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Gartner: iPhone share growing while overall smartphone market cools

08/20, 12:55pm

China iPhone sales continuing to skyrocket amid contracting market

A new report from industry analyst Gartner claims that Apple's iPhone sales are continuing to grow, and that Samsung's sales are continuing to fall, particularly in China. Overall, the report says that Apple's worldwide smartphone share increased 36 percent, rising 2.4 percentage points to 14.6 percent, while Samsung's sales have dropped 5.3 percent year-over-year. In China, Apple's sales grew by 68 percent, while the overall Chinese smartphone market fell four percent compared to the same quarter last year.


Mac sales up, PC sales down, Apple remains top US smartphone brand

04/11, 8:30pm

Macs up nine percent, iPhone holds steady in US market

Led by gains in the US market both for its Mac computers and its iPhone 6 lineup, Apple continued to gain share where rivals lost it in the latest reports from both Gartner and ComScore. Although Apple actually lost a tenth of a percent in marketshare in smartphones in the US from last quarter, chief rival Samsung dropped ten times more, falling 1.1 percent on weaker demand. Apple now has 12 percent marketshare in the US, a nine percent gain year-over-year.


Gartner confirms Apple now top smartphone seller globally

03/03, 3:24pm

New report partially reiterates earlier IDC analysis on record holiday quarter

While significantly disagreeing on the shipment or sales numbers of its rivals, analysis firms IDC and Gartner have agreed that Apple surpassed all expectations in a number of areas with its record-shattering calendar Q4 performance, with Gartner awarding Apple the crown of top smartphone seller in the world. An earlier report by IDC had Apple barely missing the top spot, claiming that Samsung shipped 75.1 million units, despite a sharp drop in profits and revenue.


Apple's iPhone gains share, will likely topple second-place Nokia

12/17, 2:25am

Overall smartphone market shows growth, but top two leaders lose share

According to new quarterly figures from industry analysts Gartner, enormous growth by Apple's iPhone has eroded worldwide mobile phone share -- including both smartphones and feature phones -- from top seller Samsung and second-place Nokia, with Apple potentially taking the second spot from Nokia after this quarter's expected record-breaking iPhone sales are announced. For the most recent quarter, Apple was within one percentage point of matching Nokia in a market seeing strong overall growth.


Two-year decline of PC shipments ended in second quarter, says Gartner

07/09, 7:31pm

Worldwide shipments up 0.1 percent over second quarter 2013, US shipments up 7.4 percent

Following up on the projections it says that PC shipments worldwide witnessed flat growth during the second quarter of 2014. Total PC shipments, which includes desktops, notebooks and premium ultra-mobiles, peaked at 75.7 million units, with the United States taking up 15.9 million of the total.


Gartner: PC market to see small revival, tablets to outship computers

07/09, 4:53pm

Migration from XP gives market a kick, 2015 tablet shipments to beat PCs by 4 million

Earlier this week, technology research company Gartner released its projections for 2014 and 2015 computer sales, indicating that PC shipments would see a small loss from the previous year before seeing an uptick in 2015. The increase in shipments comes after a trend of declining sales, as consumers shift buying habits and hold onto PCs longer. As a result, the number of tablets shipped in 2015 are expected to surpass PCs for the first time.


Gartner reinforces PC market misery, reports 8.6 percent shipment drop

10/09, 5:54pm

Most recent decline marks sixth consecutive quarter of industry losses

Industry watchdog Gartner has released its own version numbers echoed earlier by IDC, and claims that worldwide PC shipments totaled 80.3 million units in the third quarter of 2013, an 8.6 percent decline from the same period last year. The most recent descent marks the sixth consecutive quarter of declining worldwide shipments. Lenovo accounted for 17.6 percent of global PC shipments in the third quarter, with HP holding 17.1 percent according to the preliminary results. Gartner's findings vary from IDC's numbers, sometimes substantially, but the overall trend and findings are the same.


Gartner: quarterly smartphone sales beat feature phones for first time

08/14, 12:27pm

Android 79 percent of smartphone market, iOS 14.2-percent share

Research by Gartner suggests that sales of smartphones have exceeded those of feature phones for the first time. While global smartphone sales have increased by 3.6 to 435 million in the second quarter of 2013 compared to the same period last year, according to Gartner's own figures, smartphones make up 225 million of the total, a year-on-year increase of 46.5 percent, with feature phones seeing a 21-percent year-on-year decline to 210 million units.


Gartner: PC industry worldwide plummeting, Apple not immune to drop

07/10, 5:02pm

Apple US shipments fall, but gain in marketshare

Worldwide PC shipments -- desktop and notebook -- dropped to 76 million units in the second quarter of 2013, a 10.9 percent decrease from the same period last year, according to preliminary results by market analystsGartner. This marks the fifth consecutive quarter of declining shipments, which is the longest duration of decline in the PC market’s history. The fall in the Asia/Pacific PC market continued, showing five consecutive quarters of the shipment decline, while the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) PC market registered two consecutive quarters of double-digit decline.


Apple retains third place in US PC sales, gains 5.4 percent

01/15, 6:00am

Windows 8 fails to kickstart PC sales in Q4 2012

Preliminary PC shipment data produced by Gartner shows that Apple has held on to the number three position in the US market in the fourth quarter of 2012. Although PC shipments declined in the US by 2.1 percent year over year dropping to 17.5 million units, Apple managed to boost its sales by 5.4 percent over its 2011 fourth quarter results. HP retained its number one position in the US, boosting its sales by 12.6 percent, while Dell retained second position but went backwards with 16.5 percent fewer sales for the quarter.


PC shipments continues decline in Q4, down 4.9 percent

01/14, 10:58am

Apple increases US-based shipments year-on-year

Shipments of personal computers have continued to decline, according to market analyst firm Gartner. Sales have declined in the fourth quarter in 2012 by 4.9-percent compared to the same period in 2011, with a combination of the weak global economy and the availability of cheap and accessible tablets reportedly to blame.


Gartner: mobile market shrinks ahead of next iPhone

08/14, 7:29am

New research shows pent up iPhone demand affected total sales

New research by by Gartner indicates that the global smartphone market contracted by 2.3 percent last quarter against the same period last year. Gartner attributed the fall in sales to the highly anticipated launch of the first all-new iPhone design in two years. Also a factor, is the "challenging global environment" which is also expected to effect Apple's third quarter sales ahead of the new iPhone shipping.


Western European PC market soft, Apple increases UK share

08/10, 1:05am

Economy, imminent Windows 8 release, tablet market cited

Mirroring global trends, PC market analyst firm Gartner reports that PC shipments in western Europe declined 2.4 percent in the second quarter of 2012 over the same period in 2011. Mobile PC shipments grew four percent, while desktop workstation shipments declined 12.8 percent. The professional PC market declined 5.3 percent, with 0.4 percent growth in the consumer PC market.


Apple grows to 12 percent US share in worldwide PC slump

07/11, 7:00pm

US PC sales drop 5-10 percent, worldwide down 0.1 percent

According to preliminary results from analysts at Gartner and IDC, worldwide PC shipments contracted by 0.1 percent, with the US driving the decrease. The latest report marks the seventh consecutive quarter of no or limited overall growth. HP tops the charts worldwide, but with a significant loss of marketshare from a year ago. Lenovo has scavenged from HP's loss, claiming the second-place spot in both the IDC and Gartner polls. Apple holds third place in the US, but did not rank in the top five worldwide. The charts include all desktop and laptop sales, but do not include enterprise servers or tablet-based computers.


IDC, Gartner: Apple over 10% of US PCs, worldwide PCs drag

04/11, 5:05pm

IDC and Gartner give early Q1 2012 estimates

Both Gartner and IDC provided early estimates of winter 2012 market share that showed Apple making big strides in the US. The two gave the Mac a tentative share of 10 or 10.6 percent, in either case enough to put it in third place. Both saw rapidly falling Acer and Toshiba below Apple in share.


Gartner: tablets to surge 98% in 2012, iPad to lead in 2016

04/10, 12:10pm

Gartner sees iPad still leading in four years

Apple will stay out in front of the tablet market for at least the next four years, Gartner predicted in a long-term estimate on Tuesday. The analyst group saw sales for the entire tablet market for 2012 nearly doubling, up 98 percent to 118.9 million, with Apple still in the clear majority at 73 million. While the gap would close, Apple would keep the largest piece of the market even until 2016.


Gartner: Samsung has 3X Apple's smartphone share in China

03/11, 11:20pm

Samsung has 24pc of China sartphones

Gartner on Sunday revealed the extent to which Apple's share of China's smartphones trailed others. Although Apple leads worldwide, it sat at 7.5 percent, or fifth place, in China's sphere. Samsung, in the lead at 24.3 percent, had over three times as much share.


iPhone cedes share in China to ZTE as Samsung ousts Nokia

02/17, 8:20am

iPhone dips in Chinese share pre-4S launch

Region-specific Gartner data has shown that Apple was losing Chinese smartphone market share in the last few months before the local release of the iPhone 4S. Its portion dropped from 10.4 percent in the summer to 7.5 percent in the fall. The company mostly lost its fourth place position to local designer ZTE's 11 percent.


Gartner: Apple No 1 vendor in Q4, but faces likely slowdown

02/15, 6:20am

Gartner: iPhone demand to stay strong, but taper

Research analytics firm Gartner has released its Q4 report, which shows that Apple took a 24 percent share of the global smartphone market -- the largest share of any single smartphone maker. This was aided by pent-up demand following the extended 15-month period where the iPhone 4 was on sale resulting in Apple achieving a a 121.4 percent of year-over-year increase in iPhone sales over the October to December period. While Apple reported that it shipped 37 million iPhones during the last quarter, Gartner estimates that 35.5 million of these ended up in users' hands helping to push Apple past LG as the world’s third largest mobile phone maker.


Gartner: Apple nearly only PC builder gaining European share

02/07, 9:35am

Garnter paints bleak picture for Windows in Europe

New Gartner data breaking down European computer market share has shown poor results for almost every computer builder outside of Apple. Continent-wide, both market leader HP as well as Acer, Dell, and Toshiba were all dropping market share. Only ASUS (up 1.5 points) increased share based solely on its own merits among the top five; Lenovo's gain was inflated by its acquiring Medion last June.


Gartner: Apple PC share jumps 20% in Europe as Acer plunges

11/14, 11:55am

Gartner sees Apple, ASUS taking over European PCs

Apple and ASUS are cutting deeply into the European computer market, Gartner found on Monday. Apple was now in the top five in Western Europe, having seen its shipments this past summer jump 19.6 percent over the past year to get it 7.6 percent. ASUS was the only other company in the top five to gain share and grew roughly as quickly, with a 20.3 percent jump putting it above Dell at 10.6 percent of the computer space.


IDC more cautious on Apple gains, sees Lenovo push out Acer

10/12, 7:35pm

IDC Q3 2011 gives Apple 11.3pc share, Acer out

IDC early estimates showed a major shakeup underway in the US PC market headed by Apple. While not as aggressive as Gartner, it saw Apple being the only top computer maker outside of HP to gain share, growing nearly a point to hit 11.3 percent this summer. Toshiba was also reversing its years of gains and was down to exactly eight percent, giving Apple a comfortable third place.


Gartner: Mac up to 12.9% in US, Lenovo second worldwide

10/12, 5:20pm

Gartner Q3 2011 shows Mac still on rapid rise

The Mac is now solidly in third place in US market share, Gartner's summer estimates showed. At a predicted 2.3 million Macs, Apple will have shot from 10.8 percent a year ago to 12.9 percent. Once-growing Toshiba has now started shrinking and fell slightly to 8.4 percent for fourth place, while Acer's vulnerability to the iPad left it falling by a quarter to fifth place at 7.8 percent.


Apple gets selective on Lion vs. Windows 7 adoption numbers

10/04, 6:20pm

Apple uses relative growth vs Microsoft

Apple during its Let's Talk iPhone event claimed to have outpaced Microsoft in terms of practical OS adoption. In contextualizing six million downloads of Mac OS X Lion, CEO Tim Cook claimed that the Mac's relative adoption rate was much faster, taking two weeks to reach 10 percent of the user base where Microsoft took 20. Downloads helped lead to the faster growth, he said.


Gartner: iPad has 73.4% of tablets in 2011 as Android flails

09/22, 11:15am

Gartner sees no Android, W8 threat to iPad soon

Gartner refreshed its estimates for tablet share in a view that further cemented Apple's lead. It now saw the iPad taking more share in 2011 than predicted just five months ago, up five points to 73.4 percent, or 46.7 million iPads. The analyst group lowered its expectations for Android at the same time and saw it getting just 17.3 percent, or 11 million tablets.


Gartner cuts PC growth to 3.8% on economy, tablet revolution

09/08, 9:05am

Gartner cautious on PC growth in 2011 and 2012

Gartner lowered its predictions for growth in the PC industry for 2011 to 3.8 percent on Thursday. The cut was a steep drop from a predicted 9.3 percent and blamed partly on tough economies in Europe and the US, leading customers to hold back. Research lead Ranjit Atwal saw the larger issue as a transition away from conventional PCs, however, and gave particular concern for Microsoft as its core business was losing luster across much of the public.


Microsoft: Windows Phone at 20% in 2015 is conservative

09/02, 1:50pm

Microsoft exec thinks WP7 will get much more share

Predictions by analysts that Windows Phone would crest 20 percent by 2015 are not only realistic but cautious, Windows Phone marketing lead Achim Berg said in an interview late Thursday. He expected to go beyond that as a combination of new hardware partners and greater publicity garnered attention. While not giving an estimate to Bloomberg, his figure would put Windows Phone beyond the iPhone.


Microsoft: Windows tablets are catching up, PC still young

08/20, 2:15pm

Microsoft maintains PC not middle-aged yet

Microsoft's Corporate Communications VP Frank Shaw maintained his defense of Windows again with a response to the upheaval of the past few weeks. Trying once more to downplay "post-PC" talk, he argued that PCs not only had some core features that only they could do but that devices like the iPad were losing the advantage. Tablets were just "companions," and computers were "rapidly and dramatically" improving on what these and other mobile devices were doing, Shaw said.


Apple only major PC builder in Western Europe still growing

08/17, 10:50pm

Mac grows in Europe in Q2 2011 while Windows falls

Apple was the only major computer manufacturer in Western Europe to keep growing this past spring, Gartner uncovered in a continent-wide breakdown on Wednesday. Apple only grew shipments by half a percent to hit seven percent of the market, but all Windows-based PC makers dropped in the same period. HP and Dell gained share but still saw their shipments drop by 6.1 percent and 12.7 percent each, while Acer faced a disastrous 44.6 percent after its 'abnormalities' in overstock forced it to ship 44.6 percent fewer PCs and drop to second place at 16.7 percent.


Gartner: US Mac sales climb as competitors stumble

07/13, 5:45pm

Most PC makers show a decline in sales

Apple has continued to achieve strong sales in the US, as one of only two companies to show positive growth from the second quarter of 2010 to the second quarter of this year, according to data collected by research firm Gartner. Mac sales in the US market were up by 8.5 percent, outpacing Apple's closest competitor, Toshiba, which showed gains of just 3.3 percent.


Gartner: PC growth slowing to 9.3% through iPad effect

06/08, 11:30am

Gartner sees PC slowing in 2011 due to tablets

PC sales won't grow as much as expected for 2011 in the wake of tablets like the iPad, Gartner said on Wednesday. Originally expecting the field to grow by 10.5 percent, it lowered the mark to 9.3 percent and a total of 385 million computers. The analyst group blamed it chiefly on the collapse of netbooks following the iPad's release. Tablets like Apple's weren't necessarily replacing all notebooks, but they often led people to stall getting a new portable PC.


Gartner: Android hits 36%, just 1.6m Windows Phones sold

05/19, 8:10am

Android up to 36pc as Symbian, Windows collapse

A breakdown of phone share in early 2011 by Gartner has given Android another large leap in share while providing a rare direct estimate of Microsoft's actual Windows Phone sales. About 36.27 million Android devices shipped in the first quarter of 2011 and hit 36 percent, more than triple its share at the start of 2010. Microsoft meanwhile collapsed from 6.8 percent share a year ago to 3.6 percent as Windows Phone did little to offset a slight dip in phones to 3.66 million, just 1.6 million of which were modern Windows Phone devices.


Gartner sees SSDs costing $1 per gigabyte in 2012

05/11, 4:30pm

Small, efficient footprint help them go mainstream

Gartner, an industry market research firm covering the computer and IT market, predicts that prices for SSD (Solid State Drive) storage drives will drop below $1 per gigabyte in the second half of 2012. That's about 1/2 of current prices. SSDs, which use NAND flash technology are smaller, more power efficient and faster than conventional hard drives, but their high price and smaller capacities have limited their attractiveness to the consumer market. A traditional hard drive has capacity of up to 3TB, for which prices can be as low as 5-cents per gigabyte.


Intel gets record Q1 2011 results, doubts PC's death

04/19, 6:40pm

Intel Q1 2011 sees PC staying healthy

Intel posted record results on Tuesday that also cast doubt on claims of tablets hurting the market. Its revenue was up 25 percent to $12.8 billion and its net profit up by 29 percent to $3.3 billion. Most of that growth came from its datacenter chip team, whose revenue was up 32 percent, but it still saw its core PC chip group's revenue up by 17 percent as the second-generation Core (Sandy Bridge) take off.


NPD: MacBook Pro goosed Apple sales 47% while PC rivals sank

04/18, 3:45pm

NPD says Mac sales up 47pc while PCs on way down

New NPD data in a research note later on Monday from Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster suggested that the new MacBook Pro may have pushed Apple well ahead in growth in the computer market. March sales in the US were estimated to be up 47 percent compared to a year earlier following the much faster line's introduction in late February. The growth came after more modest but still healthy 20 percent and 12 percent year-to-year increases in January and February.


Gartner sees Apple at 5th in PCs, iPad still crippling Acer

04/13, 5:50pm

Gartner Q1 2011 has Apple 5th, Acer hurt by iPad

Gartner on Wednesday published a preliminary estimate for winter in sharp contrast to IDC's results that nonetheless shared a view that the iPad was shrinking PC sales, especially those of Acer. It saw Acer still holding on to third place in the US, but the system designer's share dropped 24.9 percent from year-to-year to put it at 11.3 percent of the US. Apple was at fifth place with 9.3 percent, but its market share grew a rapid 18.9 percent and made it the fastest-growing of the group.


Gartner: iPad will outsell Android tablets to at least 2015

04/11, 7:35am

Gartner sees iPad over Android until 2015

A fresh long-term protection from Gartner has given Apple the lead in the tablet market for at least the next four years. In spite of the Xoom and other Android 3.0 tablets, the iPad is still expected to dominate 2011 with 68.7 percent share and to only gradually decrease. It would have 63.5 percent of the tablet arena in 2012 and would still have the largest share in 2015 at 47.1 percent.


Gartner: iPad saving technology spending in 2011

03/30, 2:00pm

Gartner says iPad, tablets helping save IT costs

Gartner in a study credited tablets, primarily the iPad, to saving tech spending in 2011. Apple and the others following it into the field would help boost IT spending this year by 5.6 percent, to $3.6 trillion. Without them, spending would have gone slightly down, research VP Richard Gordon said.


Gartner lowers PC expectations in wake of iPad 2

03/03, 11:15am

Gartner drops PC estimates after iPad 2 event

Analysts at Gartner lowered their expectations for PCs on Thursday in the immediate aftermath of the iPad 2. The group now expects PC shipments to hit 440.6 million in 2012, still a 13.6 percent bump from what's expected this year but down from the previously predicted 14.8 percent. Tablets like the iPad and Xoom are now more likely to "dramatically slow" notebooks and would not only prevent buying secondary notebooks but lead some to skip getting a notebook altogether, research lead George Shiffler said.


iPad helps push Apple past HP to be top portable 'PC' maker

02/16, 10:35am

DisplaySearch says Apple now top in PCs with iPad

Apple may have wrested the top spot from HP in portable computing if its surging iPad sales are factored in, DisplaySearch said in an estimate. The combination of the tablet and Macs saw Apple ship 10.2 million portables of some kind in the fall to claim 17.2 percent of the market. HP's clinging to traditional Windows notebooks PCs would have dropped it to second place at 9.3 million, or 15.6 percent.


Gartner: Apple market share surges as overall PC sales slide

01/12, 6:55pm

Holiday PC sales weak in many areas

Apple's market share among computer makers in the US has continued to surge, despite an overall decline in PC sales, according to data collected by research firm Gartner. Mac shipments climbed by 23.7 percent to reach 1.86 million units, bringing Apple's market share up to 9.7 percent in the US.


Apple is third-largest portable maker with iPad included

12/07, 12:35pm

DisplaySearch says Apple no 3 in portables w iPad

Merging the iPad with Apple's notebook shipment numbers would make it the third-largest portable computer maker in the world, DisplaySearch said in a new study. Adding the 4.2 million tablets would give Apple 6.3 million shipments, it said, pushing it above Dell (6.1 million) and Toshiba (4.3 million). The result was actually low as it was based on preliminary figures; Apple's official results saw it ship over 2.6 million MacBooks and nearly 4.2 million iPads, or 6.8 million portables in total.


Samsung wrests top spot in US Android phones from Motorola

12/03, 9:35am

Samsung claims US Android lead with 32pc share

Samsung today said it had taken the top spot in the US among Android manufacturers. The company was responsible for 32.1 percent of all Android phones sold in the US this summer, according to Gartner. The success was almost exclusively attributed to Galaxy S phones, which had reached three of four major carriers at the time.


Gartner: PCs shipping in smaller numbers due to iPad effect

11/29, 10:00am

Gartner lowers 2010 PC estimates due to iPad

The iPad's influence on the market has led to a direct drop in the estimated sales for this year and next, Gartner said today. It lowered its estimates for PC shipments in 2010 down to 352.4 million as a direct result of tablets; the number was still up 14.3 percent from last year but down from a 17.9 percent jump estimated as recently as September. Analysts also dropped their guesses for 2011 from 18.1 percent growth to 15.9 percent for similar reasons.


Symbian and BlackBerry share crashes, Android and iPhone up

11/10, 9:00am

Gartner Q3 2010 phone share has Android near Nokia

Symbian has lost more than a sixth of its smartphone market share in just the past year, Gartner found today. The platform, used almost exclusively by Nokia, fell from 44.6 percent last summer to 36.6 percent a year later. RIM's BlackBerry platform, despite its record high sales, also plunged sharply as it fell from 20.7 percent a year ago to 14.8 percent this summer.


Gartner: iPad to push tablets to 54.8m, threaten netbooks

10/15, 2:40pm

Gartner says iPad to push tablets to 54.8m in 2011

The iPad will be the primary factor in both high tablet sales this year and three times as many sales next year, Gartner said in a new estimate today. Continuing very strong sales of Apple's tablet would push overall tablet sales to 19.5 million for all of 2010 and 54.8 million in 2011. By 2014, the category could be larger than netbooks with over 208 million units sold.


iPad could help Apple outsell ASUS, Lenovo and Toshiba

10/14, 11:05am

DisplaySearch sees iPad helping Apple pass Lenovo

The iPad could be Apple's key to outselling much of the portable computing market, DisplaySearch said in its latest report. Opting to include the iPad the same category as notebooks, the group expects Apple to ship nine million tablets in the second half of the year and to immediately vault over ASUS, Lenovo and Toshiba to become the fourth-largest portable computer seller in the world. Going Mac-only has previously kept Apple stuck between sixth and eighth place.


Gartner: Apple, Acer in dead heat for US market share

10/13, 5:30pm

Gartner sees Apple tied with Acer at 10.4pc share

Gartner tonight followed up on IDC results by supporting views that Apple has closed on Acer in the US computer market. Apple in its view jumped to 10.4 percent share with 1.83 million Macs; the figure put it less than 17,000 computers away from Acer, whose share plummeted to 10.5 percent. The analyst group wasn't as optimistic about Apple's performance as it only would have shipped 13.7 percent more computers, although this was well over the 2.2 percent average.


Gartner: ‘Hype Cycle’ peaks for iPad, 3D displays and 4G

10/10, 6:20am

Hype and weight of expectation versus ownership

Market research specialist Gartner has issued its 2010 ‘Hype Cycle’ report, which tracks consumer reaction and purchasing responses to emerging technologies for each year. According to the report, consumers have reached the peak of inflated expectations for tablet devices like the iPad and 3D TV, which is then followed by a trough as expectations may not necessarily live up to promise offered by the new technology, usually because it is yet to fully mature.


LG Electronics chief resigns over poor phone sales

09/17, 8:15am

LG Elec CEO quits to take blame for phone share

LG Electronics CEO Nam Yong resigned today to take responsibility for poor phone sales. The executive will leave as of October 1 and will be replaced by early company veteran and LG International head Koo Bon-joon. Replacements normally wait until the end of the year, but the company wanted to give Bon-joon time to prepare for the next year, LG said.



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