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iPad mini teardown reveals $188 cost in parts

11/05, 6:21am

IHS iSuppli teardown, gross margins up to 56 percent on iPad mini

A new iPad mini teardown analysis by IHS iSuppli shows that Apple is making up to a 43 percent gross margin on each 16GB Wi-Fi iPad miniit sells, reports AllThingsD. The BOM (bill of materials) shows that the components in a 16GB iPad mini with Wi-Fi costs Apple at least $188 in costs. Additionally, Apple only pays an additional $15.50 parts for the 32GB model and $46.50 for the 64GB model providing Apple with a gross margin of 52 percent and 56 percent respectively for those models.


IHS ultrabook shipment prediction down more than half

10/01, 3:35pm

Manufacturers said to have difficulty attracting interest

IHS iSuppli has revised down its prediction for ultrabook shipments for this year, and the analyst firm now believes PC manufacturers will ship 53 percent fewer units than it had previously estimated. ZDnet cites a new report from IHS that saw the firm's previous estimate reduced from 22 million ultrabooks shipped for 2012 to just 10.3 million. The revised estimate is said to be due in part to the continuing popularity of smartphones and tablets.


Intel's chip market share hits 10-year peak through mobile

03/26, 2:40pm

Intel widens chip share lead despite ARM rush

Intel has managed to not only hold on to but widen its lead as the world's largest chip designer in the past year, iSuppli determined Monday. By revenue, Intel had seen its revenue in 2011 go up over 20 percent to $48.7 billion dollars despite the effect of the iPad and other tablets. ARM's champion, Samsung, had moved just over half a point to $28.6 billion.


Data confirms Apple again tops in smartphones, 8.3% overall

01/27, 7:50am

IHS iSuppli and Strat Analytics show Apple shift

Separate IHS iSuppli and Strategy Analytics studies Friday have backed Apple's rapid return to the top of the smartphone space in the fall. Determining that Samsung had shipped 36 million smartphones, slightly higher than Samsung's preliminary estimates, IHS iSuppli put Apple's 37 million iPhones just on top. Although Samsung nearly quadrupled the amount of smartphones it shipped and moved more year-long, Apple's higher starting point meant it could just double its yearly shipments to stay competitive.


iSuppli: Kindle Fire already 13.8% of tablets, iPad at 66%

12/02, 2:20pm

Estimate has Amazon poaching other Android devices

The Amazon Kindle Fire has already occupied much of the Android tablet market in just one season, IHS iSuppli estimated Friday. At 3.9 million of the mini Android tablets, it would have 13.8 percent of the entire tablet share for the fall. Researchers are modeling for Apple to ship 18.6 million iPads, which would be enough to get it 65.6 percent of the tablet space.


IHS iSuppli: Kindle Fire is $202 to make, skimps on inside

11/17, 7:30pm

IHS iSuppli delivers final Kindle Fire cost study

IHS iSuppli revised its earlier cost breakdown for the Amazon Kindle Fire to a lower figure in a more final estimate that showed Amazon was still taking a loss on each device sold. While it's now expected to cost just $201.70 to make, that still told AllThingsD the $199 Android tablet was losing Amazon money on each sale, even before factoring in shipping and other costs. A look at the final product showed that there were cost savings even beyond what had been expected, including on the inside.


Amazon's $79 Kindle actually costs $84 to build

11/10, 9:45am

Amazon 4th-gen Kindle sold at loss

Amazon's fourth-generation Kindle costs more to make than its $79 selling price, a cost breakdown has uncovered. IHS iSuppli told Main St that the e-reader costs $84.25 to build, or a combination of the $78.59 in raw parts and $5.66 in assembly. The most expensive part was the E Ink Pearl screen, at $30.50, while the circuit board was next at $30.37.


Estimate: Amazon Kindle Fire sold at $10 loss to build share

10/01, 2:30pm

IHS says Amazon Kindle Fire costs 210 to make

Amazon's Kindle Fire is being sold at a loss to heat up competition with Barnes & Noble and Apple, IHS iSuppli estimated Friday. Based on a list of known and expected components, it believes the seven-inch mini tablet costs $209.63 in raw parts and manufacturing, or about $10 more than its $199 asking price. A high-quality IPS-based LCD at $87 is a large part of that cost, while adding the dual-core TI OMAP processor and other mainboard components pushes it up by another $70.40.


Study: iPad, Android to outsell Windows tablets by 10 to 1

05/18, 6:35pm

iSuppli sees iPad-like tablets lead through 2015

Mobile OS-based tablets like the iPad or Android models will overwhelm Windows tablet PCs by a factor of ten to one, IHS iSuppli estimated on Wednesday. The analyst team believed Windows PCs would grow at a slightly faster rate, at 81.5 percent versus 72.1 percent, but that it was starting from so far behind that Apple, Google, and others would have a combined average size ten times that of Windows-led PC tablets through to about 2015. About 262.1 million iPad-class tablets could be shipping by that year where 45.2 million PC-level tablets would be around at the same time, still a factor of almost six to one.


iOS App Store seen holding 60% of mobile app revenue by 2014

05/03, 6:20pm

iSuppli sees App Store keeping lead in app revenue

In spite of attempts by Google and others, Apple's iOS App Store should still represent the majority of mobile app revenue three years from now, IHS iSuppli estimated on Tuesday. Apple's portal was expected to grab 76 percent of app revenue in 2011, or $2.91 billion, but would still have 60 percent of that by 2014. Android Market was predicted to be quadrupling its share this year, but at $425.36 million would still not be moving fast enough to take the top spot.


iSuppli: iPad 2 shortages sparked by multiple tech issues

04/21, 7:15pm

iSuppli lowers iPad 2 numbers on multiple issues

Apple's tightly constrained iPad 2 production mentioned in its results call was the virtue of several technical problems compounding each other, IHS iSuppli believed in an updated estimate. The company had "quality concerns" with the slightly updated LCD as well as touchscreen panel lamination problems, shortages of speakers, and overall initial trouble getting completed iPads. Apple has already tackled may of the issues, but it will reportedly be falling "substantially" short of its April goal.



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