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Review: QuarkXpress 2015, part one -- the history

07/13, 8:39am

Pioneer of digital publishing unifies its efforts into coherent whole

The release of QuarkXpress 2015 has given me an occasion to renew an old acquaintance; like many veteran graphic designers, I once made my living using programs like QuarkXpress, Pagemaker, and later, InDesign and even Pages to create various small-press type work all the way up to major magazine and newspaper advertisements, books, and other mostly-printed matter. Quark is back (it never really went away), both because the 2015 release in particular seems to have found its footing in the current design environment, and because it offers an option to those reluctant to climb on board Adobe's subscription-only model for pro apps. Should you switch teams, and throw in with the loyal opposition? We'll find out, but first, a little background on the program -- and the reviewer -- in part one of our full review.


Briefly: Updated bags for MacBook Pro, Teacup InDesign CC plug-ins

07/30, 1:13am

WaterField updates Outback Solo and Indy satchel bags for refreshed MacBook Pro Retina laptops

WaterField has announced the release of new sizes for two of its bags, designed to fit the previous and refreshed MacBook Pro Retina laptops. The new 15-inch Outback Solo will fit the 15-inch MacBook Pro Retina, and the new 13-inch Indy leather satchelfits the smaller Retina.


Adobe releases 2014 suite of Creative Cloud apps, adds new Photo plan

06/18, 11:30am

Every app refreshed

Adobe has officially revealed the 2014 update of its Creative Cloud desktop suite. Every app has been updated; the suite's core software, Photoshop CC, has gained new Blur Gallery motion effects, as well as a tool called Focus Mask, which makes it possible to highlight individual sections in photos with low depth-of-field. Other changes include new Content-Aware functions, Smart Object linking across documents, and the ability to sync settings for one layer across all others.


Quark updates App Studio with iOS 7 support, new views

11/21, 3:08pm

Tool redesigned for more simplicity

Quark has released a new version of App Studio, a tool for converting InDesign and QuarkXPress layouts into web and mobile apps, including digital newspapers and magazines. The latest release has been redesigned with iOS 7 in mind, for instance incorporating a theming feature that controls colors throughout an app. It also integrates with iOS 7's native sharing functions for Facebook, Twitter, and email.


Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud adds Sync Settings, improves server

08/22, 5:29pm

Sync Settings allows for universal user settings across devices, locations

Adobe announced today the availability of Sync Settings in InDesign CC in Creative Cloud. The new feature allows users to save preferences to the cloud, allowing for universal settings for InDesign CC regardless of work location. Additionally, Adobe recently unveiled an updated InDesign CC Server, a layout and composition engine that creates an end-to-end automated publishing solution when used with Adobe Creative Cloud tools.


Adobe details changes in Illustrator CC, other design apps

05/06, 2:18pm

InDesign gets modernized interface, engine

As a part of today's major Adobe announcements, the company has gone into detail for the upgrades present in its design software. Illustrator CC features a new Touch Type tool, which lets people manipulate individual characters in text while still maintaining control over font and other edits. Multi-touch devices have been added as a form of input.


Adobe offers fix for InDesign crash on new MacBooks

07/16, 7:00pm

Workaround falls short of full patch installer

Following up on our previous story, Adobe is now offering a ZIP archive of replacement files and instructions for 2012 MacBook Air and Pro model users running OS X 10.7.4 on how to manually patch a bug that causes InDesign (CS5 and higher) to fail on those machines. Though not as simple as a patch installer, the company's instructions are clear and relatively easy to follow -- and appear to fix the issue, which centered around how a particular API handles icon management.


Adobe puts CS6, Creative Cloud up for pre-order

04/23, 1:00am

Adobe CS6 ships within 30 days

Adobe began the week early with official launch details of Creative Suite 6 and Creative Cloud. The collection of professional tools are available for pre-order as of Monday and should ship within 30 days.


Extensis Suitcase Fusion 4 introduces Font Panels

04/18, 1:20pm

Builds font control directly into Adobe CS apps

Extensis has released Suitcase Fusion 4, an update of its font manager for Mac and Windows. The software handles both browsing and control tasks. New to Fusion 4 is the concept of Font Panels, which integrate functions directly into Adobe's InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. Fonts can be previewed and activated without having to leave Adobe software.


Briefly: CameraBag 2 public beta, PDF2ID Enterprise launched

12/07, 12:10pm

PDF2ID Enterprise 2012

A free, fully-functional public beta of CameraBag 2 has been made available by Nevercenter. The updated software features a new Analog Engine capable of retaining smooth colors, even when applying numerous modifications simultaneously. As effects are added, they are placed into a bottom tray as tiles where they can be edited or rearranged at anytime. In addition, the company is currently offering free upgrade licenses to anyone who purchases the original CameraBag before version 2.0 is officially launched.


Briefly: iDML offers InDesign editing, Mobile Parent outed

08/30, 8:25pm

Mobile Parent offers access to ParentLink

iDML is a new iPad application that allows users to edit stories from InDesign documents directly on their mobile device. The software shows all stories within an InDesign document and prevents layouts and third party data from being modified during the editing process. It also displays a list of all fonts and styles used throughout the document, allowing users to quickly assign matching formats to different text selections. iDML is being offered in the App Store for $20 and is compatible with all iPad devices running iOS 3.2 or higher.


DTP Tools adds Annotations to its InDesign plug-in lineup

08/25, 12:00am

Lets users import notes, comments, changes

Annotations 1.0 for Adobe InDesign is a plug-in from DTP Tools that allows users to import text edits, yellow sticky notes, comments and more from PDF documents directly into InDesign. The company says the plug-in is the first of "several" new products that will allow users of other programs ways to more easily participate in the creation of InDesign documents. Annotations should improve productivity dramatically when making changes based on PDF worksheets.


Adobe announces Muse for WYSIWIG web design

08/15, 8:35am

Adobe makes web design tool for graphic designers

Adobe has announced a free public beta of a new WYSIWIG web design tool it has presently dubbed Muse (code name). It is a web design tool built on Adobe's AIR platform, created with the aim of easily allowing graphic designers familiar with InDesign to create web pages without the need to code in HTML. It was developed in response to requests from graphic designers who typically design the look and feel of a website, but who were frustrated by the inability to turn their design directly into a webpage.


DTP Tools now offering Power Styles InDesign plug-in

07/29, 10:05pm

Creates style sheets for documents without them

Developer David Blatner has made one of the most popular of his Blatner Tools plug-ins for Adobe InDesign available separately from the suite, available through DTP Tools. The plug-in, called Power Styles, is aimed specifically at documents that were developed without a consistent use of styles or no styles. The plug-in automatically generates new styles with generic names based on existing styles.


Adobe debuts Creative Suite 5.5, new Photoshop Touch SDK

04/11, 3:00am

New monthly subscription and tablet features

Adobe has announced Creative Suite 5.5, an update to its major creative applications including InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash Professional, Premiere Pro, and After Effects along with a new SDK for Photoshop CS5. The company -- which now offers new monthly subscription-based pricing options for each of the major suite bundles -- says the new version brings advances to HTML5, Flash authoring, digital publishing and video tools as well as new capabilities to help integrate tablet-oriented designs into creative workflows. Also present is a final version of Audition for the Mac; the SDK is the Photoshop Touch Software Development Kit (SDK).


Layer Comps for Adobe InDesign reaches version 2.0

03/30, 6:00pm

Now offers additional recording options, more

Layer Comps 2.0, an updated plug-in for Adobe InDesign (versions CS3 and higher for both Mac and Windows) enables users to record different layout variations of documents, enabling the same content to be re-arranged for many different formats or platforms within a single document. The new version adds further recording abilities, as well as features specifically geared for iPad and tablet publishing.


New Packager part of Creative Suite 5.5 Digital Publishing?

01/28, 1:40pm

Flash Professional 5.5 in beta, sources say

The upcoming iPad-capable version of Packager for iPhone will be part of an update bundle for Creative Suite 5, says AppleInsider. The collection is said to be named "Creative Suite 5.5 Digital Publishing," and include Flash Professional CS 5.5, reportedly in beta testing. Likewise tagging along should be Flash Catalyst CS 5.5, an "interaction design tool" with features like live app design and the ability to deploy for the web, desktops or mobile devices.


Briefly: MacTech registration restored, LinkOptimizer sale

01/17, 3:25pm

LinkOptimizer offered for $130

MacTech has announced that its DNS service provider, ZoneEdit, was hit with a denial of service attack yesterday, making the company's servers unavailable. In light of this, MacTech has extented the pre-registration pricing for the MacTech Boot Camp to January 18th. The event will take place in San Francisco on Jan 26th, and will provide sessions geared towards small/medium business communities. Registration costs have been set at $495, however, those who take advantage of pre-registration will save $100. The complete event schedule can be found online, along with travel and hotel information, registration forms, and more.


Em Software updates data-publishing apps for InDesign CS5

12/02, 11:50pm

InData, InCatalog and Xtags all updated

Em Software's data-publishing applications have been updated to be compatible with Adobe InDesign CS5, the company reports, adding some new features as well as expanding compatibility to the current version of Adobe's publishing app. All three applications -- InData, InCatalog and Xtags -- now take advantage of some of the new features found in InDesign CS5, including column-straddling and multi-column paragraph properties.


RovingBird ePublisher: From InDesign to iPad

10/07, 9:10pm

Builds App-Store-ready, interactive publications

A Belgian software house has announced a public beta of RovingBird ePublisher, a two-step solution that takes Adobe InDesign CS5 publications and turns them into apps ready for the App Store without users knowing or seeing a single line of code. Interactive features, live links, ad-hoc distribution or submission to the App Store and more can be part of the finished application.


ID Image Catalog for InDesign hits 4.0

10/06, 5:40pm

Grouping, object styles, auto-updating and more

ID Image Catalog, an app that uses Adobe's InDesign program to automatically create catalog pages from a folder of images, has been updated to version 4.0, now offering grouped images and text frames, a facing-pages option, automatic updates and object styles for easier customization. Because the program now supports Snow Leopard (10.6) only, the purchase includes previous version 3.9 which continues Tiger (10.4) and Leopard (10.5) support.


Briefly: WebNative Suite gains CS5 support, RealCam SP v3.1

09/07, 9:40pm

RealCamSP adds iPhone 4 support

A new update to Xinet's WebNative Suite has added Adobe CS5 support to Picture Wrangler ID, WebNative ID, Annotator ID, and Asset Browser ID. The four plug-ins have been created to work with Adobe InDesign, providing users with additional features not found in the default software. For example, Picture Wrangler ID provides one-click relinking between FPO and high-resolution versions of images, while Annotator ID can be used to create PDF's that contain interactive links to images that reside on the WebNative server. To purchase the WebNative Suite, customers must contact one of the specially trained Authorized Xinet Integrators in their area, however a free demo of the software can be requested through Xinet's website.


DTP launches new plugins for InDesign CS5

08/26, 3:25pm

Blatner Tools updated, Active Tables beta launched

DTP Tools has launched an updated tool suite, Blatner Tools for InDesign CS5, and a new beta plug-in, Active Tables for Adobe InDesign. Blatner Tools is a collection of 12 plug-ins -- now available for InDesign CS5 -- that provide InDesign users with over 100 new capabilities -- they include features like creating character and paragraph styles and applying them across a document quickly, finding and replacing colors and managing keyboard shortcuts. Users can also browse undo lists, create formatted fractions and run live typographic preflight tests. The tools contain David Blatner InDesign tips plug-ins, which are no longer available via free plug-ins. The tools have a Script Manager and over 50 user-customizable shortcuts, like swatches, managing layers and styles.


New Yorker confirms iPad magazine, enlists Adobe's help

06/23, 4:15pm

New Yorker to share Wired's iPad mag platform

The New Yorker confirmed late Tuesday that it was working on an iPad magazine app. The new magazine will use the same Adobe Digital Magazine platform that powers the pioneering app for Wired's edition rather than the Conde Nast equivalent being used for other magazines with the publisher. One WWD source justified it as noticeably superior Conde Nast's app, which is designed to translate relatively easily to other platforms.


FontAgent Pro adds auto-activation plug-ins for CS5

06/03, 3:35pm

Fonts automatically activated in InDesign

Insider Software has released a series of FontAgent Pro plug-ins for Adobe's Creative Suite 5 suite of applications. The new plug-ins automatically activate fonts used in documents as they are opened in CS5 programs such as InDesign, Illustrator, or Photoshop.


Adobe intros Digital Publishing Platform

06/01, 9:50am

Promises new tools for creating e-reader apps

Adobe today formally introduced the Digital Publishing Platform, technology for both producing and reading publications meant for tablets, smartphones and other hardware. The Wired iPad app is cited as an initial example of the company's digital viewer software; while retaining much of the look of a print magazine, it includes a number of interactive and video elements, and the ability to browse contents via a zoomed-out mode. The interactivity extends to advertising, which like Apple's forthcoming iAd is intended to better lure people in while not forcing them to leave an app.


Wired mag on iPad pushes 24,000 downloads in one day

05/27, 11:35am

Wired for iPad could challenge print subs

Wired today set a possible benchmark for e-reading after its New York Bureau Chief John Abell revealed that over 24,000 copies of the iPad magazine were sold in just the first 24 hours. The number is a rarity for digital magazines and would have made the Conde Nast magazine $83,832 in one day after Apple collected its royalties. The figure comes even with a large half-gigabyte download and a relatively high $5 price.


vjoon K4 6.2 adds support for Creative Suite 5

05/06, 3:30pm

Also intros prediction mode, layout comparisons

Managing Editor says it has released a v6.2 update for the vjoon K4 Cross-Media Publishing Platform. The software is aimed at larger publishers of content like books, magazines and websites, and allows workers to submit and collaborate on content in a coordinated way. The v6.2 code mainly introduces support for Adobe's just-launched Creative Suite 5. In particular, users can -- for example -- take advantage of interactivity options in InDesign, or the ability to publish for handhelds.


Adobe ships Creative Suite 5 collections, solo apps

04/30, 9:45am

Places focus on 64-bit code, Flash

As promised earlier this month, Adobe has begun shipping Creative Suite 5, a major revision of the company's flagship software. Of special emphasis is the shift to 64-bit code; After Effects, Photoshop and Premiere Pro have made the transition. Also present are new versions of Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash and various supporting apps, all with major feature additions. Flash is the second highlight of the suite, gaining tools for cross-platform development.


Adobe Creative Suite 5 pushes 64-bit support, Flash

04/12, 11:15am

To ship by end of April

Adobe has formally unveiled Creative Suite 5, the next generation of its flagship software collection. The new suite makes several major changes, perhaps most notably upgrading Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere Pro to 64-bit code on Mac and Windows systems, improving speed on modern multi-core processors. Premiere Pro further supports acceleration from NVIDIA-based video cards, making it practical to edit in real-time or play back projects without rendering first.


Claro 7 improves skin-tone analysis, InDesign support

03/29, 9:50pm

Elpical updates image optimization utility

Elpical on Monday released an update to its Claro series of image-enhancement utilities. Version 7 now supports direct integration with Adobe InDesign, while adding new analysis and correction tools for skin-tone adjustments. The software also provides indexed colorspace options and support for e-book readers such as Amazon's Kindle.


Briefly: Package Central for InDesign, Settlers 7 pre-orders

03/23, 3:30am

Free copy of CSI with Settlers pre-order

Zevrix Solutions has announced the release of a new document packaging workflow automation tool for Adobe InDesign. Package Central automates InDesign packaging by processing files from hotfolders and offers font auto-activation, e-mail notifications, detailed processing logs, and more. The software runs on a dedicated machine and can monitor a list of "hot folders" that are linked to its workflow settings. All of Package Central's functions can be automated allowing it to run unattended and support has been included for submitting files from both Mac and PC computers. Package Central runs on Mac OS X 10.4.2 through 10.6 and can be purchased for $500.


PageZephyr 2.0 adds new search features, file support

03/11, 10:25pm

PageZephyr now supports .indd and .qxd formats

Markzware has launched v2 of its utility for content searching and retrieval, PageZephyr. The software provides tools for searching through QuarkXPress, InDesign, and MS Publisher files, while enabling text to be exported in RTF or TXT formats. Version 2 offers new ways to search files, incorporating support for less common formats such as .indd, .qxd, and .pub. Users can also now search for a specific area of interest across different file types.


Briefly: New iWeb intros, axaio updates MadeToPrint

02/24, 8:55pm

iWeb Intros 3.0 adds 5 new flash animations

iPresentee has released a new set of iWeb Intros to be used with Apple's website-building application. iWeb Intros 3.0 is a collection of five short Flash animations that can be used as a way to welcome guests to a webpage. The package includes Cityscape, Sunset, Highway, Nature and Factory, with each customizable using static and animated text. iWeb Intros requires a Macintosh computer with either iLife '08 or iLife '09 installed. Each Flash intro can be purchased individually for $10, or the package of all five can be ordered for $30.


Adobe CS5 to include 64-bit Photoshop, Flash focus

02/16, 11:05am

Company trying to preserve Flash development

Some major changes are planned for the Mac version of Adobe's Creative Suite 5, say sources claimed to be familiar with the pre-release software. Of these the most important may be in Photoshop CS5, which will finally make the switch to 64-bit code. The technology had been planned to go into CS4, and indeed Windows users have been operating in 64-bit mode for some time. The earlier Mac code was rooted in 32-bit Carbon architecture however, requiring an overhaul for the more modern Cocoa standard.


BatchOutput 3.6 adds automated preflighting of PDFs

01/19, 9:55pm

Now supports TIFF, PNG, GIF, and BMP formats

Zevrix has released BatchOutput 3.6, an update to the company's InDesign companion plug-in. The program is designed to handle automatic printing and exporting of multiple InDesign documents in different formats. The new version adds a series of features and improvements, including automated preflighting of final PDFs with Acrobat Pro preflight droplets. Exportable formats now include TIFF, PNG, GIF, and BMP, among others.


TypeTrax integrates InDesign projects with Cumulus

12/15, 12:10pm

Imports associated resources

Moksa and Insider Software have together announced the release of TypeTrax, a supporting tool for Canto's Cumulus 8 DAM suite. When a user imports an InDesign project into Cumulus, TypeTrax is employed to automatically import all fonts and files required. It accomplishes this in part by checking the differences between fonts in incoming projects and those on a user's system.


DTP intros Blatner Tools plug-in suite for InDesign

12/14, 8:20pm

Utilities provided for doc analysis, color finding

DTP has released Blatner Tools, a suite of 12 plug-ins for Adobe InDesign. An included utility allow users to analyze documents for application of character and paragraph styles, while another tool finds colors such as spot colors inside placed graphics. An Extras menu provides access to scripts, or users can compare styles and remove unwanted text formatting from entire documents.


DTP Tools announces Blatner Tools public beta for InDesign

10/22, 10:40pm

Blatner Tools plug-in adds over 100 new features

DTP Tools has announced a public beta of the Blatner Tools suite, a set of 12 InDesign plug-ins designed for functions such as automatically applying paragraph styles or locating colors within placed graphics. The plug-ins feature over 100 new features and provide tools for controlling text, comparing paragraph styles, or applying keyboard shortcuts to layers, styles or color swatches. For keeping track of changes, it includes a lite version of the company’s History plug-in which displays a panel listing of all past actions.


FlightCheck Pro updates for CS4, QuarkXPress 8

08/28, 12:30pm

FlightCheck Pro 6.5 update

Markzware has released a v6.5 update for FlightCheck Professional, its specialized preflighting tool. The software scrutinizes output documents for problems that could potentially affect the print process, such as trapping, overprinting and mismatched color spaces. The app then flags source issues, which can be corrected through a separate publishing suite.


Claro Layout InDesign plug-in offers correction tools

08/18, 4:55pm

Claro Layout for InDesign

Elpical has introduced Claro Layout, a plug-in for InDesign that provides tools for image enhancement and correction. The utility automatically runs quality analysis and then makes the necessary adjustments. Users can integrate RGB images during layout, and then optimize the content without leaving InDesign.


LinkOptimizer Light 4 enhances link information table

08/10, 7:05pm

LinkOptimizer Light 4

Zevrix Solutions has released v4 of its Adobe InDesign plug-in, LinkOptimizer Light. The software is used to convert between various image formats and eliminate excess image data, effectively reducing the time spent processing images for online posting. The latest version improves the link information table, allowing users to view selected links in the InDesign document. The update also enhances back-up and relinking features, with options to optimize links for external use, such as web design, without relinking back to InDesign.


MadeToPrint upgrade exports fully imposed PDFs

07/31, 3:40pm

MadeToPrint upgraded

axaio has released new versions of its MadeToPrint line of products, used to standardize output from InDesign and QuarkXPress. The line consists of MadeToPrint Standard, MadeToPrint Auto, and MadeToPrint Server. The Auto and Server versions integrate into various publishing systems, including vjoon's K4 and WoodWing's Smart Connection Enterprise. The update exports fully imposed PDFs.


MathMagic 6.4 adds OpenType fonts

07/24, 4:30pm

MathMagic 6.4 patch

InfoLogic has posted v6.4 of MathMagic, its equation editor. The app is divided into two main editions: Personal, which exports generalized output, and Pro, which includes plug-ins for either InDesign or QuarkXPress. The plug-ins are said to improve the quality of output, and speed up the insertion of equations into publishing documents.


LinkOptimizer 4 redesigns interface, adds features

07/22, 4:40pm

LinkOptimizer 4 update

Zevrix has launched a new version of its InDesign optimization software, LinkOptimizer 4. The application helps resize InDesign jobs, while increasing processing speed by eliminating excess data. With the update LinkOptimizer is now a Cocoa-based plug-in, armed with a redesigned user interface and over 20 added features such as setting presets, resampling methods and detailed processing logs.


Chartbot Barcodes tackles InDesign, QuarkXPress

07/20, 12:15pm

Chartbot Barcodes released

XChange UK and ThePowerXChange have released Chartbot Barcodes, a new add-on for InDesign and QuarkXPress. Users can produce 1D, 2D and postal barcodes, without having to apply special barcode fonts. The software specifically works with variable data sources such as InDesign's Data Merge, and can automatically encode, checksum and resize graphics without reformatting a database.


TypeFitter Pro update adds column balancing tool

06/17, 7:30pm

TypeFitter Pro features

Teacup Software has added several new features to its TypeFitter Pro plug-in for Adobe InDesign and InCopy. The software is designed to fix problems when pasting text into an InDesign spread. The Gap-toothed columns feature automatically detects and fixes gaps at the bottom of a text column without affecting vertical spacing. The update also offers Stubby chapter ends, a utility that tightens or loosens document text to prevent small numbers of words from being pushed to the last page or column.


Xinet releases WebNative plug-ins for CS4

04/21, 3:10pm

WebNative plug-ins for CS4

Xinet has released three WebNative plug-ins for Adobe CS4: WebNative ID, Annotator ID, and Asset Browser ID. Each plug-in is designed to help merge the new features in CS4 with the company’s digital asset management software. WebNative ID is an application that creates previews for documents, and contains links to images used. Owners can also drag and drop images from the web preview directly into InDesign documents on the desktop. WebNative ID will only create previews for documents that have been saved after the program has been installed.


DesignMerge Pro comes to CS4 as plug-in

03/26, 11:10pm

DesignMerge Pro plug-in

Meadows Publishing has announced a new plug-in for Adobe InDesign CS4, DesignMerge Pro. The software works within the InDesign application and enables variable data publishing, personalized printing, document automation features, and professional mail-merge. It supports text, picture, article, complete InDesign layouts, and master pages. DesignMerge Pro also includes a printing function designed for digital short-run color printers and copiers that are in need of quick throughput, and supports PostScript, PPML, and Creo VPS data printing formats.


Smart Image CS4 simplifies InDesign captioning

03/16, 12:05pm

Smart Image CS4 debuts

WoodWing has released an updated plug-in for Adobe's InDesign publishing software. Smart Image CS4 is said to be aimed at organizations like magazines and newspapers, which frequently need to place caption and credit information alongside photos in their publications. The plug-in is used to automatically generate text frames around images, borrowing information from XMP or IPTC metadata.



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