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The MacNN Gift Guide for the Traveler

11/26, 8:00am

Whether it's a brief hop or a long haul, you can travel in style

Every family has one member who's always on the road, either for business or personal travel. Whether it's your college-age kid backpacking around Europe, or your on-the-go brother who jet-sets to meetings around the globe. For the MacNN family, that guy is -- me. There's always a certain amount of tech we just have to bring along -- the trick is getting it all in there, yet keeping it light enough to not be a burden. In this Gift Guide, we'll take a look at some of my road-tested travel gear.


Back to School gift guide: for the student

08/28, 11:42am

Parents may get to relax, but the students back to school know the grind

Kids headed back to school has been a lucrative market for ages, and this year is no different. There's always been the need for television and music. Additionally this year's crop, like every other for the last 15 years, is digital, connected, and with these come an insatiable need for power to charge these devices. We've got ideas for the back to school crowd, to keep things organized, drown out the noise of the neighbors, and just to get things done.


Back to School gift guide for the newly freed adults

08/27, 12:07pm

Looking at little things you can give yourself, in the absence of children

Kids are great -- except when they aren't. The fall is fabulous for many reasons, not the least of which is sending the munchkins off to be educated for the day, and off to college for the older set. Yeah, kids are the future, but parental freedom is good -- and necessary too. In this gift guide, we look at a few options for parents sending their entire brood off to school.


The Beyond-Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide

12/24, 6:52am

Apps, e-cards and other instant-delivery options for the procrastinators

We're some 40 years overdue for flying cars, teleportation and printers that can output copies of our dreams, but there are a few methods by which the chronic procrastinators of this world can still swoop in with a last-minute gift for someone at Christmas they'll actually like. While Amazon has closed the doors to physical delivery of any products at this point -- even for Prime members - by the 25th, you still have perhaps a few hours left to send a Boxing Day present, or get in now to ensure a timely New Year's gift. Or you can read on for more suggestions.


Holiday Gift Guide -- gifts for gamers

12/22, 11:39am

Gaming peripherals, games for those wanting electronic entertainment

Gamers can be very selective in the types of things they want for the holidays, but Electronista and MacNN are offering some hints on gadgets that should appeal to any gamer on the shopping list. From smaller items that enhance play on consoles and computers, to a tablet that allows gamers the ultimate on-the-go experience, our gaming gift guide should prepare shoppers for the upcoming season.


Holiday Gift Guide -- gifts for the Apple gadgeteer

12/17, 11:55am

Christmas, like winter, is coming. Be prepared!

It's not too late, but its getting close. In fact, it's so close that any helping hand might be welcome to help pick presents for the Apple-centric device lover in your life. Good news! We see every conceivable gadget all year -- use our knowledge to benefit you! This week, Electronista and MacNN have suggestions for the best gift options for the Apple fan in your life.


Holiday Gift Guide for the techies in your life - part two

12/10, 10:15am

Gift cards are impersonal. Get a gadget instead!

The rubber's hitting the road on the Christmas season, and if the throngs around you aren't in the holiday spirit (read "panicked about buying") then they will be soon! Fortunately, its not too late for online ordering, and we've got your back! MacNN and Electronista have been squirreling away ideas for the gadget and accessory freak in your life. We did part one of this list last week, so here's more ideas for those hard to buy for people instead of a boring gift card!


Leading Android site recommends iPad Air 2 for Xmas

12/08, 9:59pm

'The iPad has been the gold standard in tablets since it was unveiled'

A top Android fan site, Android Police, has published its annual gift guide, with staff members recommending (and sometimes dissing) various top-flight models of Android phones and phablets. For straight-up tablets, however, the site picked the iPad Air 2 as its top pick over the expected Nexus 9 or Nvidia's Shield tablet. The surprise choice, said Senior Editor David Ruddock, was because "the Air 2 is reliable, predictable, and very fast," adding that the iPad "has been the gold standard in tablets since it was unveiled."


Holiday Gift Guide: Audio gear

11/26, 12:33pm

Elecronista and MacNN's guide to gifts for the digital audiophile

Audio enthusiasts might be some of the easiest people to select gifts for during the holidays, if for nothing else than the wealth of choices available. From Bluetooth speakers, headphones, audio amplifiers and radio options, it can be overwhelming to pick something. Here at Electronista and MacNN, we'll attempt to give shoppers some directions for the music lovers in their lives, compiling some of the best audio gear for the year in our annual gift guides.


Holiday Gift Guide: Smart watches and wearables

11/19, 9:40am

Which fashion-forward recipient will you gift with a smart watch?

Wearable devices have become an important part of the technology industry this year, with almost every manufacturer producing a smartwatch, fitness tracker, or some other form of technology designed to be worn, not carried. If you feel the need to buy a present for someone you know who wants a wearable item, here is Electronista and MacNN's first gift guide of the season, covering the newest expansion of mobile technology.


Electronista's Holiday Gadget Gift Guide: Last Minute Edition

12/22, 9:10pm

We really meant to get this to you earlier but kept putting it off

The last days before Christmas are a special time of year, full of family gatherings and carolers for some, and panic racing thoughts for others. Those latter holiday sentiments, of course, are for those among us who neglected to get all of our shopping done. Maybe you managed to secure a flight back home at the last minute, or maybe you just decided to forgive Uncle Bobby for that incident on Thanksgiving. No matter the cause, you've probably got a few last-minute acquisitions to make, and the gift budget may have already bled into the rest of your budget. Have no fear, though, Electronista is here with the Last Minute Edition of our Holiday Gadget Gift Guide, so there's no need to grab those Starbucks gift cards in bulk quite yet, as there's still time to get folks the tech gifts they'll love.


Electronista's Holiday Gadget Gift Guide: Road Warrior Edition

12/09, 8:05pm

They're on the road again, hook them up with the right tech

We're into the final stretch before Christmas, and maybe you've got just about everybody on your list sorted out, gift-wise. Everybody, that is, except for the one person you never see: the road warrior. The one that won't be dropping into the holiday family fun until Christmas Day proper, likely because they were off trekking about somewhere or another, be it for business or pleasure. The one that travels light and often. What can you get them that they won't conveniently "forget" on the kitchen table before rushing out to catch that flight? As always, we at Electronista have got your back, so click on through to the Road Warrior Edition of our Holiday Gadget Gift Guide in order to find out what tech you should be getting for your non-resident roomie or loved one.


Electronista's Holiday Gadget Gift Guide: Music Fan edition

11/27, 10:56pm

Black Friday, holidays offer good deals on wide range of pop gear

Black Friday is just around the corner, and it's entirely likely that there's a particular loved one you've been unable to think of something special: your resident musicophile. Fortunately, they're secretly among the easiest of all the people on your list to shop for. Normally we'd be a bit quieter in saying something like that, but your house audiophile is probably off somewhere wearing a pair of high-quality headphones, vibing to Bishop Nehru or Tame Impala -- don't worry, they'll tell you about those bands sooner or later. In the meantime, click through and check out the Music Lover edition of Electronista's Holiday Gadget Gift Guide, and we'll hip you to some tech gifts you can give them that will make them take pause -- and even press pause -- in surprise and delight.


Holiday Gadget Gift Guide: Workaholic Edition

11/05, 6:00pm

The right gifts to get Dad to acknowledge that it's Christmas

Most folks look forward to at least part of the holiday season as a sacred time for kicking back and relaxing, as one is meant to do on holidays. We've all got that one relative, though, that can't be satisfied with family and copious amounts of food: the Workaholic. Yes, that perplexing creature that pounds away at the Peterson report while everyone else is bickering over who gets to go first on the new PS4. Electronista knows your struggles in shopping for this strange beast, and we've put together a special installment of our Holiday Gadget Gift Guide aimed at outfitting your workaholic with the best tech gifts that will, well, probably just further their work addiction.


Electronista's Holiday Gadget Gift Guide: Fitness Edition

10/18, 6:36pm

Finding the right tech gifts for your fit friends

It used to be that holiday shopping season started the day after Thanksgiving, and one encountered Yuletide music only for just under a month. Halcyon days, those, but days gone by. Now, one is best served getting the jump on Christmas shopping early, and Electronista, as always, has your back. In the first installment of our Holiday Gadget Gift Guide, we're taking a look at the best fitness-oriented tech presents to keep hidden in the crawl space, because everyone already knows to look under your summer clothes in the closet.



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