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New Qualcomm multi-band LTE, 3G may be ticket to iPad 3

02/21, 11:50am

Qualcomm fifth-gen Gobi chipset arrives

Qualcomm on Tuesday unveiled what might be one of its most important cellular chipsets in its fifth-generation Gobi reference design. The new version is the first to support multiple bands of LTE on a single chipset, including both regular LTE and the TD-LTE being used in China and some North American carriers. The hardware also has 3G support for both HSPA+ and EVDO, making the chips true world-roaming devices.


Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet to get Qualcomm Gobi 3000 radio

11/23, 11:15am

Qualcomm Gobi 3000 coming to ThinkPad tablet

Lenovo plans to release a version of its ThinkPad Tablet with a Qualcomm 3000 chipset for connecting to EVDO or HSPA 3G networks worldwide. The device is no doubt one of the two spotted yesterday at the FCC. The tablet will be the first Android-powered device with the chip.


HP intros ultra-thin Elite L2201x display, prepaid 3G data

05/09, 12:25am

HP Elite L2201x LCd and DataPass prepaid 3G

HP finished off its introductions Monday with a new, atypically luxury LCD and an alternative approach to 3G data on a notebook in the US. The 21.5-inch Elite L2201x breaks from most design and moves the power supply outside to slim the screen down to 0.4 inches thick and save space on the desk with an easel-like shape. Its metal finish makes it a fit for the new EliteBooks and Macs, and its only video input is DisplayPort.


Apple mulling $200 off-contract iPhone to tackle Android

02/10, 5:15pm

Apple may have cheap iPhone, soft SIM, dual mode

Apple has been developing a budget version of the iPhone that would help undercut Android, a leak Thursday afternoon maintained. The new version would be a third smaller and much less expensive, possibly as little as $200 off-contract. The design described to Bloomberg would use components from current iPhones to drop the price down.


iPad 2 said in production, due for AT&T and Verizon

02/08, 6:15pm

iPad 2 leak says production on, two carriers due

Apple has already started production of the next-generation iPad, a leak asserted Tuesday night. The unnamed sources backed views that production would start in February as well as most of the widely leaked hardware details. The WSJ understood it would have a "faster processor," faster graphics and more RAM along with the expected dual cameras, but a similar 1024x768 resolution for the display.


Google Chrome OS update adds HSPA 3G for Cr-48 notebooks

02/04, 12:35pm

Chrome OS upgrade allows 3G use beyond Verizon

An update to Chrome OS has quietly upgraded the Cr-48 to give it support for 3G over HSPA networks. The finding has let the Qualcomm Gobi modem connect to more than Verizon's EVDO network. While Hexxeh found it wasn't enabled by default, a shell command can flip it to HSPA and get it online through AT&T or another provider.


Lenovo rolls out ThinkPad Edge Ex20s, Fusion-based X120e

01/03, 12:00am

Lenovo intros ThinkPad X120e and Edge E220s, E420s

Lenovo's first notebook unveilings for CES tonight brought out three ultraportable ThinkPads all using the wave of new processors due at the show. The 11.6-inch X120e is one of the first notebooks to use AMD's Fusion chips and runs on up to a 1.6GHz E-350 processor whose Radeon HD 6310 graphics help it outrun not just earlier Intel notebooks this size but the earlier X100e by about 65 percent. Battery life has grown further and now goes up to six hours with a six-cell pack, even with a weight at 3.3 pounds.


Apple hiring Verizon iPad engineers to boost enterprise

12/10, 9:45pm

Apple posts job for Verizon iPad System Engineer

Apple today posted a job listing for a Verizon iPad Systems Engineer that confirmed both a deeper connection to Verizon and to enterprise sales. The position is targeted at integrating the iPad with Verizon's business customers and will depend on knowing the tablet's corporate support, such as Exchange syncing and VPN access. The hire would "develop confidence" in using iPads for work and would talk to every level of a company, the listing said.


Inventec shipping Chrome OS netbooks, Acer preps dual-core

12/08, 7:45am

Inventec ships 60K Chrome OS netbooks for testers

Inventec today confirmed that it had already shipped 60,000 of Google's Cr-48 netbook. The systems will all be part of the Chrome OS Pilot Program destined for early testers and the press. The official word to Digitimes corroborates an earlier rumor, although it will be given away and not sold.


Panasonic Toughbook S9 claims lightest 12in notebook title

09/28, 11:55am

Panasonic intros 3-pound Toughbook S9

Panasonic on Tuesday brought out what's billed as the lightest ever full-spec 12-inch notebook. The Toughbook S9 has a full-speed, 2.4GHz Core i5 and a built-in DVD burner but weighs just three pounds. Even with the specifications, it can still run for up to 11 hours on a stock battery and is rugged enough to survive a 2.5-foot drop to its base or a one-foot drop from any angle.


Panasonic intros Toughbook U1 Ultra rugged tablet

09/23, 12:00pm

Panasonic outs 1.6GHZ Toughbook CF-U1 Ultra

Panasonic has added the Toughbook CF-U1 Ultra to its lineup of fully rugged portable PCs. An upgraded version of the existing Toughbook CF-U1, the new device sports a transflective, 5.6-inch 1024x600 touchscreen that has a 6,000-nit brightness for better viewing in direct sunlight. It also gets a faster 1.6GHz Z530 Atom CPU, a 64GB solid-state drive and 2GB of RAM.


HP revamps Mini 210, Mini 5103 with dual-core Atom

09/01, 12:00am

HP Mini 210 and 5103 get Atom N550

HP this morning revamped its Mini netbooks with a performance update and design refreshes. The Mini 210 and 5103 now have the choice of Intel's dual-core, 1.5GHz Atom N550 as an option. Picking the chip should significantly improve the speed of the 10-inch portable under some conditions but without affecting the 10.75 hours of battery life with the stock six-cell battery.


HP ships Mini 5103 netbook to the US

08/09, 3:10pm

HP Mini 5103 business netbook arrives in the US

HP is now shipping the Mini 5103 pro netbook, which was just introduced last week in Europe. The 10.1-inch netbook can be had with a display resolution of 1024x600 or 1366x768, and capacitive multitouch layer can be added to the latter as well. Processing is handled by one of two Atoms; a 1.66GHz N455 or the newer, 1.83GHz N475, either paired with integrated GMA 3150 graphics. There is also 2GB of DDR3 RAM onboard, its key difference from the earlier Mini 5102.


HP quietly intros new Mini 5103 netbook with DDR3

08/05, 9:45am

HP quietly launches HP mini 5103

HP today slipped out an upgrade to its pro netbooks in the form of the Mini 5103. The 10-inch portable uses a 1.66GHz Atom N455 or 1.86GHz N475 but primarily gets a memory upgrade: either supports 1,333MHz DDR3 RAM instead of the more typical DDR2. Just 1GB is built-in, but 2GB is an option.


Panasonic ships Core i5-equipped Toughbook in US

05/25, 10:20am

Upgraded Toughbook now shipping in US

After making its way into the European market on Monday, Panasonic has announced its updated Toughbook CF-19 is now shipping in the US. The 10.4-inch convertible tablet will now be available with a 1.2GHz Intel Core i5 CPU that can operate at 2.0GHz in Turbo Boost mode and promises nearly a third more performance compared to previous versions along with a nine-hour battery life. The notebook has an optional Gobi2000 module for access to EVDO Rev A and HSPA 3G networks along with being WiMAX-ready.


Panasonic updates rugged Toughbook CF-19 with Core i5 CPU

05/24, 3:50pm

Device maintains convertible tablet functionality

Panasonic on Monday introduced the fourth revision of its Toughbook CF-19 convertible tablet notebook. The latest version now utilizes Intel's ultra-low voltage (ULV) Core i5 540UM CPU for a 32 percent increase in performance and nine-hour battery life. Businesses can also take advantage Gobi 2000 components for mobile broadband configuration across several different carriers, while A-GPS integration can be used with mapping software.


Dell Precision M4500 puts quad Core i7 in 15-inch frame

03/09, 9:10am

Dell M4500 packs M6500 speed in smaller body

Dell continued its pro notebook updates this morning by launching a new mid-range Precision model. The M4500 replaces the M4400 and, despite a much more common 15.6-inch display, has many of the performance features of the 17-inch M6500. It can run up to a quad-core 2GHz Core i7 for a processor and supports the larger system's 64GB SSD mini-card, a $220 option that gives the M4500 a fast OS drive without sacrificing room for a regular hard disk.


Dell Latitude 13 goes up for orders, costs $559

03/02, 12:50pm

Dell's CULV Latitude starts at low price

As it promised last month, Dell today started taking orders for the Latitude 13. The 0.65-inch thick CULV system is now known to be an inexpensive buy and at $559 starts out with a 1.3GHz Celeron M, Ubuntu Linux, 1GB of RAM and 802.11g Wi-Fi. Every version comes with a six-cell battery, although Dell hasn't said how long the battery should last.


Panasonic claims world's lightest convertible tablet PC

03/02, 9:00am

Panasonic Toughbook C1 weighs in at 3.2lbs

Panasonic claimed to solve one of the major problems of tablet PCs today by adding a new touchscreen Toughbook. The C1 is billed as the lightest convertible tablet with a 12-inch screen and weighs just 3.2 pounds with a regular battery; it only comes closer to rivals when it uses a two-battery pack. The design further brings a dual hinge that puts the opening and twisting motions into separate hinges and cuts down on the likelihood of the hinge breaking in regular use.


HP adds Core i7 EliteBook tablet, more pro notebooks

03/01, 12:00am

HP updates EliteBook, ProBook for Core i7

HP began the week by launching a slate of new EliteBook and ProBook models, including the company's first tablet based on Intel's new chip architecture. The EliteBook 2740p carries a 12-inch multi-touch display that also supports pens, but has a more durable body than mainstream PCs like the TouchSmart tm2. A combination of stainless steel outside and magnesium outside helps it meet the US military's 810G specs for resistance to dust, humidity and vibration.


Dell Precision M6500 gets Core i5, USB 3.0

02/05, 9:40am

Dell M6500 mobile workstation gets dual-core

Dell has sent word that its Precision M6500 pro notebook will get several new features and options. The system will now have the option of Intel's newer dual-core processors, including both the Core i5 and i7; previously, it was limited to only quad-core i7 models that justified the high $2,749 price. USB 3.0 will also be new and should make the Precision the first PC at Dell to get the 5Gbps ports.


Alienware M11x goes up for pre-order, gets specs

02/01, 6:10pm

Alienware M11x to ship March 1st

Quickly dampening leaks, Alienware this afternoon started taking orders for its M11x ultraportable. The stock $799 trim is modest and comes with a 1.3GHz Pentium, 2GB of RAM, a 160GB hard drive and the system's all-important GeForce GT 335M video. A 1.3-megapixel webcam is its only other major hardware extra built-in.


Apple rushing tablet talks with AT&T and Verizon?

01/21, 11:30pm

Apple tablet may not have settled carriers yet

Apple has two US carriers in mind for its rumored tablet but is even now still negotiating deals, a late leak says. Insiders at AT&T and Verizon alike tell Fox News that they're both discussing terms to supply 3G for the device but that neither deal has been finalized with less than a week left before the unveiling. Versions have been developed for data on both AT&T's HSPA and Verizon's EVDO, however, and would likely use free Wi-Fi hotspot service from their respective carriers.


Apple said talking to Qualcomm, Verizon

01/20, 10:25am

Apple tablet, iPhone may get CDMA and EVDO

Apple has been talking to Qualcomm and Verizon for its devices, new rumors assert today. In discussing NorthEast Securities analyst Ashok Kumar's beliefs about what the tablet will include, GigaOM's founder Om Malik understands that Apple has been collaborating with Qualcomm and Verizon for future devices. To what aim isn't known, though Kumar believes Qualcomm is supplying the 3G chipset for the rumored Apple tablet.


Lenovo T410, T510, W510 get mobile Core i5/i7

01/03, 11:35pm

ThinkPads get speed upgrades, touchscreens

Lenovo finished its ThinkPad updates with four new systems that all use Intel's new mobile Core i5 and the four-core i7. The W510 mobile workstation is the flagship and switches to a new 15.6-inch LED-lit screen that covers a 95 percent color gamut. The same display now also has the option of multi-touch input and a color calibrator previously only available on the W700.


Samsung netbook spotted with Pine Trail, 3G

12/22, 1:30pm

Samsung N150 netbook spotted with Pine Trail, 3G

A netbook from Samsung and powered by Intel's new Pine Trail platform has been spotted at the FCC this week. The filing reveals that the netbook, called N150, also has a Qualcomm Gobi 3G chipset that can support both EVDO and HSPA data networks. The chipset contains a GPS sensor as well.


Toshiba NB305 to get 3G, Pine Trail likely in tow

12/22, 10:55am

Toshiba netbook at FCC with Gobi 3G chip

Toshiba's third-generation netbook is on its way with dual-mode 3G for EVDO and HSPA networks, an FCC filing (PDF) shows. Qualcomm has greenlit the use of its Gobi chipset for as yet unreleased NB300 and NB305 netbooks and as such would give one or both models access through AT&T, Sprint or Verizon without needing different hardware. The presence of internal 3G also hints at one or more carriers subsidizing the Toshiba PC when it's bought with a data contract.


Dell makes Latitude XT2 XFR rugged tablet official

10/27, 10:05am

Dell intros first multi-touch rugged tablet

After only a brief tease, Dell today formally unveiled the Latitude XT2 XFR. It's characterized as the first rugged convertible tablet to use capacitive multi-touch and is seen as ideal for use outdoors or at work where natural gestures, such as pinching to zoom into a map or flicking to scroll through a page, are more preferable to a pen. It nonetheless still works with a stylus and has a more outdoor-ready display that's more readily viewable in broad daylight.


Apple tablet to have non-3G model, ship in June?

09/29, 7:30am

Ten Apple tablet details

Apple's heavily rumored media tablet has received added details today through a leak from a historically accurate source. The device is now thought to have a 10.7-inch screen -- up from the 9.7 most often suggested -- and to have versions both with a 3G modem as well as without. Resolution would logically increase, but it's now said the display may reach near 720p (1280x720) and would be large enough for comfortably reading books and magazines as well as larger websites and videos.


Verizon to offer Gateway netbook on Oct. 4th?

09/28, 4:15pm

Verizon to offer subsidized Gateway netbook soon

According to a leaked document, wireless provider Verizon will soon begin offering its second subsidized netbook with the upcoming addition of the Gateway LT2016u, Engadget reported on Monday. The computer will be sold on a two-year data contract, and like the first Verizon-subsidized netbook, the HP Mini 1151NR, will use Qualcomm's Gobi data modem to access Verizon's 3G data network. Otherwise, the netbook packs a 10.1-inch display with a 1024x600-pixel resolution, a 1.6GHz Atom CPU, 1GB of RAM and a 160GB hard drive.


iRex launches 3G, touchscreen e-book reader for US

09/23, 12:00pm

iRex DR 300SG reader official

iRex today branched out to the US for the first time with its first e-book device intended specifically for the US. The DR 300SG has an 8.1-inch touchscreen e-paper display but centers first on its 3G access for accessing stores. It should support the Barnes & Noble bookstore out of the box for downloads but also recognize several other store format,s including Fictionwise, LibreDigital and Newspaper Direct as well as the universal EPUB format.


Apple tablet due in Feb. with PA Semi chip, 3G?

09/15, 7:50am

Apple tablet part details appear

Apple's frequently rumored tablet received more details on Tuesday with an apparent leak of production plans. Taiwan's Economic News claims the touchscreen hardware is now slated for February and that companies will start shipping parts in December. The publication reiterates the presence of a near 10-inch touch display but now insists the tablet will be based on a custom processor (likely ARM-based) from recent acquisition PA Semi and will use HSDPA for its 3G access, likely putting it on AT&T's network.


Apple adding hooks for native 3G in Snow Leopard?

05/07, 3:10pm

Apple 3G in Snow Leopard

Apple is building in support for internal 3G hardware into Mac OS X Snow Leopard, a leak suggests. While it's typical for Apple to have drivers for certain 3rd-party 3G adapters with the OS, AppleInsider shows a WWAN (wireless wide-area network) entry in System Profiler, which typically shows only the hardware that Apple includes with systems itself. The move implies that Apple plans to make 3G a factory option, likely internally, for one or more of its computers.


Motion Computing intros rugged tablet PC

03/16, 9:55am

Motion Computing tablet PC

Motion Computing on Monday announced the availability of its rugged tablet PC, the 12.1-inch J3400. To earn the rugged label, the J3400 is IP-52 rated and meets MIL-STD-810F specifications, that mean it can shake off a 3-foot drop onto plywood over concrete as well as lesser shocks; it further resists the damaging effects of dust and moisture. The drop protection is achieved by the use of a shock-mounted 1.8-inch HDD and display. An accelerometer and related hardware and software Motion calls DataGuard will protect data and the 80GB or 120GB hard drive by separating the needle from the disc surface when a fall is detected.


Sony VAIO notebooks get Qualcomm Gobi tech

02/16, 3:50pm

Sony VAIOs get Gobi tech

At Mobile World Congress on Monday, Sony and Qualcomm announced that the former's VAIO notebooks will be the first to feature the latter's Global Mobile Internet Technology (Gobi), letting the PCs access 3G mobile broadband networks regardless of type. Sony will make Gobi standard fare in some of its ultra-portable VAIO notebooks, including the Z, TT and new P series. Apart from built-in mobile broadband capabilities, the Qualcomm chips also feature an integrated GPS sensor.


OQO model 02+ gets OLED screen, Atom chip

01/07, 11:15pm

OQO model 02 Plus

OQO in a late-night announcement revealed the model 02+, a significant revamp of its veteran UMPC. The new version is said to be the first ever PC to have an OLED display and, as a result, has a much more colorful, 1,000,000:1 contrast touchscreen that is also more visible outdoors. Without the need for a backlight, it also improves battery life. OQO claims that, in tandem with changes underneath, the 02+ lasts about 20 percent longer with 3.5 hours of use on a normal battery and 7 hours from an extended pack. It also accepts both finger and stylus input.


HP outs dv2, dv3 as MacBook rivals

01/05, 10:35pm

HP dv2 and dv3

HP's pre-CES launches today include two new Pavilion notebooks, one of which marks a first for the company's choice of processors. The 12-inch dv2 is one of the first systems to carry AMD's new Athlon Neo processor and uses a 1.6GHz version of the chip to provide ultraportable dimensions closer to a MacBook Air without cutting too deeply in terms of performance or price, unlike the aluminum chassis and Intel Core 2 Duo S of the Apple system; this and an LED-backlit display help keep the weight down to 3.8 pounds and the case down to between 0.93in and 1.29in despite the use of traditional notebook hard drives. HP likewise promises a 92 percent sized keyboard in the normally tight spaces of ultraportables.


HP ships its first Turion X2 Ultra notebooks

07/03, 4:10pm

HP Turion X2 Ultra Ships

HP today became one of the first companies known to be shipping systems based on AMD's new Turion X2 Ultra processors and platform. The 14-inch Compaq 6535b and 15.4-inch Compaq 6735b are HP's flagships for workstations and pros and use the new architecture to support up to 8GB of DDR2 memory (with 64-bit operating systems) as well as give faster integrated graphics through the Mobility Radeon HD 3200.



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