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Mac Game Review: Out There Omega Edition 1.0

04/14, 7:46pm

Space-exploration quest marred by mobile roots, frustration factor

Few would have expected -- when the iPhone was released almost eight years ago -- that our phones would become a major platform for gaming, but they did. One result of this phenomenon has been the odd movement of some games from mobile-first to the desktop. One of the most recent games to make this backwards leap is Out There from French developer Mi-Clos Studio.


Macgamestore intros Hoyle Card Games 2011, Golden Trails

08/24, 3:50pm

New poker and card games for Mac has introduced two new games, Hoyle Card Games 2011, and Golden Trails: The New Western Rush. Hoyle Card Games 2011 is comprised of both team-style and solo card games ranging from Old Maid and Solitaire to Poker and Blackjack. It offers new larger easy-to-read playing cards, along with additional slots games and character selection. Customization options allow players to alter everything from character appearance, card font-color and backs, and rules of play. Finally, players can use their game winnings to add selections or upgrades to their characters and trophy room.


Macgamestore unveils Be a King 2, Public Enemies

07/07, 11:15pm

Build and rule cities in Be A King 2

Macgamestore has unveiled two new games, Be A King 2 and Public Enemies: Bonnie & Clyde. Be A King 2 is a fantasy strategy game where users play as the ruler of a medieval kingdom, and are in charge of building towns, cities, and defending against invading bandits. Features include 37 levels to play through, and 12 different building types that can be upgraded multiple times. While completing levels players must learn to fulfill different types of objectives, while still guarding from monsters or other enemy forces.


Macgamestore unveils Jack the Ripper, Soccer Cup Solitaire

06/30, 3:00am

New hidden-object and solitaire games has announced two new games, Jack the Ripper and Soccer Cup Solitaire. Jack the Ripper is a new hidden-object game where users play as a reporter named Bert, who is on the trail of the famous serial killer Jack the Ripper. The game contains eight different sites to travel through, as well as mini-games to complete and variety of objects to find. Up to three customizable profiles are available, and all scores can be sent and posted online.


Macgamestore launches The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom

03/25, 10:15pm

Build and customize a kingdom has launched The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom, the latest sequel to an ongoing line of strategy games. Path to a Kingdom allows users to create and manage kingdoms, while battling enemies across the land in a quest to conquer a formidable enemy. The player’s kingdom can consists of everything from fortified towns to small villages, and even productive settlers.


Wheel of Fortune Super Deluxe comes to Mac

01/16, 6:15pm

Wheel of Fortune Deluxe has released a digital download of its Wheel of Fortune Super Deluxe game for the Mac, created by Encore Software. In the game, players can "spin the wheel" to make money, guess letters, and buy vowels in an attempt to solve the word puzzle on the board. With the super deluxe version, users can play over 2500 puzzles while they compete against computer contestants or other players. Customizable characters are also included in the game.



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