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Journalists reveal Jerry York as source of Apple leaks

01/19, 3:30pm

York served on Apple's board before his death

A number of journalists have revealed that former Apple board member Jerry York leaked secret information regarding Apple and Steve Jobs. Fortune's Doron Levin recently revealed off-the-record information about Jobs' trip to Switzerland to seek cancer treatment, a move that York mentioned but wanted to keep from the public.


Jobs sought cancer treatment in Switzerland in 2009

01/18, 3:20pm

Information kept secret by Apple, Fortune

Unbeknownst to the public, Steve Jobs traveled to Basel, Switzerland in early 2009 to seek cancer treatment, newly disclosed information reveals. The secret was passed on to a Fortune reporter by Jerry York, a former member of Apple's board of directors who died in March of last year. Jobs is specifically said to have made the trip to undergo an unusual hormone-delivered radiological treatment to cope with neuroendocrine cancer.


York's death exposes rift over Steve Jobs' health

03/25, 9:50am

Board member considered resigning

Jerry York -- the recently deceased member of Apple's board of directors -- was a strong opponent of the handling of Steve Jobs' health, according to the Wall Street Journal. Jobs took a six-month leave of absence beginning in January of last year, initially citing a "hormonal imbalance" as the cause. The situation was far more dire than the company admittedly publicly however, and Jobs himself eventually confessed that he might have died if it had not been for a liver transplant that was at first kept quiet.


Apple board member Jerry York dies at 71

03/18, 12:50pm

York helped revive Apple in last decade

Apple Board of Directors member and Harwinton Capital chief Jerry York died on Thursday at the age of 71. The executive had suffered a sudden brain hemorrhage at his Pontiac, Michigan home a day earlier. He had been rushed to hospital and was in critical condition during his stay.


Apple board member Jerry York in critical condition

03/17, 6:10pm

Jerry York suffers brain hemorrhage

Harwinton Capital CEO and current Apple Board of Directors member Jerry York has been hospitalized in critical condition this afternoon in his hometown of Pontiac, Michigan. The 71-year-old was discovered by his wife Eilene after he suffered a brain hemorrhage. No word has been given of his prospects for a recovery.


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