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Gartner confirms Apple now top smartphone seller globally

03/03, 3:24pm

New report partially reiterates earlier IDC analysis on record holiday quarter

While significantly disagreeing on the shipment or sales numbers of its rivals, analysis firms IDC and Gartner have agreed that Apple surpassed all expectations in a number of areas with its record-shattering calendar Q4 performance, with Gartner awarding Apple the crown of top smartphone seller in the world. An earlier report by IDC had Apple barely missing the top spot, claiming that Samsung shipped 75.1 million units, despite a sharp drop in profits and revenue.


IDC: iOS, Android control 96.3 percent of entire smartphone market

02/25, 7:11pm

Samsung grabs lion's share of shipments, but Apple takes 90 percent of profits

Based on shipment data, analyst firm IDC has determined that Apple and Samsung have effectively gained full control of the smartphone market, splitting 96.3 percent of all smartphones shipped -- up nearly a full percentage point from the same period last year. All Android phones combined account for 81.5 percent in 2014, a slight increase from 2013. The percentages flip, however, when talking about money rather than units -- with Apple said to get 90 percent of the profits in the industry.


IDC: Apple in second behind Xiaomi in China, Samsung plummets

02/18, 12:47pm

Company's iPhone 6 lineup took country by storm, reflecting other markets

Research firm IDC has reported that the established order of dominance in the Chinese smartphone market has crumbled, with Apple's iPhone 6 lineup pushing the Cupertino manufacturer into second place in the market, a doubling of its position from 2013. Low-cost Chinese maker Xiaomi took first place with just slightly better performance than Apple, while Samsung -- previously the unchallenged top seller -- fell to fifth place in marketshare.


IDC: PC market rebounds, but failed to reach growth in second quarter

07/09, 9:20pm

Second quarter results see worldwide shipments down 1.7 percent, lowest in two years

On the back of Gartner's PC sales figures, International Data Corporation (IDC) announced its own research numbers indicating that PC shipments saw a year-on-year decline in the second quarter. IDC says that the results from its quarterly PC tracker showed that second quarter 2014 saw the smallest decline in PC shipments since the second quarter of 2012.


Windows Phone shipments beat BlackBerry, lags behind iOS, Android

05/16, 10:31am

Shipments for iOS rises for the quarter, market share drops

Shipments of Windows Phone devices have overtaken those of BlackBerry phones for the first time, according to a report. Numbers from IDC places the Microsoft mobile operating system in third place, still a considerable away behind iOS and Android shipments, which are said to make up 92.3-percent of all shipments when combined.


IDC: holiday PC sales plummet; Windows 8 release ineffectual

01/10, 10:20pm

Boosts expected from holiday, Windows 8 fail to materialize

Technology industry trend tracker IDC has revealed that the holiday season sales of personal computers dropped for the first time in half a decade. The poor results continued a year of losses for PC manufacturers like Lenovo, Dell, and Toshiba -- who all saw the first year of sales losses in over ten years. Apple gained market share on most of the industry, but still contracted 0.2 percent in the holiday quarter.


IDC, Gartner: Apple over 10% of US PCs, worldwide PCs drag

04/11, 5:05pm

IDC and Gartner give early Q1 2012 estimates

Both Gartner and IDC provided early estimates of winter 2012 market share that showed Apple making big strides in the US. The two gave the Mac a tentative share of 10 or 10.6 percent, in either case enough to put it in third place. Both saw rapidly falling Acer and Toshiba below Apple in share.


IDC sees Android past Windows by 2016, 1.8b smart devices

03/28, 6:15pm

IDC sees Windows losing relevance in 4 years

A shift towards the mobile world could see Android overtake Windows for sheer market share, IDC put out in a long-term estimate. Putting mobile and desktop platforms in a single smart device category, it had Windows slipping from 35.9 percent as of 2011 to 25.1 percent in 2016. Android would only slightly move in share, from 29.4 percent to 31.1 percent, but would move enough to claim the top computing platform.


IDC: PCs may see late 2012 bounce, but slow long-term

03/20, 7:20pm

IDC hopeful Windows 8, ultrabooks will save PCs

IDC painted an optimistic picture of traditional PCs in a Tuesday long-term estimate of their shipments. Researchers expected PC shipments to grow just five percent year-on-year in 2012, but pinned most of this sluggishness on the first half, as the iPad and other tablets were a "powerful distraction," IDC VP Bob O'Donnell said. However, a mix of the Windows 8 launch and ultrabooks was assumed to be creating "excitement" that would see a bounce back.


IDC: China to dominate smartphone user share by end of year

03/15, 7:30pm

China expected to hold dominant position

China is expected to outpace the US in domestic smartphone shipments before the end of the year, according to a report issued by research firm IDC. Users located throughout China are expected to account for 20.7 percent of global smartphone share, while the US is projected to slip slightly behind with 20.6-percent share.


IDC: Kindle Fire cut iPad to 55% share, 2012 ahead of goals

03/13, 2:35pm

IDC optimistic on tablets, Android's chances

IDC on Tuesday gave its own breakdown of world tablet share from this fall and painted an optimistic look at Android's position in the market. Going higher than others' estimates, the research team believed that Amazon shipped 4.7 million Kindle Fires, or enough to stake out 16.8 percent of tablets worldwide. Along with a slight gain from Samsung to 5.8 percent, the prediction would have knocked Apple down from 61.5 percent last summer to 54.7 percent in the last few months of 2011.


iPhone becomes biggest-selling cellphone in Japan

03/09, 8:45am

Apple gets absolute lead in Japan phones

Apple now has the top-selling cellphone of any kind in Japan, IDC Japan determined late Thursday. The iPhone 4S launch helped Apple claim 26.6 percent of all cellphone shipments in the country this fall. It may have been the first non-Japanese company to top local ranks, ending a longstanding emphasis on local makers.


Chitika: Windows' web share has dropped 10% in half a year

02/17, 2:45pm

Chitika thinks Windows web share sign of OS drop

Chitika highlighted what it saw as a possible tidal shift in the computing industry based on its web tracking. Windows' share of the web dropped by 10 percent of its relative value in the past six months, down from 78.3 percent in August to 71.4 percent in February. An unusually sharp drop came in January, where it lost 4.2 percent of relative (3.2 percent absolute) share in a matter of weeks.


comScore: webmail use sinking as mobile use takes over

02/12, 2:30pm

comScore shows shift to mobile in mail

As part of a larger study, comScore has shown that e-mail is making a large shift away from the web. Among teens and those aged 18 to 24, webmail use dropped by about a third in December from where it was one year earlier. Declines also appeared among the 35 to 44 set (down one point) and 55 to 64 (by seven points).


Lenovo results: tops in work, desktops, 6.5m phones shipped

02/08, 10:15pm

Lenovo Q4 results show banner gains

Lenovo as part of record results for its fall quarter clinched the top spots in key parts of the PC business. While it wouldn't give exact numbers, it mostly sided with IDC rankings that saw it claim 14 percent of the computer market worldwide, or second place. It was now large enough that it was the leader for shipments in work PCs of any kind as well as in home desktops.


IDC: Apple overtakes LG to become third-largest phone maker

02/02, 9:10am

IDC says Apple past LG in Q4 and all of 2011

New IDC data has shown Apple's 37 million iPhone sales making it the third-largest cellphone maker in the world. More than doubling its shipments, in tandem with LG nearly cutting its shipments in half to 17.7 million, saw it move up a spot and stake out 8.7 percent of the entire cellphone space. The change in position carried through for all of 2011, with Apple's 93.2 million iPhones putting it at six percent of all phones sold that year while LG was down to 5.7 percent, or 88.1 million.


IDC: fall 2011 worst year for PCs as drives, tablets dig in

01/11, 5:50pm

IDC shows Apple 3rd in US, Acer drop

Fall 2011 was the worst season for PC growth in the US in a decade, IDC found in preliminary results. The overall PC field shrank 6.7 percent compared to what it had in late 2010, based partly on hard drive shortages triggered by Thailand flooding. However, the iPad and other tablets like it, combined with a tough economy, meant many didn't want PCs, particularly in the "difficult competitive landscape" of the US as well as Western Europe.


IDC: Kindle Fire may cut iPad to 59% of tablet share

12/15, 10:30pm

IDC sees Amazon denting iPad in fall

Amazon's Kindle Fire could cut Apple's share of the tablet market to under 60 percent for the first time, IDC estimated Thursday. Android would climb from 32.4 percent to get a collective 40.3 percent through the Fire which, along with some help from the Nook Tablet, would push the iPad down from 61.5 percent this summer to 59 percent of tablets. The BlackBerry PlayBook would lose some ground as well, down from 1.1 percent to 0.7 percent, while the HP TouchPad's final exit would give up five percent.


Hard drive prices may drop back as soon as December

11/16, 10:10pm

Hard drive shortages may be short-lived

The hard drive shortages triggered by Thai flooding might be resolved as soon as December. Resellers claimed Wednesday to Digitimes that they hadn't seen as much scarcity as expected and even had an oversupply. They reportedly plan to drop prices next month to clear out stock.


IDC: Thailand flooding could drop PC units by 20% into 2012

11/11, 1:55pm

IDC warns Thai drive shortages could hurt netbooks

The lingering effects of flooded drive factories in Thailand could significantly bog down traditional PC builders, IDC estimated. It expected as much as a 10 percent drop in PC shipments for the fall. While relatively modest, it warned that the situation could get much worse as the full effects are felt in early 2012, when shipments could drop by more than 20 percent.


IDC: Apple 5th largest phone maker as ZTE, Samsung rise

10/28, 8:30am

IDC Q3 2011 phone share sees Apple in top ranks

Apple gained enough market share to stay one of the top cellphone makers in the world, IDC said Friday. While not as strong as the spring, the iPhone still gained share from year to year and, at 17.07 million, was in fifth place among all cellphones at 4.3 percent. It was helped partly by Nokia's continued fall, which while still keeping it on top lowered it to 27.1 percent, at 106.6 million phones.


IDC more cautious on Apple gains, sees Lenovo push out Acer

10/12, 7:35pm

IDC Q3 2011 gives Apple 11.3pc share, Acer out

IDC early estimates showed a major shakeup underway in the US PC market headed by Apple. While not as aggressive as Gartner, it saw Apple being the only top computer maker outside of HP to gain share, growing nearly a point to hit 11.3 percent this summer. Toshiba was also reversing its years of gains and was down to exactly eight percent, giving Apple a comfortable third place.


IDC: more phones, tablets on Internet than PCs by 2015

09/12, 12:50pm

IDC sees iPad help mobile pass PC in Internet use

More smartphones and tablets will be on the Internet in the US than PCs by 2015, IDC estimated Monday. It predicted that use of devices like the iPad, iPhone, and Android phones would grow at a compound average of 16.6 percent per year to become the most popular ways of getting online just four years from now. PC use would flatten and eventually decline, "especially" in the wake of tablets.


IDC: smartphones now outnumber basic phones in Europe

09/08, 3:15pm

IDC says Apple, Google help smartphones win Europe

Smartphones crossed an important threshhold Thursday after IDC data showed them outselling basic cellphones in Western Europe for the first time. Owed mostly to Apple's iPhone and multiple Android models, smartphones grew 48 percent year-to-year this past spring to hit 52 percent of European phones, or 21.8 million devices. Simple phones dropped 29 percent over the same period to 20.4 million and now made them a minority.


MacBook Air rivals keeping ultrabook shipments below 50,000?

09/05, 11:40pm

Ultrabook shipments below 50K to test field

The first batch of ultrabooks attempting to take on the MacBook Air might be produced with intentionally low production numbers to test the market, notebook industry insiders purported late Monday. Systems like the Acer Aspire S3, Lenovo IdeaPad U300s, and Toshiba Portege Z830 may all ship in early production runs under 50,000. The move Digitimes understood would be for "testing the water" to see if a market exists for non-Mac versions of the ultraportables.


China outraces the US to become largest PC market

08/23, 7:45pm

IDC has China just edging US in PC share

New IDC research showed that China has just managed to outgrow the US to become the world's largest PC market. The US will hold on to the lead for all of 2011, but China this spring just pushed past the US to claim 22 percent of all PCs shipped, 18.5 million, to the 21 percent (17.7 million) going to Americans. In the long term, researches saw China getting 21.8 percent for all of 2012 where the US would slip to 19.6 percent.


Microsoft: Windows tablets are catching up, PC still young

08/20, 2:15pm

Microsoft maintains PC not middle-aged yet

Microsoft's Corporate Communications VP Frank Shaw maintained his defense of Windows again with a response to the upheaval of the past few weeks. Trying once more to downplay "post-PC" talk, he argued that PCs not only had some core features that only they could do but that devices like the iPad were losing the advantage. Tablets were just "companions," and computers were "rapidly and dramatically" improving on what these and other mobile devices were doing, Shaw said.


Microsoft minimizes tablets in 'PC-plus' era, IBM disagrees

08/10, 6:15pm

Microsoft downplays tablets in 30-year PC history

Microsoft's Corporate Communications VP Frank Shaw in a commentary on the 30th anniversary of the original IBM PC dismissed the talk of a post-PC era. He preferred to characterize it as a "PC-plus era," since there would be an estimated 400 million PCs sold around the world in 2011. Microsoft's response would be to largely stay the course, though he hinted at tighter hardware and software integration going on.


IDC reaffirms Apple as top smartphone maker in the world

08/04, 6:50pm

IDC puts Apple over Samsung in spring 2011 share

New research from IDC has backed up earlier assertions that Apple is the top smartphone maker worldwide. The iPhone creator in its data claimed 19.1 percent of teh smartphone market, or enough to keep out of Galaxy S II maker Samsung's 16.2 percent. Nokia's drop wasn't as steep as in Strategy Analytics' research, but it still saw the one-time leader lose more than half its share and sink to third place, with 15.7 percent.


Apple officially ousts Samsung, Nokia as tops in smartphones

07/29, 7:55am

Analysts put Apple at top in smartphone field

Apple achieved a goal it has likely been aiming to reach for four years on Friday as Strategy Analytics confirmed Apple was now the largest smartphone maker in the world. Its 20.34 million iPhones in spring gave it the lead with 18.5 percent of the market. Samsung, which confirmed just Friday that it shipped 19.2 million smartphones, grew rapidly but was denied the lead at 17.5 percent share.


Apple nears 11% PC share in US as Acer plummets to 5th

07/13, 5:05pm

IDC shows Apple 3rd in US as Acer falls to iPad

Apple has managed get almost 11 percent of computer market share in the US, IDC said in a preliminary estimate on Wednesday. Mac shipments shot up nearly 15 percent year-to-year in the spring to put Apple at third place in the US with 10.7 percent and 1.92 million Macs. Much of that growth came at Acer's expense, as the Taiwan company's overdependence on netbooks and failure to cope with the iPad saw its shipments drop by more than a quarter, sinking it from third place a year ago to fifth place, with 8.5 percent.


IDC: tablets slumped in early 2011, Nook Color led e-readers

07/08, 7:50pm

IDC breaks down tablet, e-reader markets for Q1

IDC in a study took apart the tablet and e-reader markets early this year. The tablet market saw an early 28 percent drop in the first quarter of 2011 to 7.2 million units. Just over 65 percent of those were iPads while the rest were dominated by Android's 34 percent and a small amount of Windows tablets. Most of the drop was pinned on Apple being constrained by supply, where iPad 2 backlight issues and a slow production ramp prevented it from delivering more.


IDC sees mobile app downloads surging to 183 billion in 2015

06/28, 11:00am

IDC sees 17X spike in app downloads coming

Mobile app downloads should grow 17 times larger in the next few years, IDC says in a new prediction (pay-only) on Tuesday. Apps for Android, iOS and other platforms is estimated to grow from 10.7 billion downloads for all of 2010 to 182.7 billion in 2015. Researchers aren't willing to predict which platform will lead that group, although iOS remains in front so far at 425,000 apps.


Why Apple isn't shipping 8 million MacBook Airs this summer

06/25, 1:15pm

Deconstructing a bad leak of MacBook Air shipments

A rumor floated on Friday claimed that Apple would be shipping no less than eight million new MacBook Air systems in the summer. It also alleged that four million Airs will have shipped in the spring. Unfortunately, that's just not true, and we'll show why -- along with what Digitimes likely actually meant.


IDC predicts Android at 44% by 2015, Windows past iPhone

06/09, 7:05pm

IDC long-term forecast sees Android, WP7 past iOS

IDC in a long-term prediction Thursday expected Android to stay in front in market share over the next four years but also that Windows Phone would claim second place. Google would move from 38.9 percent to 43.8 percent by 2015. Nokia's deal with Microsoft, however, would see all Windows phone platforms grow from just 3.8 percent today to 20.3 percent, just slightly under what the outgoing Symbian platform had this year.


IDC cuts PC sales forecast for 2011

06/06, 9:55am

Turnaround expected in 2012

Research firm IDC has revised its PC sales forecast for 2011, reducing the expected yearly growth from 7.1 percent down to just 4.2 percent. The significant cut was blamed on market saturation in Western Europe, North America and Japan, as the surge in netbook and notebook sales has lost its momentum from a peak in 2008 and 2009.


Apple trumps Nokia for smartphone share on Nokia's home turf

05/06, 8:55am

IDC gives Apple lead in Western Europe over Nokia

Apple produced a symbolic win late Thursday after an IDC study revealed that it had beaten Nokia for smartphone market share in Nokia's core market of Western Europe. The iPhone slipped from 24.6 percent share a year ago to 20.8 percent, but Nokia's market share collapsed from 40.6 percent to just 19.6 percent in one year, giving Apple the top spot. Apple shipped 49 percent more iPhones to the region to hit 4.4 million where Nokia saw its shipments drop from 4.9 million to 4.2 million.


IDC: Apple close to passing Nokia in smartphone share

05/05, 4:15pm

IDC has Apple near Nokia in Q1 market share

Apple is now a large enough smartphone maker that it could soon overtake Nokia for the top spot, IDC said Wednesday. The 18.65 million iPhones it shipped in the winter were enough to give it 18.7 percent of the smartphone sphere just as Nokia's relatively stale growth, to 24.2 million, saw its share drop down to 24.3 percent from a much higher 38.8 percent just a year ago. RIM's quarters don't overlap with most of the industry, but IDC believed that RIM shipped 13.9 million BlackBerrys, leading to a drop from 19.1 percent of the field in early 2010 to just 14 percent.


Intel gets record Q1 2011 results, doubts PC's death

04/19, 6:40pm

Intel Q1 2011 sees PC staying healthy

Intel posted record results on Tuesday that also cast doubt on claims of tablets hurting the market. Its revenue was up 25 percent to $12.8 billion and its net profit up by 29 percent to $3.3 billion. Most of that growth came from its datacenter chip team, whose revenue was up 32 percent, but it still saw its core PC chip group's revenue up by 17 percent as the second-generation Core (Sandy Bridge) take off.


NPD: MacBook Pro goosed Apple sales 47% while PC rivals sank

04/18, 3:45pm

NPD says Mac sales up 47pc while PCs on way down

New NPD data in a research note later on Monday from Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster suggested that the new MacBook Pro may have pushed Apple well ahead in growth in the computer market. March sales in the US were estimated to be up 47 percent compared to a year earlier following the much faster line's introduction in late February. The growth came after more modest but still healthy 20 percent and 12 percent year-to-year increases in January and February.


Gartner sees Apple at 5th in PCs, iPad still crippling Acer

04/13, 5:50pm

Gartner Q1 2011 has Apple 5th, Acer hurt by iPad

Gartner on Wednesday published a preliminary estimate for winter in sharp contrast to IDC's results that nonetheless shared a view that the iPad was shrinking PC sales, especially those of Acer. It saw Acer still holding on to third place in the US, but the system designer's share dropped 24.9 percent from year-to-year to put it at 11.3 percent of the US. Apple was at fifth place with 9.3 percent, but its market share grew a rapid 18.9 percent and made it the fastest-growing of the group.


IDC: Apple has blown past Acer in US market share

04/13, 5:00pm

IDC Q1 2011 has Apple overtake Acer in PC share

Acer's refusal to acknowledge the iPad's competition before its refocus on mobile cost it dearly in the winter, IDC said in a preliminary market share breakdown on Wednesday. The Taiwan PC builder's shipments to the US dropped a steep 42.1 percent versus a year ago to hit just 1.33 million, or 8.3 percent. Apple stayed in fourth place, but its success with the Mac and Acer's failure led it to jump from seven percent in early 2010 to 8.5 percent, or about 1.38 million Macs.


ABI: Android to get 45% share by 2016, Windows Phone just 7%

03/31, 3:35pm

ABI sees Android and iPhone still tops in 2016

ABI Research in a long-term prediction gave Android the top spot in market share in the future but came to very different conclusions about other platforms than a rival IDC study. Google would get 45 percent share by 2016, but Microsoft would have to get "incredible success" with its Nokia deal to get more than seven percent share for Windows Phone 7, ABI said. The platform's growth would be slow enough that it would be overtaken by Samsung Bada, an essentially Samsung-only OS intended for low- to mid-range phones, with 10 percent.


IDC: Android to lead next 4 years, Windows Phone past iPhone

03/29, 10:35am

IDC guesses Android, Windows Phone leading by 2015

IDC predicted on Tuesday both that Android would keep its lead until 2015 but that Windows Phone would overtake the iPhone for second place. Android would take 39.5 percent this year but gain only slightly to hit 45.4 percent four years later. Nokia's Windows Phone switch would end up reversing its situation and Symbian's predicted 20.9 percent share in 2011 over to Windows Phone by 2015.


IDC: iPad had 83% tablet share in 2010, to keep it in 2011

03/10, 11:20am

IDC says iPad had 83pc tablet share in 2010

Steve Jobs' claims of Apple having 90 percent of the tablet market in 2010 weren't far off, IDC found on Thursday. It gave the iPad 83 percent of the tablet market in 2010. Apple's share was down to 73 percent in the fall, but only because of the then-new Galaxy Tab carving out 17 percent during its initial run.


iPhone, Android share surging in Europe as Nokia collapses

03/09, 6:55pm

IDC says Apple, HTC winners in Europe phone share

Android and the iPhone are making deep inroads into European cellphone market share at Nokia's expense, IDC found in a new study. Apple overtook Sony Ericsson this fall to become the third-largest phone maker in Western Europe with nine percent, or about 5.2 million phones. Although it lost share in smartphones at 20 percent, Apple's 66 percent spike in shipments from year to year widened the gap with third-place RIM, whose BlackBerry sank to 15 percent and 3.8 million phones.


iPad helps push Apple past HP to be top portable 'PC' maker

02/16, 10:35am

DisplaySearch says Apple now top in PCs with iPad

Apple may have wrested the top spot from HP in portable computing if its surging iPad sales are factored in, DisplaySearch said in an estimate. The combination of the tablet and Macs saw Apple ship 10.2 million portables of some kind in the fall to claim 17.2 percent of the market. HP's clinging to traditional Windows notebooks PCs would have dropped it to second place at 9.3 million, or 15.6 percent.


iPad 87.4% of tablets last summer, Kindle 41.5% of e-readers

01/18, 10:05am

IDC puts iPad at 90pc of tablets, Kindle at 42pc

Apple managed to claim 87.4 percent of the tablet market before the Galaxy Tab came into play, IDC found in a rare study of tablet share. As most companies were caught off-guard, Apple claimed a near-monopoly of the tablet market last summer. Analysts further expected 17 million tablets to have shipped by the end of the year, almost all of which would still have been iPads.


Apple may ship 3 million MacBooks, 750,000 Airs in fall

11/26, 10:40am

Apple seen shipping 3m MacBooks, 750K Airs in Q4

Apple is hoping to ship three million MacBooks this fall, tips from the PC industry said on Friday. Its shipments should reach about one million per month, 20 to 25 percent of which would be the new MacBook Air. The range would see at least 600,000 and as many as 750,000 of the ultraportables ship at the same time, based on the data culled by Digitimes' sources.


Apple now 4th largest phone maker worldwide

10/28, 11:40pm

IDC has Apple take 4th in total phone ranks

Apple is now large enough to be the fourth largest phone manufacturer of any kind, IDC found tonight. A near doubling to14.1 million iPhones was enough to push it to 4.1 percent of the entire market, both ahead of RIM's BlackBerry but also long established phone makers like Motorola and Sony Ericsson, both of whom were now out of the top five. The figures included an adjustment to make sure RIM's phone sales included covered the same period to dispel RIM's doubts that Apple was being honest in saying it had outperformed its Canadian rival.



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