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Intel reportedly aiming to produce LTE modem for future iPhones

10/19, 9:58pm

Report claims 1,000 Intel employees working on iPhone modem project

The next iPhone may contain a few components sourced from Intel, replacing some components traditionally sourced from Qualcomm, according to a report. The chip producer is allegedly working on producing a version of its 7360 LTE modem specifically for use in next year's iPhone refresh, with the view to producing both the modem and a new Apple System on Chip (SoC) if Apple approves of Intel's communications chip work.


Editorial: The 'PC Does What' ad campaign embarrasses us all

10/16, 4:52pm

It's easy to criticize the new massive ad campaign -- but it shouldn't be

From rumor to fact in 48 hours. The big PC powerhouses Microsoft, Dell, Intel, Lenovo, and HP have launched a new program, reminding web surfers and cable watchers about all the things that computers can do. We have two difficulties about criticizing the new "PC Does What" ad campaign: where to begin and how long have you got? There is not one single chance that you saw this and didn't wonder how in the world it ever came into anyone's head, let alone the world.


Dell, Microsoft, HP, Intel teaming up for 'PC Does What' ad campaign

10/14, 1:17pm

Slogan derived to remind consumers of the capabilities of modern PCs

In an unprecedented technology company collaboration, computing magnates Dell, HP, Intel, Lenovo, and Microsoft are teaming up in an advertising campaign to boost the flagging PC industry. The slogan for the advertising effort, said to be "PC Does What" could be announced as early as Thursday, according to sources familiar with the matter.


Intel quarterly financial results show continuing decline of PC market

10/14, 8:37am

Company hit low end of target range, on chip sale weakness

Intel Corporation yesterday reported third-quarter revenue of $14.5 billion, operating income of $4.2 billion, net income of $3.1 billion and earnings per share of 64 cents. The company generated approximately $5.7 billion in cash from operations, paid dividends of $1.1 billion, and used $1.0 billion to repurchase 36 million shares of stock. While the company met its own quarterly predictions, the 6.3 percent drop in income from a 19 percent drop in processor shipment volumes from the third quarter fell short of analysts' expectations.


US District Court approves $415M anti-poaching lawsuit settlement

09/03, 9:33am

Judge finalizes deal to end employee lawsuit against Apple, Google, Intel, Adobe

A settlement proposal by major tech companies to end a multi-year lawsuit over anti-poaching policies has been accepted on the second attempt. US District Court Judge Lucy Koh has approved the settlement, proposed in January by co-defendants Apple, Google, Intel, and Adobe, with the joint settlement figure of $415 million being a significant increase from the settlement figure of $324.5 million originally proposed by the companies.


Intel details entire range of sixth-generation Skylake processors

09/02, 7:57am

Desktop, mobile processors boast low power consumption, Xeon options

Intel has finally confirmed its entire lineup of Skylake processors, produced using a 14nm process, at its IFA keynote address in Germany this morning. The sixth generation of Intel Core processors detailed today consists of 48 new processors, including 20 destined for use in desktop systems and servers and 26 designed for notebooks and tablets, one of which is an unlocked mobile processor meant for enthusiast notebooks.


Next-gen video codec standard group formed by Google, MS, Intel

09/01, 3:11pm

New group attempts to make video codec free from H.264 patent mess

Seven leading Internet companies today announced formation of the Alliance for Open Media -- an open-source project that will develop next-generation media formats, codecs and technologies in the public interest. The Alliance's founding members are Amazon, Cisco, Google, Intel Corporation, Microsoft, Mozilla, and Netflix. The new organization is committing its collective technology to meet growing Internet demand for top-quality video, audio, imagery and streaming across devices of all kinds and for users worldwide.


Intel details power-saving, performance-increasing changes in Skylake

08/19, 9:27am

Improvements to power usage, processing revealed at IDF

Intel has revealed more details about the capabilities of its upcoming Skylake processor line, though stopped short of giving specific information for processors it will be releasing in the future. Explained to developers and hardware vendors at the Intel Developer Forum, Skylake will feature not only performance and power management improvements, but also bring in extra features, such as enabling a notebook to be woken by a verbal command.


Slide leak details upcoming Skylake-U processor releases

08/12, 11:58am

Skylake-U chip series a likely candidate for Macbook Air refresh

Intel's upcoming Skylake-U series of processors will be much more streamlined compared to its Broadwell-U chip line, if a leak is confirmed as genuine. A selection of leaked slides suggests Intel with be bringing out just eight dual-core processors, including two Core i7 chips, two Core i5, one Core i3, one Pentium, and two Celerons, with all having an identical thermal design power (TDP) of 15W.


Analysis: Intel's Skylake-based Xeon mobile processor and Apple

08/11, 9:23am

MacNN evaluates the Skylake Xeon chip, and tries to predict the future

Intel quietly debuted mobile Xeon processors based on the Skylake platform yesterday, saying little more than the chip line will be bringing ECC memory to mobile, and that more information would be coming soon. The E3-1500M processors were detailed slightly more overnight in a pair of Lenovo ThinkPads released at the SIGGRAPH show. Lets take a look at what we know about the processor, and what we don't, and evaluate the Lenovo offering and see what we can glean about the processor's inclusion in a future MacBook Pro.


Intel reveals first two Skylake processor releases

08/05, 11:03am

Enthusiast market is initial audience for new Core i5, i7 Skylake processors

Intel has formally launched the first processors in its second-generation of 14nm process products, following Broadwell. Codenamed Skylake, the new chips will include sixth-generation Core i3, i5, i7, and Core M processor options, but the first two releases under the banner are high-specification units aimed at gamers and enthusiasts: the quad-core Core i7-6700K and the quad-core i5-6600K.


Intel, Micron reveal 3D XPoint non-volatile memory technology

07/28, 1:23pm

New process could be used in place of DRAM, NAND memory alike

Intel Corporation and Micron Technology, Inc. today unveiled 3D XPoint technology, a non-volatile memory that has the potential to enhance any device, application or service that benefits from fast access to large sets of data. While superficially similar to HP's Memristor technology, 3D XPoint technology is a new and major breakthrough in memory process technology.


Intel Skylake may offer 30 percent battery improvements over Broadwell

07/27, 12:34pm

Internal slides describe performance improvements in next Intel chip generation

Intel's upcoming 14nm Skylake line of processors will be a considerable improvement compared to current-generation Broadwell chips, according to allegedly leaked internal slides. The performance improvements between Broadwell and Skylake will see improvements in many areas, including a 30 percent longer battery life, up to 50-percent better 3D performance, and improved processor performance at lower power, making it especially ideal for notebook-based systems.


Intel failing to meet Moore's Law, extends 14nm to third generation

07/16, 7:43am

Kaby Lake announcement means end of Intel tick-tock production schedule

Intel is breaking its "tick-tock" release schedule for the first time, by extending the usefulness of its 14nm processes for another generation of processors instead of moving on to a smaller process. Announced at the same time as Intel's financial results, the introduction of "Kaby Lake" means that the expected switch down to a 10nm manufacturing process will take place at a later time, with the first Cannonlake processors using the technology now expected to come out in 2017.


Computex: Intel outs ten Broadwell processors with Iris Pro graphics

06/02, 8:49am

Five desktop, five mobile Intel processors revealed at Computex

Intel has increased the range of its fifth-generation "Broadwell" family of processors, announcing a new set of ten processors at Computex, alongside new Xeon processors. The new chips are divided equally between desktop and mobile versions, with the processor producer incorporating Iris Pro graphics into its LGA desktop processors for the first time, giving a boost to systems that rely on integrated graphics instead of a separate graphics card.


Intel to show next generation Thunderbolt, more USB-C at Computex

05/19, 1:10pm

Thunderbolt 3 may be up to 40 gigabits per second, twice that the prior generation

Chip manufacturer Intel will show the next generation of Thunderbolt at next month's Computex in Taiwan. Alongside the reveal of Thunderbolt 3, Intel is also showing USB Type C 3.1, the next iteration of the new connectivity standard that debuted on Apple's MacBook rebirth.


Intel Compute Stick HDMI dongle PC available to preorder

04/07, 8:16am

Compute Stick plugs directly into TVs, monitors, works with Windows 8.1, Linux

Intel has opened up its Compute Stick HDMI dongle-based PC for preorders. Initially unveiled at CES in January, the Compute Stick can plug into any HDMI-equipped monitor or television, effectively turning it into an all-in-one PC, with the model running Windows 8.1 priced at $150, while the Linux-equipped version is slightly higher than first thought, priced at $110.


Intel quietly unveils Braswell chip family for entry-level notebooks

04/01, 11:06am

New Braswell chip details include one Pentium, three Celeron processors

Intel has surprisingly launched its 14nm Braswell chip family this week, with relatively little in the way of promotion compared to other chip launches. Surfacing briefly during a report about its NUC 2.0 device last year, more details have been revealed for some of the processors in the Bay Trail-D replacement, primarily concerning processors destined for use in entry-level notebooks and desktop computers.


Micron, Intel roll out new NAND tech allowing for future 10TB SSDs

03/27, 11:02am

Flash cells stacked vertically in 32 layers, for 384 gigabit TLC flash dies

Micron Technology and Intel today revealed the availability of their 3D NAND technology, the world's highest-density flash memory. This new 3D NAND technology, which was jointly developed by Intel and Micron, stacks layers of data storage cells vertically with extraordinary precision to create storage devices with what the company calls three times higher capacity than competing NAND technologies, potentially leading to 3.5TB of storage in to a "gum stick-sized SSD."


Tag Heuer, Google, Intel banding together for smart watch initiative

03/19, 9:49am

Luxury market singled out by trio, first units expected end 2015

Tag Heuer, Google and Intel have announced a partnership to launch a Swiss smartwatch, powered by Intel technology and Android Wear. The trio of companies working on the new Android Wear device call the effort "a new era of collaboration between Swiss watchmakers and Silicon Valley, bringing together each company's respective expertise in luxury watchmaking, software and hardware."


Intel reduces revenue prediction by $1 billion, citing slow sales

03/12, 11:25am

Company expects $12.8 billion plus or minus $300 million

Intel has released new financial guidance, cutting its revenue prediction dramatically. Noting lower demand for desktops and declining inventory levels at retail of non-tablet computers, the company has reduced its first quarter revenue estimate to $12.8 billion, versus the $13.7 billon it was expecting, and informed investors of the changes that will now be made in its last quarterly earnings report.


Intel launches Atom x3, x5, x7 processors, new LTE solution

03/02, 6:43pm

x3 intended for entry level devices, x5 and x7 for full Android and Windows

Intel Corporation CEO Brian Krzanich today announced a series of mobile platforms including the company's new low-cost system-on-chip (SoC) for phones, phablets and tablets. The announcements include the Intel Atom x3 processor series, Intel's first integrated communications SoC solution for the growing value and entry device markets, and the five-mode Intel XMM 7360 LTE Advanced solution, designed for performance and worldwide coverage.


Apple, Intel, others sign on to Cybersecurity Framework

02/16, 5:05pm

Mac maker will continue to not share security information with government, however

Apple and Intel are among the US firms that have agreed to sign on to President Obama's new Cybersecurity Framework as a result of a recent summit on the topic held on Friday in Palo Alto, California. The two tech firms are the first in that sector to adopt the measures, which are intended to better coordinate reporting of data and security breaches and the response to them between businesses and the federal government.


Follow-up: new anti-poaching lawsuit settlement offer $415 million

01/15, 10:04pm

Likely a third will go to legal fees; plaintiffs may see $4,000 each

More specifics have been revealed in the second proposed settlement offer from Apple, Google, Intel and Adobe in a lawsuit stemming from the companies' informal "no poaching" agreement. The new proposal has the four companies willing to pay a combined $415 million, up from the previous settlement's $324.5 million, to end the anti-trust lawsuit. US Federal District Court Judge Lucy Koh will need to approve the proposal before it can be finalized.


Intel beats Wall Street on earnings per share, posts $14.7B revenue

01/15, 5:53pm

Company increasing research budget, pushing Internet of Things

Chip manufacturer Intel posted quarterly and annual financial results earlier today. For the fourth-quarter, Intel posted revenue of $14.7 billion, operating income of $4.5 billion, net income of $3.7 billion and earnings per share of $0.74. On the year, the company reported full-year revenue of $55.9 billion, operating income of $15.3 billion, and a net income of $11.7 billion. The company generated approximately $20.4 billion in cash from operations, paid dividends of $4.4 billion, and used $10.8 billion to repurchase 332 million shares of stock.


Apple, Google agree to new settlement in anti-poaching case

01/14, 12:14am

New compensation amount likely to be higher than previous offer

A new settlement offer has been tendered in what's come to be known as the "anti-poaching" lawsuit against four of Silicon Valley's biggest tech companies. Apple, Google, Intel, and Adobe were among those originally involved in a "gentlemen's agreement" that the companies would not actively try to recruit or poach employees from each other -- however once the conspiracy came to light, employees complained that the agreement limited opportunities and suppressed wages.


CES: Intel Compute Stick shrinks Windows PC down to HDMI dongle

01/08, 5:43am

Compact computing device connects via HDMI, has Intel Atom processor

Alongside the Curie project, Intel used CES to show off a compact computer which can be used with any HDMI-equipped television or monitor. The Compute Stick is an HDMI dongle similar to the Chromecast, except that it is effectively an entire computer running Windows 8.1 or Linux in a package that can be easily disconnected and carried elsewhere.


Intel Curie project hopes to draw developer attention to wearables

01/06, 10:10pm

New tiny development module is the size of a shirt button

Last year at CES, Intel began its courtship with the wearables crowd, with the introduction of the SD card-sized Edison. Not long after, it purchased fitness tracker producer Basis Science. Today, at the company's CES Keynote, CEO Brian Krzanich revealed plans for the Intel Curie. The new dime-sized module utilizes the new Quark SE SoC, and is "purpose-built" for wearable devices.


CES: Lenovo reveals P90, Vibe X2 Pro smartphones, flash accessory

01/06, 3:33pm

P90 first Lenovo smartphone to use Intel Atom processor

Lenovo has launched two smartphones at CES, devices which were previously rumored to make an appearance. The Lenovo P90 is the company's first to use a 64-bit Intel Atom processor and Intel XMM 7260 LTE-Advanced modem, while the Vibe line is joined by the X2 Pro, complete with an accessory said to help improve lighting for self portraits.


HP brings Broadwell processors to ZBook 14, 15u Ultrabook workstations

01/05, 6:00pm

New computers have myriad of upgrade options, including touchscreens

In addition to new display technology and a small form factor PC, computer manufacturer HP has unveiled what it calls its thinnest and lightest workstation ultrabooks. Revealed today are the new HP ZBook 14 G2, and the Zbook 15u G2, both boasting Intel's new Broadwell processor line. The second-generation models have a 14-inch or 15.6-inch high-performance screen size (respectively), and are customizable workstations equipped with Microsoft Windows 8.1, fifth-generation Intel Core processors, with AMD FirePro 3D graphics.


Intel ships new dual-core PC Broadwell, mobile Cherry Trail processors

01/05, 10:28am

Lineup lacks quad-core desktop and laptop processors

Today, Intel finally unveiled the fifth-generation Intel Core processor family. Named "Broadwell," the long-expected chip technology is introduced in 14 new processors for consumers and businesses, including ten new 15W processors with Intel HD graphics, and four new 28W products with Intel Iris graphics. Alongside the release is the "Cherry Trail" mobile processor, offering 64-bit computing and improved graphics for the mobile user.


Apple deals: Refurbished MacBook Air as low as $769

12/30, 1:21pm

Refurbished MacBook Air as low as $769

This week, Apple's online store has a selection of refurbished MacBook Air models on sale for as low as $769. The refurbished 11.6-inch MacBook Air with a 1.4GHz dual-core Intel-Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM, 128GB of flash storage, and a 720p FaceTime HD camera has been cut by $130, bringing the price down to $769. Priced at $869 is the refurbished 11.6-inch, 1.3GHz MacBook Air, featuring a larger 256GB flash drive, the same 4GB of RAM, and dual-core Intel Core i5 processor, as well as an LED-backlit widescreen display with 1366x768 native resolution.


Intel processors rumored to appear in two Lenovo smartphone launches

12/18, 3:20pm

Lenovo smartphones using Intel processors, LTE radios said to be heading to China, emerging markets

Intel is rumored to be supplying processors for two Lenovo smartphones set to launch next year. A report Lenovo is aiming to announce two new smartphones in the first quarter, possibly at CES or Mobile World Congress, with Intel providing not only its 64-bit Atom processors for the mobile devices, but also LTE-Advanced cellular radios.


WSJ: Google allegedly switching to Intel chips in next Glass version

12/01, 2:58pm

Intel said to be planning promotion of Google Glass in industry

Google's next iteration of the Glass headset will be packing an Intel processor, claims the Wall Street Journal. The current Texas Instruments processor in the first generation of Google Glass will be replaced by an Intel-based version as part of Intel's push into wearables, report sources claim, with the next model expected to ship next year.


Basis Peak fitness tracker adds smartwatch notifications, more straps

11/20, 12:02pm

Calls, texts, appointments will appear on Basis Peak display

The Basis Peak, a fitness tracker launched in September, will soon gain some extra smartwatch-style functionality. The tracker from the Intel-owned company will be able to show notifications from a connected smartphone on its monochrome display, while another change will let the wearable device pass heart rate data to other fitness-related mobile apps.


Intel consolidating mobile chip, computer CPU divisions in 2015

11/18, 7:40am

CEO Krzanich emails company, confirms shift

Perhaps burdened by the weight of the "post-pc" era, Intel is planning to combine its PC and Mobile Chip groups into a "Client Computing" department. The shift will take place in early 2015, and will consolidate marketing, production, and staff into one department serving both needs of the company. The division will be led by the PC Client group chief Kirk Skaugen. Mobile's lead Herman Eul, a veteran of Infineon Technologies, has been asked to help with the transition until his new position is generated in 2015.


Pentium 4 class action suit reaches settlement, users entitled to $15

11/01, 4:11pm

Suit alleged HP, Intel colluded to artificially increase benchmarks

A class-action suit alleging that Intel and HP colluded in producing processors and computers with known poor-performing first-generation Pentium 4 chips has reached a settlement. Consumers who bought a new PC with the processor between November 20, 2000 and December 31, 2001 are entitled to a $15 refund after opting into the class.


Alienware sets release, specifications for flagship Area-51 PC

10/27, 8:01pm

Computer built on Intel X99 platform, opens for orders, customization on October 28

Alienware announced the availability of the new Area-51, the company's flagship gaming PC that Electronista took a first-hand look at during PAX Prime 2014. The customizable PC will be available starting October 28 with Intel's gaming-focused Haswell-E processors and X99 motherboards also unveiled during the gaming convention in August.


Samsung adds Intel Celeron processor option to Chromebook 2 line

10/17, 11:14am

Intel Celeron processor, 2GB of RAM inside 11.6-inch Chromebook 2

Samsung has added an extra option to its Chromebook 2 line of budget notebooks. The new addition with an 11.6-inch 1366x768-resolution display replaces the Exynos 5 Octa processors from the original two notebooks with a 2.58GHz Intel Celeron N2840 processor and Intel HD graphics, while at the same time downgrading the amount of RAM from 4GB to just 2GB.


Intel hits $14.6B quarterly revenue on the back of record chip demand

10/14, 10:25pm

Revenue up 8 percent over the previous year, mobile division records $1B loss

The rebound of the PC market is benefiting Intel, according to its third quarter results for this fiscal year. In the quarterly report, Intel says that it hit $14.6 billion in revenue for the quarter, an increase of $1.1 billion year-over-year. For the first time in a quarter, Intel shipped over a 100 million microprocessors - a new record for the company. However, not all of the financial news is good, as the mobile and communications group realized a loss of more than $1 billion in the same period.


Employee class in anti-poaching suit doubles-back on settlement offer

10/14, 7:44pm

In light of judge's rejection, plaintiffs now believe agreed-upon settlement too low

In a strange turn of events, the plaintiffs in a lawsuit accusing many of Silicon Valley's top tech companies of suppressing wages by engaging in a "gentlemen's agreement" not to poach employees from each other have now said that Judge Lucy Koh, who is hearing the case, should formally reject a previously agreed-to settlement offer. Following Judge Koh's initial rejection of the $324.5 million settlement -- signed off on by the representatives of the plaintiffs and the companies involved -- the plaintiffs have now agreed with the judge that the sum is a bit too low.


Intel invests $1.5 billion in pair of Chinese SoC manufacturers

09/26, 8:31am

Products made from the deal to be sold in summer of 2015

Intel Corporation and China state-owned holding company Tsinghua Unigroup today jointly announced that both parties have signed a series of agreements. The purpose of the deals is to expand the product offerings and adoption for Intel-based mobile devices in China and worldwide, by jointly developing Intel architecture and communications-based solutions for mobile phones. The agreements will see Intel invest $1.5 billion in a pair of semiconductor companies, one of which is known for the chip found in Firefox phones.


CyberPower PC adds Gigabyte laptops to customization service

09/16, 5:11pm

Custom upgrade service with delivery, warranty perks comes to three Gigabyte models

A new line of gaming laptops have been added to CyberPower PC's VenomX customization service today, according to the company. Three of laptop and component manufacturer's machines have been brought over to the custom computer builder, giving consumers the option to bring the P25X2, P25W2 and Zeusbook Edge X4 up to their gaming standards.


Intel lets the world in on its next processor architecture, 'Skylake'

09/10, 8:52pm

Skylake continues 14nm process from Broadwell, could usher in true wireless devices

During the Intel Developer Forum in the Bay Area yesterday, Intel let the world have its first look at the company's new chip series, which will follow Broadwell. The new PC chips, code-named Skylake, will retain the 14nm process that Broadwell introduced, but brings new microarchitecture to the processor that aims to improve performance and provide the platform for the next die shrink.


Intel releases Xeon E5-2600/1600 V3 'Grantley' enterprise processors

09/10, 5:23pm

Company offers 32 processor variations with up to 18 cores, utilizes DDR4 memory

Intel made a big announcement this week during the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, unveiling the newest processors in the Xeon line-up. The new processors offer a significant jump in performance over the previous Xeons, thanks to the new "Grantley" platform. The new Intel chips increase the number of cores available in a single unit, but are also the first processors to use DDR4 in a server setting.


Intel reveals first three low-powered Core M processors

09/05, 2:02pm

Core M processors to be used for thin, fanless notebooks, tablets

Intel has launched its Core M processors, the first "Broadwell" chips from the manufacturer. The Core M chip, made using a 14-nanometer process, is said to provide high performance for mobile devices and notebooks, in theory allowing computer and tablet producers to create thinner devices with a longer battery life, as well as fanless systems.


Apple, Intel, Google, Adobe appeal refusal of anti-poaching settlement

09/05, 7:40am

Appeal filed over 'legal error' by Judge Koh in rejecting deal

Apple, Google, Intel, and Adobe are all appealing Judge Lucy Koh's rejection of the $324.5 million anti-poaching settlement that was hammered out last month. The quartet claims that Koh "committed clear legal error" by using her own assessment of the value of the case, rather than that of the participants who had been battling over the matter with the court for years.


Intel considers bringing commercial PCIe SSD technology to consumers

09/03, 9:36pm

Company shows off data center technology in a gaming application at PAX

Intel could be considering a move into a different class of data storage, one which is based on its existing solid state storage in data centers and other commercial areas. While there would still be a considerable time to get a product to the market, Intel is looking into the idea of moving its data center-class storage into the consumer retail space with PCIe solid state drives (SSD), similar to what Apple has done with the Mac Pro and MacBook Pro.


Apple, Google, others re-open settlement talks in non-compete case

09/03, 8:43pm

Judge rejects first attempt, suggests slightly higher amount would be 'fair share'

The remaining four tech firms involved in a California lawsuit stemming from a "gentlemen's agreement" to stop poaching each other's employees have headed back to the bargaining table to hammer out another settlement after the first attempt was rejected by the judge in the case. Apple, Google, Adobe and Intel have resumed settlement talks with plaintiffs representing thousands of employees who say the cooperation limited their job opportunities and illegally suppressed wages.


Lenovo launches Tab S8 as its first Intel-based Android tablet

09/03, 5:06am

Intel Atom processor used in Lenovo Tab S8 with Burst Performance Technology

Lenovo kicked off its IFA device launches, by revealing its first Intel-powered Android tablet. The Lenovo Tab S8 uses a quad-core Intel Atom Z3745 with 2GB of RAM, with the processor's Burst Performance Technology said to help provide more processing power when it is required, in turn saving on battery life when performing lower-impact tasks.



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