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Briefly: HBO Go for Chromecast; Google Music iOS launch 'imminent'

11/14, 12:30pm

HBO Go appears on support page for Chromecast

Google appears to be preparing to add an HBO Go app to its Chromecast HDMI dongle. The addition has already surfaced on Google's support page, which was spotted by Droid-Life. The app, which is already available for other Android and iOS devices, enables HBO subscribers to stream shows and movies.


Google finalizing Google Music app for iOS?

10/03, 12:06pm

Launch expected later this month

Google is reportedly preparing to launch a native iOS app for its Google Music service, unnamed sources have told Engadget. iPhone and iPad users are currently forced to listen via a web-based app, however a native player would presumable enable offline playback and other features.


Google in 'holding pattern' with Apple for All Access iOS app

05/23, 6:45pm

Third-party app fills void

Google wants to submit an All Access app for iOS, but is still working to find something Apple will accept at the App Store, say 9to5Mac sources. What disputes the companies might have are unmentioned, but they could conceivably involve things like the revenue split from in-app purchases, and/or features that may violate App Store guidelines.


Life in the clouds: how to decide what to store and where

04/24, 9:00am

Tips to stop juggling gigabytes and start using the cloud

We live in a world positively soaked in data nowadays. Fortunately, the capacity to store that data has gotten bigger in volume, smaller in physical size, and cheaper per gigabyte as time progresses. Gone are the days where you'd have to lug a Zip disk around (remember those?) or stick your iPod into disk mode. At worst, you're carrying a USB drive with you -- though really, you should be relying on the cloud for by now. The issue is figuring out just what you're going to be keeping up there.


Google round up: Quick Peek for Mobile, Music Match

12/27, 9:09pm

Google preps Quick Peek feature for mobile search

Google is said to be testing a new feature for its mobile search product that allows users to view the contents of a search result's page without having to click through to the full page. The Quick Peek feature, similar to Apple's QuickLook, currently shows up next to results linking to Wikipedia. The preview page loads in an overlay that appears atop the regular results. There is no word on how widely the feature may be rolled out or if Google will change it before wider release.


Google Music adds scan and match to US digital locker

12/18, 2:38pm

Adds free 20,000 track storage following European launch

Google has expanded its Google Music offering in the US to include a scan and match feature. Added to the service when it was launched in Europe, the US version of the service will now scan through an existing music collection stored on a computer, and add matching tracks to the digital locker for streaming to other devices.


Google launches Play Music store, digital locker in Europe

11/16, 10:53am

Music locker capable of holding 20,000 songs at no charge

Google Music [Google Play] has gone live on Android handsets in Europe, following a previous announcement that Google Play Movies and Music would be launched on the continent from November 13th. Users in the UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain now have the option of buying music from the service, as well as storing tracks already in their possession in a digital locker for future streaming.


Google Music listeners find unpublished 'streaming limit'

03/21, 7:10pm

Google has unspoken limit on daily streaming

Google is now known to have an unpublished limit on the volume of music listeners can stream from their Google Play Music accounts. The company has acknowledged that it does impose a daily limit on how many songs can be streamed by an individual using Google Play. Google, however, has declined to reveal the cap, but does claim that it has been set at a very high threshold so that most listeners will never encounter it.


Google video sales 'miniscule,' media strategy conflicted

03/13, 11:20am

Android media and YouTube divisions at odds

Google's difficulty competing with Apple in media may be a virtue of problems with its own internal culture based on investigations brought to light on Tuesday. CNET understood that executives behind Google's VP of global content, Robert Kyncl, complained that the content strategy was "fragmented" and working in separate directions. Content partners have complained both that Google's actual content lagged Apple's and that the Android and YouTube teams didn't appear to be coordinating with each other.


Early Google Music sales said disappointing

02/23, 12:00pm

Google Music counting on new hardware to revive

Google Music isn't generating the sales Google wanted, contacts uncovered Thursday. Although still in its first quarter, the Android-focused music store's sales were enough below estimates that CNET's music industry insiders had reason to be "concerned." There wasn't an immediate alarm as Google was hoping to "correct certain issues" and market Google Music more heavily, but it was undercutting low expectations.


EMI sues ReDigi for trying to resell digital music

01/07, 8:20pm

EMI accuses ReDigi of music piracy

Music label EMI is now known to have sued fledgling service ReDigi for its strategy of reselling downloadable songs. New details obtained by CNET showed that EMI unusually didn't object to the doctrine of first sale, which only lets a seller collect income with the initial purchase, but rather the origins of the MP3s and other music. ReDigi isn't selling the music from paid sources like iTunes, EMI said, and by extension isn't selling legal copies.


Google buys RightsFlow to boost YouTube, music deals

12/09, 3:25pm

Google may counter iTunes with music vid licenses

Google on Friday bought RightsFlow to accelerate YouTube and its music efforts. The deal will give it a team dedicated to licensing and paying artists and labels. Its exact intentions weren't clear, although it would be solving the "really challenging problem" of copyright.


Logitech Revue's Android 3.1 update now live

12/06, 9:30pm

Logitech Revue gets Google TV 2 upgrade

About six weeks after first previewed, the Google TV 2.0 update for the Logitech Revue has started reaching users. Those on the official forums mention getting the interface revamp over-the-air starting at least late Monday and were expected to get it in force late Tuesday. Although some adopters were skeptical, calls to Logitech confirmed that they had been given the all-clear to send the Android 3.1-based update to Revues.


Leak: Spotify event about app store for music features

11/29, 11:10pm

Spotify to add music content apps

Spotify's Wednesday special event will be all about adding an app-like platform, according to new details. An "app finder" would come to the jukebox app, the Wall Street Journal said, and let users add functionality to the normally barebones software. Mimicking the iOS App Store, it would bring in third-party developers but would see apps vetted for compatibility and "other criteria."


Google Music hits Google TV in app, live in Android Market

11/17, 10:35pm

Google Music app comes to Google TV

Google in a late night update brought its Google Music update to the TV, giving it access to the service for the first time. The new TV app hinges on Google Music's cloud storage to stream the user's collection with an interface identical to that seen on smartphones and tablets, optimized for the ten-foot TV distance and larger screen. It includes playlists and other extras, although the lack of permanent storage means it can't pin tracks for offline listening.


Google Music cloud exits beta, stays free despite labels

11/16, 6:45pm

Google Music now open to all in US

Google's music store was joined Wednesday by an open launch of its Google Music cloud service. The music locker is now ready to use without an invitation and lets users upload as many as 20,000 songs that can stream to Android devices, the desktop web, and iOS devices through the browser. The service remains free to use, although it remains US-only.


Google Music store official: 320Kbps, free Google+ listens

11/16, 5:50pm

Google Music shop now live to tackle iTunes

Google as expected launched Google Music. The store serves as its own equivalent to iTunes and is available both from the web and from Android devices. The store offers 320Kbps MP3 tracks and a unique Google+ sharing feature that lets users share songs in one-time free listens, including whole albums when sharing to circles.


Live: Google's 'These Go to Eleven' music event

11/16, 5:05pm

We cover Google's Android music store event

Google is holding its special "These Go To Eleven" music event in Los Angeles. The company is expected to unveil a music store competitor to iTunes, Amazon MP3, and others, with Google+ song sharing and an Android link as its special features. Check our live coverage page for details as they happen, starting from 5PM Eastern.


Sony plots Internet end-run past cable, joins Google Music

11/15, 7:30pm

Sony wants live Internet TV for PS3, TVs, players

Sony may be in an unintentional race with Apple to bypass the limits of traditional TV providers for its own live TV service, multiple sources might have disclosed on Tuesday night. The electronics giant is believed by the Wall Street Journal to be talking to media firms to get rights for streaming TV channels. The focus would be on Sony's own devices, ranging from Blu-ray players through to TVs and the PS3.


Google may sign Universal deal same day as music store opens

11/15, 10:10am

Google may have second major label at Nov 16 event

Google's last-minute music store negotiations may see it get just its second major label the very day its music store event takes place, insiders slipped on Tuesday. The primarily Android-focused store was already known to have EMI, but Bloomberg understood that Universal's deal might be struck on November 16, just as Google was due to unveil the shop. Sony and Warner still hadn't signed on due to worries over pricing and piracy, the source said, leaving Google with a catalog far smaller than at Apple or Amazon.


T-Mobile backs Google music store with post-event concert

11/14, 5:10pm

T-Mobile brings own Google Music event plans

T-Mobile supported talk that Google's November 16 event was for its Android Market music store by sending out invites of its own for a follow-up joint event later that day. Using the same picture that Google used of the Los Angeles location with a T-Mobile logo, it promised a concert at 9PM Pacific that night. Busta Rhymes, Dirty South, Drake, Maroon 5, and R3hab would all perform live.


Google Music store shots leak, show free song a day

11/14, 2:15pm

Google Music seen two days early

Google's plans to launch its music store at its November 16 event were solidified after a discovery of the storefront itself. Venezuela's TecnoDroidVe saw an in-development version on its phone that showed, as expected, a subset of Android Market that would keep the modern interface. Pricing would be similar to other shops, but with an aggressive giveaway: edging closer to Amazon than Apple, it would give a free song every day.


Google's Nov. 16 music store intro may still lack big labels

11/11, 7:20pm

Google music store event may go minus Sony, Warner

Google's November 16 music event is still likely to see it go without some potentially critical deals. Follow-up details reportedly slipped to AllThingsD still had Sony and Warner holding out and unlikely to reach a deal in five days. EMI was the only certain prospect, and Universal was very likely, but not certain.


Google sends 'These Go To Eleven' invites for music event

11/11, 3:00pm

Google hints Android music store on November 16

Google gave a strong sign that its long-delayed music store is coming with an invitation sent to the media for a November 16 event. Titled just "These Go To Eleven," the gathering has few clues others than that it will be Android-focused, with those too far to attend in person encouraged to check a live stream at The event has an unusual afternoon start at 5PM Eastern and had its invites sent out by "Nigel Tufnel," a reference to Spinal Tap's fictional lead rocker.


Citigroup splits EMI in sales to Sony, Universal [U]

11/11, 7:55am

EMI publishing, music to be sold off separately

(Update: confirmed) Citigroup is splitting EMI in two for a sale that's about to be imminent, according to claims Friday. Pointing to sources, the Wall Street Journal's Dana Cimilluca said that the publishing wing, EMI Music Publishing, would be sold off to a Sony consortium for $2.2 billion. The pure music label would go to Universal for $1.9 billion.


Unofficial Amazon Cloud Drive app disappears from App Store

11/01, 10:50am

Music industry blamed

An unofficial app that streamed music from Amazon Cloud Drive has been removed from the App Store, says developer James Clancey of Interactive Innovative Solutions. aMusic was reportedly pulled because of legal concerns involving the music industry. Clancey claims that the removal from the App Store is temporary, but has no date for when the app will be back.


Android page hints Google Music store may be imminent

10/26, 10:15pm

Google Music store may give hundreds of free songs

Google may have given out its own clues that its own music store is imminent. Trying to visit from an Android phone or tablet produces a splash page that, along with promoting the existing cloud storage service, it mentions the option to "shop millions of songs" that would be available directly from Android Market. Giveaways would play a significant role, as there would be "hundreds of free tracks," Google says.


Apple confirms dev iTunes Match libaries reset October 27

10/26, 9:00pm

Apple resets iTunes Match ahead of public launch

Apple told developers late Wednesday that it was resetting their iTunes Match accounts for what's likely the last time before the end of October launch. Its need to upgrade the "overall quality and reliability" of the cloud music service would require that the existing accounts be reset on October 27. Those signed up in the beta phase have been told to turn off iTunes Match on all their computers and iOS devices to avoid connection problems during the shutdown.


Google music store may go live this week, share over Google+

10/24, 8:25am

Google music shop may be days away

A handful of more details about Google's music store may have emerged on Monday. The service is now thought by unofficial WSJ sources to be going live within the next two weeks, and possibly this week. "At least two" major labels are unlikely to have signed on, however, with only EMI probably onboard and Universal in discussions that might not make the release date.


Google music store may be limited to indies, song gifting

10/19, 5:40pm

Google Music may go without major labels

Google's tentative music store plans may be launched with just a fraction of the music that Apple and Amazon have, music insiders divulged on Wednesday. In continuing its deadlock with majors, the search firm was reported by CNET as being willing to limit its music catalog to just independent labels. Only "close to a dozen" have signed on, the industry contacts said, and would leave all sides upset at the lost opportunity for sales and recognition.


iOS app allows streaming from Google Music Beta

10/19, 2:30pm

New iOS app allows Google music streaming

Thanks to the newly-released gMusic: A native Google Music player app ($1.99, iTunes), iOS device owners can stream music from Google Music Beta rather than iTunes Match. Like the official Android app, it lets users access as many as 20,000 songs stored in the streaming music locker. An Offline mode caches store songs locally on the device's memory without having a data connection.


Rubin: Google music store 'won't be just selling 99c songs'

10/19, 8:00am

Android chief hints Google music store gets twist

Google's attempt at a music store won't just be a conventional store, the search firm's mobile VP Andy Rubin said in a discussion Wednesday. He left the door open for AllThingsD and suggested it could be either pay-per-track or a subscription service. Whatever the strategy, it wouldn't strictly follow one model.


Google still trying for music store, labels unconvinced

10/13, 8:50pm

Google presses for music store again

Google's abortive attempt at a music store has been renewed, label executives outlined in a leak Thursday. It would embody the same basic concept, but it would be a "more extensive service," the NY Times said. In ideal conditions, it would go live within several weeks.


Android 4 leak shows Google Music 4.0, Google+ 2.0

10/07, 6:40pm

Ice Cream Sandwich build hides remade apps

A leak of an Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) build has unearthed two important remade apps. Google Music 4.0 has a much cleaner, streamlined interface more in line with the "holographic" look, Android Police saw. It would have more control over playback with thumbs-up and thumbs-down options along with much larger album art.


MP3tunes loses copyright lawsuit; judge tosses DMCA claims

08/22, 8:55pm

Ruling could leave door open for locker services

MP3tunes has lost a copyright infringement lawsuit originally filed by EMI, however the judge tossed many of the record label's DMCA claims that were viewed as a threat to other music locker services. Judge William Pauley agreed that MP3tunes violated EMI copyrights by failing to remove pirated tracks from its customers' music lockers after pulling the same listings from, a music search engine that operated alongside the locker service.


UK to finally legalize CD and DVD ripping tomorrow

08/02, 4:05pm

Leak has UK government ready to allow disc rips

The UK will finally greenlight a fair use policy for media, insiders in the government disclosed Tuesday. Business Secretary Vince Cable is believed to be accepting the results of a review of British copyright by Professor Ian Hargreaves and should clear format shifting for personal use in an announcement on Wednesday. The proposed legal changes that Reuters saw will make legal to rip a CD, DVD, or any other format for the sake of making it usable, such as loading up an iPhone from iTunes.


All publishers onboard for iCloud after tug-of-war deal

06/04, 1:35pm

iCloud gets all publishers at last minute

Insiders said late Friday that Apple had managed to secure all its publisher deals just ahead of its iCloud music launch. Having already secured labels, it got the distributors after agreeing to give both major and indie publishers a 12 percent cut, higher than their usual 10 percent. The deal seen by Reuters should clear Apple to show the song-matching music streaming service knowing all its key rights are in place.


Analyst: Apple's iCloud could further wound BlackBerry

06/03, 10:45am

Sterne Agee believes iCloud could hurt RIM

Apple's iCloud launch could compound RIM's troubles competing with the BlackBerry, Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu said in a research note Friday. The cloud music element of the service could make "collateral damage" by giving iPhone owners access to an always-available music service the BlackBerry didn't necessarily have. As some of the service might be free, it would mimic some of the push mail functionality of a BlackBerry but wouldn't carry the revenue burdens with what RIM offers to carriers, reducing networks' incentives to promote the BlackBerry over an iPhone.


Apple paying up to $50m per label, full Google Music coming

06/03, 8:50am

iCloud may cost 150m total as Google Music looms

Apple may be paying significant up-front costs for its recently completed iCloud deal based on possible leaks Friday. Each label is reportedly being paid between $25 million to $50 million to sign on depending the amount of music listeners used on the web. The total mentioned to the New York Post would hover between $100 million to $150 million.


Apple iCloud details surface; Google offered labels $100m

05/26, 7:45pm

iCloud to up quality, Google Music 100m deal leaks

A collection of leaks Thursday night gave added insight into Apple's cloud music plans. Along with backing clues that deals were close, BusinessWeek understood that the song match system wouldn't be too particular and would mirror as much as it could. It would even offer better audio quality if a user's local copy wasn't good enough, three tipsters said.


Google kicks off Music Beta and Movies, scraps music store

05/10, 3:50pm

Google Music Beta and Movies go live

As part of the many launches at Google I/O day one, Google formally launched its first real steps into cloud media delivery. Music Beta lets users upload as many as 20,000 songs in their personal music collections that they can then stream from either a modern web browser or an Android phone or tablet. Offline music still plays a role despite rumors: recent tracks are automatically cached for later, and listeners can "pin" music to a mobile device to have a permanent copy for when an Internet connection isn't available.


Live: Google I/O 2011 day one keynote, Music Beta site up

05/10, 12:00pm

Google IO live coverage up as Music Beta ready

Google is kicking off the Google I/O conference with its day one keynote. The company is due to talk about its Music Beta service and may also hint at the finished Chrome OS as well as the future of Android. Check our live coverage page starting from 12PM Eastern for updates as they happen.


Google Music Beta due soon, won't go for label approval [U]

05/09, 9:35pm

Google cloud music due to appear at Google IO

(Update: technical details) Google Music will finally get its official showing at Google I/O and should take a cue from Amazon in challenging music labels. Managers said Monday night that the service, Music Beta, would follow Amazon Cloud Player and go without a label license. The system described to the NYT would be "passive" and require both that users upload their own music and stream, but not download, the content they own.


Apple said to have bought

04/28, 7:45am

Apple said buying iCloud domain

Apple may have bought [redirect] in a sign it's getting closer to launch its rumored cloud media locker service. Swedish online storage firm Xcerion is rumored to have sold the web address to Apple for $4.5 million and moved over to on April 5. GigaOM hadn't independently confirmed the deal, but a WHOIS check Thursday morning confirmed Xcerion was for now still officially listed as the iCloud domain owner.


Apple's iTunes cloud locker may eventualy carry a fee

04/26, 2:00pm

iTunes cloud music may not be free for long

Apple's iTunes cloud music plans might not necessarily be free to use, contacts in the music business hinted Tuesday. They stopped short of claiming to know the pricing but heard it could be free to use at first and incur a fee later. CNET in getting the tip also didn't learn how the model would work, such as whether it would be a trial for a MobileMe subscription or if it would be a separate fee.


Apple said to have already locked in Warner for cloud music

04/22, 6:15pm

Warner said good for iTunes media locker deal

Insiders said Friday that Apple had managed to land a deal with Warner for its upcoming iTunes cloud media locker. It wasn't evident how recently it was signed or whether the label was one of the two supposedly already onboard in recent days. CNET in getting the new tip also wasn't given further details on how the service would behave.


Google may scrap own music plans to piggyback on Spotify

04/22, 1:35pm

Google may use Spotify for mobile music service

Google's inability to close a Google Music deal could have it decide to ride on an existing service instead. A source said Friday that Google had decided to start negotiating for Spotify's mixture of free ad-based music, streaming, and downloads. The deal described by CNET would have to scrap the cloud media locker by definition.


Leak: Apple's cloud music locker finished before Google's

04/21, 4:40pm

Apple iTunes media locker said done before Google

Multiple sources claimed Thursday that Apple has already completed its rumored cloud media locker. The service would let iTunes users store music online to stream it back as long as they have a fast Internet connection. Apple still hadn't finished getting licenses, Reuters understood, but the service was technically ready.


HP's TouchPad cloud music, video plans leak in presentation

04/16, 8:30pm

HP TouchPad cloud music, video supported in leak

HP's intention to build a webOS cloud media locker, and possibly beat Apple and Google to the feature, was given more definitive support late Friday after a leaked presentation. A pair of slides describing the TouchPad reportedly showed both the known HP Movie Store but also an intelligent, online music syncing option. PreCentral's copy showed that it would not only allow remotely storing and streaming music, including songs users "don't yet own," but would determine owners' preferred music and prioritize it for local caching on the TouchPad itself.


Google Music negotiations have 'gone backwards,' may be over

04/15, 3:45pm

Google Music talks regressing

Google Music's progress may have not only stalled but backfired if a leak Friday is accurate. A change in terms over the past few weeks may have seen progress "gone backwards" as the two sides couldn't reach a deal. Whether or not it was the direct cause, AllThingsD heard the discussions for cloud music were fundamentally "broken" and that Google was even reconsidering the plans themselves.



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