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Google cuts YouTube support for older Apple TV, Google TV, iOS devices

04/21, 7:58am

Supported device list pruned as part of YouTube Data API changes

Google is preparing to cut support for its YouTube apps on a number of aging devices. An announcement on the YouTube support pages notes that select devices manufactured before or during 2012 will lose support for the video app, with the list including smart TVs and Blu-ray players, older Google TV devices, earlier models of the Apple TV, and some iOS devices.


Leaked documents show Google working on Android TV

04/06, 3:19pm

Google TV replacement uses cards, recommends content

Google is preparing to offer an updated form of its Google TV software under the name of Android TV, according to a report. Screenshots of the software, which was previously said to have been rebranded to the new name, have surfaced to show an interface that takes after the company's "card" system in what appears to be a more cohesive user experience.


Google acquires Green Throttle Games for staff, technology

03/12, 9:19am

Gaming acquisition could help rumored Google set-top box

Google has acquired the remnants of Green Throttle Games, four months after the service closed to its users. Portions of the company have been bought by the search giant, though terms of the deal remain undisclosed by either side, with the purchase potentially being a sign that Google is becoming more serious about making a set-top box.


Google plans worldwide expansion of Chromecast line, new devices

12/14, 8:25am

Google looking to push Chromecast into new TV standard

Google is looking to expand its Chromecast streaming device from a simple television attachment into an international brand. This according to Gigaom, which quoted Google's vice president of product management, Mario Queiroz, in saying that Google has big plans for its diminutive streaming attachment. Reportedly, Google plans to greatly increase both the number of apps and services that work with the attachment, as well as the features developers can have access to.


Google may ditch Google TV brand, rename as Android TV

10/11, 10:48am

Android version upgrade in Google TV may accompany name change

Google is planning to phase out the Google TV brand and refocus on using Android as a smart TV platform, according to a report. The software platform will continue to exist and be used by smart TV and device manufacturers, but it will apparently be known as Android TV, and will also have a number of upgrades when it is released under its new title when compared to the earlier code.


Sony shows off Google TV-powered Bravia Smart Stick

09/15, 3:40pm

Sony shows off Google TV upgrade dongle

Sony recently teased the existence of a new Google TV upgrade built for Sony television sets. The Bravia Smart Stick is a plug-in dongle not entirely unlike Google's Chromecast accessory, as both devices plug directly into a television and enable Internet video streaming. Sony's offering, though, appears tailored to Sony's own television sets.


Google eyeing NFL Sunday Ticket exclusive streaming deal?

08/21, 1:39pm

Package currently licensed by DirecTV

Google has reportedly met with the National Football League to talk about a possible Sunday Ticket deal, among other topics, unnamed sources have told AllThingsD. The report has ignited speculation that the search giant may be considering an attempt to secure exclusive rights to the NFL subscription package as part of a push for its Google TV or YouTube services.


Google adding Chromecast support to Google TV, possible new devices

07/26, 5:50am

Prototype Google TV with camera, motion sensor already demonstrated

Following the launch of the Chromecast, Google is reportedly going to continue its assault on the living room. Reports state that it will be supporting the Chromecast dongle to Google TV devices in the future, while others claim it is working on another set-top box with a built-in video camera and motion sensor.


Sony adds voice search via remote microphone to Google TV set-top box

06/09, 9:20pm

Voice search main addition to Google-powered smart TV addition

Sony has announced it is adding voice search to the next generation of its Google TV set-top box. The NSZ-GS8, the updated version of the NSZ-GS7, has a relatively unchanged trackpad and keyboard-based remote design from its predecessor, but the addition of a microphone allows it to be used for the vocal control system that Google demonstrated late last year.


Google planning media streamer, possible Nexus Q refresh in FCC filing

05/18, 2:13pm

Model number of media streamer reference to Douglas Adams book

A filing at the FCC suggests that Google is not letting go from its television plans, with the appearance of a new device. The item, described in the filing as a "media player," has been submitted for various tests, though there is little in the way of details for the device to be found inside the multiple PDF documents on the FCC website.


Google TV update to Android 4.2.2 'Jelly Bean' imminent

05/15, 8:58pm

New update will make future updates faster, purges Flash

Lost amidst the slew of announcements at the linktextGoogle I/O keynote today, the company has announced the upcoming update to the Google TV software, bringing Android 4.2.2 "Jelly Bean" to the device family. Google claims that changes to the core of the software for the device will speed future updates, making the process happen in "weeks rather than months."


Asus Qube Google TV box to debut April 23

04/12, 7:33am

Asus Qube marks first Google TV device for Taiwanese PC maker

Asusí first foray into the Google TV space, the Qube, is set to debut on April 23, reports GTVSource. The Qube first appeared at CES 2013 and is a relatively diminutive device that offers the full interactive Google TV experience. It ships with a complex remote control that includes a full-QWERTY keyboard found on the rear side, a microphone for voice control and gyroscope, although it can also be controlled using tailored software for the Nexus 7.


Hands-on: Netgear's NeoTV Prime Google TV box

01/10, 8:53pm

Netgear differentiates Google TV offering

Several Google TV devices appeared this week at CES in Las Vegas, where Netgear unveiled its contender: NeoTV Prime. Electronista met with the company to try out the new set-top box, which brings all of the standard Google TV features alongside a few Netgear-exclusive enhancements.


LG teases Google TV 2013 range extension, hardware refresh

12/23, 9:21pm

New HDTV design shown ahead of CES

LG has released some details on its oncoming Google TV hardware refresh and range extension, set for the first half of 2013. The original 47-inch and 55-inch televisions already in the range has been joined by three more size options, as well as a refreshed physical design, and an upgrade to its onboard software to Google TV 3.0.


Netgear NeoTV Prime reaches FCC, remote control detailed

12/02, 5:01pm

Streaming app buttons along base, touchpad controls

Netgear's set-top box, the NeoTV Prime, has reached the FCC. Testing documents by the FCC reveals not only the Google TV system's Wi-Fi component, as seen in previous iterations, but also Bluetooth connectivity. There are also a number of photographs of the remote control's double-sided layout. Where the front performs normal remote control functions, the rear houses a QWERTY keyboard.


Google to add Movies, Music to Google TV in UK, Europe

11/09, 7:29am

Date of additional content launch matches Nexus 10 release

Google is expanding the number of markets that can use Google Play Movies and Music. Launched last month in the US for Google TV devices, the same service will be available on supported set-top boxes in the UK, France and Germany from November 13th onwards. An earlier post by the company claimed that it would also take place in Canada and Australia, but this has since been corrected.


Google TV voice-control feature shown off in new video

10/14, 5:26pm

Users can search, control content by voice

Google recently published a promotional video showing off voice-control and other unannounced features for Google TV. The search giant removed the video shortly after it was posted, but not before a number of observers were able to grab screen captures confirming that vocal commands will be featured in Google TV at some point in the near future. When Google's fledgling television platform sees an update, it will also feature user interface changes allowing for easier content browsing and discovery.


Vizio puts Co-Star Google TV STB up for pre-order at $100

07/24, 5:31am

Vizio Co-Star STB includes support for OnLive gaming

Vizio has fired its latest volley in the battle for people's lounge rooms with the launch of its Co-Star Google TV set-top box. The device is now up for pre-order on the Vizio website for $100. In addition to Google TV, it also offers users the ability to install apps like OnLive, bringing console level gaming to users with high-bandwidth Internet connections.


Sirius XM adds George Carlin, Howard Stern to Google TV

06/27, 7:21am

Subscription radio service to compete with Slacker, Pandora

Sirius XM will be heading onto Google TV in the near future. The app, requiring a seperate Sirius XM subscription and will bring additional programming not receivable by standard satellite radio sets. It will also offer additional channels such as ESPN SportsCenter, a channel dedicated to the comedy of George Carlin, and headline personality Howard Stern, according to Reuters.


Vizio Co-Star set-top box brings Google TV, OnLive gaming

06/26, 3:43pm

$99 box announced today

Vizio has announced its new Co-Star Stream Player. The new set-top box is powered by Google TV and integrates game streaming service OnLive, with extra hardware to take advantage of the gaming addition.


Sony takes Google TV Internet Player global

06/25, 6:20am

Sony launches Google TV STB in international markets

Sony is launching its NSZ-GS7 set-top box internationally, putting it up for pre-order on in the UK and the US. The device is also slated for launch in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico and the Netherlands later in the year. A version with an integrated Blu-ray player, the NSZ-GP9 is also expected to arrive around October.


Honeywld's Google TV gets AirPlay-like media streaming

06/06, 1:41pm

First Android 4.0-based Google TV box shows up at Computex

An ARM chip-based Google TV box from Taiwan's Honeywld Technology running on Android 4.0 has the ability to stream media files from portable Android 4.0 devices. In this regard, it's similar to Apple's AirPlay technology that can stream videos and music from iPhones and iPads through the Apple TV to HDTVs. What's more, the box will have the ability to synchronize photos, IDG reported from the Computex trade show in Taipei.


LG shows off G2 Google TVs at Internet Week

05/14, 8:05pm

New TVs feature dual-core chipset, 3D, Google UI

LG is showing off its new line of G2 Google TV models in New York this week. The smart TVs feature redesigned user interfaces and beefed-up internals to make for a smoother Web-browsing and television experience. The new sets feature LG's new L9 dual-core chipset, which is based on ARM architecture, and a quad-core GPU.


LG confirms plans to ship TVs with Google TV

05/07, 5:56am

LG Internet-enabled TVs with Google TV inbound

In line with an earlier rumor, LG has announced its plan to start shipping TVs to the US pre-installed with the latest iteration of Google TV running on its in-house L9 ARM-based processors. Itís next-generation of smart TVs are expected to arrive the week beginning May 21 and carry with them the South Korean companyís hopes of grabbing increased market share from Samsung, Sony and Vizio. First previewed at CES 2012, the company has not yet specified details about which models it will ship or pricing details at this juncture.


YouTube app for Google TV gets a revamp

04/27, 3:35pm

Google TV YouTube app now much more capable

The Google TV development team has enhanced the YouTube app for users' hardware. A new My YouTube tab organizes channels and videos of users. It also sports a new Recommendations feature that will help users watch more of what they like.


Google TV's TV & Movies app refreshed for info, suggestions

04/18, 4:20pm

Google TV video app upgraded

Google has updated the TV & Movies app for Google TV owners (Google Play) to tackle some of the problems of discovery. A new layout puts more info underneath each episode to make it much easier to tell whether it's the most recent or otherwise fill in core details at a glance. Suggestions are more important as a whole: in addition to rating directly from the expanded info, viewers are now asked to rate a handful of shows on the new version's first launch to immediately start populating a suggestion list.


LG purportedly shipping Google TV sets to US this weekend

04/11, 7:40pm

Google OS paired with 3D LED TV

LG is reportedly preparing to launch its next round of Google TV devices in the US market. The company has yet to officially confirm release details, however analysts with the Korean financial firm Shinhan Investment claim the first devices are expected to arrive as early as this week.


Sony France has Google TV in Europe by September

04/02, 2:45pm

Sony to ship Google TV gear in France this fall

French paper Les Echos has revealed that Sony will begin selling Google TV-powered hardware as early as September, marking the platform's debut overseas. Sony France marketing director Stephane Labrousse reportedly said the company will sell a set top box for about 200 euros (about $266) and a Blu-ray player that has Google TV integrated for 300 euros (about $400), both of which were on display at CES. The division lead went on to say the platform may also come to Spain, Germany, and the UK at the same time.


Google Play may be pushed into movie sales, not just rentals

03/22, 11:40pm

Google Play Movies possibly forced into full sales

Google Play's Movies section may be steered into offering full movie sales against Google's own will. Multiple movie industry contacts described a situation to CNET where Google was interested in offering the service, but primarily as it was required to get any rentals from certain studios. Movie rentals were "tiny," the informants said, hinting that Google wanted to get what it could.


Google reveals international streaming Google TV apps

03/16, 2:20pm

Google TV gets international TV, content apps

Google on Friday detailed some new apps that are aimed at Google TV platform users of various ethnic backgrounds. Through them, users can access TV and other content from various countries and regions. Some of the apps include Al Jazeera, Euronews, and IslamBox.


Intel preps streaming TV service, own media hub

03/12, 6:25pm

Intel to try hand at TV content, hardware

Intel is in the midst of developing its own online TV streaming service and hardware to match, leaks disclosed Monday. It would create a form of virtual TV that would sell access in cable- and satellite-style bundles, the Wall Street Journal understood. While possibly a white box service that would let others put their own badge on top, Intel would sometimes run under its own name.


Sony Google TV devices may get update to close root trick

03/02, 1:00pm

Sony Google TV update due Monday, closes root?

While it's currently possible to root Sony's Google TV hardware and load unofficial software onto it, an upcoming update may reverse this exploit, GTVHacker learned. The official, over-the-air security update may be arriving as soon as Monday, and no longer enable the recovery downgrade to be run. Users who root their hardware before this update, won't get it, however, and they can always go back to the stock firmware at a later date.


Google TV may have less than 1m viewers

02/28, 9:20pm

Google TV adoption seen very low

An investigation within Android Market stats has suggested that Google TV adoption may be so low as to be under one million users. The TV and Movies app, a core part of the OS, is listed as having between 500,000 to one million installed users, GigaOM found. More than half of them are Logitech Revue owners, while the rest are Sony's combined Internet TV and Internet Blu-ray player owners.


Google TV hack brings Flash plug-in for Hulu, more

02/20, 2:35pm

Software hack opens up Google TV platform

Google TV users can now enable new functionality, such as accessing Flash-based services including Hulu, thanks to a hack. The long-winded GTVHacker Sony Recovery Downgrader & Rebooter was developed by member zenofex and other developers over on the GTV Hacker forum. The hack is entirely software-based, but does require four USB sticks at least 512MB in capacity.


Google races to patent Siri-like TV voice commands

02/20, 1:40pm

Google TV may get natural voice and proximity tech

Google is now known to have applied for a patent that could give Google TV natural language voice commands of its own. The method would use a smartphone or tablet as a voice remote, optionally using a technique similar to Google Translate or Apple's Siri where the commands are uploaded to a server and then deciphered. It could be used for searching both TV and local content, and could send information to more than one computer or device on the network.


YouTube for Google TV gets channel pages, discovery

02/12, 7:05pm

YouTube Google TV gets update

Google's big Google TV news, or part of it, may have been detailed early in news on Sunday. The Android TV platform's YouTube app is being updated with a much stronger emphasis on channels ahead of original content plans. Matching up is a new discover feature that lets viewers find content by the category rather than just the channel.


Google teases 'big announcements' for Google TV on Monday

02/12, 12:45pm

Google TV gets teased update

Google made the unusual choice of a Facebook posting to hint at "big announcements" coming for Google TV on Monday. The company wouldn't give any clues as to its plans. It's unlikely to include any minor OS updates, since it recently updated to Android 3.2.


Sony's Google TV update is actually Android 3.2

02/02, 2:45pm

Sony Google TV brings HTTP Live Streaming, more

More details of the Google TV update that started rolling out earlier this week to compatible Sony hardware have been revealed on Thursday thanks to GigaOM. Basically Android 3.2, the update now enables hardware acceleration for apps, which should make animated titles much smoother. More importantly, HTTP Live Streaming will now be possible, making viewing HTML5 web videos better and allowing streaming local multimedia files through dedicated apps.


Sony updates Google TV gear with faster Chrome, 3D Blu-ray

01/31, 10:20pm

Sony Google TV sets, players get mid-cycle update

Google posted word of an update for Sony's Google TV devices. Both its Internet TV and Internet Blu-ray player now have a faster Chrome web browser. The Blu-ray gets an extra treat in support for 3D Blu-ray movies to catch it up to other players.


Logitech profit drops due to end, sellout of Google TV boxes

01/26, 11:20am

Logitech takes bath in last Google TV quarter

Logitech detailed some of the fuller extent of its Google TV fallout with its fall results early Thursday. The company's profit dropped by $10 million from year-to-year to $55 million, and its revenue from $754 million to $715 million, based primarily on poor results in the Americas as well as a poor exchange rate against the Euro. An eight-point drop in Americas sales was blamed heavily in a statement (PDF) on the final sales of the Google TV-based Revue, which brought down sales to $15 million after the steep price cuts triggered by a lack of sales.


Apple TV still 'a hobby,' but gets 2.8m in sales in 2011

01/24, 7:20pm

Over 2.8M in 2011 sales falls short of predictions

The latest generation of Apple TV also received a bump during Apple's record holiday season, selling as many units in the last three months of 2011 as it had in the nine months prior, for a total of "just over" 2.8 million units total in 2011, less than the million units per quarter predicted by some analysts but still making it the most popular device of its type, its main competition being the standalone Google TV units as sold by Samsung and Logitech.


LG, Google rumored teaming on 'Nexus' Google TV set

01/13, 11:40am

LG and Google may make reference Google TV device

A pair of sources claimed Friday that Google was partnering with LG to develop a refernece Google TV set. Much like the Galaxy Nexus or the Nexus One before it, the display outlined to Bloomberg would run the latest version of the Android-based interface, possibly before anyone else, and would go without any customizations. The set would be running the next major version, which Google has already said should arrive before the end of the year.


Microsoft halts live Xbox TV plans, Google TV gets OnLive

01/11, 1:55pm

Microsoft and Google TV plans trade fortunes

Microsoft and Google made both official and unofficial plans for their TV strategies on Wednesday. A leak uncovered by Reuters had Microsoft freezing its long-rumored plans for live subscription Xbox TV. The company had decided that the rates TV channels were asking for the Internet-only service were "too expensive" for the plan it wanted to offer, industry insiders said.


Vizio adds Google-based Apple TV rival, CinemaWide TVs, more

01/10, 11:30am

Vizio details 2012 TV and Stream Player roadmap

Vizio on Tuesday expanded its entire TV-focused strategy for 2012 by starting with its own equivalent to an Apple TV. The VAP430 Stream Player is dedicated solely to bringing Google TV 2.0 to sets that don't already have it. It links to the TV through HDMI, with a pass-through for other devices, and can share media on the local network through Wi-Fi and DLNA.


Hands-on: Sony's 2012-era Google TV boxes and remote

01/10, 3:45am

We test Sony's 2012 Google TV hardware

Sony at CES unveiled new Google TV hardware that we had the opportunity to try. The hardware itself, a new NSZ-GS7 Network Player and a NSZ-GP9 Blu-ray player, isn't a revolution but is subtler and fits well into a home theater. The more distinctive feature for us is the remote: while Sony wouldn't let users touch the early prototypes, which we'll go into depth for along with launch details and pricing.


Hands-on: Lenovo Android 4.0-based K91 Smart TV

01/08, 11:45pm

Lenovo avoids Google TV with K91 set

Lenovo as part of its wide-scale introductions brought out its first TV with an unusual approach to Android that we saw for ourselves. The K91 Smart TV is based on Android 4.0, not Google TV, and uses a completely new Sandwich UI that focuses on traditional TV, VOD with a viewing history, and Internet-aware apps.


LG Google TVs to tout voice commands, passive 3D, new remote

01/05, 7:20pm

LG Google TV features previewed

LG gave a quick glimpse at its first Google TVs on Thursday. The sets will work with voice commands much like Voice Actions on mobile devices. Hands-on control will get its own special treatment: a keyboard-equipped version of the Magic Motion Remote should come with a QWERTY keyboard built-in for faster text.


Google TVs confirmed from LG, Samsung, Sony, Vizio

01/05, 5:50pm

Google TV partners at CES 2012 already revealed

Google has removed the mystery from who its Google TV partners will be at CES with a full listing ahead of the show. Some using chips from Marvell and MediaTek, TVs from LG, Samsung, Sony, and Vizio will all run the Android-based TV OS. Vizio's sets will be behind closed doors, but the rest should be public.


Google TV makes leap to ARM with Marvell Armada 1500 HD chip

01/05, 9:50am

Google TV goes to ARM to lower prices

Google and Marvell together confirmed a plan to move Google TV to ARM on Thursday with a new platform launch. Marvell's Foresight platform, led by the Armada 1500 HD full system on a chip, will handle all the processing for 2D and 3D video, audio, and general tasks. Its dual-core design is fast enough to handle Flash and HD, and has power levels likened more closely to a cellphone than a set-top box.


Samsung Echo-P, X series TVs leak out at Wi-Fi Alliance

01/03, 5:40pm

Samsung wireless TV sets show early

The Wi-Fi Alliance's certification list may have spoiled a pair of Samsung's TVs for its CES intro next week. Both the "Echo-P Series TV" and the "X Series TV" received approval to use dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi. Either is light on detail and mentions just that they're "display devices" with media support.



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