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Hands on: Hanvon C18 e-reader with Mirasol display

01/13, 2:00am

Claimed thinnest Mirasol reader

Many companies came to Las Vegas this week to show off their high-end tablets, however a few companies, including Hanvon, brought along their latest e-book readers. Qualcomm helped show off Hanvon's C18, which Electronista had a chance to try out on the CES show floor.


Ectaco Jetbook Color e-book reader due in January for $500

12/07, 12:25pm

Ectaco Jetbook Color due with lots of software

Ectaco will ship its first color e-book reader in mid-January, and the device is now ready for pre-order. The Jetbook Color sports a 9.7-inch, 1600x1200 Triton Color E Ink touchscreen and a Wi-Fi connection. It's actually a re-brand of China's Hanvon reader that's available in Eastern Europe.


China outraces the US to become largest PC market

08/23, 7:45pm

IDC has China just edging US in PC share

New IDC research showed that China has just managed to outgrow the US to become the world's largest PC market. The US will hold on to the lead for all of 2011, but China this spring just pushed past the US to claim 22 percent of all PCs shipped, 18.5 million, to the 21 percent (17.7 million) going to Americans. In the long term, researches saw China getting 21.8 percent for all of 2012 where the US would slip to 19.6 percent.


More Windows 7 tablets sold than PlayBooks as iPad hits 61%

07/21, 9:15am

Strategy Analytics says PlayBook smallest in share

New data from Strategy Analytics suggested that even Microsoft had managed to ship more tablets than RIM in the spring. Windows 7 tablets made up 4.6 percent of the tablet space, or 697,000 devices, where RIM's 500,000 PlayBooks were only enough to give its platform 3.3 percent. RIM was larger as an individual manufacturer but couldn't claim an OS-level lead.


IDC: iPad had 83% tablet share in 2010, to keep it in 2011

03/10, 11:20am

IDC says iPad had 83pc tablet share in 2010

Steve Jobs' claims of Apple having 90 percent of the tablet market in 2010 weren't far off, IDC found on Thursday. It gave the iPad 83 percent of the tablet market in 2010. Apple's share was down to 73 percent in the fall, but only because of the then-new Galaxy Tab carving out 17 percent during its initial run.


Hanvon preps A112 Android tablet

02/21, 1:50pm

Hanvon to bring 7-inch Android tablet to CeBIT

Chinese color e-reader creator Hanvon will bring a new, more functional version of its Android tablets to market running on Android 2.2. The HPad A112 will be officially unveiled at CeBIT in March. The device will revolve around a slightly unconventional seven-inch, 800x600 screen and use a 720MHz ARM11 processor.


iPad 87.4% of tablets last summer, Kindle 41.5% of e-readers

01/18, 10:05am

IDC puts iPad at 90pc of tablets, Kindle at 42pc

Apple managed to claim 87.4 percent of the tablet market before the Galaxy Tab came into play, IDC found in a rare study of tablet share. As most companies were caught off-guard, Apple claimed a near-monopoly of the tablet market last summer. Analysts further expected 17 million tablets to have shipped by the end of the year, almost all of which would still have been iPads.


We go hands-on with Hanvon's E920 color e-reader, tablets

01/08, 7:30pm

Hands-on with Hanvon color E Ink reader

While at CES on Saturday, we had the opportunity to see Hanvon's E920 color E Ink reader first hand to see how well it worked in practice. The screen is, as promised, much more interesting to use than on just about any other e-paper reader. Colors are muted due to the nature of the technology, but it still stands out very clearly and is extremely sharp: at 1600x1200, the 9.7-inch display isn't quite Retina Display accurate but is noticeably more "pixel-free" than a Kindle.


Hanvon outs Wisereader E920 9.7in hi-res E Ink Reader

01/07, 12:45pm

Has text-to-speech, 15 day standby battery

Display maker Hanvon has unveiled its Wisereader E920, a 9.7in grayscale E Ink e-reader with 200 dpi resolution. The device has up to 15 days of standby battery power and will accept extended MicroSD cards up to 32GB. The pad will read a variety of formats, and allow users to comment in PDF. It also performs Chinese to English translation.


Hanvon E Ink “Triton” color e-reader up for pre-order

11/11, 6:05am

Hanvon device to ship February 2011

China’s Hanvon 9.7-inch color e-reader, the first to utilize the new E Ink Triton ePaper display, is now available for pre-order. It is set to launch in February 2011. It will come in a Wi-Fi only version and one with Wi-Fi plus 3G. In addition to offering a color reading experience, as well as the ability to display light animations, the device will also allow users to view and edit PowerPoint files.


E Ink details Triton color ePaper

11/09, 4:50am

Faster performance, stunning battery life

E Ink today detailed the technical capabilities of its new Triton color ePaper that made its debut on the color Hanvon e-reader yesterday. A video (included below) explains that devices using the display will get an impressive 30 days of battery life versus about 10 hours for equivalent devices using LCD displays. It achieves this feat by reflecting external light, which bounce back from the display through a UV filter that gives the images their color.


Hanvon to be first with color E Ink reader

11/08, 1:40pm

Hanvon previews color E Ink reader for March

China's Hanvon today had the distinction of becoming the first company to support a color E Ink screen. The company said it would launch a 9.7-inch touchscreen device. The design has few details but should behave slightly more like a tablet, with a website in view in the initial NYT render and both 3G and Wi-Fi support. It reaches the Chinese market in March for an equivalent price of $440.


E Ink nears production of color, touchscreen panels

08/12, 10:25am

E Ink to bring out color, touchscreen panels

Taiwan's E Ink has built two new e-paper devices that are undergoing testing by their buyers and should be released later this year or early in 2011, company chairman Scott Liu said recently. Each has a touchscreen, but one is capacitive while the other is electromagnetic. The company's color e-paper displays, meanwhile, were purchased by Hanvon, with devices expected to launch this fall.


Hanvon facing pileup of e-reader stock due to iPad?

07/19, 7:30am

Hanvon denies iPad killing its sales

Hanvon today denied a claim by China's Sina that the iPad was leaving it with as many as 500,000 unsold e-readers. Chairman Liu Yingjian admitted that the spring was historically the 'weak season' for e-readers but insisted Hanvon's sales were healthy. He still expected the company's net profit to triple in 2010 as a result of the rapid expansion of its business this year.


Hanvon smashes ice apple at Windows tablet event

05/19, 5:35pm

Hanvon thinks B10 an iPad killer

Hanvon took a dig at Apple on Wednesday at the Beijing launch of its first tablet, the B10. The company's CEO and a fellow executive smashed an apple-shaped ice block in confidence that its Windows 7 tablet would improve on the iPad. The B10 shares the roughly 10-inch display size but is counting on the use of a desktop OS to draw customers away from grey market imports into Hanvon's native China.


Hanvon puts B10 tablet in late May, teases F10

04/30, 3:45pm

Hanvon to release B10 tablet, intros cheaper F10

Chinese Hanvon and its TouchPad B10 tablet is said to now be in production, with ship dates slated for the end of May in China, while Europe should get the multi-touch tablet in June. When the device comes to the US remains unknown. The device is powered by a 1.3GHz ultra-low voltage Celeron processor, and should cost the equivalent of $926 in Europe.



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