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Game Replay: Rock Band 4 pricing, Hearthstone Grand Tournament ships

08/25, 11:00pm

Gaming news summary for August 26, 2015

Welcome to the Game Replay, the thrice-weekly look at the wider world of gaming by the staff of MacNN. In today's edition, Harmonix explains why the Xbox One version of Rock Band 4 will cost more than the PlayStation 4 edition, Blizzard releases The Grand Tournament for Hearthstone, a new Magic: The Gathering game is on the horizon, and GOG Galaxy's beta client reaches version 1.1.


Apple Game Roundup: Mac Gamer HQ giveaway, Fortnite on Mac, more

06/12, 1:04pm

Apple Game Roundup for June 12

On Tuesdays and Fridays, MacNN takes a few minutes to round up important goings-on in the Mac and iOS gaming world. In today's entry we look at Mac Gamer HQ's GOG coupon giveaway, the announcement of Fortnite for Mac, the launch of Transistor on iOS, and the new free version of Threes!.


Mac Game Review: Total War: Shogun 2 Collection

05/29, 9:33am

Keizoku wa chikara nari!

"Persevere and never fear." Excellent advice for those who choose to undertake the massive gaming experience that is Total War: Shogun 2 Collection, from Sega and Feral Interactive. For those who have never delved into the series, the Total War games are a series of war games that combine real-time tactics with turn-based strategy, to give an experience that is similar to Civilization, but with a much tighter focus on the battlefield. The entire series is very complex, both in strategy as well as in design. While the games have generally done a good job of introducing new players to the gameplay styles and mechanics, they can be quite daunting for those not accustomed to such a deeply involved experience, and Total War: Shogun 2 Collection is no exception to that.


Exploring the Galaxy: Hands On with GOG's new online client

05/13, 12:20pm

Out of private beta, the front-end for the DRM-free service has promise

Since its auspicious inception in 2008, GOG has been the little digital distribution service that could. With accomplishments like the exclusive releases of System Shock 2, TIE Fighter/X-Wing and Star Trek: 25th Anniversary, GOG has shown that yes, it is possible to run a successful videogame business focused on DRM-free distribution. Many companies have heavily emphasized DRM in their recent releases, and client-centric DRM-based services like Steam, Origin, and Uplay, as well as Apple's own Mac App Store are still market leaders. Among these services, it is Steam -- the 500 pound gorilla of PC gaming -- that continues to enjoy a position of prominence and influence in the videogame industry. A recent revelation from the upstart is GOG Galaxy, a completely optional front-end for the service, and MacNN has taken an in-depth look at how it looks right now.


Apple Game Roundup: EVE Online charity effort, GOG Galaxy beta

05/05, 3:01pm

Apple Game Roundup for May 5, 2015

On Tuesdays and Fridays, MacNN takes a few minutes to round up important goings-on in the Mac and iOS gaming world. Today, we're looking at the GOG Galaxy front-end public beta, an EVE Online charity effort for Nepal, the top 10 strategy games according to Mac Gamer HQ, and a possible mod for Grand Theft Auto V to use an iPhone to control the in-game phone.


Briefly: Razer Leviathan sound bar, Lucasfilm games on GOG

10/28, 3:42pm

Sound bar with dedicated subwoofer brings 5.1 surround sound to the desktop

Gaming peripheral maker Razer announced that it is readying a new sound bar for the living room and desktop. The Razer Leviathan is a 5.1 channel surround sound bar, which the company states can easily fit under a monitor or console setup. The Leviathan features Dolby technology, including Dolby Digital, Pro Logic II and Virtual Speaker. The unit also comes with a dedicated 5.25-inch down-firing subwoofer that Razer says is "tuned to produce distortion-free lower tones."


GOG expands beyond game sales, begins offering DRM-free movies

08/27, 7:23pm

Services launches new site, adds local currencies and adds films to existing model

Gaming marketplace GOG has undergone several changes this year, from announcing an expansion of its practices to compete better with Steam with GOG Galaxy to adding support for Linux games. Today, the company announced that it was extending its business to films, partially as an effort to show how effective the digital rights management-free (DRM) download model is.


GOG launches Linux support with 50 games, celebrates with sale

07/24, 6:58pm

Support added for Mint, Ubuntu with distro-independent archives, remains DRM-free

GOG, the gaming website and merchant previously known as Good Old Games, announced today that it has added support for Linux, delivering on an earlier promise to expand to the operating system. The DRM-free game distributor said earlier in the year that one of the next steps for the company would be to add support Linux distros.


Briefly: AKG's Y-Series headphones,'s 2014 DRM-free sale

06/14, 3:04pm

AKG announces new addition to its Y-Series headphone collection

AKG has released its new Y-Series headphone collection, which includes three models and aims to offer a modern aesthetic within the brand. The on-ear headphones have a closed earcup design, reducing ambient noise, and a folding mechanism for easy storage.


Briefly: United Airlines app update, GOG's new Mac games, promo

11/15, 3:25pm

United Airlines app offers iOS 7 redesign, quick access 'travel card' format

Airline United released an update for its United Airlines app, offering a new design and additional features. Available on iTunes, its quick-access 'travel cards' interface allows users to easily view a flight status, airport map, book or check in for a flight. Its travel wallet feature provides a shortcut to the user's United Airlines customer information, such as upcoming reservations, mobile boarding passes, and more.


GOG 'No DRM' sale concludes with title bundles up to 75 percent off

07/04, 11:24am

Vast majority of Macintosh catalog for sale for one day

Classic game purveyor Good Old Games is wrapping up its NoDRM Summer Sale with nearly 500 games at up to a 50 percent discount individually, or up to 75 percent when an entire collection of games is purchased. Nearly the entire Macintosh game catalog of roughly 164 games is available at a reduced price.


GOG adds 11 titles to Mac library, makes Torchlight free until June 20

06/18, 4:04pm

New offerings, free title kick off GOG annual summer sale

Digital games distributor Good Old Games (GOG) has added System Shock 2, called one of the most influential games in history, to its cross-platform library. In addition to the seminal first-person shooter, the company has also added 10 more titles to its library for the Macintosh, and has made dungeon crawler Torchlight free until 12:59 GMT on June 20 to kick off its "No DRM" summer sale, with daily deals of up to 85 percent off.



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