also where you can demonstrate that you know your stuff. There is one important caveat to this but otherwise this Pointers will show you how to make emails with links that simply look better than sending someone a five-foot-long string of dots and slashes. The specific steps in this tutorial are all for Mail in OS X Yosemite.


Hands On: Gmail 4.0 (iOS)

03/09, 8:49am

The official Gmail app gets iOS 8 update, but still needs more

Google has released an update to its universal iOS email app, Gmail 4.0, and it adds good new features that exploit iOS 8. The new features are welcome, and the app is a must-have update if you're a Gmail user.


Pointers: Previous Recipients problem in Mail

02/16, 1:37pm

You don't even know you've got this problem, but you actually do!

It's such an obvious feature of Mail now that we don't think about it: if you start typing the name of someone in your Contacts, Apple fills in the rest. Only it does exactly the same thing in exactly the same way, even when you don't have them in Contacts -- if you have ever previously emailed them, or received email from them. So if they're not necessarily in Contacts, where are those autofills coming from then?


Pointers: Get more out of Apple's OS X Mail app

01/15, 7:46am

The Mail software that comes with your Mac is more powerful than you think

Welcome to the second installment of Pointers, a weekly column that offers tips and tricks for getting more out of your Mac or iOS device. Check back each Thursday for a new useful technique designed to demystify, declutter or de-stress you -- and hopefully add some delight as well. This week's Pointers tutorial is a set of 10 (count 'em!) Apple Mail tips that are little-known, little-used, and presented for your inspection in no specific order. You'll find that almost every element of almost every tip works in OS X Mail from as far back as OS X Leopard, but we used OS X Yosemite for the latest little extras.


Apple issues fourth developer beta of OS X 10.10.2

01/07, 5:59pm

Wi-Fi, VoiceOver, Mail, general system compatibility are focus areas

On Wednesday, Apple released a new build of the forthcoming 10.10.2 maintenance update to developers and testers. The new version, 14C94b, indicates few new binaries since the previous developer build (14C81f) issued nearly a month ago, and could hint that the patch update is nearing release. Testers are again asked to focus on Wi-Fi, Mail, and VoiceOver, the latter two areas of which were added in the last developer build. Apple has also released the build for previously-signed up public beta testers.


Reports: Yosemite Mail causing intermittent typing lag for some users

12/12, 8:21pm

Apple Support Community members' exhaustive testing rules out 1Password as cause

On November 1, a thread was started on the Apple Support Community regarding an intermittent and troublesome lag when using Apple's Mail, the default email program, in Yosemite. User 'Andrew-StL' kicked off the discussion, reporting the issue while composing messages after updating from Mavericks to the then newly-released Yosemite, noting that the lag was not experienced while entering text in any other application.


Briefly: Mailbird adds speed reading tech, Feastly meal marketplace

04/21, 8:39pm

Mailbird e-mail client now offers speed reading feature

PC email client Mailbird has introduced a new time-saving feature to its service. Its speed-reading option allows users to read their emails in a format that, much like other speed-reading apps, involves a technique that flashes words one at a time on the screen; this promotes faster reading than if one is moving their eyes across the page. The new tool can be activated by selecting the glasses icon at the top of any email message within Mailbird, and the rate of the words can be adjusted from 100-1,000 words per minute. Offered in three tiers, Mailbird services are available in Lite (free), Pro ($1 per month) and Business ($9 per user per year) variations.


Report: OS X 10.9.2 puts Mail back on track at last

02/25, 10:33pm

Fixes issues with Gmail, Exchange, unread counts and more

A new report by TidBITS' Joe Kissell, author of the forthcoming Take Control of Apple Mail, says that Tuesday's release of OS X 10.9.2 makes great strides towards fixing the known issues with the rewritten version of Mail crafted for OS X Mavericks. As reported earlier, Apple released the update earlier today to address a number of issues, including a serious SSL vulnerability, as well as add FaceTime Audio calling and a new version of Safari among other changes.


Yahoo apologizes for Mail downtime, hardware fault caused outage

12/12, 6:58am

Yahoo Mail issue claimed to be harder to fix than initially believed

Yahoo has acknowledged that a number of users were not able to access Yahoo Mail for part of this week, with the company apologizing for the outage on the official blog. The mail downtime commenced on Monday, with the company claiming to have fixed the issue for the majority of affected users last night, though support teams are apparently still working on some loose ends.


USPS lithium battery overseas mailing ban begins May 16

05/11, 2:15am

Domestic shipments, UPS, Fedex unaffected

Effective May 16, the United States Postal Service (USPS) regulation prohibits shipping any electronic device with a lithium battery from being mailed to a destination outside the United States. The ban does not apply to private carriers such as DHL, FedEx, and UPS. The ban is in response to improperly packed lithium batteries being involved in two plane crashes since 2006, including a UPS jet in Dubai that caught fire and crashed moments after takeoff.


Mail to get new features in Mountain Lion

02/21, 2:05am

Selective notifications in, RSS feeds out

Apple will be making a few tweaks to Mail, its default e-mail program, in this summer's Mountain Lion release. One big change will be to allow users to designate important people as "VIPs" and be able to make rules letting Mail notify users only when mail from a VIP arrives. The program will also feature an inline "find," and is removing RSS reading and management from Mail, MacWorld reports.


Error message may reveal iMessage-like service in Lion

06/10, 7:05pm

Macs to gain MMS-esque texting ability?

An error message in the Lion version of Mail may have revealed a heretofore undisclosed new feature in Mac OS X Lion modelled after the iMessage feature coming to iOS devices with the release of iOS 5. The Spanish-language site Macquecitos reported that a reader had seen a dialog box advising the user to update a Mail plug-in to a version that was "compatible with Mail 5.0 and Message 5.0."


Lion changes include new Finder, Safari 5.1, more

02/24, 3:10pm

Resume may close unused apps

A variety of less publicized changes have been made in Mac OS X Lion, the developer preview shows. One of the most important is an overhauled Finder, sporting new buttons and a different sidebar. The file browser automatically sorts items by type, and is also described as more responsive.


Lion to bring tweaked iCal, Mail apps

10/21, 3:50pm

Deeper app changes a mystery

Apple is making at least minor changes to Mail and iCal with Mac OS X Lion, a closer look at current press material is said to show. iCal, AppleInsider notes, is gaining a Year view, in addition to present Day, Week and Month options. Look and layout is now also closer to the iPad's Calendar app, and buttons for flipping pages have been moved away from the view commands to the upper right-hand corner.


New minimalist mail software, Sparrow for Mac, in beta

10/04, 7:55pm

Gmail, growl support, support soon other IMAP apps

Independent developers DINH Vit Ho and Dominique Leca have launched a new email application, Sparrow for Mac. Currently in beta, the software provides a minimalist presentation with threaded conversation support. It also provides Growl notifications and uses a status bar icon for quick access. Users can get a quick overview of their mail in the preview window, can open a new window for a specific item or open the full window to see both at once.


Briefly: Optimizing Photoshop CS5; MailWing organizes mail

04/30, 3:50pm

Guide claims multiplied speed in Photoshop

diglloyd has posted a guide to enhancing performance in Photoshop CS5, Adobe's just-released imaging software. The software is said to behave better simply as a result of switching to 64-bit code, but adding extra RAM may make major improvements in some cases, along with properly tweaking cache tile size. It may also be more efficient to leave the program running so it doesn't have to re-allocate memory, the guide suggests.


Jobs e-mails detail iPad plans, universal iPhone inbox

03/23, 3:40pm

No iPad sales at AT&T stores?

Several minor details of Apple plans have emerged through e-mail responses sent by CEO Steve Jobs. In regards to where the iPad will be sold in the US, for example, Jobs confirms that the only places to buy it will initially be limited to Best Buy and Apple's online and retail stores. Other authorized resellers are being kept out of the loop, including even AT&T, which is the official carrier for the iPad 3G. Owners will instead have to sign up for 3G access via their device.


Mac OS X 10.6.3 10D552 arrives days after last build

02/10, 10:40am

Public update imminent?

Apple is seeding a new test build of Mac OS X 10.6.3 to developers, 10D552. The code is said to continue many of the troubleshooting efforts taken with the last two builds, correcting problems with AirPort, OpenGL, graphics drivers and QuickTime X, while improving the performance of 64-bit Logic. Also fixed are some compatibility and reliability issues with third-party printers, and a glitch which causes background message colors to behave badly in Mail.


Rocketbox 1.0 attempts to improve Mail search

01/26, 4:40pm

Adds speed, better filters

Central Atomics has released the first version of Rocketbox, a supplemental tool for Apple's Mail software. It attempts to make Mail search more efficient, for instance by using its own faster engine, and adding the ability to search by person. Important people are identified through a scan of earlier messages.


Jumsoft, iPresentee debut new templates and themes

12/18, 12:50pm

100 new Mail templates, five iWeb themes

Jumsoft has released Mail Stationery 3.0, delivering over 100 new stationery templates for use in Apples Mail client. Within the collection are two new design sets, Ink Sense and Cardboard Gallery. There are seven different categories, such as greetings, invitations and newsletters; the greetings category includes a bonus holiday pack with 10 templates. Most of the templates throughout the bundle offer multiple color schemes or design variations.


WhoPaste 4.0 adds new operating modes, social URL extraction

12/02, 8:15pm

New version adds four AppleScript commands

Mac-Chi has launched an update to its contact utility, WhoPaste. The utility can extract contact information from clipboard contents, with support for the primary contacts utilities for Mac: Apple's Mail, Google's Contacts, Marketcircle's Daylight and Microsoft's Entourage. It supports plain text, rich text and spreadsheet data, with quick access via a hotkey. WhoPaste can designate a new contact's category, priority, and tagline, as well as an organization's category, industry, region, tagline, and type. A list of keywords are assigned to either a contact or organization.


Mac OS X 10.6.2 fixes guest account data deletions

11/09, 4:55pm

Also corrects litany of lesser-known bugs

Apple has at last released Mac OS X 10.6.2, a key update to Snow Leopard. The patch addresses a variety of technical problems, most notably one which would permanently delete data when logging into a main account after having just used a guest one. The bug has been known since at least early October. Other resolved account problems include unexpected logouts, and difficulty authenticating as an administrator.


Letter Opener 3 plug-in gets Snow Leopard support

09/08, 4:40pm

Converts standard Outlook e-mails has released an upgraded edition of its winmail.dat conversion plug-in for Mail, Letter Opener 3. Winmail objects are automatically converted into attachments, vCards and iCal files, allowing proper interaction with Outlook messages. Version 3 features a complete rewrite for Snow Leopard compatibility, as well as a number of small functionality improvements.


Apps: iWeb SEO Tool, Cocktail, SerialMailer

08/11, 2:45pm

EasyBatch, Stationery Pack

  • iWeb SEO Tool 1.5 (free) is a utility that can optimize a user's iWeb created website for search engines. iWeb SEO Tool allows users to add page title tags, meta tags and alternative image text without having to mess with the base HTML code. Version 1.5 now allows users to add Google Analytics, Statscounter, or other analytical code to iWeb projects and includes an updated user manual. Improvements have also been made to MobileMe and FTP uploading. [Download - 11.6MB]


  • Jumsoft adds 100 new templates to Mail collection

    05/22, 1:50pm

    Jumsoft ships Mail designs

    Jumsoft has released 100 new templates as a part of its Mail Stationary collection for Apple's e-mail client. The addition brings the number of basic templates up to 200. Many of the templates are available in different color schemes, resulting in a total of 550 possible layouts.


    Apps: PopChar X, Blackout, Letter Opener

    04/21, 4:00pm

    iClip Lyrics, Countdown

  • PopChar X 4.2 ($40) allows users to add special characters into application documents without the need to remember a keystroke combination. The update includes a new menu command that allows a user to mark all fonts that contain a desired character and then jump directly to the marked character in a favored font. Version 4.2 also includes several fixes, including one that cause PopChar to forget its license information when preferences were synced with MobileMe. [Download - 1.8MB]


  • Apps: iSubtitle, CleanMyMac, Keep Your Word

    04/20, 6:55pm

    Encrypt Mail, Size Up

  • iSubtitle 1.2 ($19) is a tool that adds non-destructive subtitles to movies on the iPhone/iPod touch and Apple TV. The software enables people to use the interface of the device or application to turn on or off subtitles synced in real-time, and to watch the subtitled movies in full screen. Version 1.2 allows users to add chapters to videos automatically or manually. The update also includes options for changing the size of subtitles and fixes several bugs. [Download - 6.1MB]


  • Apps: PDFClerk, CamMail, MemoBlock

    04/14, 4:45pm

    TextSoap, iCash

  • PDFClerk Pro 3.7 ($45) provides tools for performing a larger number of manipulations to existing PDF documents, as well as allowing the creation of PDF documents from non PDF files. Version 3.7 fixes a number of bugs, and adds other enhancements such as mixed editing of static and dynamic annotations and control over tab order of form fields. [Download - 7MB]


  • Mail-Grab 1.0 brings batch e-mailing to Apple's Mail

    04/03, 12:15pm

    Mail-Grab 1.0 launched

    Urban Design has launched Mail-Grab 1.0, a new batch e-mailing application that works with Mail. Mail-Grab extracts e-mail addresses from Apple's software, removing duplicates and applying user-determined filters to target a group for mass e-mailing. Once a message is written, Mail-Grab feeds back into Mail to generate and deliver output to each address. Mail-Grab also supports saving messages, printing them, and exporting to other applications.


    iPresentee launches Valentine's Day templates

    02/13, 2:25pm

    Valentine's Day templates

    iPresentee has launched a Valentine's Day Mail Stationary package, the latest addition to its line of templates meant for Apple's Mail software. The new Valentine's Day collection comes complete with 16 different templates. When downloading the artwork, an installer is provided to make sure the templates are stored in the right folder and automatically displayed in the Apple Mail New Message Stationary menu.


    Apps: PDF Merge, Batch File Rename, Massive Mail

    02/13, 2:15pm

    Intic Lock, GarageSale

  • PDF Merge 2.4 ($14) ) allows users to merge several PDF files into one. Users can drag the files they want to merge to the application and order them to their needs. Version 2.4 includes a new icon and several performance enhancements that increase execution speed. [Download - 0.74MB]


  • Apple Mail update fixes OS X 10.5.6 stability issue

    12/22, 7:55pm

    Apple Mail update

    Apple has released an update to its Mail app that addresses several stability issues. The problems revolved around the recent change to Mac OS X 10.5.6 which had caused Mail to unexpectedly quit for many users. The release should be installed if the OS update did not properly install the "3.5 (930.3)" version of Users can check the exact build by opening Mail and choosing "About Mail" from the menu.


    Mac OS X 10.5.6 fixes sync, graphics issues, more

    12/15, 1:10pm

    Mac OS X 10.5.6 update

    As anticipated last week, Apple has posted its latest update to Mac OS X, v10.5.6. Available through the Software Update service or direct download, the patch consists mostly of dozens of fixes and performance enhancements, for issues such as sync and graphics. Sync reliability has been improved for Address Book, portable home directories and most notably MobileMe, which should now propagate contact, calendar and bookmark changes within a minute of their being saved.


    Pastebud to launch iPhone cut-paste service Friday

    12/12, 10:35am

    Pastebud iPhone service

    Copy and paste will finally arrive for the iPhone Friday, at least in a limited form of copy and paste between Safari and Mail, reports say. Pastebud is a new web-based service which uses a bookmarking system to replicate copy and paste, detouring the App Store by not installing anything. Two Safari bookmarks serve as copy and paste modules, allowing for selection of text and pasting into Mail or another webpage.


    PowerMail 6.0 offers MobileMe sync, auto-update

    12/11, 6:55pm

    PowerMail 6

    CTM Development has released PowerMail 6.0, the latest version of its application for searching and managing e-mail. Users can now sync with MobileMe or take advantage of full coexistence with iPhone mail. The release adds a self-updating function, batch importing for Apple Mail databases and addresses, and the ability to match and merge imported folders into existing folders.


    Sync 'Em 1.15 adds setup assistant, public folders

    11/26, 3:25pm

    Sync 'Em 1.15 patch

    Derman Enterprises has posted an update to its Sync 'Em, its Mac-based synchronization application. The program attempts to keep contact and calendar data consistent between multiple apps and user accounts; it does this by linking information from Exchange and Google with Mail, iCal and Address Book. The exact data shared varies however, as Sync 'Em does not yet, for example, support Google Calendar.


    MobileMe, Time Machine issues in testing for 10.5.6

    11/13, 3:05pm

    MobileMe, T. Machine fixes

    The next version of Mac OS X, v10.5.6, should address problems in MobileMe, Time Machine and Mail, a note to developers suggests. Supplied with the latest seed of v10.5.6, build 9G35, the note asks for help in testing automatic syncing with MobileMe, particularly in regards to performance on notebooks, and on networks with high lag or limited bandwidth. The aim is to have changes propagated from to other devices in a "reasonable amount of time," and improve syncing performance in general. Apple asks for special attention to the possibility of excessive or abnormal syncs.


    Mail Act-On 2 offers tag functions, faster interface

    10/15, 8:35pm

    Mail Act On 2 update

    Indev Software has released the latest version of its Apple Mail organization tool, Mail Act-On 2. The update offers a faster interface, with an option to lock the window open to allow multiple rules to be applied successively. Users can retrace their steps with a new undo function. Keystrokes can be used to perform actions on messages with the enhanced interface or by using control key combinations, which is claimed to allow the management functions without a mouse. The outbox now supports rules to organize sent messages.


    Researcher challenges Apple on iPhone bugs

    10/03, 9:50am

    Aviv Raff on iPhone bugs

    Apple has been neglectful in addressing a pair of bugs in the iPhone's operating system, an Israeli researcher claims. Aviv Raff explains that as early as July he warned Apple about problems in Mail and Safari, each representing a possible security threat. Although three separate firmware updates have since been released for the iPhone 3G, Raff notes that Apple has not bothered to address his concerns, even after continual pressure for a timetable.


    StuffIt Deluxe 2009 adds Leopard, MobileMe features

    09/17, 3:00pm

    StuffIt Deluxe 2009 ships

    Smith Micro says it has released StuffIt Deluxe 2009, an upgraded version of its popular compression program. The 2009 edition adds a variety of features, most notably support for more recent Apple technologies. These include Time Machine and Quick Look, the latter of which lets users examine an archive within Finder and other supporting applications, such as Mail.



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