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Fusion Garage CEO resurfaces, says company in trouble

12/22, 1:00pm

Fusion Garage chief says new investment vital

Fusion Garage CEO Chandra Rathakrishnan has reemerged after unusual silence. In an interview with Engadget, the chief of the tablet designer acknowledged that the company had been "uncommunicative" and explained it as the company focusing its efforts on staying solvent. The company needed a new round of funding to "continue surviving," he said, and was talking to a number of possible investors.


Law firm representing Fusion Garage quits for non-payment

12/18, 5:40pm

Further clues exist of Fusion Garage exit

More signs that Fusion Garage may be shutting down emerged Sunday. Michael Arrington, founder and former employee of TechCrunch, noted that law firm Quinn Emmanuel had formally requested last week that it withdraw as the defense against AOL's lawsuit for alleged fraud over what ultimately became the JooJoo tablet. Singapore-based Fusion Garage hadn't been paying for services for "several months," according to the request, and there had been a "breakdown in communication" that made any reconciliation difficult.


Fusion Garage goes silent, hints another tablet rival down

12/17, 7:40pm

Fusion Garage site, social go offline

Fusion Garage may have quietly burned out of existence. Along with letting its and web domains expire, users are reporting both in forums and on Facebook that the company has stopped shipping orders and at least sometimes hasn't provided refunds. Its social team stopped using Facebook in October and last posted on Twitter December 9.


Fusion Garage Grid 4 smartphone shows up at FCC

09/26, 1:20pm

Grid 4 smartphone on track for fall release

Fusion Garage's Grid 4 smartphone has been spotted undergoing testing at the FCC. The $400 contract-free device is expected to launch sometime this fall, and its appearance at the FCC backs this timeline. The handset will run on Fusion's own Android-derived Grid OS and sports a dual-core Qualcomm processor along with 16GB of storage space.


Fusion Garage already dropping Grid 10 price to $299

09/12, 2:20pm

Accepting US orders, but ship date slips to Oct.

Last month, Fusion Garage outed its Grid 10 tablet. The device was supposed to ship September 15, and carry prices of $499 for a Wi-Fi version and $599 for 3G. The company is now accepting orders for the US for the 10.1-inch tablet, but with an expected October 1 ship date and prices of $299 and $399 respectively.


Fusion Garage outs Grid 10 and Grid 4; Android a 'copycat'

08/15, 12:45pm

Fusion Garage Grid 10 official with Google charges

Fusion Garage as expected confirmed itself as the origins behind TabCo, now known to be a fake promo brand, and unveiled the Grid 10 tablet and the Grid 4 smartphone. The 10-inch Android tablet is completely unlike its struggling ancestor, the JooJoo, and is built around a heavily customized layer known as the Grid OS. It revolves around an infinite space, the Grid Desktop that lets users organize their apps around clusters that can be collapsed and labeled; much of the interface is controlled through gestures.


TabCo slips, confirms working on Grid 10 as reborn JooJoo

08/15, 11:25am

TabCo spoils Grid 10 launch early

Mystery 'startup' TabCo in a tweet (since deleted) spoiled its own launch by confirming that its first product is the Grid 10, better known as the JooJoo 2. The 10-inch, likely Android-based tablet is due to officially be announced at noon. Most details still aren't known, although the team will likely customize the interface.


FCC documents point to Fusion Garage's JooJoo successor

07/28, 7:55pm

Label shows Grid10 branding

Corroborating earlier reports, Fusion Garage appears to be moving ahead with the successor to the JooJoo tablet. The company has pushed a new device through the FCC using the model name Grid10. The label schematics suggest the device is built with a tablet-size form factor, however the documents do not provide further details surrounding the design.


UBS: iPad, other tablets to delay PC sales, grow like TVs

11/18, 11:00am

UBS says tablets to grow fast and delay PC sales

Tablets are on a fast growth track that could delay many PC sales and is comparable more to TVs and other major electronics, UBS analyst Maynard Um said in a detailed study. The iPad, Galaxy Tab and other tablets wouldn't directly steal share from notebooks but, by late 2011, could persuade many users to stall computer upgrades if a tablet costs the same. Users will still need computers for writing, and iPad users are still tied to a computer to sync and get updates.


Fusion Garage ends original JooJoo tablet, plans native apps

11/11, 10:35am

Fusion Garage says JooJoo EOL before new models

Fusion Garage chief Chandrashekar Rathakrishnan said on Thursday that the existing JooJoo tablet was being phased out. The one-time iPad rival was marked as "end of life" and would mark an end to the original platform, the CEO told e27. The switch to Android was going to lead to a "completely different" set of hardware.


JooJoo team switching to Android for 2011 tablet

10/25, 11:40pm

JooJoo 2 to run on customized Android

Fusion Garage tonight revealed that a sequel to the JooJoo tablet was in development but would make a major switch in platforms. The new model would use Android and would be customized for the larger format much like Samsung's Social Hub or Windows Phone 7's People Hub, merging messaging like Gmail with Facebook and other social networking. Gizmodo was told that talks are underway with Google to receive official support and access to Android Market, but the design may force Fusion Garage to go without the store.


Joojoo maker accused of planning to split away for months

09/15, 5:55pm

TechCrunch says Fusion Garage conspired to leave

TechCrunch today said it had found evidence that Fusion Garage's decision to break its partnership for the CrunchPad and sell it as the Joojoo was a deliberate "conspiracy" to exploit its partner's work. Michael Arrington pointed to e-mail that allegedly showed the company working with its PR firm McGrath Power to engineer the reasons for taking the Linux tablet out of its creator's control. Among the evidence given, Fusion Garage purportedly faked investor messages citing business plans and had employees who would aware they would "really sucker these people" at the website, although the latter might refer to Pegatron and not TechCrunch.


Judge denies ban on JooJoo, TechCrunch still likely to win

08/30, 2:45pm

Fusion Garage gets JooJoo stay but may lose case

Fusion Garage today scored a partial but possibly ineffective win in its legal dispute with TechCrunch after a judge ruled out certain requests from the tech site in the lawsuit. District Judge Richard Seeborg denied a call for a preliminary ban on sales of the JooJoo tablet as TechCrunch wasn't clear how much profit Fusion Garage would get and thus what kind of damages there might be. The judge added that there wasn't clear an injunction would be needed to recover any perceived losses.


iPad, tablet demand outpacing netbooks and other PCs

08/20, 3:50pm

Forrester sees 14pc of US wanting iPads

Demand for tablets like the iPad has reached the point where it's more popular than just about all other categories of device, Forrester discovered discovered in a research note put out late Thursday. As of June, 14 percent of shoppers online were planning to get an iPad or a similar tablet within a year where just eight percent expected to get a netbook. The demand was higher than for desktop computers (four percent), e-readers like the Kindle (11 percent) and even notebooks (13 percent).


JooJoo designer rags on iPad at world launch

05/28, 5:00pm

iPad slammed for its lack of Flash support

Fusion Garage CEO Chandra Rathakrishnan, one of the principal designers of the Joojoo tablet, has criticized Apple's iPad as it officially arrives this week in European cities. Rathakrishnan slammed the device for its lack of Flash support, a feature that is offered on the Joojoo.


JooJoo sales growing, first 3G deal likely for Asia

05/04, 11:40am

JooJoo sales on the up, first 3G models in Asia

On his most recent blog entry, Fusion Garage CEO Chandra Rathakrishnan said orders of the company's 12-inch JooJoo Internet tablet have been on a steady increase. This includes European sales as well as those from the US. At the same time, a 3G model of the JooJoo tablet will most likely arrive in southeast Asia first, as the company is involved in talks with a carrier from the area.


JooJoo tablet to get 3G in 3 months, USB storage soon

04/30, 11:00am

JooJoo 3G may be carrier-subsidized

Fusion Garage CEO Chandra Rathakrishnan confirmed today that a 3G version of the JooJoo tablet will be ready in three months and follow a different sales strategy. While unveiled at the same time as its $499 Wi-Fi only counterpart, the 3G edition is now due to ship as a carrier-subsidized device. The difference could lead to the tablet costing less than both the Wi-Fi version and the 3G-capable iPad, albeit only after signing a contract.


Fusion Garage: Joojoo not an iPad killer, shipping globally

04/28, 12:55pm

Fusion Garage to ship JooJoo tablet globally

Fusion Garage, makers of the JooJoo tablet admitted on Tuesday that it had made a few mistakes in bringing its first and only product to market. The company acknowledged its product is far from an iPad killer, as some bloggers have stated. The company also blamed itself for its missed delivery dates and revised user interface that wasn't satisfactory.


Fusion Garage may have only sold 64 JooJoo tablets

04/23, 1:45pm

JooJoo gaffe may have shown small customer base

An error this morning may have exposed a small customer base for the JooJoo tablet. Rather than use the BCC field to keep a customer feedback request secret, Fusion Garage used the regular To: field and made the list public. Only 64 buyers were on the list.


JooJoo tablet faces shipping delays

03/30, 11:00pm

Units allegedly held by customs

Fusion Garage's JooJoo tablet appears to be facing shipping delays, leaving additional unanswered questions surrounding the device. The startup initially referenced March 29 as the day customers would begin receiving the tablets. As target day has come and gone, customers are left to wonder what the actual time-frame might be.


JooJoo tablet gets just 90 pre-orders

03/30, 5:50pm

Legal docs show JooJoo getting little interest

PayPal documents discovered today as part of the ongoing TechCrunch lawsuit against Fusion Garage have revealed that just 90 pre-orders were submitted before the JooJoo tablet began shipping last week. A motion in court for a preliminary injunction shows that, as of about February 22nd, the company took just 90 pre-orders for the $499 device, amounting to just $44,555 of revenue. The actual honored pre-orders were even lower as 15 of the orders were cancelled and refunded, although this didn't include pre-orders for the last few weeks before the March 25th ship date.


JooJoo ships, arrives just five days before iPad

03/25, 3:00pm

First JooJoo tablet orders arrive March 29

Fusion Garage sent word today that the JooJoo tablet has started shipping more than four months after it was first unveiled. Pre-orders have been given first priority and should receive their units on March 29th. Others will get their devices depending on when they ordered.


JooJoo tablet refunds pose problems

03/16, 4:55pm

Fusion Garage asking for bank info for refunds

Because of a delay of more than a month, those who ordered the JooJoo tablet and made a payment using PayPal are asking for refunds. JooJoo maker Fusion Garage is allegedly making this difficult, however, claiming PayPal is not forthcoming on issuing the refunds. Instead, Fusion Garage is asking buyers for direct account information, which is something most aren't comfortable divulging.


JooJoo tablet tips up at FCC with 3G, NVIDIA Ion

03/11, 3:55pm

JooJoo's 1080p explained through new GPU

The FCC in a filing published Thursday has revealed a number of longstanding mysteries about the JooJoo tablet. Despite Fusion Garage being reluctant to explain the hardware in detail before launch, its pre-release manual shows the device using an NVIDIA Ion chipset. The faster graphics are key to its ability to play 1080p video and will give it hardware-accelerated Flash 10.1 when ready.


JooJoo gets major new UI, Flash support pre-release

03/10, 6:55pm

JooJoo delay leads to new interface

Fusion Garage in an evening update revealed that it has implemented a major revamp of the JooJoo tablet's interface. Taking advantage of the recent delay, the startup has replaced the plain, minimalist interface shown so far with a more stylized look that includes customizable wallpaper and a translucent bar that combines both status and a web address field. Company head Chandra Rathakrishnan added to Engadget that the tablet now uses a simpler interface with single-touch for a virtual mouse pointer and dual-touch for scrolling, both of which should help on sites like Google Maps that recognize a scroll command as a zoom feature.


JooJoo tablet delayed to March 25 due to glitch

02/26, 4:55pm

Screen issues push JooJoo back a month

Fusion Garage on Friday afternoon said it has had to delay shipping the JooJoo tablet by nearly a month, to March 25th. It promised the February target as recently as this month but now says it had to improve the sensitivity of the 12-inch touchscreen before shipping the web device. Those who pre-ordered the tablet will get a free but unnamed accessory in exchange for the delay.


JooJoo tablet getting app store, in full production

02/03, 9:45pm

Fusion Garage to emulate Apple model

Fusion Garage tonight says it will bolster the JooJoo tablet's competitiveness against the iPad by giving it an app store. Chief executive Chandra Rathakrishnan explains that while the 12-inch tablet is based on the web, his company will create a virtual app store that will organize and streamline accessing some sites, including those optimized just for the JooJoo. Fusion Garage has its own API to get access to the GPU and other hardware through the web, the CEO says.


Fusion Garage aims to dismiss lawsuit, iPad threat

02/01, 1:55pm

FG says JooJoo tablet better than Apple's

Fusion Garage has taken steps to safeguard its business against both its one-time partner TechCrunch and its rival Apple. The Singapore-based creator of the JooJoo tablet is now known to have filed a request to dismiss TC's lawsuit on the basis that there was no legally binding deal between the two. The 31-page request insists the suit doesn't target anything that could merit a payout and that the claims are "so vague and indefinite" that they would need clarification just to go ahead.


Fusion Garage claims Arrington's attacks are "unfounded"

12/17, 7:55pm

Company taking pre-orders for JooJoo tablet

Fusion Garage on Thursday responded to the lawsuit filed by Michael Arrington of TechCrunch.The company claims it has already received $3 million in funding, while a second round will be announced sometime in the next few weeks. Fusion has maintained that its Joojoo tablet design is separate from the CrunchPad, while the manufacturing will also be handled by a different supplier.


JooJoo tablet capable of 'iPhone level' gaming

12/11, 5:20pm

Fusion Garage sees 3G, subsidized models too

Fusion Garage chief Chandrasekhar Rathakrishnan in an interview published today has provided details of how the Joojoo tablet's performance as well as its future plans. The company lead confirms that the Atom-based tablet carries 1GB of RAM but also has a dedicated graphics processor instrumental to its 1080p Flash playback as well as better 3D. Rathakrishnan claims to Engadget that the Joojoo has enough 3D performance to support 'at least iPhone level' games.


TechCrunch files lawsuit against Fusion Garage

12/11, 8:45am

Lawsuit says Fusion committed fraud

As promised early last week, TechCrunch today revealed a lawsuit against its one-time collaborator Fusion Garage in a Northern District of California court. The complaint accuses the CrunchPad (now JooJoo) developer of fraud, misappropriation of business ideas and other claims for allegedly "stealing" the project away from the tech website without consent.


CrunchPad now called Joojoo; TechCrunch claims "ludicrous"

12/07, 1:15pm

Joojoo tablet designed only by Fusion Garage

As promised, Fusion Garage today responded to its legal battle with TechCrunch by formally announcing its results in the wake of the CrunchPad's "death." Now called the Joojoo based on an African term for magic, the device has the familiar 12-inch capacitive touchscreen and boots into its front end as little as 9 seconds. Its main menu has visual links to common websites like Hulu and Twitter and is now known to support the offline versions of some apps, like Gmail.


CrunchPad legal rights tenuous: report

12/05, 6:50pm

CrunchPad TM filed day of complaint

The legal claims behind the lawsuit over CrunchPad rights may be less clear than once thought based on an investigation of the details. Despite claiming to have owned the trademark for the CrunchPad name, Michael Arrington and TechCrunch are now known by Engadget to have only filed for the trademark on November 17th, the same day Fusion Garage announced its split on the tablet project and just three days before the planned launch. Most products' trademarks are settled months before release.


Fusion Garage to demo former CrunchPad, argue its case

12/04, 9:30am

CEO of Fusion Garage to tell firm's story

Fusion Garage chief Chandrasekar Rathakrishnan said late Thursday that he will hold a set of events to demonstrate the tablet formerly known as the CrunchPad and explain his company's side of the legal dispute over the device. The press briefings at San Francisco's St. Regis Hotel haven't been given a specific goal other than to show Fusion Garage's "side of the story" as well as to provide a glimpse of how it has progressed so far.


CrunchPad tablet project self-destructs

11/30, 12:05pm

Division ends CrunchPad project

News site TechCrunch on Monday said that its CrunchPad tablet project has 'self destructed' due to a legal dispute. The touchscreen slate was to have been unveiled soon but is effectively being shut down as the actual developer, Fusion Garage, has claimed it will sell the device without further input from the co-developer and would only carry the CrunchPad name, using site founder Michael Arrington only as a product evangelist.



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