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Mac OS X Lion Server could be Mac App Store add-on

06/03, 3:35pm

Download would likely cost extra

The Server version of Mac OS X Lion may be a paid add-on for the core OS, a tip to French site HardMac suggests. The person claims to have discovered a Help note in the Lion preview, "Make this Mac a server," which asks Lion owners to "buy the server app from the Mac App Store;" the code is installed to the Applications folder. "The Server app downloads the Server Essentials software package, installs it, and configures this Mac as a server," the note concludes.


Apple distributes Xcode 4.0.2, Leopard security updates

04/14, 5:15pm

Xcode update needed for iOS 4.3.2

Two more software updates have been released by Apple, most importantly Xcode 4.0.2. The update is essential for iOS developers, as it adds compatibility with the new iOS 4.3.2 firmware. It also incorporates an assortment of bugfixes, for example addressing mapping models in Core Data, OpenGL ES apps in iOS Simulator, and LLVM compiler 2.0.


Apple posts Mac OS X 10.6.7, security updates [U]

03/21, 6:55pm

10.6.7 fixes Back to My Mac, Mac App Store

[Updated: added information about special version for 2011 MacBook Pros with Thunderbolt] Apple has flooded its support website with a host of software updates, most prominently Mac OS X 10.6.7. The patch is available in client and server versions; the former is described as making "general operating system fixes" targeting stability, security and compatibility. In particular though it should improve the reliability of Back to My Mac, and quash several bugs in the Mac App Store, as well as an issue affecting file transfers to SMB servers.


Mac OS X Lion integrates Server release into client OS

02/24, 10:40am

Includes Profile Manager, local and remote admins

In a switch from a previous approach with Mac OS X, the Server edition of the Lion developer preview is integrated into the client software, Apple has revealed. When carried over to the final version of Lion, the switch should make Server setup easier and potentially cheaper. Selecting Server mode guides users through a configuration process for local and/or remote administration options such as groups, e-mail, calendars and Time Machine.


Mac OS X 10.6.7 Server beta updates in unison with client

01/25, 2:50pm

Contains one known issue

Apple is already seeding a new beta of Mac OS X 10.6.7 Server, notes AppleInsider. The delta is 468.3MB, and unlike today's matching client beta comes with one known issue. In some cases clients may fail to NetBoot from a NetRestore image created with the v10.6.6 version of Server, Apple informs.


Mac OS X 10.6.6 makes few updates beyond App Store

01/06, 10:35am

Solves problem with external displays

Apple has released Mac OS X 10.6.6, an upgrade available through Snow Leopard's Software Update feature. The focus of the patch is almost entirely on adding the Mac App Store client, which lets users quickly buy, install and update Mac software while giving Apple a cut of the revenue. There are in fact few other recorded changes in v10.6.6, limited to one security and two bug fixes.


Mac OS X Server 10.6.5 update returns, with minor fix

11/15, 7:40pm

Earlier version had e-mail delivery bug

The 10.6.5 update for Mac OS X Server, removed earlier today, has been restored with a fix for an e-mail delivery bug found in the original version. The new build, 10H575, fixes a memory aliasing issue introduced in the earlier version in Dovecot's handling of user names, resulting is mail potentially being delivered to the wrong user on machines using Dovecot as a mail server. The issue only affects machines running the earlier-posted version of 10.6.5 Server, and also does not affect the original Dovecot open-source project.


Open letter to Jobs calls for OS X Server virtualization

11/09, 6:00pm

Educator offers "solution" to XServe loss

An Apple Distinguished Educator and University Executive Forum member, Dave Schroeder of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has penned an open letter to Apple CEO Steve Jobs in reaction to the recent announcement of the ending of XServe sales. In it, Schroeder asks Jobs to extend the 2007 loosening of virtualization rules on OS X Server and allow it to be virtualized on non-Apple hardware. Without such a move, says Schroeder, the loss of the XServe will force a transition away from Apple server technologies, which will have "a significant negative impact on many major campus initiatives which impact your products and services, including iOS mobile development, campus-wide lecture capture with Podcast Producer, our iTunes U presence, our campus IP TV network, and … critical services to Apple clients that allow those clients to exist alongside other platforms."


Apple exec posts, retracts message backing server software

11/08, 11:55am

Likely not authorized to speak

Eric Zelenka -- Apple's senior worldwide marketing manager for server, storage and management products -- has posted and then deleted a forum message giving a clue to the company's future enterprise plans, reports note. "Apple remains committed to the development of server products, technologies and services," Zelenka wrote at the XSanity forums on Friday. "Today’s [Xserve] announcement does not impact the future of Xsan or server software on Mac OS X."


Apple posts Mac OS X 10.6.4, Leopard security updates

06/15, 6:05pm

Unique 10.6.4 patches target new Mac minis

Apple has released Mac OS X 10.6.4, an update long in development for Snow Leopard. The patch fixes several important problems; these include keyboards and trackpads becoming unresponsive, Creative Suite 3 programs failing to launch, and difficulty in copying, renaming or deleting files on SMB servers. Minor bugfixes target fullscreen editing in Aperture and iPhoto, and using Good Quality deinterlacing in DVD Player.


Parallels Desktop adds Chrome OS support

03/10, 4:05pm

Also boosts Mac OS X Server performance

Parallels has released a new version of Parallels Desktop 5 for the Mac, build 9344. The program is able to run several operating systems virtualized within Mac OS X. The latest build is the first support Google's Chrome OS, which is primarily based on web technologies.


Mail Services Update 1.0 fixes Snow Leopard Server issues

12/18, 8:55am

Performance, reliability problems addressed

Continuing a series of pre-Christmas updates, Apple has posted Mail Services Update 1.0, a release for Snow Leopard Server. The patch reduces memory consumption, and now allows Mail to recover from a disruption in Directory Services. The file is a 20.6MB download and requires Snow Leopard Server 10.6.2.


San Francisco transit to gain mobile Wi-Fi

02/02, 1:10pm

San Fran's BART gets Wi-Fi

San Francisco's Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) service should soon see the addition of permanent mobile Wi-Fi access, according to the technology's provider. WiFi Rail says it has a signed a 20-year deal to provide hotspots throughout BART's terminal network, and particularly on all commuter trains, where the only alternative has so far been cellular access. Routers and switches are being provided by Cisco, while servers are slated to run Mac OS X.


AFP rendering Mac servers unusable

01/13, 4:05pm

AFP server problems

Problems with Mac OS X Server are causing some corporate networks to come to a crawl, complaints from network administrators indicate. The problem is believed to stem specifically from Apple File Protocol, as used by Mac OS X Leopard Server; whereas Leopard typically consumes only a portion of the CPU power on an Xserve, some administrators have noticed quad- and eight-core Xserves becoming non-functional due to AFP activity. CPU burden can become as bad as 800 percent, according to one complaint.


Intego updates VirusBarrier Server, ContentBarrier

01/07, 11:25am

Intego releases updates

Intego has released new versions of VirusBarrier Server 2 and VirusBarrier Mail Gateway 2, along with ContentBarrier X5. Virus Barrier 2 and Virus Barrier Mail Gateway add improved scanning and bug fixes. Server 2 scans every file that is copied to the Mac OS X server it protects, and scans all files that are launched on the server. If it finds a virus, it quarantines the file or files, and sends logs to administrators alerting them of the activity. VirusBarrier Server 2 can also be set to run scheduled scans of local and network volumes. It requires Mac OS X (Server) 10.4 or higher and is now available starting at $300.


Apple patches 21 security flaws in Mac OS X 10.5.6

12/15, 2:05pm

Mac OS X 10.5.6 security

Fresh after announcing the general changes in Mac OS X 10.5.6, Apple has posted a list of the security updates present in the new code. The company has for instance addressed several possible Trojan attacks, launched through images, PDF documents, CPIO archives, ISO files and web cookies. Similarly, Apple has expanded the list of potentially unsafe file types which will trigger Mac OS' Download Validation feature.


Analysts: Apple slack in fixing DNS flaw

07/29, 12:20pm

Apple slow on DNS bug

Apple has taken an unreasonable amount of time in fixing a DNS bug within Mac OS X, according to security consultant Rich Mogull. The bug in BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain) -- which has public code available for a security exploit -- was discovered in February by researcher Dan Kaminsky, and a month later, groups such as Cisco and Microsoft met to determine how to fix it. While BIND was only patched on July 8th, Apple has still had weeks to incorporate this into Mac OS, says Mogull.



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