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GoPro Hero+ unveiled as $200 entry-level action camera with Wi-Fi

09/28, 7:25am

Low-cost GoPro action camera offers remote control via app

GoPro has launched a new entry-level version of its action camera, which provides many of the functions expected from the rest of its range but at a lower price. The Hero+ takes a similar form to the existing Hero camera, but the manufacturer has added Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to the device, giving users the ability to frame up their shots and remotely monitor what the camera is recording via the GoPro app and the Smart Remote.


Giveaway reminder: Win a GoPro Hero4 Session with MacNN Deals

09/22, 12:03pm

Last chance to enter the giveaway for a GoPro action camera worth $400

For the last few weeks, our own MacNN Deals has been giving you the chance to own a new GoPro action camera worth $400 in a giveaway, but you now only have until tomorrow to enter. One lucky winner will get the Hero4 Session, GoPro's smallest video camera that's 50 percent smaller and 40 percent lighter than other Hero4 devices, but is still able to record high quality video of outdoor sports and other intensive activities.


Giveaway reminder: Win a GoPro Hero4 Session with MacNN Deals

09/11, 8:49am

Only 12 days left to enter the MacNN Deals GoPro Hero4 Session giveaway

Our own MacNN Deals store is giving you the chance to own a new action camera worth $400 in a giveaway. One lucky winner will receive the GoPro Hero4 Session, the company's smallest video camera that's 50 percent smaller and 40 percent lighter than other Hero4 devices, but is still able to record high quality video of outdoor sports and other intensive activities.


Giveaway: Win a GoPro Hero4 Session with MacNN Deals

08/27, 6:57am

Compact GoPro Hero 4 Session action camera up for grabs

The latest competition from our own MacNN Deals page is giving you the opportunity to film yourself while performing outdoor activities using the GoPro Hero 4 Session, worth $400. Launched just last month, the compact sports camera is 50 percent smaller and 40 percent lighter than its Hero4 stablemates, but is still able to record high quality video in extreme situations.


Meerkat adds streaming support for GoPro Hero3 cameras

07/24, 9:43am

GoPro cameras can stream live feed through Meerkat for iOS

Owners of some GoPro sports cameras are now able to broadcast a live stream online, after Meerkat added support for the imaging devices. Announced at VidCon this week, GoPro Hero3 cameras can now be connected to the app running on a nearby smartphone or tablet over Wi-Fi, giving Meerkat users an alternative way to capture footage to stream to their followers over the Internet.


GoPro rolls out Hero4 Session rugged sports camera

07/06, 11:29am

New evolution of Hero4 series compatible with older mounts, shoots 1440p

GoPro today announced its latest action camera, the Hero4 Session. The camera, isĀ 50 percent smaller and 40 percent lighter than GoPro's Hero4 Black and Silver camera and benefits from a new durable waterproof design that eliminates the need for a discrete housing.


Computex: GoPro builds action camera line, announces Hero+ LCD

06/01, 11:04am

Hero+ LCD introduces built-in touchscreen

GoPro has announced the launch of a new entry to its lineup of action cameras, the Hero+ LCD. An expansion to the existing entry Hero series, GoPro's new offering builds upon the original camera with the introduction of a built-in LCD display. The new display has been integrated directly into the water-proof housing -- which claims protection for up to 131 feet -- and unlike the Hero3+ Silver that came before, cannot be removed from this protective housing.


GoPro acquires startup Kolor for virtual reality video technology

04/29, 8:44am

Spherical video software will help GoPro produce content for VR headsets

GoPro, the action camera manufacturer, is joining other manufacturers in the virtual reality market, by acquiring French startup Kolor. Specializing in spherical media, namely 360-degree videos and the associated software, the Kolor purchase will help provide GoPro with a way of creating content for the slowly-growing VR headset market and content stores.


Solo drone from 3D Robotics offers in-flight GoPro controls

04/13, 9:15am

Prosumer 3D Robotics Solo can manage drone flight while pilot controls camera

A new drone from 3D Robotics aims to steal the thunder of DJI's recent launch, with a simple-to-fly aircraft that adds something new to the in-flight videography market. The Solo is a prosumer drone that offers a number of functions that other high-end drones provide, but it is claimed to be the first to have complete control over the settings of mountable GoPro cameras.


GoPro working on broadcast TV transmitter, details firmware update

01/15, 11:39am

Partnership between GoPro, Vislink creates transmitter for live TV broadcast use

GoPro will soon be providing broadcasters a way to use its camera line during live television broadcasts, while consumers will gain some extra features on their own devices in a future firmware update. A partnership with Vislink has produced a compact transmitter that can be connected to GoPro cameras, providing a live HD video feed from the action cameras.


Reassigned Apple patent blamed for drop in GoPro shares

01/14, 12:34pm

Reports initially claimed patent was Apple invention

The reassignment of a Kodak-held remote control camera system patent to Apple has been blamed for a 12.17 percent drop in GoPro shares on Tuesday. The patent is credited to three people -- Keith Stoll Karn, Marc Krolczyk, and Kazuhiro Joza -- who reassigned it to Kodak in 2012. Apple acquired a variety of Kodak patents that year, however, as part of one of two consortiums that raced to snap up some of the bankrupt imaging company's intellectual property.


WSJ: GoPro plans launch of camera-equipped drones

11/26, 11:44pm

Report claims GoPro drones could cost between $500 and $1,000

GoPro may be supplementing its action camera range with a line of low-cost drones for consumers and business use, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal. Report sources claim the camera company is developing the multi-rotor flying machines and is planning to ship them for between $500 and $1,000, in order to let sports enthusiasts take advantage of drone photography.


GoPro introduces Hero4 Black, Silver, entry-level Hero cameras

09/29, 9:34am

Improved frame rates across new GoPro collection, Hero4 Silver includes touchscreen

GoPro has launched its first new additions to its action camera line after filing its IPO. The Hero4 range follows on from the Hero3+ collection, with the Black and Silver editions offering functionality better suited towards professional applications, while a new entry-level Hero is a budget-priced version for those wanting a cheap waterproof camera.


Review: DXG IronX 5G9V HD action cam

07/02, 1:25am

Cheaper alternative to GoPro 3 delivers good picture, but lacks shock resistance

Since the introduction of the GoPro, numerous action cams have come out of the woodwork to tackle the consumer need for camcorders that can take a beating. Even though they existed prior to what's now the staple camera on the market, the small-form HD cams have now become the target to shoot for. DXG has entered the market with the IronX 5G9V HD action cam, bringing a number of accessories and a lower price to compete with the GoPro. But is the IronX worth $350, or is that money better spent towards a GoPro 3? Find out in our review.


BMW, GoPro debut sport camera integration with on-board electronics

06/14, 12:21pm

Free iOS app and iPhone 4 or greater required for remote control

The BMW Group Technology Office and GoPro have announced the first mass-produced integration of a GoPro camera with an automobile's on-board infotainment system. In BMW Group vehicles equipped with the BMW Apps or MINI Connected option, a GoPro camera may now be configured and controlled using BMW's iDrive controller and high-resolution screen. The updated GoPro App is now available for free in the iTunes Store.


GoPro files for $100M IPO with SEC, demonstrates strong revenues

05/20, 5:14am

GoPro revenue in 2013 shows 87-percent improvement on previous year

GoPro is preparing to go public, by filing an initial public offering (IPO) with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Initially revealed in plans in February, the S-1 document filed by the action camera manufacturer reveals it is looking to raise $100 million in the IPO, and will be listed on NASDAQ using the ticker symbol GPRO, though the exact timing and how may shares will be available to buy are unknown.


Briefly: Samsung Chromebook 2 pre-sale, GoPro's Xbox360 app

04/07, 10:42pm

Samsung Chromebook 2 now available for pre-sale purchase

Today marks the official pre-sale availability of Samsung's Chromebook 2, as was initially announced last month. The new models are available in 11.6- and 13.3-inch screen sizes, and improve upon the original Chromebook with faster performance and longer battery life. The 13.3-inch model features a Full HD (1920x1080) resolution, and the 11.6-inch model uses a 1366x768 resolution. Pre-sale pricing of the 11.6-inch Chromebook 2 is $320, and the 13-inch model at $400, with shipping beginning at the end of April.


GoPro plans to go public, submits IPO documents with SEC

02/10, 5:10am

Draft IPO from sports camera producer remains confidential

Action camera manufacturer GoPro has filed plans for an initial public offering (IPO) with the Securities and Exchanges Commission, the company has revealed. The confidential submission on Friday, accompanied by a short press release announcing it, is one of the first major steps for the company to shift from being a privately-held business and into a publicly-held version.


Briefly: Wind Mobile's US Roaming add-on, GoPro Channel Apps for Xbox

01/31, 8:53pm

Canadian telecom company announces unlimited US data, talk and text

Wind Mobile, a Canadian mobile phone service provider, has announced the launch of its Unlimited US Data, Talk and Text plan add-on. Providing Canadian customers with unlimited phone usage across the border, Wind's add-on will be available for $15 per month. The first Canadian wireless company to provide this feature, smartphone users can utilize their phones while travelling without being subject to per use roaming charges. Wind's Unlimited Data, Talk and Text add-on will become available February 3, 2014.


GoPro upgrades Hero3 action camera line with Hero3+ Black, Silver

10/01, 6:42am

New GoPro action camera smaller, lighter than Hero3

GoPro has made a number of improvements to its action camera line, and has introduced the Hero3+. Offering a 20-percent smaller and lighter design than its predecessor and 30-percent more battery life, the Hero3+ boasts a new lens arrangement and new video capture modes, along with even more mounts and accessories.


Foxconn pays $200M for 9 percent share of GoPro, joins board

12/20, 11:25am

Purchase raises GoPro valuation to over $2 billion

Foxconn has bought an almost 9-percent stake in sports camera maker GoPro. The Taiwanese electronics giant agreed to pay $200 million for the shares, which will see Foxconn founder and CEO Terry Gou join the GoPro board. The purchase gives GoPro a valuation of around $2.25 billion, based on Foxcon's ownership of 8.88-percent of the company.


GoPro launches Android app for controlling its cameras

11/13, 10:23am

Android users finally get GoPro app for controlling HD Hero2 with Wi-Fi

Android-device owning wielders of the Wi-Fi connected GoPro Hero point-of-view cameras can now enjoy the same benefits as their iOS device-toting counterparts, as GoPro has launched an Android app (free, Google Play). Through the app, users can control their HD Hero 2 cameras equipped with the optional Wi-Fi BacPac only at this point. It's not compatible with the original HD Hero while the new Hero3: Black Edition will get support in December while the Hero 3 White and Silver will be supported later in November.


GoPro reveals the Wi-Fi-enabled Hero3 sports camera

10/17, 5:59am

GoPro unveils the Hero3, a tiny, 4K-capable sports camera

GoPro has taken the wraps of its Wi-Fi-enabled Hero3sports camera. As the promotional video embedded highlights, depending on model, the new wearable device supports video resolutions up to 4K, or 4 times the resolution of 1080p. The Hero3 is also 30 percent smaller and 25 percent lighter than the model it replaces.


Briefly: Awesome Calendar update, GoPro iOS remote app

10/10, 1:50pm

Control GoPro camera with iOS app

Yunasoft has released a new version of Awesome Calendar that allows users to view a full weeks schedule, including appointments and weather forecasts for each day. In addition to daily temperature highs and lows, the updated weather feature includes wind, humidity, visible distance, sunset/sunrsie time, and atmospheric pressure for the next five days. The update also features a new feature that lets users see what happened historically on the same day for the past five years. Calendar Awesome can be purchased in the App Store for $5


GoPro intros Dive housing for dives up the nearly 200 feet

05/14, 11:50am

GoPro Dive housing now available for pre-order

GoPro has just announced that its Dive Housing is now available for pre-order. Compatible with all GoPro HD cameras, the housing is waterproof up to 197 feet (60m). The flat glass lens is said to offer sharpness and no vignetting effect.


Technicolor and GoPro to integrate Cinestyle in HD Hero2

04/18, 8:00pm

Free GoPro firmware available this summer

At NAB 2012 today,Technicolor and GoPro revealed the new GoPro Protune firmware update, integrating the CineStyle color profile into the popular HD Hero2 Camera line. The firmware update, which will be available for free this summer, adds both 24 frames per second recording and a new 35 Mbps recording data rate.


GoPro outs HD Hero 2 action camera with new features

10/24, 10:45am

GoPro HD Hero 2 out at $299, older Heros drop

GoPro on Monday rolled out its latest active lifestyle camera, the HD Hero 2. Its lens promises to be twice as sharp as the original and it gets a number of other enhancements. The Hero 2 can shoot ten 11-megapixel photos in one second with a time lapse feature that will capture an image every 0.5, one, two, 10, 30, and 60 seconds.


GoPro ships 3D Hero add-on for its 1080p HD Hero camera

04/04, 1:10pm

GoPro shipws 3D Hero accessory for $100

GoPro on Monday released an add-on for its 1080p HD Hero camera. Called the 3D Hero System, it attaches to the 1080p camera to create a system capable of recording 3D images. Included is a polycarbonate, waterproof housing that holds the newly formed device that uses a single shutter button to control both cameras.


GoPro puts out Battery BacPac for HD Hero camera

03/02, 3:40pm

BacPac charger/battery doubles record time

GoPro has launched the Battery BacPac for its 1080p HD Hero camera. The Battery BacPac can act as a standalone battery charger for HD Hero batteries or attach to the camera. When attached, the BacPac extends video and time-lapse photo record times of the HD Hero camera to over 5 hours.


GoPro intros LCD BacPac removable screen for cameras

02/01, 3:00pm

GoPro ships $80 LCD accessory for 1080p cameras

GoPro, maker of the Hero series of wearable cameras, has now announced the release of the LCD BacPac add-on. It attaches to the back on GoPro 1080p cameras and will allow users to view what they're shooting without guessing. GoPro is calling the LCD screen the first in a line of expansion modules for the cameras.


GoPro outs less expensive HD Hero 960 sports cam

10/01, 2:45pm

GoPro intros $180 HD Hero 960 action camera

Action camera maker GoPro has released the HD Hero 960 bundle, its most affordable to date. Unlike the company's flagship 1080p HD Hero, which costs $300, the new device is priced at $180. What buyers give up is resolution, as it's now capped at 1280x960, and no Hero Bus expansion port, so users can't connect external displays or batteries.



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