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Apple Music for Android launches on Google Play Store

11/10, 1:12pm

Android app for Apple Music arrives five months after iOS

Apple has finally launched its Android app for Apple Music, just as it advised during the launch of the music streaming service in June. Compatible with devices running Android version 4.3 or later, the app is being launched in beta on the Google Play Store five months later than others, with Android users able to take advantage of the majority of features users on iOS and the Mac have already been enjoying.


Google adds Apple's 'Move to iOS' migration tool to Play store

09/16, 4:10pm

Tool helps users move data to iOS devices securely, wirelessly

In a gracious move, the Google Play store has added a new Android app from Apple -- only the second such application the iPhone maker has offered for the rival platform -- that helps users who wish to transition from Android to iOS (or use both but transfer data) to do so. Called simply "Move to iOS," even the program's description reads as a pitch for users currently on Android devices to consider switching -- with the application promising to move contacts, message histories, photos and videos, web bookmarks, mail accounts, and calendars over seamlessly.


Chinese developers able to sign up for Google Play Store app sales

11/20, 7:30am

Store access granted to developers despite lack of Google Play Store in China

Google is now accepting apps created by developers based in China on the Google Play Store. While the change now allows for developers in the country to sign up as merchants for Google's Android app marketplace, distributing the apps to users in more than 130 countries, the apps themselves will not be available in China itself, as Google Play does not currently operate there.


Google updates password request options in Play Store app

03/14, 9:15am

Password can be requested for all in-app, store purchases

Google is starting to roll out an update to the Google Play Store app, changing the way it deals with purchases. Version 4.6.16 of the store now allows users to request for the account password to be entered for every single purchase from within apps and from the store itself, rather than allowing for a 30 minute password-free window after the password's entry.


Briefly: Samsung's NFC-enabled printer range, Miggo camera strap

02/02, 4:27pm

Samsung launches NFC-enabled printer range within small and mid-sized market

Samsung has announced the launch of NFC-enabled printers this week at the Samsung European Forum, including the monochrome laser Xpress M2880 Series and color laser Xpress C1860 Series. Both printers offer fast printing, at 28 pages and 18 pages per minute respectively. Featuring NFC and Wi-Fi Direct, users can print wirelessly by way of tapping their smartphone on the printer for sending files to be printed, or execute printing from a Samsung Galaxy device with its default print button, via a Wi-Fi connection.


CyanogenMod app pulled from Google Play after request from Google

11/28, 5:20am

Possible Play Store rule violations could have forced CyanogenMod exit

CyanogenMod has been kicked out of the Google Play Store, potentially for violating the store's rules. The app, which allows users to install the CyanogenMod version of Android, is now no longer listed in the Android app store after Google Play support contacted the development team and asked for its removal, otherwise they would remove it themselves.


BlackBerry denies rumor suggesting Google Play store in BB10 update

11/12, 12:15pm

No planned support for Google Play on BlackBerry devices

The Google Play store will not be available to BlackBerry users in the future, the phone producer has confirmed. A spokesperson for BlackBerry has outright denied a rumor that the Android app store would be heading to the platform, a rumor started by relatively convincing photographs of Google Play shown running on a BlackBerry Z10.


Google Play Store allegedly shown working on BlackBerry Z10

11/10, 7:58pm

Photographs suggest possible Android store on BlackBerry device

The Google Play store could be making an appearance in BlackBerry OS 10.2.1, if new photographs are to be believed. Recently surfaced images appear to show the store running on a BlackBerry Z10, which if true could suggest that owners of recent BlackBerry 10 devices may have more options than BlackBerry World to install their apps from in future.


Partial Nexus 5 listing momentarily appears on Google Play store

10/17, 10:08pm

No confirmed specs, other than $349 price for 16GB model

Adding to the panoply of leaks about the new Google device, a detail-free listing for the Nexus 5 appeared with no fanfare, and has since been pulled, on the Google Play store. Other than an image, no details were made available, except for a price -- the anticipated phone is listed at $349 for 16GB of storage.


White Google Nexus 4 removed from sale on Google Play Store

07/08, 7:33am

Limited-edition white smartphone still on sale at T-Mobile

Google has stopped sales of its white Nexus 4 smartphone on the Google Play Store. The limited-edition Android device sold out earlier this week in the 8GB version with the larger 16GB model selling out over the weekend, with text on the sales page stating that the phones are "no longer available for sale" in the United States.


Google Play Store redesign goes live, uses Google Now style

04/09, 12:13pm

Lighter Play appearance, streamlined payments

Google has updated its app store with a new visual style, and is rolling it out to Android tablets and smartphones from today. Previously leaked by a YouTube employee, the fourth generation of the Google Play Store uses cards reminiscent of Google Now's own, as well as a clearer layout for easier navigation, with products being displayed with much larger images than before.


Briefly: Google+ adds Android apps, Drive gets five updates

11/14, 6:36pm

Google+ now allows direct Android app installations

Google has added the ability to post direct links to Android apps in timelines on its Google+ social layer, allowing users to share favorite apps and games. Users can take advantage of the feature by pasting the URL of the app they wish to share. From there, Google+ will automatically embed the app and give viewers the option to install or buy the app.


Google Play Store to get built-in malware scanner

10/12, 7:56pm

Play Store also gets Wish List feature

Google is taking steps to address the malware problem in its Play Store, building in a feature that will scan apps for connections to known malware and viruses. This according to an Android fan site that has performed an APK teardown on a new version of the Play Store app. In addition to the malware scanner, the search company is also thought to be integrating a Wish List feature, which would work alongside a developing Play Store gift card feature.


Google to push for more tablet apps with quality checklist

10/08, 4:52pm

Google posts advice for tablet app developers

Google is looking to improve the app ecosystem for tablets running its Android operating system, and the company has posted a checklist to help developers make tablet-optimized apps. In a post today on the Android Developers Blog, Google linked to a checklist laying out best practices for developing Android tablet apps. Google will also continue to highlight notable tablet apps in an effort to increase downloads and revenues for developers making those apps.


Google Play Store gets 'Recommended for You' section

08/31, 2:27pm

Recommendations based on downloaded content

Google's Play Store app market received an update recently, adding a feature that recommends apps, movies, music, and magazines based on what a user has already downloaded. Exactly when the feature debuted isn't certain, as Google rolled out the new feature without fanfare, but reports have the feature showing up and disappearing several times over the last few weeks. It now appears, at least in the United States, to be a permanent feature of Google's app and media repository though.


Instapaper gets a boost from Nexus 7 launch

07/29, 8:44pm

600 percent jump in downloads since Nexus 7

Popular app Instapaper has seen an increase in downloads since the release of Google's Nexus 7 tablet two weeks ago. The new tablet from Google and Asus has become the most popular device for the program, according to Instapaper's internal numbers.


RIM pulls PlayBook app sideloads, says Android 25% pirated

04/07, 8:10pm

BlackBerry PlayBook to drop sideloading in update

RIM is dropping app sideloading support from the BlackBerry PlayBook in a bid to prevent the problems that have plagued Android, the company's Developer Relations VP Alec Saunders stated earlier in the week. The company would have a "solution" for developers to do it in testing, but the end user would have to go through BlackBerry App World, much like Apple does with the App Store. He believed Android had a rampant problem with piracy, where about a quarter of material was pirated.


Instagram starts taking Android registrations

03/24, 6:45pm

Instagram queues up first Android users

Instagram chose Saturday to post a sign-up page for its long-awaited Android port. While it's not clear if the page is to register for early access or just for a notification, visitors are encouraged to give an e-mail address to be "first in line." No clues were given as to when the app itself would show or its features.


Griffin ships Helo TC Assault smartphone-guided helicopter

03/22, 8:55pm

Helicopter piloted by mobile devices

Griffin today shipped the latest generation of its Android- and iOS-guided remote control helicopter. The Helo TC Assault craft is maneuvered using an app running on a smartphone, tablet or even an iPod touch (free, App Store, Google Play Store). The new version earns its name from firing toy missiles from two spring-loaded launchers.


Developer won't do paid apps on Android as it's too complex

03/13, 6:50pm

Dev explains why paid Android apps ruled out

Indie game developer Retro Dreamer in a post Tuesday highlighted a wider-reaching problem with Android app sales. The company declined having any paid app on Android as the way the Google Play Store (Android Market) was inherently much more complex than it was on Apple's App Store. Google's Wallet system (replacing Checkout) treated each sale as though it were a sale direct to the customer; the process made it difficult for a small developer to even consider supporting other countries, since they had to account for every country's individual rules, such as European or even US state taxes.


Google video sales 'miniscule,' media strategy conflicted

03/13, 11:20am

Android media and YouTube divisions at odds

Google's difficulty competing with Apple in media may be a virtue of problems with its own internal culture based on investigations brought to light on Tuesday. CNET understood that executives behind Google's VP of global content, Robert Kyncl, complained that the content strategy was "fragmented" and working in separate directions. Content partners have complained both that Google's actual content lagged Apple's and that the Android and YouTube teams didn't appear to be coordinating with each other.


Instagram for Android in beta, may be better than iOS app

03/11, 5:55pm

Instagram on Android briefly shown at SXSW

Instagram's co-creator Kevin Systrom used a presentation at South by Southwest's technology conference to show the Android version of the company's app. Currently in a closed beta, it will support multiple screen resolutions and should run very quickly. Although shy on what it meant, he hinted that there would be some features that the iOS edition was so far lacking, if not permanently going without.


Android store chief resigns amid inside troubles

03/10, 9:40pm

Google Play Store sees exec shuffle

Google's transition to the Google Play store has also seen a management shakeup that could be a sign of taking its Android app market more seriously. The store's lead, Eric Chu, was said by TechCrunch to have stepped down. Jamie Rosenberg, Android's digital content lead and key Google Music persona, would take his place.


Google says Android in-app rule in step with earlier rule

03/09, 1:25pm

Google douses fire surrounding in-app purchases

Google hoped to quell controversy on Friday over its decision to steer developers to Google Wallet for Android Market (Google Play Store) title's in-app purchases if. It noted to TechCrunch that the policy had been in effect since March 2011. There wasn't any change of heart, it said, implying that any activity was just enforcing an existing policy.


Google squeezing Android devs to drop non-Wallet payments

03/08, 8:00pm

Google may pull apps not using Wallet payments

Google is reportedly taking an Apple-like approach and pushing Android developers to use only its own payment system, multiple sources contended Thursday. Developers have told Reuters they were warned that, to stay on the Google Play Store (Android Market), they had no choice but to use Google Wallet for paid apps. Their titles would be pulled if they kept using PayPal or alternatives.


Google fixes broken Play Store, flips on some prepaid Wallet

03/08, 5:35pm

Google brings back Play and Wallet for some

Google has sorted out a pair of significant glitches with Android content on Thursday. A new version of the Google Play Store is being pushed out over the air to fix an issue that broke links for Motorola users. While the store had always remained in place, it forced users both to contend with broken links and hunt for the app separately.


Archos G9 tablets start getting Android 4.0 upgrade

03/08, 2:20pm

Archos G9 first to get sweeping Android 4 patches

Archos used Thursday to roll out Android 4.0 upgrades to its G9 tablets (PDF). All 80 G9 and 101 G9 models should start getting the new firmware over-the-air. Archos' implementation adds unique touches besides what Google brings to the platform, such as 1080p video and automatic subtitle downloads for many formats, 3D MKV videos, file manager and remote control apps, and USB Ethernet adapter support.



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