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The Big Deal: Lytro Illum light field camera for $600

10/27, 9:38am

Refocus your photographs after taking the shot with the Lytro Illum

Every so often, MacNN finds a deal that is too big or important to go into our usual deal lists, and is deserving enough to be highlighted in its own Big Deals post. Today, the Lytro Illum from MacNN Deals takes the role, as a second-generation light field camera that is able to refocus a photograph after the shot was taken, though this extends the functionality of the original Lytro with some extra framing options and some traditional camera controls.


Hands On: Lytro Light-Field Camera

08/24, 7:25am

Quirky rectangular camera allows you to refocus images on the fly

Photography is a fairly accessible hobby to get into in the digital age, in terms of both cost and starting skill level. With the advent of smartphones, more and more people are seriously looking into digital photography and don't take long to branch out and grab some specialized equipment. If this sounds like you, we're going to give you an option you may have never thought of: the Lytro light-field camera.


Lytro releases first developer kit for light-field camera

11/06, 1:06pm

NASA, Department of Defense among first to access Lytro developer kit

Lytro, the producers of the light-field cameras of the same name and the Illum, is giving interested parties access to its technology. The company is releasing the Lytro Platform and its first Lytro Development Kit for enterprise users to try using the technology in other ways, with the first customers including NASA and the US Department of Defense.


Lytro launches Illum as second light field camera with 8x optical zoom

04/22, 12:23pm

Lytro Illum 40-megaray resolution a significant improvement on original camera

Lytro has unveiled its second camera using light-field photography. Just like the original Lytro camera, the Lytro Illum allows photographers to change the point of focus of a shot after the shot has been taken, with the camera's construction updated to look more like a traditional DSLR instead of the original's compact and unusual body.


Apple wins patent on Lytro-like camera refocusing

11/26, 10:31am

The US Patent and Trademark Office has granted Apple a patent on a refocusable camera system similar to Lytro's camera technology. Apple's concept is based on a microlens adapter, but like Lytro, would let people refocus a photo after it's taken -- something impossible with regular camera optics. The Apple patent in fact cites the work of Lytro founder Ren Ng as prior art, and reports have previously noted that, prior to Lytro going public with its product, former Apple CEO Steve Jobs invited Ng to his home for a demonstration.


Briefly: Google Play Store updated, Lytro reaches UK retailers

07/16, 10:08am

Web version of Google Play store receives UI refresh

Google has updated the web version of the Google Play store, which now seemingly embraces the card-style interface seen in the Android version and other Google properties. The redesigned site now offers a menu sidebar to switch between the various sections, while individual app pages offer larger app screenshots and images, and bigger app icons.


Nokia executive hints at Lytro-style imaging in future Lumia release

05/27, 8:38am

Computational photography said to be next challenge for smartphone images

Nokia may be looking towards adding a 16-lens camera and 'computational photography' to its Lumia devices in the future, The light field photography, notably demonstrated in the Lytro camera, has been hinted to make an appearance in a future Lumia by Nokia executive vice president for smartphones Jo Harlow.


Toshiba plans mobile camera sensor with post-shot focusing

12/27, 6:44am

Camera module to allow images with all subjects in focus

Toshiba is working on a camera sensor for mobile devices for post-shot image focusing, potentially allowing viewers to change the focus of a photograph while it is being viewed. . The camera module can apparently take images similar to the Lytro light field camera, but shrinks down the process from Lytro's 4-inch camera to a sensor a cubic centimeter in size.


iPhone 5 claims Time 'Gadget of the Year' title

12/11, 3:45pm

Wii U, Surface among other list entries

Time Magazine has awarded the iPhone 5 the title of "Gadget of the Year" for 2012. In his piece on the phone, writer Harry McCracken calls the device "one of the most artfully polished gadgets anyone's ever built," and claims it outperforms other "nifty" smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S III, which isn't included in his top-ten list despite the presence of the Galaxy Note II in eighth place. "When it comes to melding hardware, software and services so tightly that the seams fade away, Apple still has no peer," McCracken argues.


Lytro adds Perspective Shift, Living Filters as update

11/15, 8:49pm

Lytro Perspective Shift allows for point of view shift

Lytro today announced two new features for its eponymous light field camera. A software update in the coming weeks will give Lytro photographers the ability to alter the point of view in a picture after it has been taken with the new Perspective Shift feature. Also, Lytro owners will be able to use interactive filters to edit Lytro photographs, thanks to the forthcoming update.


Lytro camera hits retail, gains manual controls

10/09, 2:04pm

ISO, shutter speed configurable on light-field camera

Lytro has added manual controls to its light-field camera. The ability to change the camera's settings, allowing for more control over shot parameters such as shutter speed and ISO, comes on the same day the Lytro hits retail stores across the US. The update is also accompanied by two new colors: "Seaglass" and "Moxie Pink."


Lytro camera hits US, international stores in October

09/25, 11:42am

Light field camera reaches Canada, Australia, Singapore

Lytro has signed distribution deals with a number of US-based retailers, and is expanding to other markets. The light field camera will soon be made available internationally, including in Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore, while the US will see it appearing in more mainstream online stores, such as Amazon, as well as retail stores.


Lytro's light field camera starts shipping

02/29, 6:10pm

Lytro reaches end users at last

Lytro kicked off spring early on Wednesday by shipping its promised light field camera. The genuinely unique camera costs $399 in its 8GB blue and gray variants and $499 for the 16GB red edition. Using one currently requires a Mac to process the final shots; Lytro has so far only developed an OS X version of the editing app used to pick the focus point and process final shots.


Lytro camera teardown shows Wi-Fi, Bluetooth radios

02/09, 12:10pm

Lytro camera torn down by FCC, shows Wi-Fi, BT

Lytro's infinite focus camera has been torn down by the FCC, revealing its internal components. Behind the 1.5-inch display hides a Marvell Avastar 88W8787 system-on-chip that contains both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios. This is interesting, as it indicates the camera has the hardware required to be controlled over a wireless link or share its photos online.


Lytro willing to talk to numerous smartphone makers

01/25, 8:45pm

Talks appear to extend beyond Apple

Lytro is reportedly willing to collaborate directly with smartphone makers to bring its light-field photography technology into future handsets. In an interview with PCWorld, Lytro chairman Charles Chi noted that the company is currently set up to build and market products under its own branding, however the smartphone ecosystem is "very complex" and "very different."


Apple's Jobs, Lytro talked light field iPhone cameras: book

01/24, 12:05am

Steve Jobs said to have talked with Lytro on cams

Apple's Steve Jobs may have discussed long-term plans to use Lytro's light field cameras in future iPhones and other devices. An advance excerpt from 9to5 of the book Inside Apple claims that Jobs reached out to Lytro founder Ren Ng during 2011 to talk design and cameras. After meeting in Jobs' neighborhood of Palo Alto, Ng was asked for three points of collaboration between Lytro and Apple.


Lytro infinite focus camera revealed: early 2012, $399

10/19, 3:20pm

Lytro details its unique camera price, date

Lytro at an event showed and detailed the first camera using its post-shot focusing technology. The self-titled camera breaks from tradition and is just a long box shape; it doesn't need many controls given that it can be focused after the shot is taken, the startup said. Combined with an f2.8 lens, it doesn't need a flash and has just two buttons for control.


Lytro camera sensor would allow focus-free shooting

06/22, 10:45am

Lytro light field cam allows post-shot focus

Newcomer Lytro has unveiled a new camera technology that promised to revolutionize how cameras capture shots. Its new sensor captures light fields independent of the direction of the camera and avoids the need to focus the shot at the time it's taken. Instead, photographers would just have to pick the focal point in software, either on the camera or on another device.



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