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Apple sends apology to developers for recent Mac App Store issues

11/18, 7:11am

Explanation for security certificate-related errors provided in email to developers

Apple has sent an email to developers affected by an expired security certificate issue with the Mac App Store last week, apologizing and offering an explanation for what caused the problem. According to the email, a caching problem within the Mac App Store interfered with Apple's issuing of a new security certificate, one which caused a number of users to see a "damaged" error when using some of their apps, forcing a reinstallation in a number of instances.


Follow-up: second public betas of OS X 10.11.2, iOS 9.2 released

11/05, 11:15pm

Latest iOS beta gives testers on AT&T ability to try out NumberSync feature

Following the developer release of second betas for OS X 10.11.2 and iOS 9.2, Apple on Wednesday (for iOS) and Thursday (for OS X) made public versions with the same build numbers available to pre-registered testers. Both releases are now available to registered accounts through either the App Store or the Mac App Store. The OS X beta, build 15C31f, does not mark any changes but continues to ask developers to focus on several key areas. The iOS 9.2 beta, however, introduces the ability to test AT&T's forthcoming NumberSync technology.


Apple's online services suffer third outage in three days [u]

10/15, 4:41am

Store services down currently, no cause of downtime offered

[Update: outage has ended] Some of Apple's online services are down, for at least some users, in a prolonged attack that started around 8:30PM Pacific Time on Wednesday and is currently ongoing. Prior to that, 0.6 percent of iCloud users were cut off from iCloud Tabs and iCloud Keychain services for about an hour and 45 minutes, beginning around 7PM PT. At the time of writing, Apple's System Status page shows the App Store, Apple TV, the iBookstore, iTunes Store, Mac App Store and Volume Purchase Program are either slow or down entirely for some percentage of users.


Hands On: Intellie Notes 1.0.5 (OS X)

08/05, 9:24am

Minimalist but colorful note taker

There is definitely a case of just having someplace you can scribble down a thought, a phone message, a shopping list. There is also definitely an entire industry devoted to creating such note taking apps and it's a mightily productive one. Search on the word 'note' in the Mac App Store and you get nearly 600 results. Do it on an iPhone and you get just under 9,000. This is the world Intellie Notes 1.0.5 is stepping in, and it's no criticism to say that it has about as much reason to buy it as most of the others do.


Apple releases update for iTunes 12.2, iTunes Match issues unfixed [u]

07/13, 2:17pm

Even lapsed former subscribers saw issues with cover art, metadata

[Update -- not all problems are fixed] A problem in the new iTunes 12.2 update -- which including a substantial behind-the-scenes change to the database part of the program to accommodate the new Apple Music features, and which caused confusion in metadata and album art in song files -- has allegedly been fixed in a new update, bringing the program to version 12.2.1. The update, now available through the Mac App Store, is also said to correct a problem where uploaded DRM-free music in users' iCloud Music Libraries had been replaced with DRM-enabled Apple Music versions.


Apple media storefronts see widespread but brief outage

03/25, 2:54pm

Connectivity down globally, but issue resolved by 11:30AM ET

A widespread but apparently brief outage was reported to have affected Apples online digital storefronts this morning, such as the App Store, iTunes Store and Mac App Store. The problem appeared to occur worldwide, but Apple's System Status Page did not acknowledge the issue until hours after it was resolved, which occurred at approximately 8:30AM Pacific. The company suffered a much longer and more severe outage just two weeks ago.


Apple app, media stores return, internal DNS issue rectified

03/11, 5:13pm

Outage may have cost apple up to $8 million in lost media sales

After nearly a 12-hour downtime, Apple's Internet-facing services such as the iTunes Music Store, iOS App Store, iBookstore and Mac App Store have returned. Apple calls the issue related to an "internal DNS" problem, and with estimates of hourly revenue at about $1 million an hour, this may be the most costly Internet service outage ever.


Apple experiencing global outages for online stores, services [u]

03/11, 8:32am

Mac App Store, iTunes Store preventing users from buying content

[Update: Apple acknowledges issues] A range of Apple's online services are experiencing issues, with the majority of problems relating to the company's online stores. The iTunes Store, App Store, and Mac App Store are all apparently having issues loading up elements of some store pages, though the issues are also apparently affecting back-end services as well as those on the consumer side.


Briefly: Google kills Sparrow; iOS Office adds iCloud; iOS 8 Dropbox

02/17, 7:10pm

Google drops IMAP client Sparrow for Inbox Gmail/Google Now hybrid

Once again, a popular Mac product originally developed independently and later bought by Google, has been discontinued. Like Snapseed before it, Google has decided to kill off popular email client Sparrow for both Mac and iOS in favor of its own Inbox product. The former program has been removed from both the iOS and Mac App Stores. The Mac program never received an update after Google's purchase of Sparrow in 2012, while the iOS one has languished since October of 2013.


Hands On: Records 1.0 (OS X)

02/17, 11:00am

Databasing made simple

There are many reasons to create a personal database, and even more tools that can help you do just this. The problem, however, is that most of these apps have been built with big business in mind, and therefore can be overwhelming to the average user. Enter Records for Mac, a brand-new $50 Mac App Store offering looking to solve this exact problem. Sporting a WYSIWYG design philosophy, a range of configurable form fields, and full text searching, Records looks like a great solution on paper, but how does it hold up in real world usage?


Giveaway: win one of five copies of OCRKit!

02/05, 8:45pm

win 1 of 5 copies of OCRKit!

Recently, our staff finished up a review of ExactScan Pro scanner software. ExactCode, makers of ExactScan, also have another great software title called OCRKit, which is used for extracting information from a scanned document, and converting it into searchable file formats. We have teamed up with ExactCode to give away five Mac App Store redemption codes.


Hands On: SimCity Complete Edition (OS X)

02/02, 8:20pm

Newest SimCity offers detailed urban planning fun for OS X

Aspyr released SimCity: Complete Edition for OS X late last month, to the delight of Sim enthusiasts looking to enjoy a refreshed core game, alongside a variety of expansions. Offering a broad scope of possible outcomes that one's virtual city can take, SimCity's detail neatly fits among the evolutionary history of SimCity releases as a new, Mac-friendly installment of the popular urban planning simulator. We played around with this latest version -- priced at $40 on the Mac App Store -- and found the game to be just as engrossing as we anticipated.


Hands On: Quick Paint image creation (OS X)

12/29, 6:48pm

Simple MS Paint-like app provides the basics for drawing and image editing

It doesn't seem to matter just how many drawing apps come around -- because sometimes, you still just want to have a really basic one that looks familiar right away. What ends up being deemed "familiar" can take many forms, of course, but in this instance we refer to the glory days (okay, maybe that is a tad hyperbolic) of MS Paint, which first appeared in Windows 1.0 and remains something of a cult favorite for "pixel art" and basic usage. Today, we are taking a hands-on look at a contemporary OS X equivalent, available for $5 on the Mac App Store: Quick Paint.


Giveaway: Civilization: Beyond Earth

11/27, 12:23pm

Win a copy of Civilization: Beyond Earth

As was mentioned yesterday, Civilization: Beyond Earth was released for purchase and download on Steam, the Mac App Store, and on GameAgent. Also announced yesterday was that we will be running a giveaway. So, without further ado, we are pleased to reveal that we have obtained four redemption codes for this game to give away to our readers.


Mac App Store gets visual overhaul to match look of OS X Yosemite

11/06, 9:19am

Interface goes flat, changes fonts

Apple has redone the design of the Mac App Store, bringing it into line with the look of OS X Yosemite. Accordingly, the interface is now generally flatter, abandoning drop shadows entirely and in many cases omitting borders around sections. Fonts have been tweaked, and the background has switched to a lighter shade of gray, nearly white, similar to the visual refresh given the iTunes Store with the launch of iTunes 12.


Microsoft Band fitness tracker leaks through companion apps

10/29, 10:12pm

Mac App Store shows images of rumored Microsoft fitness wearable

Microsoft's rumored wearable device has appeared earlier than expected, leaked within a companion app on the Mac App Store. The Microsoft Band is, as rumored, a device with a thin display similar to the Samsung Gear Fit, with the accompanying app screenshots showing it will apparently be capable of a similar level of monitoring of the user's actions as other fitness trackers.


App Store users experience errors trying to download apps

10/03, 11:19am

Issue inconsistent between users, devices

Customers trying to use the App Store are currently experiencing a variety of problems, according to complaints. Some are seeing vague error messages, while others are simply unable to finish downloads; many users are unaffected. For those who are impacted, the trouble can interfere with both the iOS and Mac App Stores, and any version of iOS or OS X.


Apple online stores again down for some users for second time [U]

09/04, 7:56pm

App and Media stores, iTunes Match and Radio unavailable to some users

[Update: problems resolved as of approximately 7:45PM ET] For the second time in as many days, Apple's online stores are unavailable for an undetermined percentage of users. The current outage, which began around 4:30PM ET and is ongoing, is affecting the both the iOS and Mac App Stores, the iBookstore, and a variety of iTunes services such as iTunes Match, iTunes in the Cloud, iTunes Radio and the iTunes Store. Other iCloud services, such as Siri, email, FaceTime and syncing services are not affected.


Five-hour iTunes Stores downtime fixed, no explanation provided

09/03, 12:37am

Customers of iTunes Music, App Store, Mac App Store and iBookstore affected

Apple's non-Apple Store commerce sites suffered some major downtime on Tuesday, with the App Store, iBookstore, Mac App Store and iTunes Music Store being inaccessible for nearly five and a half hours for some (but not all) users, from approximately 6:30PM to midnight Eastern time. During the outage, users were in some cases able to load the product pages of the sites, but unable to do anything else, while some others reported normal operations.


Network glitches hit iCloud Mail, iTunes, App Store services [u]

07/24, 4:45pm

iTunes and App Store difficulties already resolved

[Updated with spreading service issues] Apple online services have been affected by a pair of problems on Thursday, the company's system status page indicates. Still ongoing is a glitch with iCloud Mail, resulting in "slower than normal response" for some users. Trouble appears to have begun shortly after 2PM Eastern.


MacPhun cuts Mac app prices by 30 percent for Mother's Day

05/07, 9:05pm

Well-regarded photo editing apps offer diversity of effects

Photo editing software house MacPhun is running Mother's Day sale on the Mac App Store, beginning today and running until Monday, May 12. The sales cuts prices on all of the companies consumer-friendly photo apps by around 30 percent, for example lowering the price of MacPhun's "magic erasing" program Snapheal to $15 (down from $20) and its refocusing app Focus 2 down to $7 from its usual $10 price.


Apple hikes App Store prices in Australia, India, Turkey, other areas

03/31, 2:42pm

Prices dip in Israel, New Zealand

Apple is raising iOS and Mac App Store prices in several countries, according to an email memo sent to developers. The hikes will impact Australia, India, Indonesia, Turkey, and South Africa. Apple blames the change on fluctuations in exchange rates, which the company adjusts for on a regular basis.


Giveaway: Live Interior 3D Standard

02/25, 8:55pm

Win a copy of Live Interior 3D Standard home and interior design software

Imagining a dream home is easy, but sometimes bringing that dream into reality can be a daunting task. Fortunately, the folks at BeLight Software have created Live Interior 3D Standard home and interior design software that helps bring those dreams to life. MacNN has teamed up with BeLight to give away 10 Mac App store redeem codes to our readers. Plus, at the close of the giveaway, we will be offering an exclusive 50 percent off discount for those who didn't win!


Apple doubles promo codes for app developers to 100 per version

11/12, 1:12pm

Could increase exposure, giveways

Apple has doubled the number of promotional codes it allows developers from 50 to 100 for each version of an app, accounts say. The codes are typically used to distribute an app to reviewers, friends, and family, as well as in the occasional giveaway. Apple notes that once a bundle of promo codes is requested, they will automatically expire four weeks later.


Apple Q4 breakdown reveals iTunes gains, plummeting iPod numbers

10/28, 5:35pm

Company witnesses setbacks in some sectors

In parallel with an official announcement, Apple has also posted a detailed breakdown (PDF) of its fiscal Q4 results. The data shows that revenue in the Americas was up just 1 percent year-over-year to $13.941 billion, and even down marginally in Europe, shifting from $8.023 billion to $8.005 billion. Greater China however grew 6 percent to $5.733 billion, and Japan surged 41 percent to $3.341 billion. Offsetting this only slightly was the rest of the Asia-Pacific region, which dipped 6 percent to $1.980 billion. Global retail numbers increased 6 percent to $4.472 billion.


Users of older iLife, iWork apps seeing trouble upgrading to new apps

10/23, 9:13am

Mac App Store failing to recognize existing installations

Some users of iLife '11 and iWork '09 are having trouble upgrading to the new versions released yesterday, according to complaints. The difficulty is that when trying to download the new software through the Mac App Store, the store fails to recognize the earlier installations. Instead it responds with an error message: "[The app] is already installed and was not purchased from the Mac App Store. Do you want to buy [the app]?"


'Previous versions' support comes to Mac App Store

10/22, 5:19pm

Should allow older Macs to remain useful

Apple is bringing a "previous versions" feature to the Mac App Store, according to an official memo. Developers are being informed that unless they specify otherwise through iTunes Connect, Apple will now be allowing Mac App Store shoppers to download the latest version of an app that remains compatible with their version of OS X. The Mac App Store is accessible through Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, and Mavericks.


Apple hikes Japanese App Store prices to account for exchange rates

10/16, 4:05pm

Developers warned about impending changes

Prices at the Japanese App Store are going up as of October 17th, Apple is warning developers in a new email. The adjustment is being made to accommodate fluctuations in the value of the yen. Both Mac and iOS apps will be affected by the hikes, the company says.


iTunes stores, other Apple online services impacted by brief outages

10/02, 3:42pm

FaceTime, iTunes Match, other iCloud features briefly affected

Several of Apple's online services were briefly impacted by outages earlier today, according to Apple's System Status page. The worst affected the iTunes Store, the iBookstore, and the Mac and iOS App Stores between 1:28 and 2:57PM Eastern time, preventing some people from making any purchases. During the same time period, people may have been unable to use iTunes in the Cloud or iTunes Match, or restore purchases from an iCloud backup.


Xcode 5.0 for iOS 7 adds 64-bit compiler, automatic configuration tool

09/18, 2:31pm

Update available in Mac App Store

Alongside the iOS 7 public launch, Apple has released an update to its Xcode developer utility (Mac App Store) for iOS and OS X. Version 5.0 brings support for iOS 7 features, adding a 64-bit compiler to simplify transition from the current 32-bit architecture, while an automatic configuration tool enables services such as iCloud and Game Center to be enabled from a single click.


Apple alters affiliate program with new networks, countries

08/19, 1:06pm

Narrowed down to two affiliate networks, but with larger

Apple is making significant changes to its affiliate program for content on iTunes, the iBookstore, and the Mac and iOS App Stores, according to an announcement. The program gives participants a small commission for sales made via specially-formatted links. The main change is the elimination of LinkShare and dgm as affiliate networks, leaving just Tradedoubler and a new addition, Performance Horizon Group.


Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition sales recommence on iOS, Mac App Stores

08/15, 5:01pm

Game pulled after legal dispute with property owner Atari

After its untimely retraction just weeks after release from the iOS and Mac App Stores, the Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition has been restored for sale and download. The title was yanked from the stores owing to a dispute between developer Overhaul Games and Atari, which has apparently been resolved.


Apple toughens app reviews to meet COPPA rules, cut down on gambling

08/15, 9:46am

Should limit data advertisers, app makers can harvest from children

Apple has tightened some of the rules in its App Review Guidelines for Mac and iOS developers. Some of the new restrictions are meant to comply with the US government's revised Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. The law prevents collecting personal data from kids under 13 without parental consent; while the definition of personal data originally just meant names, locations, phone numbers, and physical and email addresses, this now also includes audio, photos, and video.


Brief outage hits iCloud, iTunes, App Stores, iBookstore

08/07, 2:40pm

Downtime affects major services

Several Apple online services encountered outages earlier today, according to the company's system status page. Between 11:23AM and 1:54PM Eastern, people may have been "unable to make purchases from the App Store, iTunes Store, Mac App Store, or iBookstore," the page states. "Users may also have been unable to download previously-purchased content, use iTunes Match, or successfully restore Apps and Music from an iCloud backup."


Briefly: Screenshot Plus, XPS Viewer, Homestyler

08/02, 10:15pm

Screenshot Plus widget turns into app, adds features

Screenshot Plus, a long-time "widget" for users that wanted more customization and control over the Mac's built-in screenshot abilities, is now available as a $2 app from the Mac App Store. The program "lives" in the menubar and allows users to change the format of screenshots, save them to specific folders, open them in specific programs, do timed screenshots and the usual screenshot features. The program's time function is particularly handy for capturing events that are difficult to arrange using the built-in functionality, such as a button press or picture with the cursor/pointer/arrow included. Screenshot Plus supports a wide variety of languages and offers more features than the dashboard version.


BioShock Infinite coming to Mac App Store, Steam August 29

08/02, 1:39am

Will also be available on Aspyr's GameAgent store

The third and latest game in the BioShock franchise, BioShock Infinite will debut on the Mac App Store, Steam and Mac publisher Aspyr's GameAgent store on August 29, with options for pre-ordering, bonuses and extra downloadable content -- as well as a way to save money on the game's $60 price. The game, which originally debuted on Windows, PlayStation and Xbox 360 in March, has won wide praise for its state-of-the-art graphics, artwork and story, though it is rated "M" for violence. The Mac version is likely to have steep graphics and horsepower requirements.


Apple cautioning developers to expect delays for app reviews

07/30, 12:59pm

Dev Center downtime creates ripple effects

Apple is issuing notices to developers, warning them that it may take time to review their apps for the App Store, reports say. "We are currently reviewing an app that you submitted for inclusion on the App Store, and want to let you know that the review process will require additional time, " one such message reads. "We apologize for the delay and will provide you with an update on the status of your app as soon as possible."


Briefly: Satechi releases wireless keypad, Indeeo updates iDraw to 2.3

07/03, 11:00pm

Satechi's Bluetooth Wireless Smart Keypad compliments Apple workspaces

Accessory maker Satechi launched its Bluetooth Wireless Smart Keypad yesterday, for use in an Apple user's workspace. The number keypad can toggle between a calculator mode and a keypad mode, allowing for both arithmetic operations and basic prompt-inputting functions. The Bluetooth Wireless Smart Keypad is small enough to be easily portable, and features a large LCD screen that displays up to twelve digits at a time. The keypad is available for $35 at Satechi and Amazon.


Max Payne 3 coming to Mac App Store June 20; price unknown

06/19, 12:39am

Advanced game features multi-monitor support, 3D, more

The graphically-violent third-person shooter Max Payne 3 is coming to the Mac App Store beginning on Thursday, June 20. The game is reported to "include a number of advanced graphics options, scaleable high-resolution textures and character models, DirectX11 features, multi-monitor support and 3D," according to the announcement from Rockstar Games, and has exceptionally high Mac system requirements.


Apple extends two-step ID verification to Canada, other countries

05/10, 10:51am

Option will appear automatically in account details

Apple is extending its two-step verification option for Apple IDs to a wider range of countries, users say. When the feature first launched in late March, it was restricted to the US, UK, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand. Now though people in Canada, Argentina, and Pakistan are reporting getting the feature, and other countries may be following suit.


Hackers compromise 110 websites in attempt at Apple ID phishing scam

05/01, 1:44pm

Targeted sites narrowed down to Houston IP address

The people responsible for a new Apple ID phishing scam have compromised 110 websites, says security firm Trend Micro. All of the sites are hosted on a specific IP address,, which is registered with an ISP based in Houston, Texas. "Almost all of these sites have not been cleaned," Trend Micro remarks.


Apple urges developers to localize, opens Chinese Support forum

04/12, 11:02am

Pushes localization for App Store, iBookstore titles

Apple has sent out a memo to developers this week, urging them to localize Mac and iOS apps as well as titles on the iBookstore, notes AppleInsider. The message is being delivered through iTunes Connect, and points out that both the iOS and Mac App Stores are accessible in 155 countries and 40 languages. "In addition, the App Store editorial team is always looking for great apps that are localized," Apple writes.


Briefly: Sonic Racing coming to Mac, Gustav Line expansion

04/03, 3:59pm

Sonic Racing for Mac to release tomorrow

Feral Interactive has announced that Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing will be released in the Mac App Store on April 4. Starring classing characters from Sonic the Hedgehog and other SEGA favorites, the racing game allows players to race across tracks inspired by SEGA's most popular game worlds. Full support will be included for Apple's Game Center, allowing up to four players to compete online. Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing will retail for $25 and is the first Sonic game to to be published on the Mac, with the second, SEGA Superstars Tennis, to follow this year.


Apple updates Xcode to support 10.8.3, squashes bugs

03/16, 11:19pm

Minor update builds on features introduced in v4.6

Apple on Saturday released a minor update to its app-building software for OS X and iOS, Xcode -- now at version 4.6.1. The most important addition to the program is support for OS X 10.8.3, with a corresponding update to the OS X SDK. It also fixes two specific issues: one where ARC-enabled apps would not launch on Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6.x), and a performance regression issue in the Analyze operation. The update to the free app is available exclusively on the Mac App Store, where it has been located since v4.6.


Apple confirms multiple Thursday service outages

02/21, 3:02pm

Services back online, but hit iTunes, app stores

Apple suffered multiple online service outages earlier on Thursday, the company's system status page now confirms. Between 9:40AM and 11:50AM Eastern time, purchases at the iTunes Store and the Mac and iOS App Stores may not have gone through. The company also confirms some Wednesday problems in which people couldn't access iCloud calendars.


Mac App Store continues 'Get Stuff Done' promotional sale

02/07, 7:00pm

Final week features cut-rate prices on various utility apps

Following two weeks of sales on various productivity and organizational programs, the Mac App Store has kicked off the final week of its "Get Stuff Done" promotion with a set of discounts on 10 utility apps, including Calendar helper Fantastical, password manager 1Password and Yoink, a "weigh station" to make dragging files between destinations easier. Apple had earlier discounted a set of "prioritizing" apps during the first week, and organizational programs during the second.


Mountain Lion OS X Server app updated to version 2.21

02/04, 8:15pm

Corrects bugs, enhances features, adds speed, Retina support

Apple has issued a minor update to its OS X Server app for Mountain Lion, now at version 2.21. The $20 program allows anyone with a Mountain Lion install to turn the OS into a server OS utilizing a suite of utilities included in the application. The update improves the speed of downloading Mac App Store software through improved caching, adds Time Machine service monitoring, brings Retina display support for the Wiki Server, adds the ability to use Active Directory groups in Profile Manager and more.


Apple uses Super Bowl to debut shortened URLs

02/04, 9:50am

Should simplify marketing of iOS, Mac apps

Apple's new shortened App Store URLs made their public debut during last night's Super Bowl broadcast, notes CNET. Within an ad for Star Trek: Into Darkness, was displayed, pointing people to a promotional app for the movie. The new address format is designed to make it easier to market apps, since regular App Store URLs are extremely complex.


Apple, devs offers discount on productivity apps for Mac

01/24, 10:37pm

Unusual themed discount roundup on Mac App Store

In a rare move, Apple has started a three-week "productivity apps" sale called "Get Stuff Done" that offers discounted prices on eight "prioritizing" applications for the Mac on the Mac App Store. The second week will reveal sale prices on as-yet-unnamed organizing apps, and the final week will spotlight savings on utility apps. Sale prices currently ongoing include $3 off the normally $10 to-do app Clear; half-off pricing on Things 2, 2Do, Due, The Hit List and Taskpaper; 40 percent off BreakTime, and substantial savings on Todo.


Apple announces Mac App Store's Best of 2012

12/14, 3:34pm

Deux Ex takes Game of the Year on Mac

Apple is now displaying the best Mac apps of 2012 for the Mac App Store, with the App of the Year award going to Day One, a simplified journaling app. CameraBag 2, a desktop photo editing app with built-in filters, was runner up among Mac apps. Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Ultimate Edition took the top award among Mac App Store games for this year.



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