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Apple ranks first in JD Power tablet satisfaction survey

05/07, 3:17pm

Average selling prices of tablets falling

Apple has taken the top spot in a JD Power satisfaction survey of US tablet customers. The iPad brought Apple a score of 830 out of 1,000, and a full five stars on the company's Power Circle ratings. Samsung managed a score of 822, but just three stars. ASUS and Amazon also received three stars, with slightly lower scores of 820 and 817, respectively. Overall consumer satisfaction has dropped from 853 points in 2012 to 835 in 2014.


iPhone holds first place in JD Power smartphone satisfaction survey

10/17, 3:32pm

AT&T retains top spot among US carriers

Apple and the iPhone have topped JD Power's smartphone satisfaction study for the 10th time in five years, according to a newly-released chart. With a score of 856, the company beats out rivals like Nokia (840), Samsung (839), and and HTC (829). AT&T remains the US carrier with the most overall customer satisfaction, garnering a score of 843; trailing behind are Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. Among iPhone users, though, Verizon is the top carrier.


JD Power: poor LTE battery hurting Android rating vs. iPhone

03/15, 11:35am

JD Power sees early 4G hurting Android makers

The rush to have 4G for its own sake has cost Android phone designers in terms of users' "happiness" with their devices, JD Power found in its first phone satisfaction study of 2012. Those who had LTE devices, almost all of them Android, gave noticeably lower scores to battery life, at 6.1 out of 10 on average versus 6.7 for those on 3G. The added speed ended up itself compounding the problem, since they used their devices more often and cut the battery life short that much sooner.


JD Power: iPhone staying well ahead in smartphone quality

09/08, 1:50pm

JD Power still has Apple above HTC in satisfaction

Apple has managed to keep its significant lead in smartphone satisfaction in spite of improving performance from its Android counterparts. JD Power in a new study saw end users give Apple a score of 838, over 40 points past its spring results and its sixth consecutive spot at the top of the ranks. HTC also improved, but at 801 had garnered at a slightly slower rate.


Verizon tops, Sprint and AT&T trail in network quality ranks

08/26, 4:50pm

JD Power gives Verizon nod in cellular performance

JD Power late this week published an updated study that gave Verizon another win in cellular network quality rankings. Customers gave it the lead in all but the North central US, where US Cellular had the lead. In some cases, the margin was a wide one, with three to five fewer problems per 100 people.


Survey: DSLR buyers unhappy with shutter speed, durability

07/20, 12:10am

Nikon Pro series tops JD Power ranks

DSLR buyers are reportedly mostly satisfied with cameras' image quality, though some users are left desiring improvements to shutter speed and durability, according to the JD Power and Associates 2011 DSLR survey. The report measures five groups of factors: picture quality; durability and reliability, including battery life; features, such as zoom and image stabilization; ease of operation; and shutter speed/lag time.


iPhone tops JD Power ranks, widens lead over Android

03/17, 10:10am

iPhone at tops of JD Power ranks again

Apple continued a winning streak on Thursday after a new JD Power study of cellphone owners gave it the lead. For the fifth consecutive time, the iPhone had the highest satisfaction of any phone with a 795-point score. While down slightly from the summer, Android manufactuers' scores were down significantly more; Motorola and HTC fell from 791 and 781 points each to 763 and 762, barely above the 761-point average.


Verizon tops JD Power call quality study, AT&T mixed

03/04, 10:55am

Verizon leads early 2011 call quality study

JD Power's latest call quality study has given Verizon the lead in call quality for its 13th consecutive period. The CDMA carrier had significantly better call quality in the US northeast, southeast, southwest and west. It only fell short of an unambiguous lead in the mid-Atlantic, where it was tied with AT&T, and in the north central area, where US Cellular had the fewest call problems.


Verizon, T-Mobile top customer care in cell providers

02/04, 11:45am

JD Power says AT&T still has below avg service

Verizon and T-Mobile are still in a dead heat for the lead in customer help in the US, JD Power said today in its latest study of US carriers. The group gave Verizon a one point lead over its rival with a score of 753 in its ability to serve customers over the phone, in person and online. The two are the only ones to have received a full five star rating thanks to their speed and ability to solve problems the first time.


Verizon lead in call quality narrowing

03/18, 4:55pm

JD Power call quality rise

The call quality among various wireless voice network providers has held steady over the last 18 months while the gap between the best performing networks and the worst is disappearing, says a recent JD Power and Associates report, though Verizon is still at the top of the list. On average, its customers have reported just 15 problems per 100 (PP100) calls as related to voice quality, the ability to make connections and the number of drops.


Verizon ousts T-Mobile in support quality

08/14, 12:00pm

JD Power Support Quality

Verizon has just edged out long-time champion T-Mobile in its ability to help cellular customers, according to the results of a new JD Power study. The research group gave the second-largest carrier the nod for a high score of 103 in the survey, which tracked both carriers' ability to provide an actual solution to a given problem on the phone, in person, or online, as well as the amount of hold time for phone help. Verizon is said to be especially noteworthy for resolving many more of its problems the first time where rivals sometimes require multiple sessions.


JD Power survey names top cellular networks

03/27, 4:50pm

JD Power network survey

J.D. Power and Associates on Thursday released the first volume of its 2008 Wireless Call Quality Performance Study, which rates the major wireless carriers in seven specific areas relating to quality based on surveys of users. The bi-annual report rates each provider on a demerit point system, measuring their performance on a problems per 100 calls (PP100) scale, with lower scores translating to better performance. The report concluded Alltel, T-Mobile, Verizon and US Cellular are the top-ranking providers in their respective regions.



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