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Lenovo reveals ideacentre Stick 300 as compact HDMI dongle-based PC

06/23, 12:43pm

Lenovo ideacentre Stick 300 includes Bay Trail Atom processor, Windows preinstalled

Lenovo has revealed it's own take on the Compute Stick concept, with the ideacentre Stick 300. Just as with other attempts by Dell, Intel, Asus, and others, the ideacentre Stick 300 is a complete PC packed into a compact device that can plug directly into an HDMI port on the back of a monitor or television, effectively turning it into a highly-portable computer system that can be set up anywhere there is a compatible display.


Hands-on: Lenovo Yoga, A720 all-in-one, touch table hybrid

01/10, 6:20am

Our first look at two unique Lenovo PCs

Lenovo brought two last devices out for CES that Electronista had the opportunity to see first-hand. The IdeaPad Yoga is intended to take on the ultrabook (MacBook Air) and tablet (iPad) spaces at once through a unique folding design. Although it measures just 0.67 inches thick and 3.1 pounds, the 13-inch, 1600x900 screen has a unique 360-degree hinge that folds the display back completely to turn it into a heavier tablet, or partway to form a stand.


Lenovo brings six upcoming desktop PCs to CES

01/08, 7:00pm

Lenovo to show six new desktop PCs at CES

Lenovo will bring six desktop computers to CES this week, including four IdeaCentre all-in-ones from the B-series, the easily upgreadable H520s and the slim IdeaCentre K430. The IdeaCentre B540 uses a 23-inch frameless touchscreen with 1080p resolution and an integrated VESA mount that can be equipped with 3D capabilities. It can be equipped with NVIDIA's GeForce GT 650M graphics card with 2GB of RAM and DirectX 11 support.


Analysts predict Lenovo to overtake Apple in all-in-one PCs

12/08, 7:50am

Digitimes thinks iMac too conservative

A new prediction from Digitimes Research has made the claim that Apple will cede the top spot in all-in-one desktops to Lenovo in 2012. The iMac would drop from an estimated 30 percent of the field in 2011 to 24.1 percent in 2012, just being overtaken as Lenovo hit 25 percent. The Taiwan firm editorialized and claimed that Apple only had "limited room" for hardware variety while Lenovo had more choices and prices, particularly for its home country of China.


Lenovo claims IdeaCentre Q180 'world's smallest desktop PC'

11/22, 2:55pm

Lenovo unveils tiny IdeaCentre Q180 nettop

Lenovo staked out an aggressive claim Tuesday by launching the IdeaCentre Q180. The nettop is billed as the "world's smallest desktop PC" and, Lenovo says, has the footprint of a paperback. It gets to that claim by becoming one of the first mainstream nettops to use Intel's new Cedar Trail-based Atom processors, picking the dual-core 2.13GHz Atom D2700 to use just 10W of power.


Lenovo may get into smart TVs soon

04/14, 10:55pm

Lenovo said planning smart TV entry

Lenovo may be entering the TV market with an Internet-aware model of its own. Sources claimed late Thursday that the company wanted into the smart TV field and would wield its existing PC assembly relationships with Taiwan's Compal and Wistron, among others, to get them made. Orders would be "released" in the second half of 2011, Digitimes said, presumably referring to when they would ship.


Lenovo challenging Apple in all-in-one PCs

02/21, 7:25am

Lenovo counting on China to overtake Apple in AIOs

Lenovo is growing quickly enough to be a challenger to Apple's long-held dominance in all-in-one computers, a mixture of unofficial sources and estimates claimed on Monday. The iMac represented 30 percent of AIO market share in all 2010, but Lenovo's 23 percent growth in desktop sales during the fall has been attributed to a "significant" bump from its IdeaCentre AIO models. The growth would be just the start, as Digitimes Research estimated that Lenovo's shipments would surge 54 percent just in 2011 to hit two million PCs based on sales in its native China.


Lenovo IdeaCentre A, B AIOs get Sandy Bridge, C205 Fusion

01/04, 12:00am

Lenovo adds IdeaCentreA320, Bx20 and C205

Lenovo's attention on desktops ahead of CES today focused solely on its all-in-one desktops. Both its designer IdeaCentre A320 as well as the performance-focused B320 and B520 all get Intel's Sandy Bridge-era processors. The mix ranges from the Core i5 in the 21.5-inch A320 and B320 systems to a Core i7 in the 23-inch B520.


Lenovo preps K330 performance desktop with Turbo Boost 2

12/09, 12:45pm

Lenovo previews IdeaCentre K330 desktop tower

Lenovo had one extra PC in store beyond its new notebooks today with a new IdeaCentre desktop targeted at gamers and other high-end users. The K330 will use up to quad Core i7 processors, likely based on Intel's Sandy Bridge, and will use the matching Turbo Boost 2.0 to toggle between speed grades on the fly. A switch will let users range from a throttled-down 'green' mode for keeping the system quiet through to a regular mode (blue) and full speed (red).


Lenovo's A300 luxury all-in-one ships

05/25, 3:15pm

Lenovo A300 all-in-one now shipping

Lenovo's luxury all-in-one desktop, the A300 introduced at CES, is now shipping in the US. The computer is available in three configurations, either with a 2.2GHz Intel Pentium dual-core or a Core 2 Duo with the same clock speed. All share Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit and a 21.5-inch display with a full HD resolution. All but the base 2GB system have 4GB of RAM.


Lenovo trots out quad Core i7 touch all-in-one, Ion nettop

05/11, 12:00am

Lenovo outs IdeaCentre A700, B305 and Q150

In tune with a larger PC rollout tonight, Lenovo has overhauled its IdeaCentre desktops and has made its first truly high-end all-in-one. The A700 jumps from a Core 2 Duo to as much as a quad-core, 1.73GHz mobile Core i7. Its 23-inch, 1080p display is a touchscreen and is the first PC anywhere to use a Surface Acoustic Wave panel, which Lenovo claims is extra-responsive compared to most touch displays.


Lenovo teases ThinkCentre all-in-one desktop

10/28, 2:10pm

Lenovo shows pro all-in-one

Having just introduced its IdeaCentre B500 all-in-one, Lenovo today quietly provided a teaser on its Flickr account for a new ThinkCentre counterpart. The lone photo has few details but does confirm built-in speakers, a webcam and a wireless keyboard and mouse combo. Most ThinkCentre PCs are higher-end and are likely to involve Core 2 processors.


Lenovo intros B500 all-in-one, Core i7 IdeaPad, more

10/26, 2:25pm

Lenovo upgrades Idea PCs for Windows 7

Lenovo today sparked life in its IdeaCentre desktops and IdeaPad notebooks by refreshing them for Windows 7 and adding a few completely new models. The IdeaCentre B500 is one of the few all-in-one PCs built for gamers and high-end media use with both a Core 2 Quad, unnamed but dedicated graphics and a built-in JBL speaker system. It also brings a 23-inch 1080p display, 1TB of disk space and a motion remote for an unspecified price.


Lenovo Q100/Q700 nettops, D400 home server debut

08/18, 3:40pm

Lenovo Q110 Q700 D400

Lenovo this afternoon put an end to speculation and launched its IdeaCentre Q series of mini desktops as well as its first Windows Home Server. The Q110 is Lenovo's first home nettop and gets NVIDIA's Ion chipset, giving it enough power to decode 1080p in hardware as well as render reasonably modern 3D as well as accelerate some heavily optimized tasks like video encoding. Its other specs aren't known but involve HD video output and should be based on an Intel Atom chip at its $349 price.


Lenovo shows IdeaCentre C100 all-in-one nettop

08/05, 5:00pm

Lenovo IdeaCentre C100

Lenovo recently showed its upcoming IdeaCentre C100 all-in-one nettop PC to a group of journalists, revealing a 20-inch screen and a 1.6GHz Intel Atom CPU with either 1GB or 2GB of RAM. Initial versions will have a 20-inch screen and run on the Windows Vista operating system, though later versions will have Windows 7 and a touchscreen. A DVD burner will be integrated, while hard drives will range from 80GB to 160GB units.


Lenovo puts out IdeaCentre C300, IdeaPad G550

05/25, 8:55am

Lenovo C300 and G550

Lenovo completed its PC introductions today with a nettop as well as a low-cost, mid-size notebook. The IdeaCentre C300 has a 20-inch display and a DVD burner like many full all-in-ones but uses a 1.6GHz Atom 230 to drive down costs. It has a distinctly fashion-oriented design and comes in a more exotic red as well as black or white.


Lenovo reorgs into Idea and Think, regional groups

03/25, 4:25pm

Lenovo Think and Idea Divs

Lenovo on Wednesday afternoon said it would reorganize itself into major divisions in a bid to improve its focus. At the highest level, the company plans to create a group that handles "mature" markets, such as Japan and North America, as well as a second group that handles "emerging" markets like Lenovo's native China as well as Africa, the Middle East and other areas where PCs are less widespread. Previously, Lenovo had organized itself into much smaller groups based on continents.


Lenovo rolls quad-core and Atom-based IdeaCentres

01/13, 12:40pm

Lenovo K220 and H200

Lenovo on Tuesday introduced three new desktops, including its first-ever nettop. At the high end, the IdeaCentre K220 and K230 are both upgrades to the older K210 and add options for faster Core 2 Quad chips as well more storage headroom (up to 1TB), Blu-ray and GeForce 9300M GE integrated video capable of full HD decoding. The PC builder makes each model a trade-off with the K220 having an optional webcam with face recognition but a maximum 4GB of memory; the K230 drops the webcam choice but handles up to 8GB of memory.


Lenovo IdeaCentre returns to home desktops

06/30, 11:15am

Lenovo IdeaCentre K210

After having left the market for several years, Lenovo today returned to home desktops and launched the IdeaCentre K210. The mini-tower is a parallel to the IdeaPad notebooks and borrows design elements from the portables, including face detection security when paired with a BrightEye add-on webcam that clips to most LCDs. The image recognition system also dynamically adjusts brightness based on proximity to the screen.



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