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Leica ships M Typ 262 rangefinder with 24MP CMOS sensor

11/20, 6:54am

Entry level Leica M Typ 262 claimed to use quieter shutter than other models

Leica has introduced a new entry level device in its M rangefinder collection, one that retains the classic design of earlier versions, such as the M Typ 240 and the M-P. The Leica M Typ 262 offers a 24-megapixel sensor with a Maestro image processor, like others in the range, but in an effort to represent photography in its "purest form," Leica has stripped out common features like video recording, leaving just what the camera manufacturer believes are the "most essential features."


Leica SL revealed as 24MP full-frame mirrorless camera

10/21, 6:57am

Mirrorless Leica camera shipping next month, has extensive 4K video modes

Leica has followed up the Leica Q it launched this summer with a compact full-frame mirrorless camera, one aimed at the professional market. The Leica SL boasts a 24-megapixel CMOS sensor paired with the Maestro II processor and 2GB of buffer memory, allowing it to have a maximum ISO of 50,000, a burst mode of 11 frames per second at full resolution, 30fps burst at a 4K resolution, and the ability to record 4K video.


Leica debuts high-end Leica Q digital compact camera

06/10, 2:10pm

Camera features Summilux optics, 24MP image sensor, 10 shots per second

Leica Camera has unveiled the first of a new line of digital compact cameras -- the Leica Q. The new model boasts a 24MP full-frame sensor and a high-speed, Summilux 28 mm f/1.7 ASPH lens all contained in a top enclosure machined from solid blocks of aluminium, with a magnesium alloy body.


Apple, Leica working to resolve bug that could corrupt Photos library

05/13, 3:57pm

Only owners of Monochrom Typ 246 affected; company recommends Lightroom for now

A bug in the DNG files created by the B&W camera the Leica Monochrom Typ 246 can cause the new Photos app from Apple to crash and corrupt the existing Photos library, potentially putting every photo in that library at risk. Any attempt to load the DNG-formatted RAW files from the camera will cause the Photo library to "crash continuously on loading," said the company in a service advisory. Until the fix for the issue is released, Leica is suggesting users use Adobe Lightroom instead.


Leica increases camera range with X-E, X, V-Lux, D-Lux

09/16, 7:39am

Leica V-Lux, D-Lux rebranded versions of Panasonic FZ1000, Lumix LX100

Leica launched a number of other digital cameras at Photokina, alongside the M Edition 60. The Leica X and Leica X-E are high-end compact cameras, while the Leica V-Lux and Leica D-Lux are snappers best described as rebranded versions of Panasonic cameras, a process the manufacturer has undertaken a few times previously.


Limited-release Leica M Edition 60 revealed without rear display

09/16, 5:53am

Anniversary version of Leica M removes electronic assistance in retro camera design

Leica has unveiled a new limited-edition M-series digital camera to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Leica M3. The Leica M Edition 60 is a classically-influenced M-P Type 240-style camera which possibly takes its retro design too far, using an old-fashioned viewfinder rather than an electronic version, and replaces the typical rear display with a single ISO selector dial.


Leica M-P 24MP rangefinder camera doubles memory buffer of Leica M

08/22, 6:07am

Refined Leica M-P replaces front logo with top plate engraving

Premium camera producer Leica has revealed an upgraded version of its Leica M rangefinder. The Leica M-P houses a full-frame 24-megapixel CMOS sensor, accompanied by a 2-gigabyte memory buffer double the size of the Leica M version, allowing it to be not only twice as fast, but also capable of up to 24 images in a burst mode at a speed of 3 fps.


Leica T mirrorless camera employs aluminum unibody design

04/25, 10:40am

16.2MP sensor used in Leica T designed with Audi

Camera manufacturer Leica has unveiled a new interchangeable-lens mirrorless digital camera fashioned from a single block of metal. Made in collaboration with Audi Design, the Leica T has an aluminum unibody design that moves away from the textured finishes of older cameras created by the company, with the solid frame holding a 16.2-megapixel APS-C sensor.


Leica camera designed by Ive to be auctioned November 23

10/08, 7:51pm

One-off design will raise money for AIDS, Tuberculosis and Maleria relief

Pictures of the one-off Leica M Rangefinder special edition co-designed by Apple's Sir Jonathan Ive and Marc Newson have surfaced, revealing a unsurprisingly elegant yet sparse design with a Dieter Rams-inspired off-white and aluminum design that would fit right in with Apple's products. The camera will be auctioned off on November 23 for Product (RED) and includes a 50mm ƒ2 Summicron lens. Proceeds will be used to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria outbreaks in Africa.


Leica C compact camera includes 12.1MP sensor, Wi-Fi, NFC

09/11, 7:09am

Boutique camera uses programmable ring around 7x zoom lens

Boutique camera maker Leica has launched its latest compact digital camera, one which includes Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity. The stylish Leica C houses a 1/1.7-inch, 12.1-megapixel CMOS sensor, while its f/2.0-5.9, 7x zoom lens has a 35mm-equivalent range of between 28mm and 200mm, and a programmable ring surrounding the lens for mode selection.


Apple's Jony Ive to design limited-edition Leica M camera

09/18, 7:40pm

Special project is a one-off, will be auctioned for charity

Hot on the heels of its announcement of five new cameras in a wide range of price points at Photokina, German camera maker Leica has revealed that Apple Senior Vice President of Design Sir Jonathan Ive will create a special one-of-a-kind edition of the new Leica M camera which will be auctioned off for charity. The Leica M, a high-end rangefinder that will retail for $7,000, is part of the company's high-end series and features its original 1950s look. Only one copy of the Ive-designed version will be produced.


Leica compact camera line expands with V-Lux 40, X2

05/10, 6:18pm

Cameras available now, accessories to follow

Boutique German camera manufacturer Leica boosted their product line with the addition of two cameras to the venerable line today. The newly released V-Lux 40 replaces the V-Lux 30, while the X2 is the newest in the X-line of compact cameras. Both cameras are available immediately at all Leica dealers, including the Washington DC Leica store.


Leica readies ultra-rare M9-P in white

03/22, 7:05pm

Limited production of only 50 cameras

Leica is readying an extremely limited edition white version of its M9-P digital rangefinder camera. The will be making only 50 of these cameras to commemorate the opening of its new facility in Tokyo. The camera body itself is a white lacquer finish with some parts covered in white calf's leather. The camera comes fitted with a very bright, f0.95 50mm lens.


Leica preps May 10 event, may show M10

03/15, 4:35pm

Leica invites news organizations to Berlin in May

Leica CEO Alfred Schopf has sent out invites for an event on May 10 and 11 in Berlin, SteveHuffPhoto found. While there are no specifics in the invite (an image of which is embedded below), promised is a "whole range of product launches." Educated guesses, along with the date, suggest an M10 camera will be unveiled, while an update to the X1 is also expected.


Leica intros V-Lux 3 24X superzoom with better low light

12/08, 11:50am

Leica V-Lux 3 upscales latest Panasonic long zoom

Leica continued its recent tradition of upscaling Panasonic compact cameras on Thursday by unveiling the V-Lux 3. A close cousin of the Lumix FZ150, the superzoom centers on a 25-600mm (24X) equivalent, f2.8-5.2 lens. It makes a rare step down in resolution, from 14 to 12.1 megapixels, but the CMOS sensor both helps in low light as well as offering the same 1080p, 60 frames per second video and 12 frames per second burst still shooting as its Panasonic counterpart.


Leica outs D-Lux 5 Titanium edition camera

10/20, 4:10pm

Leica shows limited edition D-Lux 5 camera

Leica has brought back the D-Lux 5 point-and-shoot camera in a new luxury model, the Titanium. A rebadged Panasonic LX5, its core addition is the use of the genuine, anodized titanium. The insides remain unchanged and include a 10-megapixel, compact-sized CCD sensor.


Ricoh GXR A12 camera module takes Leica lenses

08/05, 1:15pm

Mount module includes sensor and shutter

Ricoh has brought out a new mount module, the A12, for its GXR camera. The module lets a photographer use Leica M series lenses with the GXR body. The mount incorporates an APS-C sized, 12.3-megapixel CMOS sensor as well as a focal plane shutter, which can be used instead of the camera's electronic shutter.


Leica rolls out M9-P rangefinder for pro photographers

06/21, 3:40pm

Leica M9-P and new 21mm lens arrive

Leica on Tuesday introduced an uncommon camera tailored to the pro side of its audience. Compared to the original M9, the M9-P has a scratch-resistant and also anti-reflective sapphire coating on the LCD to protect it outside. The iconic red Leica logo has also been pulled off to reduce distractions and make it less of a target for thieves.


Leica V-LUX 30 helps take compact superzooms upscale

05/26, 7:25am

Leica intros V-LUX 30 compact with 16X zoom

Leica on Thursday morning upgraded its smallest camera line through the V-LUX 30. Its body is a more premium adaptation of the 14-megapixel Panasonic Lumix ZS10 that revolves around Leica's own 16X, 4.3-68.8mm f3.3-5.9 lens in a compact body. The V-LUX adaptation goes all black and ships with both Adobe's Photoshop Elements 9 and Premiere Elements 9.


Leica to debut new M9-P digital camera on June 21?

05/18, 11:30am

Leica to show off new M9-P camera next month?

German camera maker Leica will soon release a new camera, the M9-P, according to LeicaRumors. Early versions of the camera may already be out there, with reportedly one carried by British singer Seal through Los Angeles' airport last week. It differed from current cameras as it lacked a few modern touches and legacy holdovers such as a rewind crank, a battery compartment, a film advance lever, or a reversing lever.


Leica outs special edition BMW X1 camera for an extra $900

01/18, 4:20pm

Leica X1 BMW edition camera gets little for $900

Leica's X1 camera, first seen in a leak back in 2009, has just been refreshed with a special edition model. The camera maker teamed up with German luxury carmaker BMW to endow the special camera with a different color on the body and a BMW stamp on the top. No other functional changes were made to the shooter, however, although the price tag, at $3,500, is $900 dearer than the standard-issue and just-as-capable $2,600 X1.


Panasonic intros four Lumix FH-series cameras

01/06, 1:20pm

Feature wide-angle LEICA lens, 720p HD video

Panasonic has introduced four new cameras to its Lumix FH-series of digital cameras. The cameras take 720p HD video and offer shutter speeds as fast as 0.005 seconds for still photos. The FH27 and FH25 upgrade the FH20 introduced last year with a 16.1-megapixel sensor and a Leica DC 28mm-equivalent wide angle lens with 8x optical zoom. The FH27 features a 3-inch LCD touch control screen, while the FH25 has a standard 2.7-inch LCD.


Leica outs two rebadged Panasonic digital cameras

09/21, 5:00pm

Leica dresses up Panasonic cameras for Europe

At Photokina on Tuesday, Leica added two new compact cameras in the V-Lux 2 and D-Lux 5. The two are luxury versions of existing cameras from Panasonic, namely the Lumix FZ100 and LX5, respectively. The former has a 14-megapixel CMOS sensor and 24x optical zoom and can record 1080i video at 60fps, while still photos can be taken at up to 11fps in rapid capture mode, just like the FZ100.


Leica unveils M9 Titanium edition with €22,000 price tag

09/20, 9:15pm

Titanium edition limited to 500 pieces

Leica has unveiled a special edition camera, the M9 Titanium, which was featured at a special event in Cologne. The camera is an upgraded version of the semi-professional M9, extensively constructed from titanium and designed in collaboration with Volkswagen. Leather trim, LED-illuminated frame lines, and fingerprint resistant overlays distinguish the special edition from its basic counterpart.


Capture One 5.2 improves Nikon output

09/15, 9:20am

Expands Leica, Leaf, Mamiya support

Phase One has released a new version of Capture One, 5.2. The software handles a professional photography workflow, including the import of RAW files as well as basic editing tasks, for example color, sharpness and contrast. A Pro version adds more advanced options, such as tethered shooting, spot removal and skin tone enhancement. The v5.2 upgrade brings new profiles for several Nikon DSLRs: the D3s, D3x, D3, D2x, D700, D300, D300s and D90.


Phocus 2.5 adds support for 150+ cameras

05/11, 4:50pm

Also extends compatibility to non-RAW files

Camera maker Hasselblad has announced Phocus 2.5, a future update to the company's photo editing tool. The program handles tasks like white balance, shadow/highlight adjustment and lens correction, for instance by removing moiré patterns and image distortion. The v2.5 update primarily adds RAW support for over 150 non-Hasselblad cameras, from companies such as Canon, Nikon, Leica, Sony, Fuji and Olympus.


Leica makes V-Lux 20 compact ultrazoom official

04/20, 8:55am

Leica converts Panasonic 12X cam to upscale model

Leica today quickly confirmed its rumored new camera and launched the V-Lux 20. The compact is a mild reworking of the Panasonic Lumix ZS7 and gives it Leica's signature matte black finish and other high-end materials while retaining the core functionality. As a camera, the new V-Lux is Leica's first compact with both a 12X zoom lens and GPS-based geotagging, making it a possible good fit for travelers.


Leica near launching V-Lux20 compact megazoom

04/15, 5:20pm

Leica to take Panasonic ZS7 upscale with new V-Lux

Leica is on the verge of launching a new compact camera as one of its most affordable models. A leak of the V-Lux20 shows it to be an upscale version of Panasonic's Lumix ZS7 with the same 12X, 25-300mm zoom. The point of reference would dictate the built-in GPS, 12-megapixel sensor, HD video recording and three-inch preview LCD.


Panasonic prices new 1080p camcorders

03/26, 3:00pm

Panasonic prices, dates 3MOS Full HD camcorders

Earlier this week, Panasonic announced prices for its pair of 3MOS 1080p HD camcorders, the HDC-TM700 and HDC-HS700, first introduced at the start of February. The company also revealed the two will arrive in mid-April, with the TM700 priced at $1,000, while the HS700 will cost $1,400. Both camcorders can shoot 1080p video at 60fps and sport 14.2-megapixel image sensors.


Pentax to skip PMA expo? [U]

02/19, 5:15pm

Pentax pulls out of PMA digital imaging expo

(Update with PMAI response) Pentax has pulled out of this weekend's PMA show, with no explanation given, joining Canon and Leica in abandoning the show, according unofficial report on Friday. Whether this has to do with the change of venues from Las Vegas in 2009 to Anaheim this year is unknown. The decision is said to be that of Pentax specifically and not its parent company Hoya's.


Leica unveils X1, M9 semi-pro cameras

09/09, 10:45am

Leica X1 and M9

Leica today added two long-anticipated upgrades to its more compact cameras. The X1 shares the rangefinder-like design of most Leicas but is deliberately designed as a cross between these and compact cameras: it has a fixed f2.8, 36mm equivalent lens but an APS-C sized, 12-megapixel CMOS sensor that the company bills as the largest ever in a compact. The combination of a zoomless prime lens and the large photo receptors give the camera a DSLR-like sensitivity to light (ISO 100 to 3,200) and reduced noise.


Image leaks show upcoming Leica M9 and X1 cameras

09/02, 10:50pm

Leica to update M-series with 18.2 MP sensor?

Several image leaks allegedly show upcoming Leica cameras, the X1 and M9, according to Leica Rumors. Unconfirmed specs point to a full-frame 18.2 megapixel sensor on the M9, up from the current 10 megapixel component. The camera is also claimed to offer improved noise performance at high ISO settings, while adding an SD card slot and a free copy of Adobe Lightroom.


Panasonic intros GF1 Micro Four Thirds compact

09/02, 9:25am

Panasonic Lumix GF1

As expected, Panasonic today launched the Lumix GF1, its own take on the idea of a rangefinder-like Micro Four Thirds camera. In addition to being slightly smaller than the Olympus E-P1 it shares its system with, the GF1 has a surprise fix for the absence of built-in flash on its competitor: the corner opposite the grip has a hidden pop-up flash that properly distances the illumination from the lens. No viewfinder is built-in, but an optional electronic viewfinder provides 100 percent coverage regardless of lens.


Leica intros its first HD-capable DLP projector

01/21, 4:05pm

Leica intros DLP projector

German photo camera manufacturer Leica has recently introduced its Pradovit D-1200 DLP projector at the Photokina show, the first product of its kind for the manufacturer. The 16:10 aspect ratio projector sports a 1920x1200 native resolution along with a 2,000 lumens brightness and a 2,500:1 contrast ratio. The D-1200's magnesium body houses a 0.98-inch DarkChip sensor sourced from Texas Instruments and a six-segment RGB color wheel. Setting up the D-1200 is made easier thanks to a vertical lens shift feature, and minimum projection distance is rated at nearly 3.3 feet.


Best Buy leaks Samsung T929 Leica for T-Mobile USA

11/11, 8:55pm

Best Buy leaks T929 Leica

T-Mobile USA is set to receive a new touchscreen phone – the Samsung T929 Leica – following closely of the release of the T919 Behold handset. Cell Phone Signal writes that a leak on Best Buy's website shows that the store already has access to part SKUs, including the phone itself and battery packs. The phone offers users an 8MP Leica camera with built-in video recording options, 3G connectivity, GPS, stereo Bluetooth, and a full HTML browser.


Kodak CCD sensors used in high-end pro cameras

09/24, 5:00pm

Kodak sensors in cameras

At the currently ongoing Photokina show, three professional medium format digital SLR camera manufacturers revealed newly released products that utilize current and new Kodak CCD image sensors. The newly-unveiled Leica S2 uses Kodak’s KAF-37500 image sensor, which is good for 37.5-megapixel resolution. The sensor introduces a new format that is 50 percent larger than conventional 35mm film thanks to its imaging area of 45mm x 30mm. The KAF-37500 uses micro lenses to increase its light sensitivity, while a built-it infrared filter is integrated into the sensor, allowing the camera to be physically thinner.


Leica prepping professional-level DSLR

09/22, 1:00pm

Leica S2 DSLR camera

Leica is preparing an unexpected new camera, writes Professional Photographer. Better known for its rangefinder cameras like the M8, Leica is said to be working on a new DSLR, the S2. The camera is being targeted exclusively at the professional market, and should have a 37-megapixel full-frame sensor, 56 percent bigger than that of its competitors. This may theoretically put the S2 in competition with medium format cameras like the H3D-II, rather than DSLRs like the Sony A900.


Leica updates M8, adds C-Lux and D-Lux models

09/15, 9:55am

Leica Camera Updates

Camera maker Leica has refreshed its line with a set of new models that keep it up to date with rivals. The M8.2 (pictured) refreshes Leica's retro rangefinder camera but primarily focuses on the design itself. The compact is the first professional camera to use a scratch-resistant, sapphire-coated LCD similar to luxury cellphones that provides much tougher protection than glass. The outside has also been reworked with a vulcanite-style finish that preserves the rest of the shell without altering the vintage looks.


Panasonic intros fall 2008 Lumix cameras

07/21, 11:10am

Panasonic FZ28 and LX3

Panasonic this morning got an early start to the run-up for the Photokina expo with a full range of new cameras. The Lumix FZ28 is close in capabilities to the earlier FZ18 with an 18X zoom factor but now shoots with a slightly wider-angled 27mm (previously 28mm) lens that lets it put more of a very long subject in the frame. It also adds a new autofocus tracking mode that keeps a subject in focus even in fast movement, ensuring that either basic focusing or face detection works properly without mastering shutter speeds and ISO settings.


Leica ousts CEO, looks at changing direction

02/22, 4:20pm

Leica ousts CEO Steven Lee

Famous camera and lens maker Leica has officially jettisoned its CEO, according to company officials. The removal of Steven K. Lee is described as a sudden move, authorized by the company's supervisory board. He will be temporarily succeeded by owner and chairman Andreas Kaufman, who will work in tandem with the board's treasurer and financial controller until February 28th. Lee's tenure only began in November of 2006.



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