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One final 'Get a Mac' ad to open WWDC?

06/07, 11:30am

Said to make fun of iPhone prototype debacle

Apple has one last Get a Mac ad to air, possibly as a part of today's WWDC keynote, rumors claim. The short is said to have been filmed at a bar in Greenpoint, Brooklyn last week, with John Hodgman (PC) as a bartender, attempting to get someone drunk in order to get his hands on an Apple prototype. Although it is not certain where the ad will be aired, actor Justin Long (Mac) is said to be notably missing.


Apple puts an end to 'Get a Mac' marketing campaign

05/21, 11:55am

Last TV ads date back to October

Apple now appears to have completely dropped its "Get a Mac" advertising campaign. The company's dedicated webpage now redirects to a revamped "Why You'll Love a Mac" section, claiming the superiority of Macs in areas like hardware, software and protection against viruses. As with Get a Mac, the replacement situates itself in opposition to the Windows PC market.


Adweek calls "Get a Mac" the ad campaign of the decade

12/14, 2:40pm

Apple spots beat Truth, MasterCard ads

Apple's "Get a Mac" ads have been called the campaign of the decade, according to Adweek's Best of the 2000s report. The series, created by TBWA/Media Arts Lab, has been aired since 2006 and now includes over 60 different ads. Most of the commercials have been relentlessly critical of Microsoft and its Windows operating system.


New Get a Mac ads target Windows 7

10/22, 11:05pm

Apple reminds viewers of Vista's shortcomings

Apple has released several new "Get a Mac" ads, each specifically targeting Windows 7. The first segment, "PC News," shows PC character John Hodgman sitting behind a news anchor desk for live coverage of the Windows 7 launch. To his dismay, the field reporter interviews customers that express how excited they are to switch to a Mac.


Microsoft Songsmith ad features MacBook Pro

01/16, 1:15pm

MB Pro in Microsoft ad

As the 'I'm a PC' and 'Get a Mac' ad campaigns continue to battle, Microsoft appears to have presented a MacBook Pro in an online promotion for its Songsmith software. The notebook is cleverly disguised with flower stickers, including a decal placed over the Apple logo, although part of the fruit's white stem can still be seen. Although MacBooks can run Windows, the intense rivalry between the two companies would seemingly encourage the ad agency to choose amongst other computer manufacturers.


Apple releases two 'Get a Mac' holiday ads

12/15, 11:30pm

Get a Mac holiday ads

Apple has released two new Get a Mac ads with holiday themes, "Tree Trimming" and "I Can Do Anything." Both videos are animated in a style reminiscent of the stop-motion technique employed by the original Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer TV special, although the PC and Mac characters are still voiced by John Hodgman and Justin Long, respectively. The holiday series diverges from the attacks against Vista and gets back to a lighter, more humorous tone.


Apple launches new Web-based Get a Mac ad

11/13, 9:30pm

Internet Get a Mac ad

Apple has launched its latest Get a Mac ad that highlights a customer satisfaction survey, as featured on sites such as and John Hodgman, playing the role of PC, starts off by noticing the results of a customer satisfaction survey. He walks off the screen and tries to change the results, despite resistance from the Mac character played by Justin Long. After PC points out that customer service is now dropping, the final screen shows that Mac ranks number one in an American Customer Satisfaction Index survey.


New Apple ads see 70% of MS ad views online

10/29, 8:55pm

Mac PC Viral Video

In the ongoing competitive ad campaign battle between Microsoft and Apple, the recent "Get a Mac" ads have achieved nearly 70 percent of the "I'm a PC" online views, according to Visible Measures viral video research that compared numbers only from the first week after each launch. The Apple ads achieved twice as many placements with distinct URLs than the Microsoft campaign in the same period of time.


Apple deals: refurb Macs, Time Capsule, more

10/24, 9:00pm

Apple deals: refurb Macs,

A vast selection of refurbished Macs are currently being offered at Apple's online store at discount prices. The 20-inch iMac with 1GB of memory, 250GB hard drive and 2.4GHz processor is priced at $999. Get a Mac Pro with 2.8GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon processor, 2GB of memory and 320GB hard drive for $1,999. Currently one MacBook model, in white, is being offered at $1049 with a 2.4GHz processor, 2GB of memory and 160GB hard drive. Fifteen inch MacBook Pros start at $1,299 with 1GB of memory, 120GB hard drive and 2.16GHz processor while 17-inch MacBook Pro models start at $1,899 with 2GB of memory, 160GB hard drive and 2.33GHz processor. Lastly is the 1.6GHz MacBook Air with 2GB of memory and 80GB PATA hard drive for $1,349.


New Get a Mac ad implies wasted spending by Microsoft

10/22, 12:30am

New Get a Mac ad

Apple's latest Get a Mac ad stokes the marketing rivalry between the company and its primary competitor, Microsoft. The ad, available online, suggests that Microsoft sets its customers' needs at a low priority, exemplified by the ad campaign costing millions that could have been spent reworking Windows Vista. This is the third ad in a recent series that has focused on Microsoft's exorbitant advertising spending which began with the Seinfeld/Gates commercials that completely omitted any information regarding its products.


Apple posts new web-based Get a Mac ad [video]

09/09, 10:40am

Web-based Get a Mac ad

A new web-based "Get a Mac" ad from Apple is being circulated online, through sites such as The ad relies on two separate banners, each with video; the focus is on the right one, where "PC" (John Hodgman) drags in an op-ed article, entitled "Stop Switching to Mac." PC claims that people are switching to Macs at an "alarming rate," and that the public needs to know about the crisis.


MS to counter Apple, Mac OS with new ad campaign

07/09, 1:20am

MS to challenge Apple

Calling Vista the most secure operating in the world (and taking jabs at Mac OS X security), Microsoft on Tuesday relented in its defense of the problematic Windows Vista, which has been the butt of many of Apple's jokes through its "Get a Mac" ad campaign. The Microsoft exec admitted that the system broke many things and said he feels badly for users' plights; the world's largest software developer, however, will counter Apple's anti-Windows/Vista campaign: "We've got a pretty noisy competitor out there," Brooks said of Apple whose "I'm a Mac... and I'm a PC," commercials criticize Windows Vista. "You know it. I know it. It's caused some impact. We're going to start countering it. They tell us it's the iWay or the highway. We think that's a sad message. Software out there is made to be compatible with your whole life."


The Onion hosts new Get a Mac commercial

06/16, 4:25pm

The Onion Get a Mac

Apple's online "Get a Mac" ad campaign has a new advertisement to add to its ranks, as John Hodgman's PC character draws attention to his brand new PC Newswire, a banner located above the side panel where he and Justin Long's Mac character stand. PC hopes that it will help his case against Mac, whose recent popularity has been widely reported in the news, but soon sees that the "Top PC News Stories" all seem to revolve around problems with Windows Vista.


Apple event security paranoia: bathroom escorts

06/13, 9:15pm

Apple security paranoia

Apple's notorious secrecy when dealing with unreleased product is especially prevalent at conferences as journalists and the like are ferried around by Apple PR reps to avoid early leaks, heavily contrasting the easy-going image of actor Justin Long in the famous "Get a Mac" commercials. Computerworld writer Matt Hamblen had a need at WWDC to repeatedly use the washroom, each time he was escorted by a friendly, but stern Apple representative.


Apple debuts 'Get a Mac' TV ads ['Sad Song' added]

05/13, 11:50pm

Two new 'Get a Mac' ads

Apple has premiered two more TV ads in its "Get a Mac" series, pitting Apple computers against those with Windows. The first of these, "Pep Rally," features a squad of cheerleaders, and positions Macs as having "record sales," and being the most popular computers on college campuses. The second ad is entitled "Group," and continues the arc of Windows Vista suffering from instability issues, whereas Macs are positioned as reliable and less crash-prone. Update: Apple has posted yet another ad titled "Sad Song," in which PC, dressed as a cowboy, laments the loss of users by singing the Vista Blues: "So many users are leaving me and ain't coming back: Vista's got issues...they're leaving me for Mac."


Apple airs new banner ad on NY Times, WSJ

03/21, 6:10pm

Apple airs new banner ad

Echoing the earlier advertisement shown on various websites, Apple has revealed another "Get a Mac" banner ad which is currently showing on both the Wall Street Journal and New York Times homepages. The ad begins with Mac and PC standing in a banner on the side, with PC expressing dissatisfaction with an inflammatory remark made by CNET regarding how Vista is "one of the biggest blunders in technology."


Oregon State increases reliance on Macs

02/26, 9:25pm

Oregon State Mac usage

A growing number of professors at Oregon State University are relying on Macs, according to one report. Reasons for the increased Mac usage include PC compatibility, an improved operating system, 'Get a Mac' ads, and better technical support. While Macs don't comprise a majority of the computers at Oregon State -- roughly 150 out of 3,000, or 5 percent -- the number of Macs is rising, according to CIO. "Macs are more friendly to PC users than they used to be," said Tammy Barr, the director of technology services at the school. Apple's Boot Camp software and applications like Parallels Desktop enable PC users to work in their own environment on newer Macs, easing the transition process.


Apple churns out 'Referee' Get a Mac ad

01/07, 12:45pm

'Referee' Get a Mac ad

Apple has churned out yet another 'Get a Mac' TV ad starring actor Justin Long as 'Mac' and Comedian Jon Hodgman as 'PC.' The latest spot begins with the usual introductions, after which a referee dressed in uniform blows a whistle and informs both sides that they may begin. Mac inquires about the ref, and PC gladly explains that he is present to make sure Mac plays fair when talking about Mac OS X Leopard vs. Windows Vista.


iPhone, 'Get a Mac' ads top USA Today list

01/02, 10:25am

Apple ads top 2007 list

Apple's iPhone and 'Get a Mac' TV ads are among the most admirable of 2007, according to a list of the most memorable ad moments in 10 major categories published by USA TODAY. The Cupertino-based company's iPhone topped the publication's 'Made me want to buy it now' category by showcasing the device's functions in a close-up shot of the screen. Apple also earned the 'Best characters/mascots/spokespeople' title for Actor Justin Long and comedian John Hodgman in their roles of Mac and PC.


Apple posts holiday Get a Mac ad

12/13, 6:15pm

Holiday Get a Mac ad

Apple today posted a new 'Get a Mac' TV spot on its website depicting animated characters singing 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town.' Animated versions of 'Mac' Justing Long and 'PC' John Hodgman accompany Santa Claus as they proceed to sing the classic Christmas tune. Partway through the song, however, 'PC' decides to interject his own lyrics about purchasing a PC rather than a Mac this holiday season. 'Mac' and Santa both express dissatisfaction with the lyrical changes, and Apple finishes the spot with a few snowflakes falling in front of an iMac.


Apple airs new 'Get a Mac' TV ad: Misprint

12/04, 10:20am

New 'Get a Mac' ad airs

Apple has launched a new 'Get a Mac' ad highlighting recent test results, which found that a Mac laptop ran Windows Vista faster than all other portables. The commercial begins with the usual introduction of 'Mac' starring Justin Long and 'PC,' played by John Hodgman. 'PC' immediately notions for Mac to wait as he begins a telephone conversation with PCWorld to report a misprint.


Apple ads: Mary J Blige, Web-only Get-a-Mac

11/23, 8:40pm

Mary J Blige iTunes ad

Apple has unveiled a new iPod + iTunes ad, featuring Mary J. Blige's Work That, while the company's Web marketing tactics are becoming increasingly aggressive, with a new banner ad targeting Windows Vista. The iTunes ad features a mostly-silhouetted Blige blowing a handful of sparkles from her palm, creating the golden gossamer environment for the commercial. Amber light shines from the background, where floral patterns are intricately produced, while backup dancers join Blige as she dances.



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