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Topic: Mac App Store

Sideloading iPad & iPhone apps is back on Apple Silicon Macs, but probably not for long

01/19/2021, 11:01 am

Owners of M1-equipped Macs are once again able to sideload iPhone and iPad apps, with Apple lifting server-side blocks preventing such activity for reasons unknown.


Ten years of the Mac App Store, the 'best place' to buy apps

01/06/2021, 09:01 am

A decade after its launch, the Mac App Store failed to replicate the success of the iOS version, but it did make finding and downloading apps faster and more convenient for macOS users.


Apple threatened to pull Amphetamine macOS app over branding

01/02/2021, 08:01 am

The developer behind the macOS app Amphetamine was warned by Apple that the app was going to be purged from Mac App Store for violating one of the App Store Guidelines due to its name -- but Apple reversed its course after the developer appealed the matter.


How to install iPhone and iPad apps on your Apple Silicon Mac

11/17/2020, 12:11 pm

Apple Silicon Macs with the M1 processor can run apps built for the iPhone and iPad natively. Learn how to find them and download what you want -- plus what limitations they may present.


App Store, Apple Music & other services hit by three-hour outage

09/22/2020, 11:09 am

Apple's online services experienced multiple outages on Tuesday, with problems cropping up in Apple's digital storefronts, Apple TV services, Apple Business Manager, and Apple School Manager.


How to play games on an Apple Silicon Mac

06/19/2020, 04:06 pm

Apple is ditching Intel and transitioning its Macs to Apple Silicon. While that may impact games and gamers on macOS, here are some ways that allow you to play your favorites during and after the switch.


BlueMail restored to Apple's Mac App Store after dispute [u]

02/11/2020, 12:02 pm

Apple has now approved a newly submitted version of BlueMail to the App Store, four months after the developers sued for allegedly removing the app unfairly.


Apple Arcade offers easy sign-ups, installations through Mac App Store

08/20/2019, 02:08 pm

Mac users will discover an already familiar usability experience when Apple Arcade goes live, with a trial of the service and the currently-available six titles revealing not only that they can be downloaded and installed through the macOS App Store, but also the quality of games the service will offer.


How to fix Apple's App Store bug about 'accepting' apps before an update

07/29/2019, 03:07 pm

If your Mac won't let you update one of Apple's apps until you click on 'Accept,' here's what to do when there is no such button.


New US bill would ban loot boxes in games for people under 18

05/23/2019, 03:05 pm

Moving forward as promised, U.S. Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri formally introduced a bill on Thursday that would halt sales of gaming loot boxes to people under 18.


Proposed US bill would ban loot boxes in Mac & iOS games for players under 18

05/08/2019, 02:05 pm

A bill proposed by U.S. Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri would prohibit game developers from selling loot boxes in Mac, iPhone, and iPad games played by people under 18.


App Store, iTunes Store, Mac App Store outage affecting small number of users [u: resolved]

05/08/2019, 01:05 pm

Apple is currently enduring an outage of the App Store, iTunes Store, and Mac App Store, with a small number of users unable to access or make purchases within each of the digital storefronts for the moment.


Some macOS users having problems with discovery in App Store [u]

05/02/2019, 02:05 pm

Some Mac users are having problems accessing the Mac App Store, with reports of issues accessing items on a few of the store's pages meaning they cannot see what apps are being recommended by Apple, nor charts of what apps other users are installing -- but server-side fixes are underway.


Apple now lets Mac app developers release updates in phases instead of to all users at once

03/20/2019, 06:03 am

Apple has given Mac developers the option to issue updates that roll out over a week, so if problems are discovered, the release can be paused before it reaches everyone.


2019 iPhone, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro rumors, and more on the AppleInsider Podcast

02/22/2019, 08:02 am

This week on the AppleInsider Podcast, Victor and William talk about the rumored 2019 iPhones, MacBook Pro, and modular Mac Pro. Victor also has a comment on Google's hidden microphone in the Nest Secure system.


Pixelmator Pro gets new layer tools, clipping masks, more in 'Prism' update

01/22/2019, 11:01 pm

In the third major update to Pixelmator Pro, the popular image editor gains several new features and enhancements including organizational improvements, clipping masks, and new controls.


How to stop the Mac App Store from saying you have no previous purchases

01/10/2019, 02:01 pm

You know you've bought an app before but your Mac says you haven't. It's not a problem that affects everyone, but if you also happen to use Family Sharing then you are more prone to it. AppleInsider details the different workarounds and solutions that may help you.


Pixelmator Pro update for macOS adds redesigned Color Balance tool

12/06/2018, 07:12 am

Pixelmator Pro for the Mac has been updated to version 1.2.4, bringing with it many new features -- most prominently, a redesigned Color Balance tool adjustment.


Sen. Rubio takes Apple to task for slow response to Adware Doctor's data harvesting

09/19/2018, 03:09 pm

A frequent critic of the company in regards to China, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio has reportedly sent a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook asking why the company didn't immediately react to word a Mac App Store title was exporting browser histories to the country.


Apple says iPhone & Watch apps will have to support iOS 12, watchOS 5 & new hardware by March

09/12/2018, 07:09 pm

Following its Wednesday GM releases, Apple on Wednesday began calling for developers to submit apps compatible with iOS 12, watchOS 5, and tvOS 12, warning that iPhone and Apple Watch apps will have to meet new standards come March.