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Apple reportedly switching over to OLED for iPhone panels in 2018

11/27, 7:08am

Report claims Apple likely to move to OLED for mobile devices in coming years

Apple may switch away from LCD for its iPhone displays, in favor of organic LED (OLED) panels in the future, according to a report. It is claimed Apple is considering the move in display technology starting in 2018, but while this may give potential display panel suppliers like LG and Samsung time to fine tune their manufacturing processes to cope, there is the suggestion that LCD may still end up being used in a proportion of iPhones made in that year.


Apple's iPhone 6s line sells out in 30 minutes in Korea

10/19, 7:10pm

Nearly-instant sellout comes as rivals drop prices, issue new versions

Even two new price cuts from Korea-based manufacturers Samsung and LG could not stop the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus from selling out within minutes on Monday as pre-orders opened for the two latest iPhones on all three of the country's major carriers. All three were assumed to have the same allotment -- 50,000 units each -- though Korea Telecom opened up a second round of reservations later in the day after blowing through its first 50,000 units within 10 minutes.


LG teases new universal Bluetooth Rolly Keyboard for mobile devices

08/27, 8:33am

Pre-IFA debut also reveals wider LG ambitions for 'premium' input devices

In an effort to capture a larger share of the fast-growing mobile accessories market, LG will unveil the industry's first solid rollable wireless portable keyboard at the IFA 2015 trade show in Berlin, Germany. Unlike other portable keyboards on the market, the Rolly Keyboard folds up along the four rows to create a "stick" that fits into a pocket.


LG Display starts mass production of AIT display panels for notebooks

07/06, 7:47am

Advanced In-Cell Touch notebook displays have reduced weight, thickness

Upcoming notebooks with touch-sensitive displays could be lighter and thinner, if manufacturers adopt a new screen offered by LG Display. The Advanced In-Cell Touch (AIT) displays, previously used in smartphones and going into mass production for notebooks, are said to considerably cut down the thickness of the panel compared to other touch-enabled versions, by embedding the touch sensor technology into the LCD panel itself, eliminating the need for a separate touch layer.


LG Chem creates higher-capacity hexagonal batteries for smartwatches

06/30, 7:23am

Six-sided batteries offer 25 percent capacity increase over rectangular counterparts

Smartwatches with higher-capacity batteries could soon be hitting the market, if manufacturers adopt a new battery from LG Chem. The battery, hexagonal in shape, is said to provide up to 25 percent more capacity compared to similar-sized rectangular batteries, which the company believes can provide up to four more hours of battery life, a significant addition to the amount of time current smartwatches are capable of lasting for between charges.


LG introduces 2015 LED projector lineup with screen mirroring modes

06/17, 8:43am

Top of new LG projector range has Smart TV functionality, 1080p resolution

LG has unveiled its 2015 lineup of LED projectors it will be shipping to the United States starting this month. The four projectors are led by the PF1500, a television replacement which offers a resolution of 1920x1080 at a brightness of up to 1,400 lumens with a maximum screen size of 120 inches, while the remainder are lower-resolution devices that are lightweight and even more compact.


LG G4 Stylus, G4c unveiled as mid-range variants of G4 smartphone

05/19, 7:09am

Two more smartphones launched using LG G4 branding

LG has introduced two more smartphones bearing the G4 name, with both new devices offering more restrained specifications than the flagship model. The G4 Stylus is a cheaper, lower specification phablet that is effectively a rebranding of the G Stylo, while the G4c is a more compact, budget-conscious smartphone that shares the design and many of the features of the full-size version.


LG returns to Windows Phone with the Verizon-bound Lancet

05/15, 8:32am

LG Lancet runs Windows Phone 8.1, includes HD Voice Calling compatibility

Verizon has unveiled LG's latest smartphone, the first running Windows Phone in a long time. An exclusive for Verizon Wireless, the budget-ranged LG Lancet is LG's first Windows Phone 8.1 device, and will have the honor of being the first Windows Phone smartphone on Verizon to be compatible with HD Voice Calling, thanks to its inclusion of Advanced Calling 1.0.


LG G4 launched with 5.5-inch Quad HD screen, leather backing option

04/28, 3:40pm

Latest LG flagship has 16MP F1.8 camera with OIS 2.0

LG has formally launched its previously-teased flagship smartphone. The LG G4 follows on from its predecessor, the LG G3, upgrading the screen to a 5.5-inch 2560x1440-resolution IPS "Quantum Display" panel, which is claimed to offer 20 percent greater color reproduction, a 25 percent improvement to brightness, and a 50-percent greater contrast.


Briefly: Google updates smartwatch listings, Sky 3D channel closing

04/28, 7:59am

Google adds LG Watch Urbane to store, discounts Moto 360, LG G Watch R

Smartwatch listings on the Google Store have been updated, with a new Android Wear addition and some price changes. The LG Watch Urbane is available for the first time in the store, priced at $350, while the LG G Watch R has dropped $50 from $300 to $250. The Moto 360 has also been discounted in the store, dropping from $250 to $180.


LG G Stylo phablet launches in South Korea, accepts 2TB microSD cards

04/22, 6:49am

LG phablet capable of using higher capacity microSD cards than currently available

LG is continuing in its attempts to compete against Samsung's Note range, by launching a new stylus-equipped phablet with a relatively unusual storage specification. The LG G Stylo is a mid-ranged phablet with a 5.7-inch 720p display and average specifications, but it is notable in being able to support microSD cards up to 2TB in size, supplementing its 8GB of built-in storage.


LG G4 leak reveals stitched leather backing weeks before launch

04/12, 11:27am

Leaked site includes questionable placeholder specifications for LG G4

The LG G4 may have leaked far earlier than the manufacturer intended, after a website, said to be a staging area prior to the flagship smartphone's launch, surfaced. The page, spotted by Evan Blass and now hidden from view, contained a large number of images showing the G4 in full, complete with the stitched leather backing that appeared in earlier teasers for the device's unveiling.


Briefly: EE starts Wi-Fi calling in UK, LG confirms April 28 G4 launch

04/07, 11:22am

EE enables Wi-Fi calling, uses phone dialer instead of separate app

British carrier EE has turned on Wi-Fi calling for its subscribers in the United Kingdom. Launching initially on the Lumia 640, with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge set to offer it from April 10 and more devices in the future, EE's version uses the phone's dialer instead of a secondary app, and will allow customers to make or receive calls and texts from both the cellular network and Wi-Fi hotspots. EE expects to have more than five million of its subscribers capable of using Wi-Fi calling by the summer.


LG Display claims Apple preparing '8K iMac' for release this year

04/06, 1:09pm

Blog post mentions non-existent, unannounced 8K-resolution Apple product

LG Display has made the mistake of claiming Apple has announced a new device, when it hasn't. A post on the LG Display newsroom explaining the concept of 8K-resolution screens oddly mentions a non-existent announcement from Apple that it would be releasing the "iMac 8K" later this year, a product that Apple has yet to give any official confirmation about, and has yet to surface in rumors.


Briefly: BlackBerry Leap pre-orders begin, LG G4 'Save the Date'

03/31, 8:34am

BlackBerry begins pre-order sales of Leap smartphone

Pre-orders for the mid-range BlackBerry Leap have commenced in the United States, the United Kingdom, and other countries. BlackBerry is selling the smartphone with a five-inch, 720p display unlocked directly from its website, priced at $275, though it warns the version it sells will not work with Verizon, Sprint, or US Cellular (i.e., America's CDMA-based carriers). Pre-orders in Canada will begin at a later date.


LG Watch Urbane LTE shipping in South Korea this week for $590

03/26, 5:12pm

Standalone LTE smartwatch uses WebOS, has premium pricing

LG is going to be putting the LTE-equipped version of the Watch Urbane on sale in its native South Korea later this week. The stylish smartwatch, initially revealed by the manufacturer last month, is able to run as a standalone device thanks to its cellular connection, allowing it to make and receive calls and messages, and also receive app notifications, all without being connected to a smartphone.


Promotional render of LG G4 allegedly leaks, hints at curved display

03/10, 10:13am

Curved back, sides in early LG G4 render suggest similar display to G Flex 2

The LG G4, the manufacturer's rumored followup to last year's G3, could have a curved display if a leak is genuine. An image claimed to be an early promotional render of the smartphone shows the back of the device with a slight curve, suggesting the main display of the device will also have a similar curvature to the LG G Flex 2, shown earlier this year.


LG adds LTE to second Urbane smartwatch, removes Android Wear

02/26, 8:54am

Second LG Watch Urbane will make calls, measure heart rate

Not content with giving its Android Wear smartwatch range a facelift, LG is making a version of its recently-announced premium Watch Urbane that can be used as a standalone device. The Watch Urbane LTE has, as its name suggests, built in cellular connectivity that can let it be used to make and receive calls, all without attaching it to a smartphone.


LG launches four mid-range smartphones ahead of MWC 2015

02/23, 9:53am

LG Magna, Spirit, Leon, Joy all borrow G3 physical design

LG has unveiled four smartphones ahead of Mobile World Congress, in a similar move to its Watch Urbane launch. The four mobile devices, named Magna, Spirit, Leon, and Joy, are all said to be mid-ranged smartphones that borrow much of their design from the LG G3 including their rear-mounted volume controls, with LG creating LTE-equipped and 3G-only variants of all four models introduced today.


LG allegedly working on another 64-bit octa-core processor

02/17, 4:02pm

Follow-up to Nuclun believed to launch later this year

Samsung may not be the only one trying to compete against Qualcomm's Snapdragon 810 processor with its own devices, with LG apparently doing something similar. A report claims the electronics manufacturer will be following on from its Nuclun processor with another self-produced processor, this time as a 64-bit octa-core chipset.


LG Watch Urbane places G Watch R components in stylish body

02/16, 6:24am

Stainless steel casing used in upmarket LG Watch Urbane

LG has revealed its latest Android Wear smartwatch, ahead of other expected launches at Mobile World Congress next month. The LG Watch Urbane has a round face similar to the G Watch R, though this time LG has taken inspiration from the design of higher-end watches and encased the watch in a stylish stainless steel body, with gold and polished silver color options.


LG providing G3 buyers with Cardboard-style VR headset accessory

02/09, 1:23pm

VR for G3 based on Google Cardboard design, made of plastic

Samsung is not the only smartphone manufacturer looking to offer a virtual reality experience to consumers using their devices. LG is going to be providing buyers of the G3 smartphone with a headset designed to work with the handset, similar to Samsung's Gear VR initiative, with the accessory said to use a similar design to Google Cardboard.


Marketshare of iPhone surges in Japan, China, South Korea

01/21, 11:05am

Apple leaps ahead of LG in latter's home market

Apple has seen significant surges in the Japanese, Chinese, and South Korean smartphone markets since the introduction of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus last September, according to a study by Counterpoint Research. The most significant performance is reportedly in South Korea, where in November Apple leapt from under 15 percent marketshare to 33 percent. That put the company ahead of LG, slotted at just 14 percent, and significantly closer to Samsung, which dropped from 60 to 46 percent. LG and Samsung are both local to Korea, and have traditionally enjoyed a homefield advantage.


Nitrogen release kills two employees, injures four in LG facility

01/12, 9:39am

Accident during routine maintenance at South Korean factory under investigation

An incident at an LG factory used for LCD production in South Korea earlier today has resulted in the deaths of two workers, it has been announced. A pair employees of an LG contractor were killed in the incident, which involved the accidental venting of nitrogen at the P9 facility in Paju. Four other employees are also said to have been injured, with at least one in a serious condition.


CES: LG privately shows prototype smartphone with twin edge displays

01/07, 10:49am

Prototype LG smartphone includes extra displays on side edges

LG's fixation with using flexible displays in its smartphones does not stop with the G Flex 2, as the company has reportedly been showing off another mobile device behind closed doors at CES. A prototype device using an "Active Bending" display panel has been quietly demonstrated, one which appears to take after Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge.


Hands on: LG G Flex 2

01/06, 8:23pm

Latest fashion phone from LG has impressive performance, features

At a pre-CES event in Las Vegas, we got a chance to briefly play with the Sprint-exclusive G Flex 2 smartphone from LG. It feels solid in the hand, though its plastic shell makes it rather warm to the touch and deceptively light. As such, some may associate this lack of heft with cheapness, though the handset is anything but.


Audi talks self-learning cars at CES, perfecting HMI

01/06, 4:17pm

Audi is evolving tech interface with the help of Samsung, Qualcomm, Nvidia, LG

After the smoke cleared, strobe lights dimmed, and high-energy music stopped at Audi's morning press conference at CES on Tuesday, the German automaker promised evolutions of its in-car tech, going as far as to introduce a concept that would drive and park itself, with no occupants at all. To drive the point home, Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, the Board Member for Technical Development of AUDI AG, started the company's updated, 690-horsepower Prologue concept with an LG smartwatch, pressed another command, and the car drove itself onto the stage.


LG shows seven OLED TVs at CES including flat, curved, flexible sets

01/05, 1:04pm

Art Slim OLED panels measure 55, 65, 77 inches, use webOS for smart TV

LG is continuing to commit to OLED-based televisions, by launching a number of sets alongside LCD versions it teased late last month. A total of seven 4K-resolution OLED TVs will be revealed at CES, with the collection including the company's webOS 2.0-based smart TV system, as well as a few new content partnership announcements.


Google brings Cast audio to speakers, receivers

01/05, 12:20pm

LG, Sony, Denon among early supporting hardware brands

Google has announced that its Cast technology will soon be able to send audio-only feeds to devices such as speakers and AV receivers. Users will be able to cast from Android and iOS apps, as well the web, presumably via Chrome for Windows, OS X, and Chrome OS. Some compatible services will include Deezer, Google Play Music, NPR One, Pandora, Rdio, and TuneIn.


LG G Flex 2 has curved 5.5-inch display, faster self-healing coating

01/05, 11:46am

Snapdragon 810 octa-core 64-bit processor used in curved LG G Flex 2

LG has unveiled the latest iteration of its curved smartphone at CES, as part of its pre-event keynote address. The LG G Flex 2, the successor to the G Flex, is one of the first smartphones to be announced as using the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, an octa-core 64-bit processor clocked at 2GHz, which LG has paired with 2GB of RAM.


CES sneak peek: New LG 34-inch curved monitor is stackable

12/31, 5:20am

Curved screens evidently planned to be 'latest thing' if Samsung, LG have say

As LG gets ready for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) next week, a new model of curved monitor is announced. A newer version of the UltraWide Curved 34UC97 released earlier this year, the new model -- curiously given the name 34UC87M, implying some compromises from the earlier model -- is made to work in multiple screen configurations and aimed at multi-monitor fans and gamers.


Xiaomi, Apple, others cleared of violating Taiwanese privacy laws

12/30, 2:08pm

Cellphone makers asked to make data more secure regardless

Taiwan's National Communications Commission has issued a report clearing a variety of companies of breaking local data privacy laws, according to Reuters. The organization says that all 12 of the previously-implicated cellphone brands -- including Apple, Huawei, Samsung, LG, Sony, ZTE, and Xiaomi -- are in the clear, despite Xiaomi being the impetus for the investigation. In August, Xiaomi apologized and promised to make changes after a Finnish security firm discovered Xiaomi software was collecting address book data without permission.


LG teases Ultra HD televisions, thinner Art Slim panels for CES

12/29, 9:28pm

Art Slim panels less than an inch thick, lighter than existing TV panels

LG will be using CES next month to showcase its latest generation of panels for televisions, alongside other displays. The Art Slim TV panels are said to be lightweight units meant to help manufacturers create light and thin TV sets, with the two examples set to be shown at the electronics tradeshow measuring less than an inch thick and taking up less space than current LCD screens.


Exploding LG G3 battery melts through mattress, user claims

12/24, 2:32am

Claims not yet verified by authorities, LG; Reddit user offers photo evidence

A Reddit user's younger sister had her LG G3 battery explode as it sat charging on her bed, according to photos and a report from Reddit Android group contributor "s-blade." The heat from the explosion appears to have been so intense that it caused the phone to melt through the mattress, only lightly scorching the sheets as it sank into the bed. The report mentions that the battery and charger involved were original equipment, and not cheap knock-offs or counterfeit low-cost replacements that have a track record of serious problems.


RPX buys patent assets controlled by Apple-led Rockstar Consortium

12/23, 11:28am

Will collect royalties from parties such as Cisco and Google

(Updated with correct purchase price, lawsuit settlements) A subsidiary of San Francisco-based RPX Corporation, RPX Clearinghouse, is buying patent assets held by the Apple-led Rockstar Consortium, according to an announcement. Rockstar was formed by Apple, BlackBerry, Ericsson, Microsoft, and Sony in 2011 in order to buy some 6,000 patents in the wake of Nortel's bankruptcy. Although roughly 2,000 of the patents have already been separately distributed, RPX has entered into a deal in which it will receive license payments from a syndicate of over 30 companies, such as Cisco and Google.


LG teases new Music Flow networked speakers ahead of CES

12/23, 10:38am

Portable speaker, two soundbars, Blu-ray player incoming from LG

LG has revealed more details for new speakers joining its Music Flow networked speaker collection, competing against similar systems from Samsung and Sonos. Set to be shown off at CES, the new items consist of a portable speaker, two sound bars, and a streaming 3D Blu-ray player, all of which will be compatible with Android and iOS devices.


LG exec grounded in washing machine scandal

12/23, 4:09am

Case of rival-firm vandalism may impact LG's presence at CES

Samsung and rival Korean-based electronics manufacturer LG have clashed in the past over patents, and engaged in attempts at tarnishing each other's brands. This past September, an LG executive supposedly vandalized four Samsung washing machines in a Berlin mall. As a result, the head of LG's Home Appliance and Air Solution division has now been grounded by the South Korean government, potentially preventing him from attending next month's Consumer Electronics Show.


Briefly: LG G2 Android Lollipop leak, Virgin Atlantic free tablets

12/22, 6:03am

Leaked screenshot suggests LG G2 to gain Android Lollipop soon

The Android Lollipop upgrade may reach the LG G2, if a leaked screenshot is to be believed. According to TuttoAndroid, the screenshot is said to show the G2 as running Android 5.0.1, with part of the screenshot showing a new, flatter user interface in line with Material Design principles. No date for the update has been provided -- but if the image is genuine, it could start reaching phones as early as January next year.


Google confirms manufacturing of Nexus 5 has ended

12/11, 11:32am

Production halts on Nexus 5, only black variant available on Google Play

Production for the Google Nexus 5 has finally ceased, it has been confirmed. The smartphone, the predecessor to the Nexus 6, is no longer being manufactured by LG for the search company and, despite a few slight availability issues for some variants, Google is going to continue selling the device until it runs out of stock completely.


LG reportedly scaling back smartphone launches, registers G Pen mark

12/09, 8:19am

LG smartphone, smartwatch, stylus rumors surface before end of 2014

LG may be scaling back its smartphone launches for 2015, lowering the number of devices it will ship in the first half of the year, following similar moves by Sony and Samsung. At the same time, there is word that the South Korean electronics producer may be looking to include stylus input in a future device in a more meaningful way than before, as well as another addition to its smartwatch line.


Pre-Black Friday: Walmart deals on electronics available now

11/27, 1:44pm

Walmart deals on electronics available now

Black Friday sales have gone live at; however, if you plan on getting a head start on the deals at your local store, keep in mind it will be opening its doors tonight at 6PM. The company is offering three different door-buster events, which are outlined below. If you don't want to wait for the door-busters, or would just prefer to shop from the safety and comfort of your own home, we have highlighted a selection of deals that are available now.


Briefly: Korean LG G3 gains Lollipop, More apps support Chromecast

11/25, 7:43pm

LG G3 rollout of Android Lollipop commences in South Korea

LG has continued its roll out the Android 5.0 update for the G3 smartphone, albeit just in South Korea. Following an initial rollout in Poland, the Lollipop firmware update in the company's home country is a good sign for the update's overall progress, though BGR notes that there has yet to be any confirmation of any other international updates, nor what other devices will be upgraded to Lollipop in the near future.


Holiday Gift Guide: Smart watches and wearables

11/19, 9:40am

Which fashion-forward recipient will you gift with a smart watch?

Wearable devices have become an important part of the technology industry this year, with almost every manufacturer producing a smartwatch, fitness tracker, or some other form of technology designed to be worn, not carried. If you feel the need to buy a present for someone you know who wants a wearable item, here is Electronista and MacNN's first gift guide of the season, covering the newest expansion of mobile technology.


LG AKA launches in South Korea as smartphone with animated eyes

11/11, 8:17am

Front cover panel of LG AKA leaves gap for eyes, notifications

LG is trying to appeal to younger smartphone users in its home country, South Korea, by giving smartphones a face and personality. The AKA consists of a mid-ranged smartphone combined with four different colors of case, with each color representing a different character, and a front section which partially covers the display, leaving a gap for animated eyes to appear.


Briefly: Android Lollipop on LG G3, Withings Activité pre-orders

11/10, 6:58am

LG bringing Android Lollipop to G3 smartphone in Poland this week

LG is claiming it will be the first major manufacturer to roll out Android Lollipop to its flagship device. The company is aiming to ship the Android 5.0 upgrade for the LG G3 in Poland this week, with "other key markets" to follow in the "near future." A rollout schedule for other LG smartphones and tablets will be announced by the device producer at a later date.


Briefly: LG G Watch R on Google Play, Sony runs Android 5.0 on Xperias

11/07, 7:18am

LG G Watch R available to purchase on Google Play for $299

LG's G Watch R is now available to purchase from Google Play, just as the smartwatch is about to appear in stores in the United States. The Android Wear smartwatch, complete with a 1.3-inch round P-OLED display and a heart rate monitor, finally joins the original G Watch on the Google online store, though it is priced at a rather expensive $299.


Google, LG enter into 10-year deal to cross-license patents

11/05, 5:56pm

Terms of the deal unknown, but covers 'a broad range of products and technologies'

South Korean electronics manufacturer LG and advertising giant Google announced in a joint press release that an agreement was been reached between the two businesses for patent licensing. The agreement will span a decade, encapsulating current and future patents from both companies. No terms were announced for the agreement, but it doesn't appear to be limited to specific technologies.


LG Display develops screen for smartphones with 0.7mm bezel

10/30, 9:21am

Display panel with thin bezels entering production next month

LG Display has developed a new display for smartphones, one which has an extremely thin bezel. The 5.3-inch Full HD-resolution display has a thin 0.7mm bezel on the left and right-hand sides, allowing for smartphones using the display to have a narrower gap between the edges of the screen and the outer edges of the mobile device, similar to the Sharp Aquos Crystal.


LG shipping 31-inch Digital Cinema 4K Monitor to US this week

10/29, 7:07am

Large LG monitor opts for higher-resolution Digital Cinema 4K standard

LG has introduced another high-resolution monitor to its computer display range, one which is able to display a higher-than-Ultra HD image. The Digital Cinema 4K monitor offers a resolution of 4096x2160, higher than the 3840x2160 resolution of a standard 4K television or display, all packed into a screen measuring 31 inches diagonally.


LG confirms exit from plasma television market in regulatory filing

10/28, 10:08am

LG departure from plasma television business expected at end of November

LG's gradual movement out of the plasma television market may occur as early as next month, a report claims. The electronics manufacturer has apparently filed with local regulators over the decision, which will involve the ending of the company's plasma television business by the end of November, in favor of working on devices using LCD and OLED panels.



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