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BusySync 2.0 brings Google-iCal sync

04/18, 11:05pm

BusySync 2.0 released

BusySync on Friday released an update to its iCal sync utility. BusySync 2.0, a free upgrade for all existing customers, brings new Google Calendar syncing features and fixes many bugs. Users have the ability to sync iCal with Google Calendar, including the ability to map iCal Message alarms to Google pop-up, SMS or Email alarms as well as the option to filter out Alarms and To-Dos from subscribed calendars on your LAN. The developer says the update brings LAN/WAN synching improvements, VPN compatibility, IPv6 and Back to My Mac compatibility. In addition, version 2.0 features improved performance, fewer conflict resolver disputes, auto-repair of damaged iCal databases. Users can install the upgrade by opening the BusySync prefpane and clicking the Check Now button. For a limited time, BusySync 2.0 is available at an introductory price of $20 per computer (offer good until April 30, 2008 when the price will increase to $25).


MWSF: Highlight roundup gallery

01/21, 10:55pm

MWSF highlight gallery

This year's Macworld Expo was the largest yet, with over 450 exhibitors and tens of thousands of attendees. Apple released the MacBook Air, as well as iTunes movie rentals, with software upgrades for the iPod touch, iPhone and AppleTV. Vendors, patrons, and journalists came from all over the world to see and show thousands of new or improved products. MacNN has assembled a final gallery for Macworld Expo San Francisco 2008, highlighting many different aspects of the show.


CIO: Macworld should be scrutinized by IT execs

01/21, 4:00pm

CIO: Macworld for IT execs

Last week's Macworld Expo contained a number of important products that IT executives should be aware of, says CIO. The magazine argues that while Macworld has traditionally showcased products for artists, schools and small businesses, there were a number of products this year that major corporations should at least be aware of. Among these is the MacBook Air, which may be in high demand for travelers due to its weight and thinness. This may unintentionally create a security problem, as it can more easily be smuggled out of a building.


MWSF: Parallels Server for Mac

01/21, 3:05pm

Parallels Server for Mac

SWsoft gave Macworld Expo patrons a demonstration of its upcoming Parallels Server for Mac a product that earned it the expo's Best of Show award. Due to ship in the coming weeks, Parallels Server allows users to run any number of different virtual machines on the Mac, including Apple's own Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Server. The new software will be also be able to run on a server cluster, according to Benjamin Rudolph, director of corporate communications for SWsoft.


Mac OS X 10.5.2 update to exceed 400MB?

01/21, 10:55am

Mac OS X 10.5.2 details

The next update for Mac OS X may be one of the largest Apple has ever released, accounts say. During last week's Macworld event, it is said that a new build of Mac OS X 10.5.2 was circulated amongst developers, under the version name 9C16. Aside from adding support for Remote Disks (for the MacBook Air) and using networked volumes as Time Machine devices (required for the Time Capsule), it reportedly addresses issues with almost 40 OS components, including AirPort, firewalls, Dashboard widgets, Finder, the Dock, iCal, iChat, Mail and Safari.


On2 Flix adds iPod/iPhone web encoding

01/18, 3:35pm

Flix iPod/iPhone encoding

On2 Technologies has announced that its Flix Engine, a server-side video encoding platform, now has support for Apple's portable formats. Where previously the Flix SDK could only be used to create output in Flash 8/9, 3GPP and general H.264, it can now be used to generate QuickTime files specifically sized and encoded for iPods, as well as the iPhone. Flix is purportedly used by "the majority" of web video sites, and supports scripting languages such as ASP, PHP, Python and Perl; it is however only available for Windows and Linux. Buyers must contact On2 regarding licensing.


MWSF: Belkin, Canon, Crumpler, iSkin

01/18, 12:05pm

Product gallery highlights

Macworld Expo San Francisco 2008 saw over 400 vendors showcasing thousands of different products, from iPod cases and accessories, to many different hardware and software solutions for the Mac. Belkin's home-styled booth showcased many different iPod cases, as well as a revised KVM switch and the Podcast Studio device. Belkin employed musical entertainment that played on a faux-lawn area. Canon had its entire range of DSLR cameras, with a wide gamut of lenses available for testing. A wide range of colorful bags were available at Crumpler's booth, and iSkin's black and white booth scheme presented a striking display for its products.


iSkin shows off new Mac, iPod, iPhone gear

01/18, 10:25am

iSking at Macworld

iSkin's presence at Macworld is being used to demonstrate four new pieces of protective gear. The first of these is the ProTouch, a skin for Apple's thin aluminum keyboard. The ProTouch is primarily made out of silicone, but uses Microban antimicrobial material to prevent the spread of disease. When the skin does need to be cleaned, it can be quickly removed and manually washed and dried. The skin is already available for $25, in blue, black, pink and frosted colors.


Greenpeace applauds Apple, MacBook Air

01/17, 7:15pm

Greenpeace applauds Apple

Greenpeace today applauded Apple for the release of its new MacBook Air laptop, calling the device "a winner" and a strong entry in the race to build a green PC. The organization commends Apple's decision to ship a mercury and arsenic-free laptop, which Greenpeace says exceeds European Standards and raises the bar for the rest of the industry. Apple is on the right track, according to activists, and needs to make environmental leadership the theme of all of its products -- both old and new.


XtremeMac intros InCharge FM transmitter

01/17, 4:10pm

XtremeMac InCharge FM

Accessory maker XtremeMac has announced its third FM transmitter, the InCharge FM. Designed for cars, the device (not pictured) plugs into standard 12V outlets, and can thus power both itself and any iPods that rely on Apple's standard dock connector. Transmission is said to be "near CD quality," but in case of interference, a toggle control lets users revert from stereo to mono. Users can also set multiple frequency presets, and check their dial position through a built-in display.


Equinux announces iSale 5 at Macworld Expo

01/17, 2:55pm

Equinux announces iSale 5

Equinux has announced the forthcoming release of iSale 5, the fifth generation of its online auction management software for Mac OS X. iSale 5 boasts an intuitive research assistant for text descriptions as well as picture themes, a template editor for all auction templates, and the ability to manage multiple libraries for archiving auctions. iSale 5 comes with a new interface designed for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, easing the process of managing and creating online auctions. The software is priced at $40, and requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later.


Ntractive unveils Elements SBM hybrid app

01/17, 1:40pm

Elements SBM unveiled

Ntractive has unveiled Elements SBM at Macworld Expo in San Francisco. The business management software uses a unique 'hybrid application' approach that aims to bridge the gap between ease-of-use and a hosted Web application. Elements SBM is designed to automate, organize, and improve business processes in small to mid-sized companies, focusing on Mac OS X as its primary platform. Users can automate common business practices like sales, contact management, and accounting while making use of automated backups and offsite data warehousing.


'Turbosim' hardware unlock for iPhone 1.2

01/17, 12:30pm

'Turbosim' unlocks iPhone

Taiwan Star Telecom has launched its new turbosim unlock for Apple's iPhone, a tiny thin film circuit that rests between the real SIM card and an iPhone SIM socket to unlock the iPhone for use with any compatible SIM card. The unlock works on iPhones that ship with firmware version 1.1.2, fooling the iPhone into thinking it is using an actual AT&T SIM card (shipment and pricing information was unavailable).


Live Freeverse MWSF feed, software updates

01/17, 12:05pm

Live Freeverse MWSF feed

Freeverse has set up a live camera-feed from the Macworld Expo show floor that displays constantly updated images of its booth for the remainder of the show. The feed is powered by Freeverse's Periscope webcam software, which lets users capture activity in front of a Mac's iSight camera and save or share that image simply and automatically. The software supports sending real-time images to an email address, a .Mac Web page, or an FTP site.


MWSF: EyeTV 3 supports remote access features, more

01/17, 11:30am

EyeTV 3 advanced features

El Gato's EyeTV 3 software vastly improves the company's hardware analogue video converters, adding remote programmability, as well as many other advanced features. The software can be configured through a local or wide area network connection, allowing users to record television content without requiring direct access. The upgrade to EyeTV 3 costs $40, and is included with all new products. New licenses are priced at $80. [corrected]


MacKiev offers HyperStudio 5 "Legacy" Player

01/16, 9:10pm

HyperStudio 5 player

Software MacKiev has announced the release of a free HyperStudio 5 "Legacy" Player for Mac OS X. The free player, for the first time, allows stacks created in previous editions of HyperStudio to run on Mac OS X. HyperStudio, created by educational technology pioneer Roger Wagner, acquired the HyperStudio brand in June 2007 and has been collaborating with Wagner on the next generation of HyperStudio products. A new edition of the HyperStudio authoring tool, HyperStudio 5, is nearing completion and is being demonstrated this week at the Macworld Expo (booth #826). The HyperStudio 5 Legacy Player for Mac OS X is available immediately free of charge from the Software MacKiev.


Griffin debuts WindowSeat iPhone mount for dashboard

01/16, 8:55pm

WindowSeat iPhone mount

On the heels of its complete iPhone/iPod line-up, Griffin Technology on Tuesday announced WindowSeat, Griffin's windshield mount for iPhone. WindowSeat puts the device at eye level on a car's windshield with street maps, directions and more, safely in view and within reach. WindowSeat's mounting bracket holds the iPhone securely, while its corner-release tab lets you easily remove your device when you arrive at your destination. The high-grip silicone suction pad attaches to the windshield easily; it is made from high-grade, attractive and durable materials to compliment the vehicle's interior and withstand the temperature shifts and features quick, easy, and secure adjustments to viewing angle with swiveling ball-and-socket joints. It also be used in conjunction with Griffin's PowerJolt car charger for iPhone. WindowSeat for iPhone will be available in March for $20.


Mariner ships StoryMill 3.0 writing app

01/16, 8:40pm

Mariner ships StoryMill 3

Mariner Software has released StoryMill 3.0, the latest release of its writing software. The software combines a word processor and database as well as offers "timeline view" feature to help writers manage the creative process from inception to publication. The software features the ability to track, tag and filter characters, scenes, locations as well as the ability to research with StoryMill's unique dynamic outline. Writers can visually and interactively display their story across time with StoryMill's timeline view and place annotations on the project.


Magma's ExpressBox7 offers 7 more PCI Express slots

01/16, 8:20pm

Magma's ExpressBox7

Magma on Wednesday announced ExpressBox7, an external PCI Express expansion product for for desktop computers. ExpressBox7 provides an easy solution for attaching up to seven PCI Express cards to a desktop or server through a x8 PCI Express slot, which is available on most new PC desktop/servers and the Apple MacPro. The Magma Expressbox7 is a PCI Express-to-PCI Express Expansion chassis system for expanding the available PCI Express slots of workstations and servers. The solution provides 7 full-length PCI Express slots in a stand alone chassis with its own power supply. The PCI Express slots are equipped to be hot swappable, according to the company.


Apago's PDF Shrink 4.2 adds batch processing

01/16, 8:15pm

PDF Shrink 4.2 at MWSF

Apago this week released PDF Shrink 4.2, a Mac OS X utility for reducing the size of PDF files. PDF Shrink optimizes the content and structure of PDF documents, making them easier to use in email attachments, on the Web, for on-screen reading, for document archiving, and more. Free to registered users of PDF Shrink 4, the update adds the ability to process entire folders of PDF files and improves compatibility with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and Adobe Acrobat 8. Apago is demonstrating PDF Shrink and its professional companion product, PDF Enhancer, at the Macworld Expo (booth #W-4336). According to the company, PDF Shrink can reduce most PDF files--including those created by Mac OS X iLife and iWork applications, Adobe Creative Suite, and Microsoft Word and PowerPoint--by as much as 90% of their original size.


Tom Bihn's Brain Cell Size 6X case for MacBook Air

01/16, 8:05pm

Brain Cell Size 6X

Tom Bihn on Wednesday introduced the first laptop case for Apple's MacBook Air. The popular laptop case manufacturer introduced the Brain Cell Size 6X, a new version of its Brain Cell laptop case designed specifically for Apple's newest notebook. The Tom Bihn Brain Cell laptop case offers advanced protection and is designed to clip securely inside a wide variety of Tom Bihn messenger bags, briefcases, and backpacks -- bags including the Empire Builder, Super Ego, ID, Ego, and Zephyr (see full list). Among the protective materials that make the Brain Cell are 8mm thick soft foam padding, 4mm hard corrugated plastic, cross-linked closed-cell polyethylene foam, and 12mm thick premium memory foam. The Brain Cell Size 6X will be available for $60 and is expected to ship in late February.


Samsung unveils 24-inch, 25.5-inch LCDs

01/16, 6:05pm

New Samsung LCDs unveiled

Samsung today unveiled its new series of 24- and 25.5-inch LCD monitors designed for entertainment and multimedia use. The pair of monitors support resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 with full 1080p HD resolution, HDMI inputs, and built-in multimedia speakers. Built-in multimedia speakers allow users to seamlessly participate in teleconferences or listen to videos and audio presentations without the need to use or purchase separate speakers. Samsung's 2493HM monitor is available for $600, while the 2693HM is priced at $700.


RouteBuddy 2.0 offers geo-data management

01/16, 5:25pm

RouteBuddy 2.0 released

RouteBuddy has released RouteBuddy 2.0, an update to the GPS data and digital map management software designed to "take command" of GPS data management on Macs. The application eases the process of analyzing as well as creating new routes and tracks from geo-data files. At the end of a journey, RouteBuddy can transfer collected data for later use or sharing in the geo-community. Users can create new Waypoints, Routes, or Tracks for profitable means, according to the company. RouteBuddy 2.0 is priced at $100 and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later. Maps are available for numerous different countries from $40.


Bare Bones ships TextWrangler 2.3, offers sale

01/16, 4:05pm

TextWrangler 2.3 ships

Bare Bones has released the v2.3 update to TextWrangler, its text-editing application which extends beyond basic documents to include programming languages, and even Unix and server administration. New to the software is support for the Lua language, and a new module for Python. The Disk Browser has been streamlined, and the FTP/SFTP interface has been improved in several regards, for instance allowing objects to be dragged out of the browser to other locations, retaining URLs.


XtremeMac intros Tango X2 full-range iPod speakers

01/16, 3:50pm

XtremeMac Tango X2

XtremeMac has used the relative quiet of the second day of Macworld to build up its iPod speaker line with the Tango X2. The revamp of the bookshelf system is about 30 percent smaller than the Tango Studio but tucks away an AM/FM radio with a stealth display and six station presets. This helps it operate independently of an iPod and in tighter spaces despite including a full 2.1-channel setup with tweeters, dynamic drivers, and a subwoofer, the company claims. An aux-in jack at the rear also improves its longevity by supporting virtually any device with a minijack output.


G-Technology debuts 500GB, 1TB external drives

01/16, 2:55pm

G-Tech 500GB, 1TB drives

G-Technology, just absorbed by rival Fabrik, has announced two upcoming external hard drives. The first of these is a new version of the G-RAID mini, raised in capacity from 500GB to 1TB. The Mini is intended to be a portable RAID drive, using a striped (RAID 0) configuration. FireWire 400, 800 and USB 2.0 connections are available; when using FireWire 800, the drive is said to be fast enough to stream multiple video layers in apps such as Final Cut Pro. The drive is further equipped with a fan and heat sink, making is less susceptible to failure. It is Mac and PC compatible, and should ship sometime in March.


Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 2008 Deluxe

01/16, 2:50pm

Mavis Beacon typing aid

Software MacKiev has introduced the 2008 Deluxe Edition of Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing at Macworld Expo in San Francisco, and is demonstrating the software all week at booth no. 826. The application runs natively on Intel-based Macs as a Universal Binary, and features 2-player competitive typing games that run over local area networks. The fastest and most accurate typist wins the race in three typing games which include Pirate Race, Ride the Wave, and Road Race. Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 2008 Deluxe Edition is priced at $40 and requires Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later.


Analyst: Rentals stand out in Macworld keynote

01/16, 11:25am

Analyst: Rentals stand out

The keynote delivered by Apple CEO Steve Jobs yesterday was generally underwhelming, says American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu. Many of the announcements were anticipated and not especially dramatic, Wu notes, and among these he includes the MacBook Air, what was intended to be the highlight of the presentation. Despite its unusual design, Wu argues that its features overlap too far with current MacBooks, and may thus not push incremental sales in the same way as ASUS' Eee subnotebook.


Quark: Flash tool for Leopard, new Quark Labs

01/16, 10:40am

Quark Interactive Designer

Quark on Tuesday announced that Quark Interactive Designer 1.02 is compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. Quark Interactive Designer allows designers using QuarkXPress to create Flash (SWF) layouts for the Web without having to code. The release of Quark Interactive Designer 1.02 follows the November 2007 release of QuarkXPress 7.31, a maintenance release of the professional design software that is optimized for Mac OS X Leopard. QID users can create rich, interactive tours, online advertisements and design-driven presentations using QuarkXPress 7.


Griffin lays out 2008 iPod/iPhone accessories

01/16, 10:30am

Griffin 2008 accessories

Griffin has announced a host of iPod and iPhone accessories for the coming year, staggered to different release dates. Already available are the TuneFlex AUX ($50) and Elan Form Cork case for iPhone ($30). The latter combines a polycarbonate shell with natural cork, which in addition to providing extra protection, should make an iPhone warmer to the touch in cold weather. The AUX, meanwhile, has been given a new universal design, with a set of adapters to fit Nano and full-sized iPods. The device holds and charges iPods through a car's lighter/12V port connection, and allows repositioning through use of a steel neck. As its name implies though, audio can only be piped out through a bundled 3.5mm stereo cable.


EyeTV 3 adds smart searches, file sharing

01/16, 9:15am

Elgato ships EyeTV 3

Pairing events for effect, Elgato is using the Macworld Expo to launch EyeTV 3, the newest version of its TV viewing software. The update includes a redesigned interface, with a programs window designed to match Mac OS X Leopard, and a sidebar on the left that displays functions hierarchically. Recordings can now be loaded through the list view, or else through a Cover Flow mode; when the player window is active, a timeline with playback controls is displayed. The translucent On-Screen Menu has also been redesigned, and mimics the interfaces of current set-top boxes.


Guitar Wizard gaming package unveiled

01/16, 9:05am

Guitar Wizard prototype

Music Wizard Group has unveiled the protetype of Guitar Wizard, a gaming package designed to teach aspiring rock stars how to play real music on a real guitar. The package includes both the SoundTech Ediface Digital Guitar Interface and the Guitar Wizard Software, allowing users to play and learn on a Mac or PC with an existing acoustic or electric guitar. The SoundTech Ediface technology converts the guitar sounds to digital for live interactive video game play, and virtually any guitar is supported, according to the company. The package is slated for shipment in early 2008 (pricing was unavailable).


Garmin GPS software adds transfer support

01/15, 8:45pm

Garmin GPS software update

Garmin International today announced that it has expanded its suite of Mac-compatible applications to include waypoint, track, and route management. The new trip planning software works with both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs, and works in conjunction with all Garmin USB devices. The software allows Mac users to transfer waypoints, tracks, and routes between a Mac and Garmin device while managing data using Garmin's catalog of map products. Favorite points of interest are available for quick reference on the Garmin GPS, and users can save as well as view favorite waypoints or tracks with a few keystrokes.


Intego launches X5 security software

01/15, 8:35pm

Intego launches X5 apps

Intego today launched the X5 versions of its FileGuard, Internet Security Barrier suites, NetBarrier, Personal Antispam, Personal Backup, and VirusBarrier applications (site not updated). FileGuard X5 creates virtual safes that can store sensitive files, which in turn are transportable to remote servers or external disks. FileGuard can create safes of any size and with any kind of document, with special safe types to protect email and instant messaging transcripts. Intego is showcasing and selling its X5 software at Macworld Expo in booth no. S-2426.


IntelliScanner SOHO scanner, software bundle

01/15, 7:35pm

IntelliScanner SOHO debuts

IntelliScanner today unveiled IntelliScanner SOHO for Mac as well as PC systems. The scanner integrates with popular third-party accounting and database applications to help users organize various assets -- including media with barcode technology. IntelliScanner SOHO includes software designed to track internal assets, business inventory, and media. IntelliScanner SOHO ($300 introductory price) includes a portable USB-based barcode scanner, software, and pre-printed barcode tags.


Equinux intros TubeStick hybrid TV receiver

01/15, 6:45pm

TubeStick hybrid unveiled

Equinux today announced its entry into the TV receiver market for Mac OS X in the U.S. with its TubeStick hybrid, a USB-based TV receiver that allows users to watch as well as pause and record live TV on a Mac in HD quality. Accompanying software allows users to chat with one another during each TV show, while 'TubeToGo' Web services support scheduling as well as managing and publishing TV recordings via an iPhone or iPod touch on-the-go. TubeStick hybrid will ship in February for $130.


MacSpeech Dictate speech recognition app

01/15, 6:10pm

MacSpeech Dictate debuts

MacSpeech today debuted MacSpeech Dictate at Macworld Expo in San Francisco. The new speech recognition software for Mac enables Mac users to dictate directly to applications with little time training the software to recognize their voice. Training MacSpeech Dictate, up to a 99 percent accuracy level, generally takes less than five minutes, according to the company. MacSpeech Dictate is expected to ship by February 15th from $200. The software requires Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later as well as an Intel-based Mac, and upgrades for iListen users are available for $100.


Macally unveils FlexTune portable stereo

01/15, 5:40pm

Macally unveils FlexTune

Macally today unveiled its FlexTune portable stereo system (site not updated) designed to support Apple's iPhone, iPod touch, and iPod classic. The FlexTune enables users to dock an iPhone or compatible iPod in either a horizontal or vertical orientation, improving the movie-watching experience for iPhone and iPod touch owners hoping to make the most of their larger screens. The silver and black casing encloses speakers with 1500mW power output per channel. The FlexTune is scheduled to ship at the end of February for $60.


Spore to ship for Mac in 2008

01/15, 5:20pm

Spore coming to Mac

Electronic Arts today is expected to announce the forthcoming release of Spore for both Mac and PC, which is slated for shipment later this year. The company also promises to show Spore running on Macs at Macworld Expo in San Francisco, according to EA Games announced for the first time last year that it would release some of its biggest game titles to the Mac, and is partnering with TransGaming Technologies to ensure it can keep that promise in 2008.


VMware demos Leopard Server under VM

01/15, 5:00pm

Leopard Server & VMware

VMware has announced that as a part of its presentation at the Macworld Expo, it is demonstrating a completely unmodified version of Mac OS X Leopard Server running within a virtual machine. This is due to a change in Apple licensing policy, which recently allowed Mac OS X Server to be installed multiple times on the same computer so long as each copy has its own valid license. VMware further notes that all of the device drivers being used are stock, including those for USB peripherals, hard drive controllers, and a Gigabit Ethernet adapter.


Kensington dock brings displays via USB

01/15, 4:50pm

Kensington USB Display

Kensington on Tuesday brought the first devices for the Mac to support a display connection over USB. A new version of the sd200v Notebook Docking Station borrows technology from DisplayLink that allows Mac OS X systems to connect not just ordinary peripherals but also video output across a single USB connection: DVI and VGA displays, audio, and as many as five USB add-ons attach through a single cable. The technology is fast enough to drive resolutions up to 1440x1024, even with movies and other taxing video connections, Kingston says. The station may be ideal for turning the MacBook Air into a full desktop replacement and allows the Mac mini to use more than one monitor at the same time, according to the company.


DLO to debut iBoom JukeBox, HomeDock in HD

01/15, 4:25pm

DLO's iBoom BukeBox, more

Digital Lifestyle Outfitters (DLO) today promised to unveil two new iPod accessories during Macworld Expo in San Francisco. The company will showcase its iBoom Jukebox (shown at right) portable speaker system for iPod, as well as an HD-enabled version of its HomeDock. DLO's iBook JukeBox is a new portable speaker system for iPod that includes an RF remote control with a full display screen that works at up to 100-feet away. The new device is due to ship this Spring for $200.


HP preps B8850 'prosumer' photo printer

01/15, 4:10pm

HP B8850 photo printer

One of HP's showcases at the Macworld Expo is the Photosmart Pro B8850, what the company describes as a prosumer-level photo printer. The printer is designed to handle a variety of materials as thick as 0.7mm (0.03 inches), including satin, watercolor and matte papers, as well as more conventional options. Depending on the size, some prints may be completed in as little as 90 seconds.

One of the primary features of the printer is said to be "electrostatic drop detection," which is used to keep it operating smoothly. This monitors the printer for building ink, and is used to only clean the nozzles that need attention, thereby avoiding waste.


XtremeMac intros Luna X2 iPod alarm clock

01/15, 3:55pm

XtremeMac debuts Luna X2

XtremeMac today unveiled the Luna X2, a new version of its alarm clock that features a built-in iPod dock. The Luna X2 is designed to provide completely personalized sleep and waking environments, with dual alarms that users can independently set to play an iPod, the radio, or a buzzing noise. The clock includes settings for volume, display brightness, and snooze time. Users can also adjust volume ramping for sleep and nap functions, according to XtremeMac. The Luna X2 is priced at $120, and is available for pre-order until it ships within the next few weeks.


LaCie intros drives with 1.3-inch HDD tech

01/15, 3:45pm

LaCie Little Disk and More

LaCie switched its attention from large drives to small at Macworld with the unveiling of a pair of ultra-compact hard disks. Both the updated Little Disk and USB Key Max now use Samsung's 1.3-inch hard drives to achieve new dimensions: smaller even than the 1.8-inch hard drive in an iPod or an ultraportable like the MacBook Air, the disk is equal in size to a CompactFlash card but holds as much as 40GB of data. This is enough for 12,000 songs or 60 hours of DVD-resolution video, LaCie reckons.


CharisMac Discribe 6.0 adds Blu-Ray support

01/15, 3:45pm

Discribe 6.0 released

CharisMac Engineering today released Discribe 6.0 Robotic and Standard Discribe 6.0, optimizing the disc mastering software for Mac OS X on Intel-based hardware. The latest release is a major upgrade that is completely rewritten to offer support for Blu-Ray discs, and expands the boundaries of CD as well as DVD mastering while simplifying workflows. Discribe 6.0 is priced at $70, while Robotic Discribe 6.0 single-drive version is available for $300.


Moka5 puts LivePCs on flash drives

01/15, 3:30pm

Moka5 beta for Mac OS X

Moka5 today announced the beta release of Moka5 for Mac OS X, enabling users to run VMware Fusion to port a virtualized desktop -- known as a LivePC -- to nearly any other computer using a flash drive. Moka5 leverages leading virtualization technologies to provide hassle-free mobile computing environments, according to the company, in the form of LivePCs. Moka5 for Mac beta is available for free, and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later running on an Intel-based Mac.


MacBook Air: live photos, new details

01/15, 3:20pm

MacBook Air Live Photos

Apple today released its hotly anticipated MacBook Air ultraportable notebook at Macworld San Francisco. MacNN is on the scene at the expo's show floor and has taken photos of the new computer and has additional details about its more intricate features. Notably, Apple explains that the notebook's battery is non-removable; the size of the system and the placement of the MagSafe connector makes it impractical, according to the company. However, buyers disappointed in the lack of built-in Ethernet can buy a USB-to-Ethernet adapter ($29) that restores the functionality at the expense of the lone USB port.


Apple, Fox offer digital versions of DVDs

01/15, 3:10pm

Apple, Fox digitize DVDs

Both Apple and Twentieth Century Fox today unveiled Digital Copy for iTunes, providing customers who purchase a DVD with an additional Digital Copy of the movie. The Digital Copy is exactly like movies purchased from the iTunes Store, and is transferable to iTunes for viewing on a Mac or PC, an iPod, an iPhone, or an Apple TV set top box. The first DVD to make its debut with iTunes Digital Copy is the Special Edition DVD premiere of the Family Guy 'Star Wars' parody, 'Family Guy Presents: Blue Harvest,' which is being released in stores today. Fox and Apple said they are planning to deliver many more DVDs with iTunes Digital Copy this year.


Extensis previews Universal Type Server

01/15, 2:55pm

Universal Type Server

Extensis (booth #1020) has announced its Universal Type Server, a next generation server-based font management solution for both Macintosh and Windows environments. Universal Type Server will be available in three editions: Universal Type Server Lite, Professional and Corporate editions. The font server application lineup is designed to handle all font-related issues in font-intensive workflows and offers simple server and user administration via web-based applications; a "stable and fast" Java-based server with a secure SQL backend; active Directory integration for enterprise networks, support for both Mac and Windows clients (independently or simultaneously); support for mobile users; font license tracking; fast type activation; automatic font previews and organization, and native support for Intel-based and PPC-based Macs.



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